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New best friends Carly and Xavier watch a tv pilot neither have seen, review and decide whether it's a BINGE or a BUST!

New best friends Carly and Xavier watch a tv pilot neither have seen, review and decide whether it's a BINGE or a BUST!
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New best friends Carly and Xavier watch a tv pilot neither have seen, review and decide whether it's a BINGE or a BUST!






Sex Education (2019)

Let's really figure out what's driving us here! Are Carly and Xavier hopeless maniacs driven by the Binge? Or can we muster up the courage to Bust one of Netflix's hottest new shows, Sex Education! Join us as we relate it to our own time in high school, and don't forget to hit those 5 Star reviews and subscribe! IG+Twitter: @bingeorbustpod


Altered Carbon (2018)

Xavier and Carly are back in new sleeves for this week's pilot, Netflix's Altered Carbon. Does this high budged adaptation of Richard Morgan's cyberpunk thriller leave us wanting to binge another life? Or are we gonna fry our stacks for a huge bust? Robot brothels, tough cops and one really, really smart terrorist await in the newest Binge or Bust! IG @BingeOrBustPod


Letterkenny (2016)

Oh f*** ya boys, yous guys better be ready for some nice old fashioned Canadiana, eh? Best buds Carly and Xavier are steppin into the wild world of rural Ontario, deciding if it's something we're gonna Binge, or Bust! It's got accents! It's got shenanigans! It's got some mild homophobia (and we dive into that)! So grab a molson and a pack of darts, k? It's time for some freaking podcasting! IG: Bingeorbustpod


Deadwood (2004)

Carly and Xavier return to HBO with another drama that makes you root for terrible people, Deadwood! Will we be roped in by this tale of a lawless town on the frontier? Or will we yearn for the safety of a show that doesn't cold open with straight up assisted hanging? It's history-ish, on this week's episode of Binge or Bust! Timecode 11:58 to skip Game of Thrones spoilers! IG: @Bingeorbustpod


Babylon Berlin (2018)

Xavier de Salaberry is joined by a very special guest, Bryce Logan (from the "Let's Watch That" podcast), who is filling in for Carly Welham to investigate and interrogate the Binge or Bust-iness of the pilot of 2018's "Babylon Berlin". Will the vicious mashup of porn, communism and detective noir take us down the rabbit hole of this foreign language conspiracy thriller? Or will we both take the russian bomb/gun train right out of the city? Strap in (and on) for the newest episode of Binge...


The Sopranos (1999)

Crime, therapy and euphemisms abound in our review of The Sopranos' pilot episode! Does Tony's family drama or mob family drama draw us in more? Does it hold up 20 years later? Do our hearts break watching this "normal" family become at odds with each other? Xavier and Carly dive into one of the most acclaimed TV shows of all time! Subscribe, Review and Rate on your platform of choice! Find us on Instagram @BingeOrBustPod


Lost In Space (2018)

Xavier and Carly are back, and diving through the Netflix wormhole into a remake of a sci-fi classic with 2018's Lost in Space! Do flashbacks, family drama and science problem solving hook us enough to make us Binge? Or is this a space bust? Download, review, rate and subscribe! IG: @BingeorBustPod


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017)

Xavier and Carly return for their sophomore episode to review the pilot of 2017's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! Will Mrs. Maisel's comedy and Alex Borstein's Big Butch Energy be enough to draw us in for a season of binge viewing? You need to listen to find out! Find us on instragram @BingeOrBustPod


The Code (2014)

IT'S THEIR PILOT EPISODE! Xavier and Carly begin their exploration of TV Pilots with Australian thriller "The Code". Is Lucy Lawless just a hook to get us into the pilot, or is the pilot enough to hook us into the series? There's only one way to find out if we Binge Or Bust this show: download now!