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Stories of how the love of a dog is changing our lives and changing the world

Stories of how the love of a dog is changing our lives and changing the world
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Stories of how the love of a dog is changing our lives and changing the world




John's Story - Part 1: "I want others to find their Hexie"

John Frank did not have very much experience with dogs growing up, but his ex-wife really wanted pets. After a couple discouraging attempts at fostering dogs, John felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do with the health and behavior issues of the foster dogs. But after making a commitment to adopt a pit bull to show what good dogs they could be, a sassy gal strutted her way into John’s heart, now named Hexie. In Part 1 of John’s Story, we discuss: Find John...


Kate's Story: Muffy's Legacy

Each of my dogs - past and present - have taught me lessons for which I'm very grateful. To celebrate Thanksgiving, I share some of these lessons. Today's interview is with Kate, a volunteer with the Seattle Animal Shelter. Kate & I talk about: Are dogs so special because of how they "hold space" for us? Here's a few links about this concept: Tiny BuddhaThe Angry TherapistThe Chopra Center11 Ways to Help You Hold Space for Someone Let’s connect: Facebook @believeindogpodcast Instagram...


Michelle's Story: Capone & a Craigslist Ad

We start with a little background on the Missouri 500 dogs and why they are so important. Our interview is with Michelle Serocki, the founder of the Brew City Bully Club (“BCBC”), who is changing minds and saving lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Michelle and I talk about: Find Michelle and BCBC online: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Ride to End Dogfighting:...


Mindy's Story: The Majik Touch

Mindy’s Story: The Majik Touch Mindy FitzGerald was born into an animal-loving family but the first dog that was truly hers, was Majik. Her constant companion during a very transitional time of her life, Mindy is still mourning Majik’s passing. In this episode, Mindy & I discuss: My own dogs have supported me through medical issues and research even shows that dogs are good for our mental and physical health. Find Mindy online: Website: Etsy:...


Erin's Story: I Love Lucy

Welcome to the Believe in Dog podcast. My name is Erin Scott and in this first episode I’m sharing with you: My mission is to connect dog lovers by sharing stories that celebrate how the love of a dog is inspiring people to change their lives, the lives of others and changing our world for the better. This is also a place where you can know you aren’t alone in the difficult times, like dealing with your dog’s illness or when you are facing grief and loss. Find out more about the...