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A show about BEAUTY + TECH featuring discussion of recent news, useful in-depth interviews with industry notables, and commentary about business and technology in the beauty industry. Hosted by industry experts and brand founders and executives.

A show about BEAUTY + TECH featuring discussion of recent news, useful in-depth interviews with industry notables, and commentary about business and technology in the beauty industry. Hosted by industry experts and brand founders and executives.
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A show about BEAUTY + TECH featuring discussion of recent news, useful in-depth interviews with industry notables, and commentary about business and technology in the beauty industry. Hosted by industry experts and brand founders and executives.




Deborah Lippmann - Nailed It

From assembling her own signature bottles with Cher herself to testing her colors on the likes of Martha Stewart, failed-waitress-turned-celebrity-manicurist (in the glittery New York City fashion scene) Deborah Lippmann knows the magic of business success is in the details; she founded of one of the first prestige nail care lines. She joins April Franzino and Abby Wallach for a mesmerizing, hilarious, and inspiring conversation.


Laura Schubert of Fur - The Hair Down There

How do you start a brand in category that never existed before? Harvard and Columbia educated consulting whiz turned entrepreneur Laura Schubert, CEO of Fur (the first pubic hair and skincare line), did just that -- identifying a hole in the beauty market for care of the hair down there, powering through the obstacles with the mantra "every 'no' is a 'not yet.'" Laura joins April Franzino and Abby Wallach in the MouthMedia Network studio.


Urmila Ratnam of Alima Pure - Makeup Naturally Inspired from Love

Before it was cool to be clean, this family-owned indie brand had 45 shades of foundations and adhered to the highest standards of sustainability. Its roots started in ecommerce and today it can be found at places like The Detox Market, and CREDO and more, and most recently the Nordstroms Fresh Faces pop-up. Urmila Ratnam, CEO/President of Alima Pure (a world-renowned natural cosmetics mineral makeup company), joins Karen Moon and Abby Wallac


Gaurav Agarwal of Molekule - The Beauty of Clean Air

Why air purifiers like Molekule are an important factor in wellness and beauty -- Gaurav Agarwal, SVP of Growth and Strategy for Molekule (air purifiers that utilize the photoelectrochemical oxidation technology) joins Marc Raco and guest hosts Joe Yakuel (Agency Within) and Julia Macalaster (Def Method). To hear more from speakers like Gaurav and Joe, check out CommerceNext on July 31st & August 1st in NYC. In this episode:


Elizabeth Shaffer and Lizzy Brockhoff of MASSE - Highly Recommended

Two new moms created a new mobile shopping experience that changes the way consumers build community around products. Elizabeth Shaffer and Lizzy Brockhoff, co-founders of MASSE (a product recommendation app), joins Karen Moon and Abby Wallach. When this dynamic duo walked in, we knew this would be a great episode. thankaspirational


Amos Lavian of Dermelect Cosmeceuticals - Creating Category Disruptors

Creating category killers and disruptors and solutions to problems with a multi-tasking brand benefiting multi-tasking consumers -- Amos Lavian, CEO of Dermelect Cosmeceuticals (a complete treatment range founded on the principle of providing innovative solutions to empower you with results shrouded in luxury), joins Abby Wallach and Karen Moon.


Terry Darland of Christian Dior - Finding Your Own Leadership Lane in Beauty

Terry Darland, President of Christian Dior Beauty and Fragrances, shares wisdom on climbing the corporate ladder in the beauty industry -- managing and leading by example, how having fun can drive productivity, and the impact of mentoring. She joins Karen Moon and Abby Wallach in the MouthMedia Network studios.


Claire Moses of Verb Products - The Salon at Home, Naturally

Claire Moses, Founding Member of Verb Products (accessible, high-end hair care made with natural ingredients) joins Karen Moon in the Podcast lounge at Shoptalk in Las Vegas. In this episode:


Graham Jones of eSalon - Your Own Personal Color

It's really hard to crack the code on customization, so when a company does it well, really well, with a secret sauce? That’s when you have to take a close look at what and how they’ve done it. Most direct to consumer brands claim to be tech-enabled. But are limited to e-commerce. And eSalon really has a true technology component from the way they’ve developed to hardware to consumer experience. They are taking on the next wave in ecommerce to scale their business. Graham Jones, the COO of...


Fred Gerantabee of Coty - Old Problems, New Solutions

Fred Gerantabee of Coty, VP of Digital Innovation for Coty (a global beauty company making cosmetic, skin, fragrance & hair brands), joins Abby Wallach and Karen Moon in the MouthMedia Network studio.


Natalia Bednarek of HERLA - Generations of Clean, Naturally Smart Beauty.

A newly launched direct-to-consumer brand bridging the generational gap in beauty, sharing inspiration from around the world and exotic ingredients... Natalia Bednarek, Co-founder of HERLA (a brand that bridges the generation gap. inspired by many years of travel, leveraging beauty secrets that women have developed in different countries and cultures to create products designed to make consumers look and feel great), joins Karen Moon and Abby Wallach.


JuE Wong of Moroccanoil - Beautiful Future

JuE Wong, Global CEO for Moroccanoil (hair and skin products which feature the invigorating benefits of argan oil), is a powerhouse businesswoman whose journey has taken her to at least 4 continent and 7 countries, propelling emerging brands to the next level and working with established brands to bring them on course, including leading a successful turnaround as the former president of Elizabeth Arden. She shares thoughts on the future at Moroccanoil, her operational playbook, how to manage...


How Companies Are Luring and Keeping Talent in the Full-Employment Economy

The focus of the Techfluence meetup was to discuss how companies are luring and keeping talent in the full-employment economy, drawing on the findings from 24 Seven Talent's 2019 Job Market Report and talent management techniques of four panelists. The panelists detailed approaches their companies are implementing to give them the edge in a time when the war for talent is raging. Kevin Stapp, Vice President or Talent for Shiseido Americas, Allie Kagel, Director of Sales Talent Acquisition...


Barbara Close of Naturopathica - Holistic and Clean Skincare

Beauty from the inside out and what clean and natural really mean -- a holistic beauty pioneer discusses the inside-out approach to beauty and wellness, the connection between the skin and gut, how skin has personalities, the importance of embracing chaos in business. Barbara Close, Founder of Naturopathica Skincare, joins April Franzino, Abby Wallach, and Karen Moon.


Margaret Ackah-Yensu of Tulii Skincare - Beauty Serums from the Tree of Life

Serums made from leaves and seeds of the Tanzanian Moringa tree, optimized using other natural oils to achieve targeted skin health benefits... Margaret Ackah-Yensu, British-trained aesthetician and Co-Founder of Tulii Skincare (an all natural, organic, ethical, fair trade skincare serums that work) joins Abby Wallach and Stephanie Flor.


Valerie Hoecke of LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics – Building Talent, Building Experiences

Hiring and development issues for beauty companies, how to build and design online experiences for beauty and scent… Valerie Hoecke, Chief Digital Officer of LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics, joins Rob Sanchez on location at eTail West in Palm Springs, CA. In this episode: The post Valerie Hoecke of LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics – Building Talent, Building Experiences appeared first on Beauty Is Your Business.


Divya Gugnani of Wander Beauty – Catching Up at eTail West

Diving deeper into Wander Beauty with Divya Gugnani… About a year ago, we heard from Divya Gugnani—one of the co-founders of Wander Beauty, the first travel-inspired, luxury color cosmetics experience, with deluxe products made of high performance and cruelty free formulas. The conversation focused on Wander Beauty’s fewer, better, multitasking beauty essentials to keep consumers beautiful on the go. Recently, MouthMedia Network CEO Rob Sanchez (who actually was one of the original hosts of...


Kiva Silberfeld of Elizabeth Arden – Red Lipstick, Celebrating Women, and China

Transitioning between mass and prestige beauty brands, translating a brand across the globe into booming markets like China, and driving home the lasting impact of the original beauty pioneers… Kiva Silberfeld, Vice President of Global integrated Marketing for the global beauty brand Elizabeth Arden, joins April Franzino, Karen Moon, and Abby Wallach in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser. In this episode: The post Kiva Silberfeld of Elizabeth Arden – Red Lipstick,...


Erika Wasser of Glam&Go – Living Your Best Life with a Fast Bit of Glam

A former stand-up comedian sees how blowouts happen backstage so fast, and an opportunity to bring that quality and speed to any girl on the go with Glam&Go. Erika Wasser’s company is disrupting the fast lane for beauty blowouts with a nationwide chain of hair salons. She’s putting her product in front of some of the most heavily trafficked area in New York, from health clubs to hotels, and wherever women might be looking for a fast bit of glam. Erika Wasser, Founder/CEO of Glam&Go, joins...


Dr. Robb – Super Secret Skin Care

Imagine being the face of a highly successful beauty brand–and then taking on a new frontier by starting a new brand, from scratch, solo. Dr. Robb was the founder of Clarasonic, and is now preparing to launch his own super secret brand, a new device with a new formula. Dr. Robb Akridge (a.k.a. Dr. Robb) co-founder of Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, joins April Franzino, Abby Wallach, and guest host Stephanie Flor (Around the World Beauty) in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by...