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Giving leaders & organizations an opportunity to tell their stories & share information

Giving leaders & organizations an opportunity to tell their stories & share information
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Giving leaders & organizations an opportunity to tell their stories & share information






CUP Ep139 - Craft Cannabis Start Up, What it takes. Int w Kieley Beaudry

There are many ways to try to make a living in the cannabis space but it's not always just about money. Kieley Beaudry is the co-founder of craft cannabis start up Parkland Flower & she joined me on this podcast to talk about what it takes to start a viable business in such a complicated environment. If you're an entrepreneur, this interview's for you! We also had a little fun chit chat in the end, so there's a little bit of something for everyone. I hope you enjoy! Find Kieley on Twitter...


Flower Hour Podcast's Nic Nedin talks Cannabis Live at Hempfest Calgary

When you set up a booth at Hempfest & you can interview virtually anyone you'd like, who do you call on first? Nic Nedin of course! Nic's a gem, he knows the cannabis space, he's an amazing speaker & he's also a funny guy! Nic kindly Skyped in last Friday night from his home in Windsor Ontario & gave the fine folks at Hempfest Calgary some amazing perspective & banter live on Skype for all to see & hear. This is the first of 8 live interviews that were recording at Hempfest in Calgary, stay...


CUP Ep137 - Industry Gossip & Insights w The Cannabis Sommelier

Sitting down with Andrew Freedman is always fun. The man loves to communicate & the man knows his cannabis. We spoke at length about the trials & tribulations of putting on canna-friendly events, our thoughts on alcohol vs cannabis in social settings, Some of the latest tech in the cannabis space as well as the upcoming Cannabis Cup event happening this weekend in Calgary. The Cannabis Sommelier is never without perspective on any subject & this conversation really opens the doorway into...


Mexico, Canada, Fashion, Supply Chain & Cannabis! An Int w Michael Lavergne (Ethical Grasshopper)

There are some people you follow online & never meet, but you just know they'd be an amazing person to interview sometime if given the opportunity. A while back, I did an interview with Jorge Rubio about the hemp situation in Mexico, that's when Michael reached out with some of his own perspective! Like a true "podcast hunter", I saw my opportunity & went for the kill! I asked Michael to join me on the podcast & he graciously agreed. I always show up with notes & questions, but this...


CUP Ep135 - Cannabis Investing Update w Steven Feldman

Steven Feldman is a seasoned investor & has kept his finger on the pulse of the cannabis industry for quite some time. Steven is also the host of a radio show that discusses the cannabis business, so his perspective runs deep. In this interview, Steven talks a little about investing in cannabis pre-Oct 17 2018, what he sees now & what he anticipates might happen in the near future. If you invest in PotStocks, this one is not to be missed! Enjoy. Follow Steven on Twitter @canadapotstocks


Int w Brad Martin AKA PanCakeNap

When you have a chance to interview a guy like Brad Martin, you take it!! Lucky for me, Brad lives in my city so he graciously agreed to meet up for an interview. Brad (AKA PanCakeNap) is an online cannabis product reviewer & his work is extremely respected & appreciated by countless Canadians. Brad talks about what he does & why he does it. If you haven't yet, check out his websites & or follow him on Twitter @pancakenap :) Enjoy!


CUP Ep133 - Treating Tourette's Syndrome w Freedom of Green Movement

Turette's Syndrome is probably something that most of us don't know a lot. Ryan Treadwell, co-founder of Freedom of Green Movement spoke about his experience with Turette's and his life-long struggle to get off of Pharmaceuticals. "Like an itch you can never scratch" is how Ryan attempts to explain what it's like, Cannabis has not only helped Ryan treat his symptoms, it has also allowed Ryan to get off the drugs that have plagued his life since he was 7. The Freedom of Green Movement is a...


CUP Ep132 - Int. w Dope Kicks

I had a chance to sit down with Bernardo Carreira who is the CEO of a Hemp made shoe company called Dope Kicks. Now these shoes really are "dope", if you check out their website, you'll see what I mean!! Bernardo tells the story of the young company & explains where Dope Kicks is heading. He also speaks about the drug laws in Portugal, it was a great interview. I hope you enjoy! Website: Instagram: @weardopekicks Facebook: WearDopeKicks Indiegogo:...


Hempfest Cannabis Cup Oct 12, 2019

If you haven't been to a Hempfest event yet, you really need to check one out. So many cool vendors, great speakers & this year for the first time in Calgary, they're hold the Hempfest Cannabis Cup. Growers from all areas of the industry will compete in different categories for bragging rights! Jamie Kembel spoke with me about the event & I'm super stoked to be there and check it out. If you want to find out more about Hempfest Canada or the Cannabis Cup, check out these links:...


CUP - Int w Pot Leaf News

There are countless business opportunities in the cannabis space. Today & spoke with Russell & Sean from the Pot Leaf News about their paper, which is available locally all across Canada. Russell & Sean talk about the business & of course give us some light hearted perspective on the state of the industry so far. This one is pretty relaxed & was a lot of fun to record, perfect as we head into the weekend.. To find out more about Pot Leaf News, check them out on Twitter @potleafnews


Mexico Update w Jorge Rubio

When it comes to legalizing cannabis, everybody seems to be watching Canada these days. Most countries probably won't want to miss out on potential tax revenue streams from cannabis & hemp, Mexico is no different. Jorge Rubio, who came to Canada 2 years ago to study the cannabis legalization rollout & has returned to Mexico to participate in talks as Mexico gets closer to coming up with their own version of legalization. Jorge gets us up to speed on what the Mexican government is...


Int w Mark Spear, CEO of Wildfire Collective

Mark Spear is leading a movement towards outdoor-organic cannabis in Canada. His company Wildfire Collective, already has 3 farms involved in the group with plans for more. Wildfire Collective is now making it possible for all Canadians to get involved by introducing a crowdfunding initiative, but I'll let Mark explain more about that himself! Mark is a wealth of knowledge & was truly a joy to interview. Find out more at


Cannabis Update Podcast - Int w Natalie Gillespie of God's Greenery

These days, if you haven't discovered the health benefits of CBD, it's likely that you know someone who has. God's Greenery is a US-based organization who's mandate is to open dialogue about the possible medical benefits of hemp-based CBD in the Christian arena. While we don't get overly religious in this conversation, we do discuss some of the reasons why Christians may have ignored the plant for all of these years. This conversation is between two people with different perspectives, but a...


Interview with Gill Polard of The Her(b) Life & Pasha Brands!

Continuing on my with my summer canna-media theme, I sat down with Gill Polard in what might be the most beautiful place that I've ever recorded a podcast. As we sat on the dock and sipped our Americanos, gill spoke about her professional life in the cannabis space. Get up to speed on The Her(b) Life, her new social gig at Pasha Brands, as an instructor at Mount Royal University & more. Gill & I just sat and spoke like old friends, I hope you enjoy! Find Gill on Insta @gill_polard


Cannabis Update Podcast Ep125 - Int w Hart Steinfeld

Well.. What can I say?! Hart's a well known figure in the Cannabis media scene as well as a respected representative for leading cannabis companies. He's been one of the key players on the Cannabis Show, he speaks at conferences Canada wide, he's a medical & rec cannabis advocate & quite frankly an all round nice guy! Hart speaks about his relationship with HEXO & his new employer Sundial Cannabis. He also brings us up to speed on what's happening with The Cannabis Show & tells us about a...


Cannabis Update Podcast Ep124 - The Latest on Hawaii

In this interview, I had a chance to sit down with medical cannabis advocate Teri Gorman from Maui Grown Therapies. Teri discusses the current state of medical cannabis in Hawaii, gives a little Hawaiian history and explains the current political situation as it pertains to medical & rec. If you're traveling to Hawaii, or you're just interested in seeing how legalization is unfolding in another US state, this podcast is for you! Enjoy :) Find out more about Maui Grown Therapies here:...


CUP Ep123 - Int w Cannabis Media Guru Rachel Colic

Rachel Colic is someone who has been very active in the cannabis space for a number of years. She brings a background in marketing & media into a very complicated world with rules & regulations. Rachel speaks candidly about her experience navigating Cannabis Act marketing restrictions, she opens up about her personal life & even gives some tips on optimizing your cannabis experience. If you want to find out who Rachel Colic really is, this podcast delivers! Enjoy


Cannabis Update Podcast Ep122 - Int w Hilary Black CAO of Canopy Growth

When you have an opportunity to interview someone like Hilary Black, you take it. Hilary has been a soldier in the fight for cannabis legalization and medical consumption since the 90's. Founder of the Vancouver Compassion Club, Hilary walks us through her life, her struggles & her dreams in this interview. Hilary's perspective is perhaps deeper & more passionate than most & now she's taking her thoughts & convictions into the boardrooms of some of the most powerful organizations in the...


CUP Ep121 - Int w Sarah Hanlon, Pot/Pop Culture geek & so much more!

Sitting down to interview someone like Sarah Hanlon is easy. She has so much to say & has been around the legacy & legal cannabis space for ages. Sarah walks us through her media journey from Big Brother to her new gig with the team at PRØHBTD Still at a young age, Sarah's already an icon herself. Enjoy Modern Grower Canada can be watched here: Follow Sarah on Twitter & Insta @flatshanlon


C.U.P. - We're Rebranding!

Not much to say.. We're still in business, just making a few changes :) Listen for details!