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The Last 10 Years

It’s been ten years now since I first interviewed Tony O’Neill on Book Talk with Kory French on, what was then known only as, BreakThru Radio. Back then, you had to visit the website and listen to the mp3 player embedded on my show’s page. Also back then, I had no clue what I was doing. To be honest...I still don’t. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - The Wonder Show Of The World (2010) Bonnie "Prince" Billy - I Made a Place (2020) Book art provided by the author’s representative. 00:00 - Show Opening...


‘The Schrödinger Girl’ by Laurel Brett

During a sudden downpour in 1967, Garrett Adams is browsing in a crowded bookshop on Columbus Circle when a crowd of people push in to escape the rain. As he starts reading a book about Schrödinger—he of the famous cat-in-a-box thought experiment—Garrett impulsively decides to ask any customer to lunch who also comes and picks up the book, hoping for an impromptu discussion about philosophy. Book art and author headshot provided by the author’s representative. 00:00 - Show Opening 01:07 -...


‘The Blaze’ by Chad Dundas

Having lost much of his memory from a traumatic brain injury sustained in Iraq, army veteran Matthew Rose is called back to Montana after his father’s death to settle his affairs, and hopefully to settle the past as well. It’s not only a blank to him, but a mystery. Then on his first night back, Matthew sees a house go up in flames, and it turns out a local college student has died inside. And this event sparks a memory of a different fire, an unsolved crime from long ago, a part of...


Book Talk 2019 - The Top 5 to 1

We’re going to end the year, and the decade, by listening to clips from my top five favorite interviews from 2019. No hints here (oh, and the music is pretty damn good too). Lady In The Lake by Laura Lippman The Ash Family by Molly Dektar Wild Game by Adrienne Brodeur Black Site by Philip Mudd How To Raise Successful People by Esther Wojcicki Book Cover and Author headshot images provided by the author’s representative. 00:00 - Show Opening 01:11 - “Pull Out The Matches” - Mike Montrey...


Book Talk 2019 - The Top 10 to 6

You’ll just have to tune in to hear the number 10 thru number 6 interviews from 2019, along with some of the best music featured on the show that was released this past year. Betrayal In Berlin by Steve Vogel Maybe You Should Talk to Someone - Lori Gottlieb American Pop by Snowden Wright The Players Ball by David Kushner Quicksand Tales by Keggie Carew Book Cover and Author headshot images provided by the author’s representative. 00:00 - Show Opening 01:07 - Another Age - Robert Earl...


‘A Transcontinental Affair’ by Jodi Daynard

May 1870. Crowds throng the Boston station, mesmerized by the mechanical wonder huffing on the rails: the Pullman Hotel Express, the first train to travel from coast to coast. Boarding the train are congressmen, railroad presidents, and even George Pullman himself. For two young women, strangers until this fateful day, it’s the beginning of a journey that will change their lives. Book Cover and Author headshot images provided by the author’s representative. 00:00 - Show Opening 01:07 -...


‘The View From Apartment Four: On Loving and Leaving New York’ by Skip Rozin

Welcome to the most western block of 77th Street in New York City, to a second-floor front apartment that, if you lean just right, offers that prized real estate attraction, a glimpse of the Hudson River. This book invites you to turn in the opposite direction for a more profound perspective of urban life—the dramatic changes in the Upper West Side from a 1960s neighborhood of friendly shops and affordable restaurants to the latest hot destination in the new millennium, competing with...


‘Dancing to the Darkest Light’ by Soheila Adelipour

A memoir of survival and how one sister, daughter and mother find reason to go on after the most crushing loses imaginable, and still see the beauty in life. It is a heartwarming family saga and an unforgettable account of faith and not just love, but unconditional love. A true, powerful, emotional & inspirational story that could change your outlook towards life. Book Cover and Author headshot images provided by the author’s representative. 00:00 - Show Opening 01:07 - Confetti to the...


‘Epic Continent’ by Nicholas Jubber

Award-winning travel writer Nicholas Jubber journeys across Europe exploring Europe's epic poems, from the Odyssey to Beowulf, the Song of Roland to the Nibelungenlied, and their impact on European identity in these turbulent times. Book Cover and Author headshot images provided by the author’s representative. 00:00 - Show Opening 01:07 - Playing With Fire - Map 01:09 - Episode Intro 02:04 - Playing With Fire (Cont’d) - Map 05:05 - Interview with Nicholas Jubber, Part 1 23:51 - I Still...


‘Holding On To Nothing’ by Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne

Lucy Kilgore has her bags packed for her escape from her rural Tennessee upbringing, but a drunken mistake forever tethers her to the town and one of its least-admired residents, Jeptha Taylor, who becomes the father of her child. Together, these two young people work to form a family, though neither has any idea how to accomplish that, and the odds are against them in a place with little to offer other than tobacco fields, a bluegrass bar, and a Walmart full of beer and firearms for the...


‘The Poppy Wife’ by Caroline Scott

An incredibly moving account of an often-forgotten moment in history—those years after the war that were filled with the unknown—‘The Poppy Wife’ tells the story of the thousands of soldiers who were lost amid the chaos and ruins in battle-scarred France; and the even greater number of men and women hoping to find them again. Book Cover and Author headshot images provided by the author’s representative. 00:00 - Show Opening 01:07 - Young Lovers - City and Colour 01:09 - Episode Intro 02:18...


‘Homewreckers' by Aaron Glantz

Full title: ‘Homewreckers: How a Gang of Wall Street Kingpins, Hedge Fund Managers, Crooked Banks, and Vulture Capitalists Suckered Millions Out of Their Homes and Demolished the American Dream’ In ‘Homewreckers,’ Aaron vividly reveals how a group of Wall Street bankers and private equity titans including Trump cabinet members Steve Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross, as well as the president’s confidants and funders Steve Schwarzman, Tom Barrack — exploited a system in which billions of dollars in...


‘All This Could Be Yours’ by Jami Attenberg

A timely, piercing exploration of what it means to be caught in the web of a toxic man who abused his power; it shows how those webs can tangle a family for generations and what it takes to—maybe, hopefully—break free. With her signature “sparkling prose” and incisive wit, Jami Attenberg deftly explores one of the most important subjects of our age. Book Cover and Author headshot images provided by the author’s representative. 00:00 - Show Opening 01:08 - Getting By - Long Beard 01:23 -...


‘Wild Game: My Mother, Her Lover and Me’ by Adrienne Brodeur

On a hot July night on Cape Cod when Adrienne was fourteen, her mother, Malabar, woke her at midnight with five simple words that would set the course of both of their lives for years to come: Ben Souther just kissed me. Adrienne instantly became her mother’s confidante and helpmate, blossoming in the sudden light of her attention, and from then on, Malabar came to rely on her daughter to help orchestrate what would become an epic affair with her husband’s closest friend. The affair would...


‘Dad’s Maybe Book’ by Tim O’Brien

In 2003, already an older father, National Book Award–winning novelist Tim O’Brien resolved to give his young sons what he wished his own father had given to him—a few scraps of paper signed “Love, Dad.” Maybe a word of advice.Maybe a sentence or two about some long-ago Christmas Eve. Maybe some scattered glimpses of their rapidly aging father, a man they might never really know. For the next fifteen years, the author talked to his sons on paper, as if they were adults, imagining what they...


‘Pigs’ by Johanna Stoberock

The pigs are beautiful, but fierce, with sharp teeth and insatiable appetites, and they eat anything. When a boy washes ashore in a barrel, the children must decide what to do with him—is he more of the world’s detritus, meant to be fed to the pigs, or is he one of them? The novel explores questions about community, environmental responsibility, and the possibility of innocence. 00:00 - Show Opening 01:08 - “Let It Change U” - Chk Chk Chk (!!!) 01:10 - Episode Intro 02:21 - “Let It Change...


‘Betrayal in Berlin: The True Story of the Cold War’s Most Audacious Espionage Operation’ by Steve Vogel

The astonishing true story of the Berlin Tunnel, one of the West’s greatest espionage operations of the Cold War—and the dangerous Soviet mole who betrayed it. Book Cover and Author headshot images provided by the author’s representative. 00:00 - Show Opening 01:07 - Gravity - Versus 01:19 - Episode Intro 02:33 - Gravity (Cont’d) - Versus 04:39 - Interview with Steve Vogel, Part 1 14:23 - Nothing But U - Versus 16:23 - Interview with Steve Vogel, Part 2 32:04 - Baby green - Versus 33:39 -...


‘The Stakes: 2020 and the Survival of American Democracy’ by Robert Kuttner

The 2020 presidential election will determine the very survival of American democracy. The Stakes explains how the failure of the economy to serve ordinary Americans opened the door to a demagogic president, and how democracy can still be taken back from Donald Trump. Book Cover and Author headshot images provided by the author’s representative. 00:00 - Show Opening 01:07 - Episode Intro 03:16 - Cut It - Boy Scouts 06:15 - Interview with Robert Kuttner 22:53 - In Ya Too - Boy Scouts 25:35 -...


'The Years That Matter Most’ by Paul Tough

‘The Years That Matter Most’ tells the stories of students trying to find their way, with hope, joy, and frustration, through the application process and into college. Drawing on new research, the book reveals how the landscape of higher education has shifted in recent decades and exposes the hidden truths of how the system works and whom it works for. And it introduces us to the people who really make higher education go: admissions directors trying to balance the class and balance the...


Summer and Fall 2019

It’s an interview dead-zone right now. Plenty of books coming out this week and through September. Interviews that can’t be released until they do. So this week on Book Talk I look at some of the most talked about books you may have missed from this Summer, the shortlist of the Booker Prize 2019, and the most anticipated reads for Fall ’19. 00:00 - Show Opening 01:07 - Episode Intro 05:00 - Braindrops - Tropical Fuck Storm 11:33 - Books You May Have Missed So Far in 2019 18:50 - Who’s My...