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Hi 👋 My name is Jennifer and I love books! I love them so much I became a librarian, I write stories in my free time, and I have a podcast where I talk all things bookish: Big Book Energy. These conversations will address how books were, are, and will continue to be relevant to our every day lives. Keep reading ❤️

Hi 👋 My name is Jennifer and I love books! I love them so much I became a librarian, I write stories in my free time, and I have a podcast where I talk all things bookish: Big Book Energy. These conversations will address how books were, are, and will continue to be relevant to our every day lives. Keep reading ❤️


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Hi 👋 My name is Jennifer and I love books! I love them so much I became a librarian, I write stories in my free time, and I have a podcast where I talk all things bookish: Big Book Energy. These conversations will address how books were, are, and will continue to be relevant to our every day lives. Keep reading ❤️




Sitting Down With Florida Man | S5 E2

Sitting Down With Florida Man This week, BBE welcomes the Florida Men on Florida Man podcast back to the show. Jennifer sits down with Wayne to discuss Dave Berry’s book, Best State Ever, a heartfelt defense of his beloved state of Florida. Episode Highlights St. Mark's National Wildlife RefugeConnect with Florida Men On Florida Man websiteInstagramSupport the Pod Instagram Bookshop StoreBuy Me A Coffee! leave us a review*Some of the links above are affiliate links and I will receive...


The Never-To-Be-Read List | S5 E1

The Never-To-Be-Read List This week Jennifer gives a [belated] look at her 2021 reading and talks about her reading goals for 2022. Yes, she knows that it is already March. Paige Presents Webtoons: One of Jennifer’s latest Webtoon obsessions, The Gentle Way follows the Judo practitioner Jun as she learns how to confront her fears and overcome her anxiety. Super cute, romance vibes, but also great lessons on how to live your life bravely and authentically. Visit the author's Instagram or...


It's the End of the Podcast as we Know It: Paige's Farewell

BBE is transitioning to a new phase. One that unfortunately lacks Paige. Tune in to hear about her new adventures, plans for the future, and a wrap up of season 4. Stay tuned for a new phase of BBE where Jennifer will continue to bring you all the bookish content you could hope for! Support the show (


Headcannon Accepted: Captain Wentworth's Diary

Listen along as we take a dive into what some might consider fanfiction. Whether or not it is, we here at BBE loved hearing Captain Wentworth's side of the Persuasion story. Support the show (


Indiana Jones with a Much Bigger Gun: Area 51

Paige needed to compensate for the discomfort brought on by reading a spicy romance novel. She went with aliens. Area 51, by Bob Mayer his websiteBookshop store Paige Presents Fun with Comics: Jennifer talks Webtoon Like Wind On A Dry Branch. Click on for some plague, demons, and magic. Creative’s Corner: For some amazing commentary content and zany original music, check out YouTuber Münecat. Discussion Questions Support the Pod InstagramTwitterleave us a review *Some of the links...


Bring the Romance: Jennifer's Fav Spicy Webtoons | BBE Shorts

Bring the Romance: Jennifer’s Fav Spicy Webtoons Carrying on the trend of our July episode, Jennifer dives into some of her favorite ~spicy~ romance Webtoons. With some incredible stories and art, this is just another reason to download the app and get reading stat. Some of Jennifer’s fav spicy Webtoons: Freaking RomanceAt Arm’s LengthLet’s PlaySubZeroMidnight Poppy LandSupport the Pod InstagramTwitterleave us a reviewBookshop store*Some of the links above are affiliate links and we will...


50 Shades of Red: The Kiss Quotient

BBE branches out with this month's pick into uncomfortable territory for both Jennifer and Paige (but mostly Paige). Tune in to hear out thoughts on our first Guilty Pleasure Pick: The Kiss Quotient. The Kissing Quotient, by Helen Hoang her websiteour Bookshop storePaige Presents Fun with Comics: Girls of the Wild’s on Webtoon. Creative’s Corner: Paige serves up an Iceland-inspired podcast: Saga Thing. Hosted by two professors, get an entertaining breakdown of Icelandic...


Shame, Shame: An Intro to Guilty Pleasure Reads | BBE Shorts

Shame, Shame: An Intro to Guilty Pleasure Reads In this first episode of BBE Shorts, Jennifer spends some time musing over what “guilty pleasure reads” means to her, and even reveals some of her favs to fall back on when she’s feeling down. She also explores what our listeners think of as guilty pleasure reads and hints at future episodes that dig more into why we feel guilty about reading certain things rather than others. Some of Jennifer’s fav guilty pleasure reads: Bookshop...


Let's Try This Again: The Tiger's Daughter

As you may remember, we experienced some technical difficulties back in February and weren't able to release our normally scheduled episode. Well, we're back with Tiger's Daughter, for real this time. Tune in to hear our lost episode and what Paige thinks about this Mongol inspired pick. Mythology & Folklore: Mongolia Here are the references Paige used for Mongolian...


Bonus Episode S3E5 - Period Power

For our final bonus episode of this season, our coworker Dianna has come on to talk about Period Power. Let us know what you think! We may have a part 2 in store for you! Period Power, by Maisie Hill author’s websitePurchase a copyFolio Facts: This month, Paige tackles the witch hunting manual, Malleus Maleficarum, which translates to Hammer of the Witches! Despite an awesome name, this book was written by a terrible dude, Heinrich Krammer, in 1486, and was used to persecute many suspected...


It's Warping Time: The Táin Bó Cúailnge

Paige finally gets her chance to make everyone listen to a story from Irish Mythology. Tune in to hear about an Irish epic centered around a cattle raid and a protagonist with the weirdest superpower. Mythology & Folklore: Irish Morrigan LughPaige Presents Fun with Comics: Get real bookish and check out The Reference Desk podcast, hosted by two librarians and discussing the topics that fascinate them the most. The Táin, translated by Thomas Kinsella Purchase a copyCreative’s Corner: This...


Critiquing the Monomyth: The Power of Myth

For Jennifer's final episode of the season, she has chosen a slightly different pick with the Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell. Tune in as she analyzes Campbell's theories on comparative mythology. The Power of Myth, by Joseph Campbell Resources Jennifer used: rather robust wikipedia articleInterview w/ the Curator of the Joseph Campbell Archive and Libraryhis works and legacyThe Power of Myth Paige Presents Fun with Comics: Descender by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen. Creative’s Corner:...


Bonus Episode S3E4 - The Library at Mount Char

This episode we are doing Horror Lite! Paige's friend Sammie chose a book for us that has just enough horror elements to not scare the uninitiated but also has an original concept that all of us appreciated. Tune in to hear about the Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins. The Library at Mount Char, by Scott Hawkins websiteThe Library at Mount CharFolio Facts: This month Jennifer digs into the story of Mark Hoffman, who’s story was recently highlighted in the documentary, Murder Among the...


The Curse of Problematic Authors: The Mists of Avalon

For this episode, Paige chose a classic feminist retelling of King Arthur: The Mists of Avalon. However, on closer inspection of the author we found some information that casts the novel in a very different light. Mythology & Folklore: the legend of King Arthur Resources Paige used for the folklore surrounding King Arthur: King ArthurArthurian LegendCulhwch and OlwenPaige Presents Fun with Comics: This week Jennifer talked about one of her new favorite Webtoons: The Strongest...


A Nebula Finalist: Black Sun

Mythology & Folklore: Pre-Columbian Resources used for general Pre-Columbian mythology: The Britannica articleLost World of the Maya (Full Episode) | National GeographicAnd here is what Jennifer used in relation to Black Sun specifically: QueztalcoatlPaige Presents Fun with Comics: This week Paige talked about New Spring, a graphic novel interpretation of Robert Jordan’s prequel to the Wheel of Time series. Unfortunately, Jennifer was not able to find this on Bookshop...but you can always...


Bonus Episode S3E3 - The Knife Man

For this episode we brought in an expert! Jennifer's compatriot from graduate school, Ryan, joined us to discuss The Knife Man: Blood, Body Snatching, and the Birth of Modern Surgery, which focuses on the wild life and times of surgeon John Hunter. Both gruesome and fascinating in equal parts, you won't want to miss out on this one. The Knife Man, Wendy Moore her website. The Knife Man Folio Facts: This month Paige chose the Book of Kells as our Folio Facts topic. The epitome of medieval...


[World] Serpents and Snark: The Gospel of Loki

This episode, Paige chooses a tale firmly rooted in Norse Mythology. Tune in to hear about everyone's favorite Trickster and his take on some less well known myths. Mythology & Folklore: Norse Resources used for general Norse mythology: here is what Paige used for Loki specifically: Presents Fun with Comics: Stray Souls The...


I'm Not Crying, You're Crying: The Song of Achilles

Tune in for a dive into Greek mythology and a book that Jennifer says is the best she's read in a while and one that WILL make you cry: The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. Mythology & Folklore: Greece Resources used for general Greek mythology: here are the links Jennifer used for The Iliad: The Iliad Iliad...


Bonus Episode S3E2 - Submerged

Because Paige's computer ate some of our raw audio for our normally scheduled episode delaying our release, BBE decided to publish a bonus episode for everyone. Enjoy as Paige's sister Kayla joins BBE to discuss a true crime murder mystery as shown in Janice Hisle's Submerged. Submerged: The Story of Sarah and Ryan Widmer Mile HigherTrial by Media, her website.Submergedon Amazon.Folio Facts: did you know famous detective novelist Anne Perry was convicted of murder as a teenager? Check out...


An Adventure in Japanese Folklore: Tales of Moonlight and Rain

This week we discuss a classic of Japanese Literature: Tales of Moonlight and Rain by Ueda Akinari. Tune in to hear some wild stories and to hear Jennifer's opinion on a classic. Mythology & Folklore: Japan Jennifer did her best to give a brief summary of Japanese religious history during this episode, and here are a few of the sources that she used: Religion in JapanJapanese Mythology