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My name is Ryan Nuñez and I am an actor, singer, director & all around creative guy (or at least try to be). I created Broad-WHAT? to give a voice to performers and creative beings in the lower mainland of BC. Focusing mainly on musical theater, with a slash of other venues, we bring you their stories.

My name is Ryan Nuñez and I am an actor, singer, director & all around creative guy (or at least try to be). I created Broad-WHAT? to give a voice to performers and creative beings in the lower mainland of BC. Focusing mainly on musical theater, with a slash of other venues, we bring you their stories.
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My name is Ryan Nuñez and I am an actor, singer, director & all around creative guy (or at least try to be). I created Broad-WHAT? to give a voice to performers and creative beings in the lower mainland of BC. Focusing mainly on musical theater, with a slash of other venues, we bring you their stories.




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Spooky Ooky Broad-WHAT? Special

Special episode time! Our host Ryan Nunez is joined by Broad-WHAT? alumni and fan favourites Madeleine Suddaby and Paige Fraser to talk all things spooky this season. We talk about our fav theatre ghosts, Halloween shows that should be musicals, and our idea for theatre based Halloween costumes. Stay safe this Halloween and eat lots of candy - from our team hear at Broad-WHAT? we say BOO!!!


Alex Lowe – Season 2 – Episode 71

Hello everyone, and thank you as always for tuning in yet again another great guest here at Broad-WHAT?! I've always been super inspired by Alex Lowe, and his work speaks for himself. You can see him in movie theatres, on stage or find him tucked away somewhere writing his next masterpiece. Ever since we graduated school together he's skyrocketed even further into being the kindest, most generous human. Plus of course, he has so much talent it's literally crazy! We had to record in two parts...


Tiffany Hunter – Season 2 – Episode 70

Hello Broad-WHAT? listeners, and welcome to another amazing week of interviews and intrigue. This week was exciting because I got to sit down with the very talented Tiffany Hunter! Tiffany is a local theatre artist who has been in many a show in the lower mainland, so odds are you've seen her once or twice if you frequent the Vancouver scene. We talked about her passion for all things Disney, which sort of transitioned into a refreshing tangent on her general positivity towards life. She is...


Gabe Kirkley – Season 2 – Episode 69

Hello! Thank you all so much for listening again to this weeks all new episode of Broad-WHAT?! Gabe Kirkley is genuinely the most openhearted guy I know, and I’m so happy I was able to sit down and get his perspective on theatre, life, love, and all sorts of amazing stuff. Working with the Arts Club, he gets a great inner insight to the behind the scenes of the biggest and most successful theatre company in Vancouver. We talked about how he goes about fulfilling his creative side, his love...


Veronica Bonderud – Season 2 – Episode 68

Hi! Thank you for tuning in to this weeks episode of Broad-WHAT?! I had the great joy of getting to hang out with my good friend Veronica Bonderud. She’s always so sweet to be around, and even though we hadn't been able to hang out for quite a while before this it still felt like no time had gone by. Veronica is a multi-talented artist who had a successful photography business that can be found at her website On top of that, Veronica is also a powerhouse...


Jesse Alvarez – Season 2 – Episode 67

We're back from moving and healthy from sickness! On today’s episode I got to speak with my good Judy - Jesse Alvarez. I’ve known Jesse for almost ten years now and he never ceases to amaze me. He has an incredible talent, and an insane warmth to him. We spoke a lot about his study abroad, his incredible voice, and all the many performances we’ve done together. I appreciate our relationship so much he’s such an amazing friend and an even better person. Thanks for tuning and see you next week!


News and Updates Abound!

Hi friends! We're taking a week off of regular episodes due to illness, sorry about that! Instead, I'm just going to take a quick second to let you all know, if you didn't already, that we have expanded the options for you to listen to our podcast very significantly! You can now find us on Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Apple Podcasts, and of course directly on our website at Also, in case you missed the last few episodes, we have started doing a...


Hysteria – Broad-WHAT? Reviews

Please note that this production includes discussion and depiction of sexual violence. If you are affected by the issues in tonight’s performance, VictimLinkBC is a toll-free, confidential, multilingual telephone service available across British Columbia 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-563-0808 Ryan: We were lucky to see a piece of HYSTERIA in last years Fringe For All. Seeing the team of Hysteria work so closely together to incorporate contemporary concerns and issues with a...


Colette Richardson – Season 2 – Episode 66

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for tuning into this weeks episode of Broad-WHAT?! On today’s episode I had the great pleasure to talk to my friend and colleague - Colette Richardson. Colette is so spunky and full of energy it was so refreshing to be able to sit down and get to know her better. We worked in the ensemble of a show together before she whisked away to NYC to study there, and she can now be found in Toronto exploring more ways to improve as an artist and human. We talked a lot...


Alice in Glitterland – Broad-WHAT? Reviews

In a city full of mainstream Rogers and Hammerstein musicals, I found myself at the Wise Hall in Vancouver with my friends, strapping on a mask and awaiting our entry to the unknown. Down the rabbit hole we did go. We found ourselves entering the world of Alice in Wonderland in the interactive theatre extravaganza Alice in Glitterland put on by the fan favourite Geekenders performing troupe. Right from the top, you were slapped in the face with excitement, jazz, sex and debauchery as the Red...


Joshua Lalisan – Season 2 – Episode 65

Hello everyone! Today is a very special episode for me. I have had the pleasure of getting to witness this young man grow into the kindest, most professional human ever. I am of course speaking of the wonderful and amazing Joshua Lalisan. Josh and I met in the ensemble of the musical FAME! and ever since then I've had a special place in my heart for him. On today's episode we talked about queer representation, being a dancer, and toxic masculinity in the theatre community. He just finished...


Fringe For All Podcast Edition 2019 – Part 2

Here we are again - day two of our Fringe For All Podcast edition! This time we're coming at you hot and fast with some familiar faces, and even a couple that we haven't spoken to before on the show. Regardless though, they're all amazing, and the shows that are being spoken about sound absolutely awesome. As with yesterday, I will provide links to each show below, so please do check them all out! #supportlocaltheatre As always, please like and subscribe on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, and give...


Fringe For All Podcast Edition 2019 – Part 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to the second annual Fringe For All Podcast Edition! Last year's episodes were so successful that we just couldn't resist doing another set this year, and man am I glad that we did! There are so many amazing shows coming up at this year's festival - and we have some of our favourites represented here. There will be links below to each of the shows spoken about in this episode, and keep an ear out tomorrow for even more content coming your way with Part 2! As...


Caleb Lagayan – Season 2 – Episode 64

Hello Broad-WHAT! Apologies for the late podcast date but it was worth the wait! Caleb may be the the sweetest person I’ve ever met. He’s an absolute doll and was so professional and polite it was amazing. He has an incredible signing voice and is actually going to go back to school for his masters degree. He is a driven dude and I freaking adored talking to him. He just wrapped up his run in Newsies with TUTS and is now about to head off to the United Kingdom. Thanks for listening and see...


Katrina Teitz – Season 2 – Episode 63

Hello everyone! We’re back after taking a week of for some much needed r'n'r but I’m so glad we’re back to bring you this next interview. Katrina Teitz is a wonderful human, who I’ve recently fallen head over heels in love with. You may remember her from her entry on our blog series or from her Instagram takeover when she opened bare: a pop opera in Vancouver. I'm so excited that we finally got our 1 on 1 chat. Katrina has an incredible voice and has such a down to earth quality that she...


Adriana Ravalli – Season 2 – Episode 62

Hello Broad-WHAT? fans, we're coming at you again with a new episode this week. This time it's the lovely and talented Adriana Ravalli! Adriana was introduced to me by a mutual friend of ours some years ago when I was looking for an awesome singer to do a cabaret I was producing. We've kept up here and there since then, but it was really nice to be able to catch up in person via the podcast! We talked about her extensive experience on the cruise ships, as well as her process in writing her...


Javier Ricardo Sotres Porres – Season 2 – Episode 61

Hi Broad-WHAT? fans! This week is really exciting (though when is it not exciting really!), because I once again get to talk to relatively new friend in my life - Javier Porres! We got down to talking about his time studying at UBC, as well as his many multidisciplinary talents such as stage management, photography, and acting to name a few! I always love when I can talk to folks who are so capable on so many fronts, I think that's really the direction that performing artists need to go in...


Imelda Gaborno – Season 2 – Episode 60

Hi friends! This week we're coming at you with the lovely and amazing Imelda Gaborno. Imelda is a new friend of mine, and this interview is really the first conversation that we had face to face. It was super interesting to listen back to, because there were no preconceived notions from me going into it, and we got to cover some really interesting and unique topics. On top of being an awesome performer and singer, Imelda is also a relatively new mom, so of course we got to talking about her...


Zac Beardsley – Season 2 – Episode 59

Hello and welcome to this very special episode of Broad-WHAT?! Zac Beardsley is a very special guy. He was extremely open with his time, and since his story is so fascinating I was thrilled to get to sit down with him. He’s a incredible singer, actor and all around talented dude. We spent time talking about his time living abroad, we laughed about our first meetings, and his journey to become a better artist. I have so much respect for Zac, and I’m so glad he’s in my life. Go give him some...


Sophie Leroux – Season 2 – Episode 58

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our regular Broad-WHAT? episodes! We have amazing guests lined up to round out the second half of a year and this guest is the first in a long and amazing line up. Sophie Leroux is an amazing friend of mine and when she was in town from one of her many contracts, we sat down with some liquor and giggled our way through this recording. We talked about life on and off the ship, family ties, and how she keeps sane surrounded by water 24/7. Sophie is one of my...