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Take control of your high life by creating your own tasty, healthy edibles that you'll be proud to eat and share!

Take control of your high life by creating your own tasty, healthy edibles that you'll be proud to eat and share!
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Take control of your high life by creating your own tasty, healthy edibles that you'll be proud to eat and share!




Stay Outta My Stash

This week Marge records from a new location, but not for the reason you might think. She also discusses is a beautiful, tasty mocktail that's super easy to make and infuse! Finally, she talks some options for keeping unwanted people from getting into your precious stash....namely kids! Find the link for the recipe mentioned in this episode here. Need to infuse some honey to make it even better? Check out this episode. Interested in the child-proof bags? Grab 'em here. Connect with Marge...


Green Christmas

What the heck do you buy someone who loves edibles? Listen and find out! Of course, as an edibles lover, you may have your own way to show others you care. I'm sure there was plenty left off the list. Shoot me an email for anything I missed! The links listed below are for most of the items mentioned in this episode. The Amazon links are affiliate links just so yer in the know. The Sticker Mule link will save you a few dollars! Bong Appetit Small Bites for Modern Cannabis Kitchen Cannabis...


Taming the Green Dragon

Find out everything you need to know to make the infamous Green Dragon. Just in time to create a variety of infused holiday cocktails! Marge walks you through the steps including the equipment she used, and demystifies this green alcoholic beverage. Mentioned in this episode were the iSi Easy Whip Plus mini, 1 pint and the ICO Impeccable Culinary Objects 50 Piece N2O Cream Chargers, 8g. Connect with Marge on the socials @bitemepodcast or by email and consider...


Listener Q&A #2

This episode covers not one but 2 great questions from listeners. But before tackling the questions Marge reveals how her cannabis house plant is doing. You might be surprised! Then for the listener questions, first we hear from Brittany who asks whether trim/shake will produce low potency edibles and from Ryan who asks what's the best ration of oil to cannabis to make good infusions. Connect with Marge on the socials @bitemepodcast or by email and consider...


Book Review - Edibles

This week Marge reviews a brand new book she picked up at the bookshop and can't wait to try! Edibles, Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen by Stephanie Hua caught her eye among all the available cannabis cookbooks, so that's saying something. Check out the link to the Amazon page and see for yourself (no affiliate links, not yet anyway!) and consider picking it up at your local bookshop to support local vendors. Marge also talks about her wee cannabis plant, baking mishaps and...


Infusions - Whipped Cream Dream

Marge and grumpy Chris talk about reducing household waste, the horrors of an empty stash and infusing cream to make something special - shout out to Erin Z. for the idea!


Brianna's Banana Bread

Brianna shares the story of the first time she ever made an edible. An infused peanut butter banana bread sounds delicious doesn't it? Turns out it was really hard to resist not only by Brianna, but to others who were home that day. Have a story of your own to share? is the best way to get a hold of me!


Easy No Bake Fat Bombs

This week Marge talks about the craziness of Reefer Madness in the light of edibles becoming legal in Canada (finally!) and how to easily make keto, vegan fat bombs in as little as 10 minutes of hands on time. Who doesn't have 10 minutes?! Need silicone molds to make your own fat bombs? Here's Marge's affiliate link to the set of molds she use the most in her kitchen. With a new website under construction, you can email to share your email address and be notified...


Let's Get Personal

Your favourite edibles host Marge covers a range of topics in this 20 minute episode. Her latest attempt at making cannabis infused gummies goes much better than last week, thanks to Edibles are up next for legalization in Canada, plus find out how edibles played a part in helping Marge kick a nasty habit.


A Whole Lotta Nonsense

This episode covers my experience making gummies from a recipe I found on a big cannabis website that may or may not be named. Suggestions from Nico @nico.nugs on elevating your skills in the kitchen plus a short story on how edibles bring people together. Finally, can you count how many times I say, 'so'? I sure hope it's less than last week. Kumbaya friends.


Quick Bite Infusions - Sweet As Honey

The final episode in the Quick Bite mini series on infusions. This episode covers a great infusion to have in your cupboard, honey! With a couple of hours of mostly hands-off time, you can easily have this simple infusion on hand for your next cuppa tea. Connect with me @bitemepodcast


Quick Bite Infusions - Oils!

In this Quick Bite mini series episode, we cover one of the most versatile and easy infusions to make - oils. Whether you have a fancy machine or you're using what you have on hand, a beautiful infused oil can be made in only a couple of hours with minimal work. My kind of infusion! Have a listen and get the stuff you need for a fun weekend project.


Quick Bite Infusions - Butter Me Up

Infusions form the basis for all the tasty cannabis edibles that you'll be making. Where do you start? What equipment will you need? How much money will this cost you? Find out on this Quick Bite episode where we'll discuss my favourite (and one of the easiest) infusions to make.


Listener Q&A

On the first listener Q&A, Dave from the USA asks whether it's necessary to decarboxylate first if using the sous vide method to infuse their coconut oil or butter. He also asks about using cannabis concentrates.


Bong Appetit

Need some inspiration for your next cannabis edibles project? Why not pick up a book on the subject?! There are plenty of ideas for all skill levels. Check out this review of Marge's favourite cannabis cookbook, Bong Appetit.


Bakin' Cookies

My favourite edible to bake is the classic chocolate chip cookie but with a twist! Hear my tips and tricks for baking and storing the best damn cookies you'll ever taste. Seriously, people can't believe they're edibles.


A Cautionary Tale

It's story time today kids and a special guest joins me on the podcast to share his cautionary tale of getting way too high on edibles and the one trick that actually helped him when his body was in full panic mode.


Making Magic with The Magical Butter Machine

When you're cooking with cannabis, steps to cut down on thetime to make the infusions that form the basis of your edible culinary pursuits are worth checking out. Listen to my review of the Magical Butter Machine as I make a coconut oil based infusion.


9 Tricks To Try When You Get Too High

If you've consumed cannabis edibles for any period of time, you've probably had an experience where you got too high. Or maybe you've watched helplessly as your friend ingested too much and you didn't know how could help. Whether you're cooking with cannabis yourself or you're picking up a favourite edible from the local dispensary, knowing what to do in those moments can help lessen the effects of improper dosing. In this Bite Sized episode I cover 9 simple tricks to try when you've gotten...


The Dose Is The Poison

If you're cooking with cannabis, sometimes it can feel like an edibles guessing game. The key is patience and in this podcast you'll get pro tips to dose like an expert.