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Classical Music Indy strives to be a champion for classical music in Central Indiana. From our syndicated broadcasts, to community programs, to our music streaming, we are here to bring you the best of what musicians are doing in Central Indiana to make this such a great arts location!


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Classical Music Indy strives to be a champion for classical music in Central Indiana. From our syndicated broadcasts, to community programs, to our music streaming, we are here to bring you the best of what musicians are doing in Central Indiana to make this such a great arts location!






Classical Pairings Rises and Grinds at Helm Coffee Roasters

In this episode of Classical Pairings, host Nick Johnson interviews Jill Potter, Owner and Founder of Helm Coffee Roasters. Located in the Garfield Park area, Helm Coffee is an LGBTQIA+ women-owned coffee roaster dedicated to providing outstanding and approachable specialty coffee. Tune in to see what Nick pairs with their most popular blends! Support the show


C is for Classical Pairings and Cookies from 4 Birds Bakery

In this episode, Nick Johnson chats with Jenna Unrue, owner and chef of 4 Birds Bakery, a wholesale bakery in Indianapolis. Crafting an irresistible array of hand-made baked goods using high-quality, local ingredients, tune in to hear what Nick pairs with their Spent Grain Crackers with chicken salad and Oatmeal Maple Pecan Cookie! Support the show


Classical Pairings Whisks Up Conversation At Leviathan Bakehouse

In this episode, host Nick Johnson interviews Matt Steinbronn and Jesse Blythe, co-owners of Leviathan Bakehouse. Located in Indianapolis’ Chatham Arch neighborhood, Leviathan is inspired by a pride in craft, local-meets-global cuisine, and the spirit of community. Listen to this episode to hear what Nick pairs with their Pumpkin-Orange Eclair and their Banoffee (banana and toffee) & Hazelnut Cream Danish Brioche! Support the show


Classical Pairings Explores Alcohol-Free Alternatives at Loren's AF Beverages

In this episode, host Nicholas Johnson invites Kristin Patrick, co-owner of Loren's AF Beverages, to the podcast. Offering wine, beer, and spirit alternatives, Kristin explains that their alcohol-free bottle shop isn't about sobriety - Loren's AF is about disruption and inclusion. Find out what Nick pairs with Jøyus non-alcoholic sparkling wine and rose! Support the show


Classical Pairings and Tinker Coffee Co. make the Perfect Blend

In this episode, host Nick Johnson welcomes Dylan Morse, the Director of Accounts at Tinker Coffee Co., to the podcast. As a specialty coffee roaster located in Indianapolis, Dylan details how the company is focused on roasting the finest specialty coffees from around the world and providing visitors with an awesome and educational experience. Tune in to this episode to hear what Nick pairs with their Colombia - El Vergel and their Ecuador - Loja single-origin coffees. Support the show


Classical Pairings Raises a Glass to Grand Junction Brewing Co.

In this episode, host Nick Johnson interviews Justin Crider, the Assistant General Manager of Grand Junction Brewing Co., the award-winning craft brewery in Westfield, IN. Honoring Westfield's rich history, they talk about their method of brewing traditional, true-to-style beers, all while sampling their Hoosier Pride Cream Ale, The Mulligan, and Hundy. Support the show


Classical Pairings Rings in the New Year with Sip & Share Wines

Classical Pairings is back for 2023! In this episode, host Nick Johnson invites Nicole Kearney of Sip & Share Wines to the podcast to talk about her boutique winery, which produces a diversity of handcrafted vegan wines. In their conversation, Nicole shares how they are passionate about creating a community with wine, especially for wine lovers who are often overlooked and underrepresented by the wine industry. Support the show


Classical Pairings Goes Googly-Eyed For Kan-Kan Cinema & Brasserie

In this episode, host Nick Johnson welcomes Dimitri Morris, Kan-Kan Cinema & Brasserie's bar manager, to the podcast. In addition to learning about the opportunities this theater and eatery offers the city of Indianapolis, they have an excellent conversation about all things movies and pair two fantastic cocktails with themes from film scores. Support the show


Classical Pairings Goes To India

In this special episode of Classical Pairings, host Nick Johnson is joined by Chloe Boelter as they travel to Bengaluru, India. Their guests include Akshatha, a formal student of the Carnatica style, and her father Ranga Kadambi, who has been singing with his family and tradition for much longer informally. Support the show


Classical Pairings Gets Caffeinated With Quills Coffee

In this episode, host Nick Johnson invites Justin Duenne, the Store Manager at Quills Coffee Indianapolis, to introduce us to the Indy coffee community. Quills has grown from a tiny neighborhood shop in Louisville, Kentucky, to a regional and national presence with shops in New Albany and Indianapolis. Find out what Nick pairs with their Salted Bourbon Caramel Latte and Mystic Coffee Soda. Support the show


Classical Pairings Celebrates New Beginnings with Hi & Mighty

In this episode, host Nick Johnson invites Nick Traeger, the lead distiller at Hi & Mighty, to introduce us to Indianapolis' newest distillery. Established by Dan and Jamie Fahrner, Nick describes how he became an integral part of the company and shares some exciting news about Hi & Mighty's future in Indy, including new products that are set to launch this year and a full-scale distillery, tasting room, food & cocktail garden within the Indiana State Fairgrounds campus. Tune in to this episode to hear what Nick pairs with their Twin Gins: Big Fuss and Big Heart. Support the show


Classical Pairings Drinks in the Atmosphere at Bar One Fourteen

In this episode, host Nicholas Johnson invites Daimien Weems, Cocktail Program Director & Bar Manager at Bar One Fourteen, to show us the ins and outs of Indianapolis's luxe microbar, dining, and listening room. Daimien shares his knowledge of Japanese microseasons and how that plays into his creative vision for the cocktail menu. Tune in to this episode to hear what Nick pairs with this unparalleled listening experience in an environment like no other. Support the show


Classical Pairings Roams Winterfest

On this special edition of classical pairings, host Nicholas Johnson is joined by Chris Caruso-Lynch, music director of Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis. On this episode, they embark on a journey to find the perfect beer to pair with two iconic pieces of classical music: Giuseppe Verdi's, Requiem and Louis Vierne's Messe Solennelle, Op. 16. To find these pairings they travel to the 13th annual Winterfest beer festival organized by the Brewers of Indiana Guild. Nicholas and Chris must choose between hundreds of different beers to find the perfect matches for their selections. Support the show


Classical Pairings Dives Into the New Year With Mock-tails

Classical Pairings is Back for 2022! Host Nicholas Johnson invites Jessica Taylor of Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits to create some amazing mock-tails to celebrate dry January. Jessica shares two original recipes and invites Nicholas to find the perfect name for the delicious concoctions as well as the perfect pieces of classical music to listen to while enjoying these amazing beverages. Featured Cocktails: The Palm Pilot Because Why Not? Featured Pieces: Batti, Batti – Wolfgang Mozart, from the opera Don Giovanni Bachianas Brasileiras No. 1, 3rd movement (Fuga) – Heitor Villa Lobos Support the show


The Dean of Black Women Composers - Undine Smith Moore

Angela and Joshua reflect on the inspiring life and work of the brilliant composer Undine Smith Moore. As a woman living through the time of Jim Crow South, Moore's body of work mirrors the deliberate and intentional evolution of her personal worldview. Our co-hosts spotlight three of her most emotive works including Love Let the Wind Cry performed by Aundi Marie Moore, The Allegro from her Afro-American Suite performed by Kate Steinbeck, Tim Holley, and Dewitt Tipton, and Watch and Pray...


Classical Pairings couples up at Gallery Pastry Shop

Host Nicholas Johnson is joined on this special episode by his fiancé Chloe Boelter along with Alex and Sonja Overhiser of A Couple Cooks food website ( They trade tips on how to successfully navigate romantic and creative partnerships before pairing two delicious pastries with some amazing classical pieces. Support the show


Classical Pairings brews up some fun at the Broadripple Brewpub

Host Nicholas Johnson visits Indiana's oldest operating Brewery and speaks with Billy Hannon and Jonathon Mullens of the Broadripple Brewpub along with Frank Felice of Butler University. They have an amazing conversation about all things brewing and pair some fantastic beer with pieces by Bartok and Elgar. Support the show


Classical Pairings heads to Brazil

On this special remote episode, host Nicholas Johnson makes the most of a trip to Brazil and pairs authentic Brazilian cuisine inspired by the rainforest with some amazing Brazilian classical pieces. Support the show


Classical Pairings gets Collected at Newfields

Host Nicholas Johnson speaks with a knowledgeable duo of curators; Philip Ponella of Indiana University and Joshua Ratliff of Newfields. They pair three amazing wines with music from all over the world and discuss how collecting is about much more than just accumulation. Support the show


Classical Pairings Celebrates Beethoven's 250th with Liter House

Host Nicholas Johnson talks with Classical Music Indy's own program director Michael Toulouse as they enjoy some amazing German-style beer from head brewer Scott Ellis and the folks at Liter House. They wax poetic and pair their drinks with works by one of the most celebrated composers of all time. Support the show