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The podcast for people who need a kick in the pants.

The podcast for people who need a kick in the pants.
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The podcast for people who need a kick in the pants.




Uncle Clint - Sgt. Clint Harrington, USMC Vietnam Veteran

Veterans Day episode: Matt talks to his uncle Clint Harrington about why he chose to enlist in the Marine Corps at a time when many young men were being drafted to fight in the conflict in Vietnam. He opens up about his service in the Marine Corps, from boot camp on Paris Island to being stationed in Chu Lai, Vietnam in 1969-70. They also chat a little bit about some of their family history as Matt tries to learn a little more about the relatives he either never met or never got the chance...


Matt and Felicia Butner

The Butners have a candid conversation with Matt about their journey to becoming parents - and damn fantastic parents at that. From personal stories of miscarriage and fertility treatments to the highs-and-lows of the adoption process, their story is one that will provide guidance to those going through the often difficult and emotionally draining process of starting a family. Never ones to shy away from humor, Matt and Felicia tell their story with a lot of laughter, but serious issues in...


Tara Daudani

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and who better to make you aware than someone who has kicked breast cancer’s ass? Tara Daudani was your average suburban mom, working a few freelance jobs and raising her young daughters. One night she felt something a little weird and immediately took action to find out what it was, get a diagnosis, and start treatment for eradicating it. She visits CBHpod to talk about her journey over the past year and a half - the uncertainty, the fight, and now...


Julie Wnukowski

Julie and Matt grew up together, but instead of reminiscing about old times Julie opens up about her experience meeting orphaned children in Russia and how it changed the trajectory and purpose of her life. The experiences in Russia inspired her to take action here in the United States, and she founded a nonprofit that identifies and addresses circumstances that could result in mothers abandoning their children. Because of this work, and her dedication to finding solutions to big problems,...


Steve Koonce

Matt sits down - through the magic of Skype - with an old friend from his TV production days to talk about how he went from working in creative services, to starting a social media company, to becoming an author on Idaho beer brewing. Steve's a funny guy who has a lot - a lot - to say about everything and anything under the sun, from getting fired from a few TV stations to writing competing newspaper columns with former Detroit Lions quarterback Rodney Peete. He's an interesting fella,...


Mandy Herbert

It's the inaugural episode of the Caught By Happy podcast and who better to bring on as the first guest than my very own neighbor. Mandy Herbert works for a nonprofit that helps chronically ill patients pay for and receive the treatment they need. The organization was started by her father. Find out what led him to start advocating for patients rights and why his daughter is continuing the mission. More info on Mandy and her organization: PatientServicesInc Music in this episode: Girl...