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Daniel Harbin comes to you every week to discuss current events in pop culture. Daniel will also share his thoughts in a segment titled "Topic of Discussion" where he will give his thoughts and perspective on a subject. No holding back with his thoughts.

Daniel Harbin comes to you every week to discuss current events in pop culture. Daniel will also share his thoughts in a segment titled "Topic of Discussion" where he will give his thoughts and perspective on a subject. No holding back with his thoughts.
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Daniel Harbin comes to you every week to discuss current events in pop culture. Daniel will also share his thoughts in a segment titled "Topic of Discussion" where he will give his thoughts and perspective on a subject. No holding back with his thoughts.




Summer's Over

This week, in current events, I discuss Nicki Minaj clapping back at Wendy Willams, R&B singer Summer Walker announcing that she is done after her tour and B2K'S J Boog has been accused of sleeping with Omarion's mother. In my "Topic of Discussion, I discuss vulnerability and what that looks like.


From Full House to the Big House

This week I discuss how Cardi B has been added to the cast of "Fast and Furious 9", Lori Loughlin aka "Aunt Becky" was charged with bribery and faces 50 years in prison and Brandon T. Jackson says wearing a dress ended his career *side eyes*. My "Topic of Discussion" this will is on accountability. See what I did there. Holding oneself, as well as the others around them, accountable for their actions and what that looks like.


Why Can't He Experiment?

In this week's episode, I dive into Nicki Minaj and het getting married and the possibility of her making a return to the music industry. Steve Harvey's step-daughter, Lori Harvey, being involved in a hit and run, Ashanti going on tour with Ginuwine and Mario and singer Tank'a views on man on man fellatio. No "Topic of discussion" against this week you guys. I am having habit of a block. If you guys have anything you want me to discuss, I will gladly take any suggestions. I will definitely...


Remember The Rules

In this week's current events, I discuss DMX checking himself in rehab after being found in his car, by his son, after passing out from a drug binge. Pray for DMX. Trina and Trick Daddy are reuniting, and not for music, but to do a radio show that is apparently replacing Ricky Smiley's show. Wendy Williams has also received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. No "Topic of Discussion" this week but I leave you with some Famous rules from a queen of comedy and the diamond princess.


Black Excellence

First off, I want to apologize for all the technical difficulties this episode. This week, in current events, I discuss Tyler Perry's great accomplishment of opening up the first black-owned movie studio. JT of the City girls is out of prison and already dropping new music. Simone Biles is killing the game..again. Gabrielle Union is executive producer of an upcoming show and juicy J announces a "Three 6 Mafia reunion Tour". In this week's "Topic of Discussion", I discuss working on one's...


No Social justice

In the week's episode I g dive into clueless actress Stacey Dash arrested for domestic battery. Lil Was X is taking a break from the music. Tony Todd will be reprising his role in Jordan Peele's Candyman sequel as the titular character and I give my opinion on the "Botham Jean" case and the sentence that was given to the murderer Amber Guyger. For my "Topic of Discussion": has society become too sensitive? The latest Dave Chappelle stand-up special has a lot of people divided on what you can...


I Do...Maybe?

In this week's current events, I discuss the black magic we witnessed at the Emmy's. Jharrel Jerome wins an Emmy for his performance in Ava DuVernay's "When They See Us". We also witness Billy Porter win an Emmy for his role in Pose. Lee Daniels has been court ordered to pay Damon Dash his money and J. Lo and Shakira are are performing the Super Bowl halftime show in 2020. In my segment "Topic of Discussion", I go into marriage. Is marriage really the "goal" when you are committed to...


Toot it and Rebooted

In this week's current events, I discuss Issa Rae doing a re-imagining of the 90's classic "Set it off" and what Vivica A. Fox had to say about it. Also in the realm of old shows being reboot, Fran Drescher wants Cardi B to star in possible reboot of "The Nanny".Tamar Braxton and Loni Love are not on the best terms and Ed buck has finally been arrested after a third man has died in his home from a meth overdose. Unfortunately, there is not "Topic of Discussion" this week. Next episode I will...


Color-ish (Feat. Joette Harris)

In this week's episode my good Friend Joette Harris joins me. In current events, we discuss Janet Jackson announcing her "Rhythm Nation" anniversary tour. We talk about Terrence Howard's intention to retire from acting as well the women of the hit television series "Girlfriends" to reunite on an episode of the upcoming season of "Black-ish". In my segment of "Topic of Discussion" we discuss colorism and how it effects black people as well as other races and cultures.


You Like What You Like

In this week's episode, I start my current events off with discussing Kevin Hart's frightening car accident and sending prayers for a speedy recovery. I also discuss Malik Yoba's admissions to being attracted to transwomen and a young transwoman accusing him of having sexual relations with her when she was underage and I discuss Nicki Minaj's, out of the blue, retirement from music. In my "Topic of Discussion" I discuss my views on dating and sex in the "gay world". MSM (Men who have sex...


Better Watch What You Say and Post

In this Week's episode, I discuss the 2019 MTV VMA's. From Lil Was X to Normani to Lizzo to Missy Elliott receiving her Vanguard Award. I dive into the leaked "diss track" video that City Girls rapper JT recorded prior to them becoming successful and yes, she does mention some of y'alls favorites. I also go over this allegation Against Paul Mooney. Who allegedly molested Richard Pryor Jr when he was underage. in my "Topic of Discussion", I discuss, in my opinion, Social Media etiquette. Some...


What's Your Kink?

Hey everybody, in the week's current events I discuss actor Tommy Davidson spilling a little tea about The Proud Family returning to Disney+. I also discuss MTV creating, in NYC, a museum dedicated to Missy Elliott. My "Topic of Discussion" this week was about sexual practices in the bedroom. There are so many. I just cover a few of the ones a lot of us may or may not know. Never be ashamed of your sexuality and always be safe and have fun!


You Wanna Invite Who to the Bedroom?

This week, in my current events segment, I discuss the internet sensation known as "The Real Tarzan" being arrested on an assault charge. The Icon Missy Elliot finally receiving her Video Vanguard Award from MTV as well as, My inspirations for doing a podcast, Kid Fury and Crissle of "The Read" getting their own TV Show. For My Topic of Discussion, I discuss having Threesomes. Yes? No? Maybe?


Be True to Yourself

In this weeks Current Events, I discuss Lil Was X breaking the billboard record for longest running Number 1 song. Laverne Cox gracing the cover of Vogue magazine. Katy Perry is in legal trouble over her song "Dark Horse" and former child star Blake McIver's tweet about Pose lands him in hot water. In my "Topic of Discussion" segment, I discuss what "being yourself" means to me and how important and freeing it is to live in your truth.


We Can't Have Shit to Ourselves

In this week's current events, I discuss Bow Wow, Mr. Shad Moss, calling himself dissing Ciara for being happy. These Ni**as and their gall. Amber Riley and MJ Rodriguez will be starring in a reimagined version of "Little Shop of Horror" and the Pasadena Playhouse. For my fellow nerds, I discuss how it was announced at San Diego Comic Con, that Mahershala Ali will be the star in the upcoming Blade Reboot. For my segment "Topic of Discussion", I discuss the white woman who claimed to have...


We Rockin' Stilettos

In this week's current events, with The Emmys right around the corner, I discuss Pose being nominated for 6 Emmys with one of those Emmys being for Billy Porter. I also discuss, which I am super excited for, Diamond and Princess of Crime mob's return. I also touch on Missy Elliott's interview with Marie Claire and touch a little on the topic of female rappers of today and how they are killing it. In my Topic of Discussion, I discuss dealing depression. I am not a professional, so I am just...


Representation Matters

In this week's current events, I discuss Diddy and MTV being in talks to possibly bring back Making the Band. Jay z entering the legal weed business and Angelica Ross making television history. For my segment titled "Topic of Discussion" I discuss Representation vs Exploitation in the media. Is there a way to decipher between the two? Is there a line that can not be crossed? and if so where is this line?


We Takin' over

Sorry you guys about not putting up an episode last week. I was out celebrating San Francisco Pride. But I am back this week. In Current events, I discuss Lil Nas X coming out the closet on the last day of pride month and how extraordinary that is. Cori "Coco" Gauff winning her match against Serena Willams at Wimbledon, and singer Halle Bailey, not to be confused with Halle Berry, getting cast for the role of Ariel in the upcoming live action Disney movie The Little Mermaid and how white...


Attention, Musician, Pose!

In this week's current events, I discuss Rachel Dolezal tweeting how she is celebrating pride by coming out as bisexual, the FX hit series Pose being renewed for a third season, and Janet Mock making history as the first Transgender woman to establish a major studio deal with Netflix. In Topics of Discussion, I discuss music and its influence on people. Does music have enough impact on us that we can hold it accountable for our actions?


Family's Stepping on my Neck

This week in current events, I discuss Tamar Braxton apologizing to her family, friends and loved ones and how love made he see the light. Mary J. Blige receiving her BET honors award and how Traces Ellis Ross is breathing new life into an upcoming Daria spinoff. In Topics of Discussion, I discuss some of the habits in the black family household.