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Weird World of Amazon

As we reel from the craziness of Amazon Prime Day, we take a look at some interesting statistics regarding the phenomenon of drinking and online shopping. More people than you probably imagined do it! We also examine our articles regarding some the weird things that can be found online. From strange grooming products like the Clip-In Man Bun to bizarre foods that you can eat like canned rattlesnake, today's show is as weird as some of Amazon's deeply bizarre products.


2018 Grooming Awards

Our own Chase McPeak has spent weeks turning himself into a human guinea pig, to test out the latest and greatest in men's grooming products. Burgeoning on a $60 billion dollar industry, we cover beards, razors, oils, face creams and many other things. You'll know what products to start with and what the best of the best is. Meteorite cream? Hangover cures? We've got it all on today's episode!


Outdoor Project

Tyson Gillard, CEO of Outdoor Project is our guest today. We've probably all used Outdoor Project's wonderfully comprehensive site at some point and we discuss the history of the company, why it was started, and some of the incredible work that goes into keeping up with all of these adventures. From great Block Parties, to hiking tips, to "camping" in Fire Lookouts, we cover a LOT of ground. On this episode: Nicole Raney, Tyson Gillard, Jake Rossman, and Greg Nibler.


Reverend Nat's Hard Cider

We are live on location in Portland, Oregon at Reverend Nat's Hard Cider this week! Reverend Nat himself, fills us in on the origin of his Cidery (we discuss the proper terminology, as well) and what he experimented with in the beginning. Ciders have also long ago branched out from just using apples, to a number of unique ingredients including...smoked bacon. Oregon Cider Week is also a celebration of all things cider, which is happening right now.


Hugh Acheson, Slow Cooking, Athens

Our guest today is Top Chef veteran and author of The Chef and The Slow Cooker, Hugh Acheson! We discuss everything from Hugh's first restaurant, to his love of slowcooking, to what styles of cooking he is most interested in exploring currently. We also discuss Athens, GA, the subject of The Manual Awards 2018. Athens has a very interesting culinary scene that is combined with a growing and diverse craft brewing scene. Hugh is a fantastic guest and you won't want to miss this episode!


Navigating a Wine List

Katherine Cole is a renowned wine expert, radio host, and author of several books on the subject of wine. Her wonderful book How To Fake Your Way Through A Wine List provides the impetus for our questions today. What are some key terms you can use when asking about wine? Should you take a risk on that random bottle, or stick with a more established producer? How do you know what wine to pair with your food? Katherine covers it all! We'll also discuss her new book Rose All Day. Today's...


Road Trips

Road Tripping season is upon us and The Manual has got you covered with articles on everything associated with it. We'll cover the essentials you have to bring along, what you should definitely plan for ahead of time, the best kind of road trips and even the best playlist for it. Rick Stella of Digital Trends joins us, to help review the Airstream Basecamp. Today's episode features: Rick Stella, Nicole Raney, Jake Rossman, and Greg Nibler.


Las Vegas: Palms Casino, Vegas Golden Knights, Local Drinks

Roulette is the game of choice for two members of BBB, but only one received a sweet nickname while playing. Chase McPeak's will detail his stay at the recently renovated Palms Casino (get the Russian Baller Caviar Tower). Then The Manual's Pat Evans gives us an inside scoop of the Las Vegas Golden Knights, for whom he is reporting for! Then Pat and Sam will give some details on local places to drink when heading to Vegas. Today's episode features: Pat Evans, Sam Slaughter, Chase...


BBQ Tips and Tricks with Pitmaster Chad Ward

BBQ Season is upon us and we have a fantastic guest to provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to get ready. Chat Ward is a Pitmaster with Traeger Grills, who has competed in over 100 BBQ competitions. From which tools you need to get started, to common practices that are completely unnecessary, you'll learn a lot in this episode. Also, what is the weirdest thing Chad has ever grilled? You'll have to listen to find out. You'll definitely come away fully prepared to grill and...


The Legendary Guide to Everything

The incredible staff of The Manual has put together The Legendary Guide to Everything presented by Blue Apron. On this episode we'll give you a sampling of some of the fantastic content in this series of articles. The most legendary fashion pieces of the American man, some incredible hotels from around the world, the best food pairings of all time, and so much more. Check out the entire feature on the site! Today's episode features: Cator Sparks, Sam Slaughter, Chase McPeak, and Greg Nibler.


Mother's Day

If you've forgotten to buy a gift for a Mothers in your life, or you're just looking to pick up a few extra things to go along with brunch and cocktails, this is the episode for you. Chase covers the very extensive Mother's Day gift guide from The Manual. Then Sam provides some great brunch tips and a recipe you should try at home, followed by some cocktails that will either win a Mother over, or help you trudge through the day. Today's episode features: Sam Slaughter, Chase McPeak, and...


Spring and Summer Fashion Trends, Swimsuits, Custom Clothing

Spring and Summer fashion trends are covered to begin today's episode. Cator relays his recent trip to Portland, Oregon, where he stopped by Brooks Brothers for suits, and the Lizard Lounge, in addition to espousing the virtues of seersucker. Chase discusses swimsuits for the summer, in addition to a dire warning for those of you with children. Finally, we cover the wonderful aspects and accessibility of ordering custom clothing. Today's episode features: Cator Sparks, Chase McPeak, and...


Old Forester Whiskey, Louisville, and Kentucky Derby

Our special guest today is Jackie Zykan of Old Forester Whiskey. Jackie is a Master Taster (a job as cool as it sounds) and she let's us know all about the history of the brand, what bottled and bond means, and much more. We then turn to some Louisville facts and why it's a great place to visit, before wrapping up with the Kentucky Derby and a proper Mint Julep. On today's episode: Jackie Zykan, Sam Slaughter, Chase McPeak, and Greg Nibler


Cooking with Cannabis

Cooking with Cannabis is an adventure that is increasingly becoming incorporated into the cutting edge of the culinary arts. Chef Brandon Parsons joined us today to discuss how he is learned to cook with it and share some amazing recipes you can try at home. Our sponsor today is Gpen. Until April 22nd, use the code 'GRINDIT' at for 5% off the Santa Cruz Grinder, perfect for testing out recipes at home! On today's episode: Brandon Parsons, Sam Slaughter, Jake Rossman,...


Tender Belly Bacon

Founders of Tender Belly Bacon, Erik and Shannon Duffy join us today to talk all things bacon! Going from the fascinating history of their company, we discuss some if the intricacies and what they think is important in producing their product, from farm to table. We also cover the differences in cured vs. uncured, flavor options, best ways to cook it and how to join something called the Bacon of the Month Club. Once again, you will be hungry after this episode! On today's episode: Erik...


Spring Camping Trips and Tips

Rick Stella, Outdoor Editor for Digital Trends, joins us today to talk about camping! He recently took a guided trip through the Smokey Mountains, that you can also join in on. We also discuss the strangest places we've camped, tips for getting ready for the spring, what you need to bring on every adventure and even a debate about food and booze. We'll cover a lot, but we want to hear your tips too! Please email them in to On today's episode: Nicole Raney, Rick...


Inauthentic Indian Cuisine with Jessi Singh

Finding great Indian food can consume someone when traveling or investigating a new city, but our guest today has some great advice. Jessi Singh is the Chef and Founder behind Bibi Ji of Santa Barbara, Bubu Ji of NYC and Melbourne and a genius at creating unique Indian food dishes with local ingredients. You'll learn a lot in this episode about what to try, where to go and the definition of what it means to create Inauthentic Indian Cuisine. On today's episode: Jessi Singh, Sam Slaughter...


Aria Portland Dry Gin

We're on location at Aria Portland Dry Gin Distillery (expect a little extra noise as a result) in Portland, Oregon and you'll most likely want to acquire some Gin while, or immediately after, listening to this episode. Founders and Owners, Erik Martin and Ryan Csanky join us to talk about the history of their company, how they got started, how they came up with their recipes, what the Gin market is like and everything in between. They've won many Gold Medals in competitions around the...


All Things Ireland

The wonderful city of Dublin, Ireland is on tap for discussion today. Chase and Cator will let you know where to stay and what to check out within the city itself, with amazing bars and museums all within walking distance. There are also some great day trips to be had, including a castle. We also have a discussion of why Irish food is amazing (hint: ingredients matter). Sam Slaughter has great recommendations for beers and spirits. On today's episode: Greg Nibler, Sam Slaughter, Cator...


Anthony DiBernardo, Swig and Swine, BBQ techniques

What is your favorite region for BBQ? South Carolina, Texas, KC, or Memphis? It's a tough question that we start off with, as we welcome the Pitmaster of Swig and Swine himself, Anthony DiBernardo! We cover his history in BBQ, the kind of techniques he likes, how to cook a good brisket, a whole hog, and so much more. You'll get some recommendations and tips that can help everyone from a beginning BBQer, to the seasoned professional. On today's episode: Anthony DiBernardo, Sam Slaughter,...