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Virtually visit new wineries each week. We taste at wineries on the Central Coast of California and share the experience and our thoughts with you!

Virtually visit new wineries each week. We taste at wineries on the Central Coast of California and share the experience and our thoughts with you!


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Virtually visit new wineries each week. We taste at wineries on the Central Coast of California and share the experience and our thoughts with you!




Parrish Family Vineyards

Parrish has all the elements for the best tasting experiences: a great history, beautiful property, plenty of space for groups, good wine, food, AND coffee! You really cannot go wrong with a visit to Parrish. We hope you enjoy this episode, even if it is a bit noisier than others (they were busy, which is good!) and a bit rushed at the end (we had dinner plans people!). Happy Tasting! - Jamie & Chenise


The Story of Eberle Winery

Eberle is a well-known east side Paso staple. If you've driven out or into town on the 46 East Highway you've likely seen their sign advertising their cave tours. Despite being so well known, one of us had never been and the other had not visited in over a decade. We broke that streak on Sunday morning and are so glad that we did! You'll get to follow along as we go on one of the cave tours and then hear an intimate conversation with the founding winemaker, Gary Eberle. We hope that you...


Pianetta Winery

Pianetta was one of the first tasting rooms to open in downtown Paso Robles. Conveniently located on 13th Street this is a perfect stop on your way to dinner or as part of a downtown tasting room crawl. Tune in to hear about the wines offered and to hear the story of their label.


Broken Earth in Paso Robles

Broken Earth moved to a new location in the middle of 2019 and we are loving the new space. Personally not having visited them in several years, this was the perfect time for a reintroduction. The spacious tasting room will accommodate your large group needs and the kitchen will accommodate your large appetite needs - just kidding! But they do have food and wine and music, what’s not to love?! Happy tasting!


A Peek Thru Time at Steinbeck Vineyards

Steinbeck Vineyards and the family behind it have been in the Paso Robles area for 7 generations. That's quite a legacy and quite a long time to have been growing grapes. Their own label is more recent, established in 2006, but the care they put into their farming shows through in the wines you taste and the setup of the tasting room. Stop in to try the Cabernet (our favorite) and stay for the stories. Happy Tasting! - Jamie & Chenie


The Options Are Endless at Madeline's in Cambria!

You may have heard of Madeline's when looking for a restaurant in Cambria, but did you know that it is also a wine shop offering wine tasting? And in another twist they have no set tasting menu! So what does that mean for you? It means that when you go in, whether alone or in a group, you'll get a flight of wines customized to your taste and preferences. You're practically guaranteed to find something you love and since the wines they carry are all local you may even find a new label who's...


Pelletiere Estate Vineyard & Winery

Having been to Pelletiere once before (and buying a case if I recall correctly), we knew we were in for a treat when we visited earlier this month. Pelletiere showcases Italian varietals, which while not completely rare in Paso are definitely not the norm. Lagrein and Nebbiolo are rarer varietals to see and Pelletiere has them both. The wines are balanced and made to invite you to drink them immediately, but if you can resist they'll hold up nicely if you want to showcase them at next year's...


Ranchita Canyon Vineyard

Tucked in the east side hills of Paso, behind a large, well-known winery, is Ranchita Canyon Vineyard. Well worth the short trek from Paso, their tasting room is family run, welcoming, and has plenty to offer red wine aficionados! With lots of unusual and interesting red blends, as well as the extremely rare Cabernet Pfeffer, you're sure to find something you love and learn something new! Happy Tasting! -Chenise & Jamie


Kula Vineyards, A Downtown Atascadero Gem

Downtown Atascadero is rapidly evolving, and with that has been an influx of new businesses. One of those being the tasting room for Kula Vineyards. Located on Entrada, the tasting room is bright, open, and inviting - to everyone including your furry friend! Stop by for a tasting flight, a glass (or a bottle), and then mosey on down the street to some of the retail shops for a leisurely afternoon with a friend. We know you won't regret it! Happy Tasting! - Jamie & Chenise


Kicking off 2020 at Cordant Nelle!

Welcome to 2020! We are back with a second season and we’re starting off at Cordant|Nelle. We hope you enjoy this episode! Happy Tasting —- Chenise & Jamie


The Last Episode - Season 1

We made it to the end of Season 1!!!! Thank you to everyone who listened to us and the wineries that hosted us! We’ve had an incredible first season and we’re so excited to come back January 3rd, 2020! Until then, happy tasting!!


Center of Effort

We're back in Edna Valley for a stop at Center of Effort! Open by appointment, Center of Effort focuses their efforts (see what I did there?) on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Tune in to hear more about their wines, approach and most importantly... our thoughts!! Happy Tasting! -Chenise & Jamie


Learning the Law

In one of our favorite episodes (and stops) yet, we visited Law Estate Wines in Paso Robles. A gorgeous building and setting is perfectly complemented by the gorgeous wines. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the head winemaker, Philipp Pfunder, and gaining a ton of in depth knowledge from him on the wines, vines, and everything in between. We hope that you enjoy this episode and make Law Estate Wines a stop on your list the next time you are in Paso! Happy Tasting! -Jamie &...


Tablas Creek

This week we take you to Tablas Creek in Paso Robles for a private seated flight. We hope you enjoy this episode and pay a visit to Tablas Creek! Be sure to make a reservation and taste through the flight that includes En Gobelet, for a real treat! Happy Tasting -Jamie & Chenise


Farm to Glass at Vines on the Marycrest

You know that very first episode of Portlandia where they're insisting on going to meet the chicken and see where it lives before they order the chicken dish at a restaurant? Well, wine has caught up to food and we know that one of the biggest movements in the industry right now is this concept of "vine to glass" or natural wine. Want to go and taste where you can see vines on the hill in front of you, and the hands pouring your tasting are also the hands picking the grapes? Yes? Then...


Lusso Della Terra

Lusso Della Terra may mean "Luxury of the Land" but you certainly don't have to be rolling up in the Uber Black service to be able to afford their wines! We loved the down to earth feel of the tasting room and the co-owner, Megan, as well as the value of their hospitality experience. Their $15 tasting fee includes the typical flight of wine, cheese pairing with all of the wines, AND a tour of the facilities - if you choose to take them up on it (which you should). We hope this episode gives...


TOP Winery - A top stop!

Top Winery is located in Tin City in Paso Robles. Tin City is home to at least a dozen wineries and tasting rooms and it's can be hard to stand out, but Top certainly does. Aside from having great wine, the hospitality, attention to detail, and warmth of the host (likely either the winemaker, Stanley, or his wife, Elena) help them shine. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Top on a Sunday morning, and appreciated that Elena postponed her trip to visit family to host us! In the Paso area or...


Victor Hugo Winery

Come for the wine and stay for the wine... and the cheese... and the dog (Stella)... and the barn owls! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Victor Hugo Winery. We've been uncovering some of the original wine pioneers in our last few episodes and we are loving it! The history that goes along with each bottle is what makes wine so unique. We hope you enjoy this *virtual* visit as much as we enjoyed it in real life. Happy Tasting! -Chenise & Jamie


Plan Your Escape to Dunning Vineyards

Dunning Vineyards has been a west Paso staple for decades! We had never had the pleasure of visiting them but we finally made it out there a few weeks back. We fell in love with the location and the guest suite that's on the property - we're told a bottle of wine is included with your stay! Tune in and see what Dunning is all about! Happy Tasting! -Chenise & Jamie


An Afternoon At Torrin

We think that the most important things to know about Torrin is in their "We Are" statement. It's printed on the wall in their Paso Robles tasting room and it goes: "We are artists, farmers, chemists, parents, and friends. We are grateful. We are small but on the verge of something big. We are believers in sustainability. We are in awe of our children. We are optimistic, passionate, and curious. We are laborers, visionaries, and good dinner guests. We are aware we should be doing more. We...