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Best Friend Banter is biweekly podcast hosted by two best friends who talk about everything, from periods to politics. Our podcast is a complement to our popular lifestyle website,

Best Friend Banter is biweekly podcast hosted by two best friends who talk about everything, from periods to politics. Our podcast is a complement to our popular lifestyle website,
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Best Friend Banter is biweekly podcast hosted by two best friends who talk about everything, from periods to politics. Our podcast is a complement to our popular lifestyle website,




#8 Closet Introverts, Donated Gifts, and Grumpy Girlfriends

This week, we’re answering your questions on... Thanks to special guest Heather Chauvin for filling in for Sarah this week! You can find here at Stay in touch and send us your questions or comments on Modern Manners for Moms & Dads! Download our FREE ebook on Hosting Kids Birthday Parties Even the Adults Will Love here: Website: YouTube:...


#7 Reciprocating, Doggy Houseguests, and Awkward Gift-Giving

This week, we’re answering your questions on... Thanks to everyone who sent in a question, including @momtrends: Stay in touch and send us your questions or comments on Modern Manners for Moms & Dads! FREE Ebook: Website: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram:...


#6: Poop in the Pool, Smoking in the House, and Potluck Problems

What do you do if you're at a public pool and someone's kid isn't wearing a swim diaper? Do you have the right to tell that parent to put a swim diaper on their kid?? What do you do if your mother in law insists on smoking in your home...and you're pregnant...and your husband is afraid to confront her?? Listen in for our answers and more...on this week's podcast. Show Notes: Special Guest Answer:Dr. Steve Silvestro "Child Repair Guide" Podcast Music: Fireworks photo credit:AnneCN...


#5 Scary Dogs, Gift Requests, and Noisy Neighbors

This week, we’re answering your questions on... Stay in touch and send us your questions or comments on Modern Manners for Moms & Dads! Website: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Music: Fire Ahead by Jahzzar


#4 Lice, Parties, and Playdates, Oh My!

This week, we’re answering your questions on... An outbreak of lice at a sleepoverwhat do you do when everyone is blaming you?!Playdates gone way too wildhow do you get kids from running all over the house?When you’re asked to host a joint birthday partyrude or totally efficient? Music: Out of School photo credit: Lisa Zins It's My Partyvia photopin(license)


FREE Ebook: "How to Host Kids Birthday Parties Even the Adults Will Love"

We’re off this week, but we wanted to share a new resource we just created. We’ve been hard a work on a free ebook that covers so many of the sticky parenting situations we get asked about over and over. It’s titled How to Host Kids Birthday Parties Even the Adults Will Love. This new ebook is a fantastic resource that addresses so many of the issues we've encountered and our readers/listeners have asked about over the years, like: Ready to download your free copy? Click here:...


#3 Can I Just Skip Teacher Appreciation Week?

This week, we’re answering your questions on: Stay in touch and send us your questions or comments on Modern Manners for Moms & Dads! And a special thanks to friends @Shellandthelittlies and @LittlePrinceLeopold for sharing their thoughts on kids birthday party gift registries from Episode #2! Music Jahzzar


Is It Acceptable to Register for Gifts for a Child's Birthday Party??

Do you think registering for gifts at a kids birthday party is totally obnoxious? Or is it the nice thing to do to take the guesswork out of gift giving? On this week's podcast we're talking about that, and we REALLY disagree! (Guess which one of us thinks the registry is agoodidea??) Listen in on this week's podcast for the our answer to that question and more, including how to handle another family's technology rules when you're visiting and what to do when a borrowed baby item is...


#1 Happy Mother's Day to You?

This week, we’re answering your questions on Mother’s Day: Thank you to Blogger Rachel Sobel of Whine & Cheez(its) and Ruth Bender Atik, National Director of The Miscarriage Association in the UK, for sharing their thoughts on whether it's considerate or hurtful to wish a woman who has had one or more miscarriages a Happy Mother's Day. Here's where you can find them: This episode was sponsored by Sudio. Use discount code...


Untitled Episode#75: Handling Uninvited (and Constant!) Neighborhood Guests

How do you keep a neighbor kid from constantly wanting to come over and play? We have 3 kids and this boy is always watching us through the fence, yelling to come and play, and we can’t have any family time. I seriously want to move. Evie answered it on Quora, but Sarah's got some opinions of her own. Listen in on this week's podcast to find out how we'd both handle this situation (talk to the child? talk to the parent? ignore it altogether?) and what we'd do if this was happening in our...


#74 Tackling Sibling Rivalry with Elle Kwan and Abigail Wald of Hand in Hand

Last Christmas, when we published an issue of our weekly newsletter, I included a note about how the sibling rivalry in my house was making me absolutely crazy. I lamented that we were going into a season of gifting at a time when my kids wouldn’t stop fighting about the toys they already had. I didn’t offer any solutions, I just hit send, knowing my message would find its way into the inboxes of other moms and dads who might get it. And get it you did! In all the years we’ve been sending...


72 Guest Appearance on The Child Repair Guide

A few weeks ago, we had the chance to be guests on Dr. Steve Silvestro’s podcast, The Child Repair Guide. You might remember Steve from episode 65 of Best Friend Banter, where Sarah and I picked his brain on mindfulness for parents. If you’re not familiar with The Child Repair Guide, Steve brings in the wisdom and insight of the world’s best childhood health and wellness experts to give parents the tools to raise happy, healthy, confident kids. We were thrilled to be included among those...


#71 What Not to Share on Social Media as a Parent

This week, we wanted to dive deeper into one of the questions we answered here on Can you demand that your mother-in-law remove a photo of your baby in the bathtub from Facebook? We're talking about the joys and challenges of being the first generation that can share (and overshare) everything about their children's lives. Do our children have a right to a certain degree of privacy when it comes to what we post about them online? And what should we do if we feel like...


#70: The Things You Should Never Say to a Twin Mom- And Other Twin Mom Secrets

This week, we have a special guest, Sarah Romanowski, mom of a five year old girl and two year old fraternal twins. Listen in to hear about her twin reality, the special situations she faces being a mom of twins- the ONE thing that drives her CRAZY that people keep asking her, and why you shouldn't ask a twin mom if they need help! (What?!)


#69 Babysitters

The doorbell rings. It’s your babysitter. It’s the teenager from down the street. It’s the retiree who just loves little ones. Or maybe it’s dear old granny. You’re headed out for date night and you’re relying on this person to keep your kids safe and happy enough to let you slip away for a few hours. Treat this person right, set the right tone and the right boundaries, and your babysitter might literally save your sanity. But what about the babysitter that’s eating you out of house and...


#68 Let the Boys Be Children

Boy Moms- This one's for you. With all the much needed focus on girls, is it possible that society might be missing some of the needs of our boys? In this current climate, they are being constantly told to sit, to be quiet...they are being held to standards they just cannot achieve. They're being set up to fail. What do we mean? Listen to this episode to find out. Articles: The Boys are Not All Right Music: Fireworks photo credit: Shawn Harquail Losing their marbles. Waru,...


#67 Our Biggest Project Ever: A Book!!

We have some really exciting news to share! During the last three years, we’ve been working on a huge project: a book of Modern Manners for Moms and Dads. Last fall, a New York City literary agent picked up our project, and just recently, she sent our finished proposal out to publishers! In this week's episode of Best Friend Banter, we’re so excited to share some of the book’s secrets and a little bit about our book journey with you. Be sure to subscribe to our Modern Manners for Moms...


#65 Mindfulness with Dr. Steve Silvestro

Mindfulness. It’s a term we hear thrown around a lot right now. The benefits of mindfulness. Techniques and practices for being mindful. Even apps to teach us mindfulness. But what is it, exactly? Why is it so important? And is mindfulness something that’s even attainable in our super busy, overplanned lives? Today, we have Dr. Steve Silvestro joining us to clue us all in. Steve is a board-certified pediatrician and father of two. He’s also the host of The Child Repair Guide podcast, an...


#64 Hosting Other People's Kids

When you’ve got babies, you plan precious little playdates that involve practicing tummy time while the mommies sip on tea. And you think play dates will always be like this: wonderful for you, wonderful for your child. But when your kids get older, playdates take on a whole new meaning. Some stranger drops their kid off at your house, and that new kid's got to live by your rules for the next few hours. Or do they? Today we’re talking about hosting other people’s kids and how we negotiate...


Family Dinner Drama

Family dinner is your favorite time of the day, right? It's when you, your children and your spouse gather around the table and joyfully share your favorite moments from the day...right?! Not in my house! Not yet anyway. It's a dream of mine, for sure. So for now, day after day, we struggle through family dinners, with the hope that some day, our kids will be wonderful guests at someone's home, and be able to manage a family dinner sans drama. This week on Best Friend Banter, we're...