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Discussing inspiring or enlightening topics with local and regional guests. Catch a Pocket with Us!

Discussing inspiring or enlightening topics with local and regional guests. Catch a Pocket with Us!


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Discussing inspiring or enlightening topics with local and regional guests. Catch a Pocket with Us!






Episode 32 -Lacey Cruse - County Commissioner

Hi Everyone, I hope you are staying warm and safe out there during February. The most brutal month in Kansas, with freezing temperatures, snow, sleet, WIND. Yuck! Luckily, we have warmth and shelter. My next guest is, Lacey Cruse. She is a strong advocate for women's rights and a talented singer and musician. She is currently, County Commissioner for District 4 in the County of Sedgwick. She is a great asset to Wichitans, even if some of them don't know it. She is a business minded force...


Episode 31 - Rod Pocowatchit - Actor

Hi Everybody, I have missed you all in this dreary, cold, dark, time of the year. I have been interviewing a few interesting folks from these parts and can't wait for you to hear our conversations. Tonight's guest: Rod Pocowatchit, is a person this community is really lucky to have. He adds so much to our local stage and screen community and is a powerful force in the Native American theatric society as well. You can find Rod on: YouTube : Facebook :...


Episode 30 - Kelly Rae Leffel - Chef / Entrepreneur

Hi All, I hope you are getting through the days that all blend together as well as can be expected. Today, Kelly Rae Leffel sat down and had a wonderful conversation with me. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. You can find Kelly Rae on the Tanya's Soup Kitchen website: Facebook: Twitter: Thank you so much for listening and I hope you all have happy holidays! Lori...


Episode 29 - Patrick Duegaw

Hi Everyone, I interviewed Patrick at the Fisch Haus. You can hear how big it is in our echo. It allowed me to view his work first hand and what an honor. You can find Patrick and his work at: Upcoming exhibitions: Trials of the Golden Rat – Opens at Leedy-Voulkos in Kansas City November 6, 2020 – January 30, 2021. Fisch Haus information: Here's a great video of his exhibit previous to the Trials of...


Episode 28 - Jill Miller - Entrepreneur

Hi Everyone, I have been missing something in my life and this is it! I have been practicing social distancing, hand washing and face mask etiquette. I hope you all are too! My guest tonight is: Jill Miller You can find Jill @ Facebook: Twitter: Thank you for listening and if you would like to email the show, please do so at:...


Episode 27 - Richard Crowson - Editorial Cartoonist

Hello Gang, I interviewed Richard June the 1st and Covid19 was going strong and still is. Richard fascinates me in many ways, His Blue Buffalo paintings among others are outstanding. His Editorial Cartoons are not to be missed. This Last one with Obama embracing the late John Lewis made me cry a little. Not to mention, his high lonesome crooning vocals. If you get a chance in the future, Catch him playing with one of his bands, The Crowson Band or Pop and the Boys. You can find Richard on...


Episode 26 - Brandon Whipple - Mayor of Wichita

Hi Everyone, I had the great opportunity in mid-May, to interview the Mayor of Wichita. Mayor Brandon Whipple is a smart, articulate man of the people. Contrary to what he says, he is well studied when attempting to get community support on topics that are important for Wichita. You can find Mayor Whipple on Facebook: City of Wichita: His political page: I wholeheartedly,...


Episode 5 - Jane Doe - Overeaters Anonymous

Hi Everyone, I hope you all enjoy this episode. This episode deals with addiction. If you suffer from addiction there is help out there if you are ready to get help. Overeaters Anonymous - Alcoholics Anonymous - Narcotics Anonymous - Thanks for listening. If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at: Follow Me on: Twitter - Facebook -...


Episode 25 - Meghan Welch - Comedian

Hello Everyone, I hope you are well and keeping an upbeat attitude about all this madness we are faced with. Everyday brings something new to digest, it seems. My next guest is a comedian, Meghan Welch is so funny she will make you spit out your drink, which is totally illegal right now during covid-19. You can find Meghan on Facebook: Twitter: Here a YouTube link to a set she was recorded doing a few...


Episode 24 - Ian Ottaway - Musician/Poet

Greetings People, I hope you are safe and well. My next guest is a Wichita Gem. Ian Ottaway's stories are legend. He is gritty and intriguing. You can find his music and his web identity here: Old Angel Midnight is here: Videos for the songs are on YouTube: ;...


Episode 23 - Collin Allen - Artist

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all safe and feeling well. It has been a crazy couple of months and the future seems to be just as crazy but with more toilet paper. (This episode was taped in Late January, before the Covid-19.) My next guest, Collin Allen is a local artist that has a bunch of cool products and art he makes and sells. I encourage you to get online and support your local artist! You can check Collin's work out at: His instagram page :...


Episode 22 - Jamie Tabor Schmidt - Entrepreneur / Artist

Happy May Day My People, I am so glad to be here, putting on a show for you this month. March and April were very unpredictable and I expect nothing less from May. I hope you all are doing okay both mentally and physically. My next guest Jamie Tabor, has lived in our community and made it better by being part of Wichita. I am inspired by her and what she has done for Wichita and the surrounding cities. You can find out more about Chicken Poop Lip Junk at: Her...


Episode 21 -Cody Moore - Musician

Hi People, I hope you are all doing okay during this isolation age. In case you think it is a hoax, we are doing this to keep the hospitals at a level patients they can sustain. My next guest is Cody Moore, this up and coming singer songwriter is driven to create art and has a story to tell. I am very interested in what the future has in store for him and the art he makes. You can find Cody at: Buy his music on...


Episode 20 - Teri Mott - Thespian

Hi Everybody, My next guest is Teri Mott. She is a delight to interview and even more special to know personally. You can see a video of her talking about, "After Midnight" here: I hope you all enjoy the way we caught a pocket together. I am hoping you are all doing okay out there during this crazy time of the Covid-19 outbreak. If you are interested in being a guest on, The Catch a Pocket Podcast. Email Me at: I hope you all Catch a...


Episode 19 - Wayne Gottstine - Musician

Hi Everyone, I'm back with more episodes. I hope you all made it through the holiday season, happy and healthy. Episode 19 - Wayne Gottstine (SLR) You can find Wayne at: He's know to be on FB very little: find Split Lip Rayfield on YouTube: He has a Spotify Channel:...


Episode 18 - Maria Elena - Musician

Hi Everybody, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Maria Elena. She is a wildly talented soul and I hope you all enjoy us catching a pocket together. You can find her at: Her Band Camp page is: Rock and Roll Camp for Girls is at: Tricia Marie:...


Episode 17 - Clarissa Jeter - String Break Contest Winner

Hey All, This episode of The Catch a Pocket Podcast is, Clarissa Jeter. Clarissa is a great woman and humanitarian that donated her hard earned money to a silent auction at String Break, Kirk Rundstrom Memorial Music Festival this last May. I sat down with her and we had a good chat. I hope you enjoy our banter and stay 'til the end and hear, "Nation" -by Kirk Rundstrom. If you want to know more about Clarissa you will have to go to Kirby's to find out... String Break info can be found...


Episode 16 - Mike Coykendall - Musician

Hello People, I get the opportunity to get to know an artist that is respected throughout the ICT and the Nation. Mike Coykendall is a gentleman and a talented musician/artist. You can find his Website at: He is on Facebook: Discogs: YouTube: Instagram:...


Episode 15 - Sontia Ware - Musician

Thank you for listening! Taking the time to get to know artists and finding out what motivates them is a benefit of doing this podcast. I appreciate Sontia for coming on the show! You can find Sontia at: Instagram : @sontiaware If you have questions or concerns, you can always reach out to me...


Episode 14 - Christa Rude Vazeos - Fashion Model

Hello Folks, This time I'm interviewing a fashion model, mother and world traveler. Christa Rude Vazeos, has her own blog, upcoming mentoring artist group and is still beautiful inside and out. She is a positive force in our community and I'm honored she decided to be a part of The Catch a Pocket Podcast. You can find her blog: Tumbleweed, the Sunflower Series ON Facebook Fashion Avant 2019 Tickets:...