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Two reinas in San Antonio TX sharing stories that made them Chingonas como sus Madres. Somos @verythat & @miss_vidal New episode on Thursdays 11am CST

Two reinas in San Antonio TX sharing stories that made them Chingonas como sus Madres. Somos @verythat & @miss_vidal New episode on Thursdays 11am CST


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Two reinas in San Antonio TX sharing stories that made them Chingonas como sus Madres. Somos @verythat & @miss_vidal New episode on Thursdays 11am CST






S3 Ep4: Pandemic Blessings

2020 was a very difficult year, but not one without blessings. In this episode, we talk to Kearia Faña-Ruiz the co-author of Afro Larino Alphabet and 2020 was a year where she finally decided to let go of excuses and focus on making her dream of writing a book a reality. We then talk about our own blessings and those of our followers to show that even in the face of adversity, we can follow our dreams.


S3 Ep3: ¿Donde Estás Corazón?

The long-awaited comeback! In this episode, we catch up on what we've been doing, what we've been up to, and how is the CRAZY 2020 year of the cabRONA has treated us.


S3 Ep2: 2019 Recap

In this episode, we talk about the things that stood out in 2019. Our favorite movies, tv shows, concerts, etc. We talk about the biggest lessons and we also reveal the 2019 GLOW UPS of the year, who is it this year!? Tune in to learn this and many other things we learned this 2019.


S3 Ep1: Entre Todas Las Mujeres

Welcome back! We kick off this new season with this episode where we talk about the things we want the Viergencita to help us let go of to start a new year and new decade! We interview a few of our friends and listeners during the event Entre Todas LAs Mujeres, a showcase where vendors, performers, and friends get together to celebrate the many things that La Virgencita represents for us. ENJOY!


S2 Ep21: Season Finale

It's time for a break! We completed this season with so many lessons and many good platicas, we want to take a break to replenish and to re-structure our podcast to be the best we can make. We put our whole heart on this bitch, and we are very thankful for the support we continue to get from our listeners, please enjoy this episode and share your favorite episodes with someone who you think might enjoy joining in the conversation. See you in September!


S2 Ep20: Chingona Basta!

Cancer Season has us all sorts of chillonas, so we decided to play the Pijamada classic game of ¡Basta! We did it with a twist and we call ours Chingona Basta. We updated the categories and try to make it a bit more relevant. Hope you enjoy the episode and that you play with your comadres... Believe us, it's hella fun!


S2 Ep19: Mental Health Platicas - Laura

**Trigger Warning*** This episode deals with mental health, specifically PTSD. In this episode, we have a platica with Cristina's older sister Laura, where she opens up about her journey with PTSD, how it has affected her, how she manages it, and how we as a community can have more open conversations to help those who struggle with similar issues.


S2 Ep18: We All Grow

In this very creatively edited episode, we share three interviews with mujeres that have influence Cristina in her growth. This episode is about honoring the women who have influenced our growth and the importance of creating a community that helps each other for collective growth.


S2 Ep17: Vanidades

Todxs tenemos nuestrxs vanidades. In this episode, we share our beauty rituals and some of our favorite products. Taking care of ourselves and having our vanidades has helped us connect more with ourselves, what we love, what we tolerate, what we accept about ourselves. In this journey of self-discovery, our beauty routines become part of our identity and we have learned to embrace that in ourselves. ¿¡Somos vanidosas y que!?


S2 Ep16: Rosas Preciosas

In celebration of our one year anniversary, we wanted to talk to some of the Chingonas in our community to talk about how they define or measure success and what they do what do they do to celebrate their success. Rosas Preciosas that bloom together and help other roses bloom. Gracias to our comadres we interviewed (and the ones we accidentally deleted :( lo sentimos, we still shouted you out ) @natazianatazia @kalydoodles @finderskeepersthriftygal @quemeanswhat @txmanimuse @shopaplustx...


S2 Ep15: Día de Las Mamis

After a long hiatus, we come together to celebrate all of us Mamis on this Mother's Day. We all have the capability to care for ourselves and each other as a mother would a child. We need to recognize and celebrate that in all of us. So today, we celebrate you, us, and every Mami out there caring for themselves and others. Your hard work is seen and appreciates so, felicidades a todxs!


S2 Ep14: NY I [heart] YOU

Second demi-episode of the season. In this episode, we talk about our day out enjoying New York as we watch Gossip Girl in our Airbnb while sipping wine... la plática se pone buena!


S2 Ep13: Frida - Las Apariencias engañan

In this Demi-episode we share with you the chat we had after visiting the Brooklyn Museum for the Frida exhibit.


S2 Ep12: Poderosa

What makes us feel poderosas? is it our community, our rituals, our knowledge, our style, our relationships, our ancestors? Each of us finds empowerment on different things, but whatever it is we celebrate it! We recorded this episode at the Poderosa event in San Antonio on 2/26 and we talk to a few of our comadres who talk to us about what makes them feel poderosas. Thank you to our guests on the episode; Bonnie, Karla, Eli, Rebel, Isabel, Sarah, Nicole and Brenda, we love you and we are so...


S2 Ep11: Puta

In this episode, we explore puta anthems. Those songs that we love because they empower our sexuality! Follow and add to this Puta Anthems play list here


S2 Ep10: Amor y Amistad

In this episode, in celebration of Día del Amor y la Amistad, we explore the importance of the amistad and love in our lives. How friend love and friend heartache too are important to honor in our lives. FELIZ DÍA DEL AMOR Y LA AMISTAD A TODXS!!!


S2 Ep9: Señora Goals

In this episode, we discuss the women who we look up to and who are #Goals. From the Divas to women we grew up around, this episode is a homage to those señoras who's authenticity inspire us to level up our señora game.


S2 Ep8: Ponte a Limpiar

In this episode, we talk about the Konmari method that has taken the internet by storm with the Marie Condo Netflix series. We talk about what we learned (or didn't learn) from our mothers about cleaning and clearing our home space.


S2 Ep7: Mi Existir, Es Resistir

In this episode, we discuss the ways we resist the status quo by simply existing and being our chingonas selves. Shout out to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and all the WOC whose joyful existence and resilient determination inspired this week's episode.


S2 Ep6: Año Nuevo

The first episode of 2019! We reflect back on our 2018, the things we learned, our favorite things, and talked on what we are manifesting for 2019.