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A show about BEAUTY + TECH featuring discussion of recent news, useful in-depth interviews with industry notables, and commentary about business and technology in the beauty industry. Hosted by industry experts and brand founders and executives.

A show about BEAUTY + TECH featuring discussion of recent news, useful in-depth interviews with industry notables, and commentary about business and technology in the beauty industry. Hosted by industry experts and brand founders and executives.
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A show about BEAUTY + TECH featuring discussion of recent news, useful in-depth interviews with industry notables, and commentary about business and technology in the beauty industry. Hosted by industry experts and brand founders and executives.




Marius Morariu of Tracie Martyn - Rock Star of Beautiful Thinking

Finding the secret sauce in a large industry might seem like a challenge. But for the Co-founder and President of Tracie Martyn Beauty, Marius Morariu, that "sauce" might not be so secret. The "Tesla of Skincare" has made an impression with the most discerning clients in the beauty market, and Marius has realized that empowering them with the whole sense of beauty is a key to success. Marius shares the story on "Beauty Is Your Business" podcast.


Eric Zembrod and Shea Gallardo of Wista Packaging - The Opportunity of an Airless Packaging System

Every once in a while you run across an innovation that just makes you say “wow”. It captures the imagination of what it can make possible, and problems it can solve. At Makeup In New York, we talked with Eric Zembrod (CEO) and Shea Gallardo (Packaging Development) at Wista Packaging, which hails from Brazil. Wista has launches the lightest airless system available in the market: THE SAGE AIRLESS SYSTEM. Because the system allows you the use of standard equipment for filling tubes without...


Laura Ziv of Beautystreams - Vital Insights

The global beauty community requires vital Insights to fuel brand strategy, marketing initiatives, and product development decisions. Access to trend reports, color forecasts, archives, image banks, and online tools are al essential to success. Karen Moon and Abby Wallach talk with Laura Ziv, Executive Editor of Beautystreams (a trend service at the epicenter of the beauty industry) on location at Makeup-In NY.


Laura Cox of Oars and Alps - A Men's Brand Launched by Women

For a female entrepreneur with a background in analytics, becoming the co-founder of a male skincare line might seem out of the norm. However, for Laura Cox, inspiration for premium toxin-free skincare brand Oars + Alps didn't come from her, or her business partner, but instead from the active lifestyle of their husbands -- and from wanting to break the black and white mold of skincare of men. Laura shares the brand's story with Karen Moon and Abby Wallach.


Sandra Maguarian and Manal Ghazzali of MakeUp-In - The Global Business of Beauty

In many industries, including beauty, it’s whom you know (or whom you know of), that can make the difference. MakeUp-In makes it clear that it is the only B-to-B makeup event, and is the beauty professional’s chance to connect with suppliers, brands and trend-setters who come together in the heart of centers of beauty activity like Paris, New York, Seoul, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles & Shanghai. Sandra Maguarian (Co-Founder and Show Director) and Manal Ghazzali (Marketing, Press, and...


Shirin Von Wulffen of Bastide - Strategy, Guts, and Determination

Building a business is hard enough. In addition to being a mom? That’s another level. But co-founding a business with your spouse — someone who is already a serial entrepreneur and highly accomplished in their industry (in this case, haircare icon Frederic Fekkai) —- that takes some serious strategy, guts, and determination. Shirin Von Wulffen has built Bastide, a beauty brand focused on making skincare a moment, allowing women to pause and have a ritual. Shirin joins Socialfly Co-Founder...


Shane Wolf of L'Oreal and Seed Phytonutrients - Planting Seeds of Sustainability Change in Beauty

The perfect recipe for propelling sustainability change in the beauty industry—in any industry—might just be this: a better product made with a deep focus on sustainability, that also created a delightful experience for the consumer, and supported by big brands. That’s exactly the recipe that Shane Wolf. GM, Worldwide, REDKEN, Pureology, Mizan and also Seed Phytonutrients offers as founder -- amazing hair care products in shower-safe paper bottles made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper...


Annie Jackson and Dawn Dobras of Credo - Leadership in Clean Beauty Retailing

What happens when two women who have played pivotal roles at in scaling disruptive industry leaders join forces to lead the way of the future for clean beauty retailing? You get Credo Beauty, and Dawn Dobras and Annie Jackson have brought that powerful momentum with them as they remain on the cutting edge—-with an eye on innovation, customer experience, and the new face of the beauty consumer. Annie and Dawn join Karen Moon to share the story of Credo, including insights on achieving...


Francisco Costa of Costa Brazil - Beauty from Inspiration

Journey into the Amazon with one of the most prolific fashion designers in recent memory, Francisco Costa. He takes us beyond glitzy runways into a place that gave him inspiration for his latest creation, a beauty brand called Costa Brazil. He shares his creative process conceiving and developing a unique skincare and fragrance company with an exotic ingredient that is "food for your skin". Most indie brand founders start with product and build from there; Francisco did the opposite -- he...


Ira Green of Freedom Deodorant - A Path to Freedom and Opportunity

When a single mother of three girls had three friends with breast cancer, she learned that their doctors stressed using natural products on the body. After being unable to find a natural deodorant that worked for her, she decided to invent one herself and started by mixing up formulas in her kitchen. She took her new product which is human-tested to ensure effectiveness, and natural enough to be safe from spa door to spa door on the Las Vegas Strip until she found a buyer at the very last...


Jennifer Yen - From TV Supervillain to Beauty Superhero

Jennifer Yen went from TV villain turned real-life skin superhero, with a top-selling prestige beauty cream on Amazon. She's a two-time indie beauty entrepreneur who strategized her way and adapted her brand for the recession and digital revolution. She founded two brands with authenticity at the core of both of them, as the creator of Purlisse and Yensa Cosmetics. Also a former Power Rangers star, Jennifer shares her journey and insights with April Franzino and Karen Moon.


Darren Sardoff of Snailz - Booking Beauty, Simply

A former Wall Street heavy hitter had an ah-ha moment while passing a neighborhood nail salon, inspiring a business that aims to revolutionize antiquated professional nail industry, with the latest technology to maximize salon profits, and make the customer experience seamless. Darren Sardoff, CEO of Snailz (the go-to nail salon booking app) joins April Franzino and Abby Wallach on the 100th episode of "Beauty Is your Business" podcast.


Jillian Wright of Indie Beauty Expo - Gathering the Future

Imagine the power of assembling a coterie of indie brands. An exceptional curated event has played a pivotal role in the growth of this market segment and the beauty industry overall. It educates founders on how to break in and build sustainable businesses, serves as a concierge to leading retailers, and fosters meaningful connections. Indie Beauty Expo founder Jillian Wright shares with Abby Wallach and Karen Moon how the expo came to be, in a way that leads us to sense the electric passion...


Celebrity Hairstylist, Entrepreneur, and Pioneer Frederic Fekkai

Haircare industry icon, pioneer, and founder and cofounder of two brands celebrity hairstylist and Entrepreneur Frederic Fekkai talks with Abby Wallach and Karen Moon about taking care of yourself, how beauty is a way of life, creating a unique VIP customer experience, the concept of clean and slow beauty, and why he sold and then bought back his namesake brand.


Deborah Lippmann - Nailed It

From assembling her own signature bottles with Cher herself to testing her colors on the likes of Martha Stewart, failed-waitress-turned-celebrity-manicurist (in the glittery New York City fashion scene) Deborah Lippmann knows the magic of business success is in the details; she founded of one of the first prestige nail care lines. She joins April Franzino and Abby Wallach for a mesmerizing, hilarious, and inspiring conversation.


Laura Schubert of Fur - The Hair Down There

How do you start a brand in category that never existed before? Harvard and Columbia educated consulting whiz turned entrepreneur Laura Schubert, CEO of Fur (the first pubic hair and skincare line), did just that -- identifying a hole in the beauty market for care of the hair down there, powering through the obstacles with the mantra "every 'no' is a 'not yet.'" Laura joins April Franzino and Abby Wallach in the MouthMedia Network studio.


Urmila Ratnam of Alima Pure - Makeup Naturally Inspired from Love

Before it was cool to be clean, this family-owned indie brand had 45 shades of foundations and adhered to the highest standards of sustainability. Its roots started in ecommerce and today it can be found at places like The Detox Market, and CREDO and more, and most recently the Nordstroms Fresh Faces pop-up. Urmila Ratnam, CEO/President of Alima Pure (a world-renowned natural cosmetics mineral makeup company), joins Karen Moon and Abby Wallac


Gaurav Agarwal of Molekule - The Beauty of Clean Air

Why air purifiers like Molekule are an important factor in wellness and beauty -- Gaurav Agarwal, SVP of Growth and Strategy for Molekule (air purifiers that utilize the photoelectrochemical oxidation technology) joins Marc Raco and guest hosts Joe Yakuel (Agency Within) and Julia Macalaster (Def Method). To hear more from speakers like Gaurav and Joe, check out CommerceNext on July 31st & August 1st in NYC. In this episode:


Elizabeth Shaffer and Lizzy Brockhoff of MASSE - Highly Recommended

Two new moms created a new mobile shopping experience that changes the way consumers build community around products. Elizabeth Shaffer and Lizzy Brockhoff, co-founders of MASSE (a product recommendation app), joins Karen Moon and Abby Wallach. When this dynamic duo walked in, we knew this would be a great episode. thankaspirational


Amos Lavian of Dermelect Cosmeceuticals - Creating Category Disruptors

Creating category killers and disruptors and solutions to problems with a multi-tasking brand benefiting multi-tasking consumers -- Amos Lavian, CEO of Dermelect Cosmeceuticals (a complete treatment range founded on the principle of providing innovative solutions to empower you with results shrouded in luxury), joins Abby Wallach and Karen Moon.