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Conversations with people pioneering positive change for the environment. We're redefining what's possible.

Conversations with people pioneering positive change for the environment. We're redefining what's possible.
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Conversations with people pioneering positive change for the environment. We're redefining what's possible.






E9: Atlanta Cook - How to be an effective Ocean Activist

How to be an effective ocean activist - a question on many people's mind at the moment. Atlanta Cook has been campaigning for the ocean for a very long time and has not only set up several grass roots projects herself, she was also there at the start of Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) and is the only Honorary Life Member of SAS. Atlanta is a surfer, a boogie boarder and has some very beautiful things to say about the ocean. We talk about how its majesty and power get under your skin and bring...


What is the true cost of Con-Venience? Explored with artist Louise McCurdy

Louise is a fellow Oceans 8 Brighton consultant and has been creating informative art from waste plastic since 2006. As one half of "Dirty Beach" with Chloe Hanks, they created immersive, fully fitted supermarket installations that mimicked the visual language of large modern retailers but stocked only plastic waste recovered from the environment. Dirty Beach built nine installations in the U.K., Netherlands and Belgium including the Trucost of Con-Venience 'Purveyors of Found and Vintage...


Podcast Episode 7: Setting up the country's first community recycling hub & stories about 'stuff'

This episode is a bit longer but Melanie is just too interesting and inspiring so I didn't want to cut much out! Melanie is the founder of Oceans 8 Brighton a collaboration of projects in Brighton and Hove working to reduce marine debris. The co-founder of the Green Centre, the country's first community recycling hub and a platform for learning about One Planet Living. She was also a special needs school Head Teacher and an Asian Tsunami survivor. If that isn't enough, she also launched the...


E6: How to be a zero waste mum with Claire Sumners aka Zero Waste Maman.

The Ocean has a tummy ache! Claire has two small children and yet still manages to produce very little waste and especially plastic waste. I am not a parent but I know that parenting is a tough enough job in itself. So Claire puts me to shame really with my struggles to reduce waste. Like most of the people I talk to though, she is not superwoman, non-judgemental and certainly not perfect. I love her upfront say it as it is attitude and her passion for creating a better world for her...


E5: Caroline Bond aka Kittie Kipper with her journey from beach cleaner to fibre artist.

Join me in a beautiful garden in Seaford where Caroline works. You can see part of the amazing view from the photo I have posted. Caroline talks to me about how she got into beach cleaning and became one of the first to help spread the #2minutebeachclean campaign. Her journey from gardening to becoming a fibre artist creating amazing creatures from a bunch of old rope. We talk about how the ocean has helped her mental health which is a powerful story and I am an avid believer in this. The...


E4: Cat Fletcher / The Resource Goddess on all things reuse.

I met up with Cat outside in a cafe and we chatted away for ages about her favourite subject - Reuse. Cat is a force to be reckoned with and a true environmental hero. She beat David Attenborough to number one in the Resource Magazine list for top contributors. She is the co-founder of Freegle (Free Giving Locally Easily), Tech Take Back and the Waste House. She has been tirelessly working at reducing waste for over 20 years. She is a total fountain of knowledge and I am certain you will...


E3: Harriet of Hove on being a sustainable nurse and setting up a zero waste shop

This episode finds me sitting on the floor of the stock room at Harriet's of Hove: Plastic Free Pantry with the super inspiring shop owner and NHS Sustainability Ambassador Harriet. We talk about sustainability in healthcare, plastic free July, changing your life and following your passion, juggling life as a nurse and a shop owner, what sustainable healthcare looks like, talking to a whale mural, refillable beer and loads of other things! If you are in Brighton and Hove definitely pop in...


E2: Claire Potter on circular economy design, living on a boat, dinosaurs and Ghost Net Busting.

Join me sat in Studio Loo with circular economy design expert, Surfers Against Sewage Regional Rep and all round marine debris geek Claire Potter. We talk about the oceans creatures, dinosaurs, making a ghost net buster proton pack, circular economy design, minimalism, living on a boat and changing direction mid life. Find Claire here: Claire Potter Design Instagram Twitter Links to the projects she talks about: Plastic Free Pledge Emaus Designosaur Innovate UK Ocean Cleanup...


E1: Who is Clare Talks Rubbish?

In this episode I lay myself bare and tell my story of how I transitioned from an unhappy lawyer to living the life I love in a sustainable way. I talk about my passion for the ocean, simple hacks on how you can make a difference and I aim to inspire and empower you to lead the way in creating a wave of change. All future episodes will be conversations with others pioneering positive change for the environment. Together we're redefining what's possible. For more from...