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Breathe Pictures is a podcast made for anyone interested in photography and film making. Interviews and documentary stories with photographers and cinematographers.

Breathe Pictures is a podcast made for anyone interested in photography and film making. Interviews and documentary stories with photographers and cinematographers.
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Breathe Pictures is a podcast made for anyone interested in photography and film making. Interviews and documentary stories with photographers and cinematographers.








#9 Jason Florio from 9/11 to Africa

Jason Florio’s focus has been towards under-reported stories about people living on the margins of society and human rights. His work has been recognised with a number of awards, including The Magnum Photography Award 2017 for his raw pictorial stories on migration. Today's episode follows Jason Florio from New York to Africa. Jason's site: Helen's site: Fishers of Men:


#8 Jim Mortram

Small Town Inertia is a photographic social documentary long tail project dealing with loneliness, poverty, neglect and mental illness. The photographer Jim Mortram makes these pictures within a three mile radius of his home in the English market town of Dereham, Norfolk. Jim talks of how and why he makes these pictures and stories and how many of his subjects or contributors have become friends. For more information go to To see more of Jim Mortram's work...


#7 Sean Tucker

YouTube. That's where I turn for this episode. It's tentacular nature is fantastical, photography and film making being a subject matter that is popular on the platform. One of the UK's rising YouTubers in this genre is a talented photographer called Sean Tucker. I find out what makes his channel so different and how he has succeeded, retaining his integrity and making unique philosophical photographic film content. YouTube channel: Website:...


#6 James Ravilious

The late James Ravilious took up photography in the early 70s admiring the work of French photojournalist Henri Cartier-Bresson. He moved from London to Devon with his new wife and started work on documenting the lives of people who lived in the county. Seventeen years and 80,000 black and white images later produced unrivalled archive of Devonian life, respected and admired by photographers worldwide. This episode is presented by Kevin Mullins with music licensed from Artlist. Main...


#5 Cam Neville

Today’s guest is a special breed of photojournalist. Though he’d be brisk to point out he’s no hero; that those he photographs and the conditions he makes photographs in is what should draw you to his work, Australian photographer Cam Neville has been making news of late for the very real and stark pictures he presents of those in the front line fighting the continent’s ferocious bush fires. Cam makes pictures of those who fight fires, the unexpected, twisting, cruel, heartless, ruthless...


#4 Giles Penfound

In this week’s Breathe Pictures podcast, I’d like to you hear, to meet, Giles Penfound, a former head of press photography for the British Army. Early in 2017 I made a film with Giles, a link to that is below – and during the podcast you’ll hear him make reference to the photographs that he shows within that film. If it weren’t for his graphic description of the images, this episode may just have resided as that film, but the ability to transpose this to sound only is testament to how Giles...


#3 Steve Shipman

I first met the photographer Steve Shipman in 2013. He was attending a photography workshop I was hosting about still images and sound combined, ironically. Actually, it was the first workshop I’d hosted for photographers… I’d been shooting professionally less than a decade. He’d been photographing for considerably more time. He was the ninth name to book on and I made a note about him. In the margin for more information I wrote; ‘Very proficient photographer, really nice chap too.’ But...


#2 Tom Stoddart

Tom Stoddart is my guest in this second Breathe Pictures episode. Known and respected widely as one of the world’s most respected photojournalists, his photographs of conflict and unrest, famine and pivotal historical moments such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the election of President Mandela, and the siege of Sarajevo undeniably shaped and still form public opinion. The Podcast opens, and closes in fact, where it all began for him decades ago; a small fishing village in Northumberland,...


#1 X-Weddings Conference 2018 LIVE podcast

The first episode in this new season of podcasts is recorded on location at the X-Weddings Conference, held in Bath, England. The conference was created by Kevin Mullins, a Fujifilm camera system ambassador. Designed to bring together photographers who use Fujifilm X system cameras, it was an opportunity for likeminded shooters to hear from some internationally known names who are in Fuji’s ecosystem. The half hour show visits the conference and dips into the speakers’ sessions. Kevin...