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#1 Entertainment Podcast in the world for models, actors, and musicians, sponsored by VIP Ignite Live. Your hosts Deneen White and Michael Fomkin show you how to get proximity, proof, and power in the entertainment industry.

#1 Entertainment Podcast in the world for models, actors, and musicians, sponsored by VIP Ignite Live. Your hosts Deneen White and Michael Fomkin show you how to get proximity, proof, and power in the entertainment industry.


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#1 Entertainment Podcast in the world for models, actors, and musicians, sponsored by VIP Ignite Live. Your hosts Deneen White and Michael Fomkin show you how to get proximity, proof, and power in the entertainment industry.








Raquel Sharper - Her Interesting Journey In Becoming A Speaker

Raquel started as a regular employee like you and me. She's living paycheck to paycheck, got a divorce, and experienced the ups and downs in life. Then, she became a full-time mom staying at home with her daughter, that's where her journey as a speaker happened even though she doesn't want to speak at first. She was traveling weekly to speak. Even landed an opportunity to speak at TEDx and was eventually able to meet VIP Ignite and became Truth Management speakers bureau. Listen and...


Eric Balance Talks About Mindset and Manifestation

In this podcast, Eric Balance talks about sovereign mindset and manifestations to bring our dreams into reality. Everything we see in our vision is our responsibility to fulfill it here on earth. To build relationships and connect with people. Bridging ourselves and making a brighter world using love, grace, gratitude, and passion. Everything we manifest can lead us to the vision we created with clear intention. CHECK OUT VIP IGNITE’S FREE MODEL AND ACTOR...


Marjah Simon - The Creator of Authors

Marjah Simon is an attorney by profession. She creates authors. She brings out the hidden stories and expertise of people and turn them into an amazing book. In this podcast, she talks about what she went through going to law school, a glimpse of her law profession, and what she loves doing today which is to create authors. Most importantly, she also talks about connecting with an audience and getting your message across. Even if you don't feel confident speaking in public, just feel the...


Lisa Lewis - The Power of Reading 10 Pages a Day

Some people pick up a book, but they don't read. And a lot of people don't buy a book for the most common reason... they don't have time to read. Lisa will change that perspective. People can find time to read no matter how busy their schedules are. The secret? Read ten pages a day. Lisa will explain how this method can change your life. There's a transformational power to reading ten pages a day. It did change her life. And she's pretty sure it can change the lives of others too. Today,...


VIP IGNITE Coffee In The Green Room:An Interesting Interview of Alysia Joy Powell

“The ongoing quarantine period is difficult for everyone and the reason behind doing these podcasts is to inspire and entertain people at the same time. This time is perfect for actors, musicians, models, etc. to brush up their skills and work towards building a successful career.” In this podcast, Deneen White interviews Alicia Joy Powell, one of the coaches of the VIP elite Talent Academy. They are miles apart and this podcast has been taped in lockdown to motivate listeners and uplift...


How To Be A Trendsetter Like Joey Joelle

In this podcast, Joey talked about how some people dream of becoming a model or actor but quit in the middle due to lack of support, and motivation, but VIP Ignite has built a platform or community that acts as a support system for the newcomers in the entertainment industry. She said that VIP is developing people and helping them to network with others in the industry. She also told her journey to the audience as to how she started as a model at a young age, and then became a casting...


Giving Back Is An Art | Antoinette Stratton

In this podcast Antoinette talked about how she started working in this industry, and her experience working in the past so many years, and what took her to reach where she is today. She said that we should always be helpful to others and giving back is the greatest thing humans can do and happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give so we should always try to give as much as we can. She also discussed her favorite project and the experiences, and lessons she learned from...


Confidence Should Be Your Superpower | Mark Schoenfeld

This podcast will motivate you to the core. At the beginning of the session, Mark told his life story and talked about how important it is to be fearless and the ability to break through the doors. He said that confidence is everything, before entering a place or a job you say you are a winner, that confidence of yours will have the ability to make everything happen. He also gave a lot of advice to newcomers in the industry, and the most important thing he said that if you want to succeed in...


Tips Given By Fuji Ruiz In The Fresh Talents | Fuji Ruiz

In the beginning of this podcast Fuji talked about how he tried different things and put on different professional hats and reached where he is today. He said that we should be passionate about anything we do and told the audience about his passion that keeps him moving. He also shared his learnings with the newcomers and gave some tips to the fresh talent on how to navigate the entertainment industry. He said that one should do proper research about the industry as a whole before joining....


Learn Some Important Tips About The Entertainment Industry | Mark Christopher Lawrence.

In the beginning of this podcast Mark talked about his life story and some highlights of his tremendous career as an actor and comedian. He also told the audience about his passion and what motivates him to keep going. He gave a piece of advice regarding the choice of the correct modeling agency to new talents and fresher in the entertainment industry. He told his audience what type of companies are genuine and how they can avoid getting into a scam. He discussed with his audience about how...


Helping Young People Not To Make Mistakes In The Industry | Michael Eland

In this podcast, Michael Eland gave some important tips to young people so that they do not make any mistakes and fall into the trap of scamsters. He told his life journey and talked about the power of TV and media. He advised new talents on how they can find genuine agencies and after joining for what all they have to pay. He said that the talent should be humble and know what they are capable of doing. He told the audience the importance of proper research as it can help you program all...


VIP Ignite Coffee In the Green Room: Alycia Kaback and Michael Fomkin Share How It All Began

Alycia Kaback and Michael Fomkin founders of VIP IGNITE go way back and talk about the one idea that has impacted thousands of talent worldwide. If you are interested in modeling, acting or music and what a behind-the-scenes look at how an internationally recognized brand started with an idea on a napkin this is your episode. VIP IGNITE Michael Fomkin and Alycia Kaback talk about humble beginnings and what real success looks like. So sit back and enjoy this episode of Hollywood Mindset.TV...


VIP Ignite: How Self-Discipline Shaped Richard Stratton

Screenwriter Richard Stratton is welcomed to a cup of coffee in the green room. In this episode, Mr. Stratton recounts how his background growing up during the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s led to his writing often centering around social activism. He also discusses how being a writer requires self-discipline to force yourself to sit down and work on your writing every day. He suggests that just before bed at night, think about what it is you want to do the next day, write it down, and...


VIP Ignite Coffee In the Green Room: Why Will Smith Thinks This One Actor Was His Best Co-Star Ever

You know the saying, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” In this episode of Coffee In The Green Room, Deneen White interviews Mark Christopher Lawrence who is a coach and speaker for VIP Ignite. For the secrets to having a career that you love that spans over 30 years as an actor, model or musician, check out this episode. "You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don't make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and...


VIP Ignite Coffee In the Green Room: Million Dollar Endorsement Deals for Actors and Models

Do you want a sneak peek inside the life of one of the biggest talent agents in Los Angeles? Today Deneen White on Coffee In The Green Room shares an interview with Michael Eland who, at the time, was at a secret location interviewing talent for a multi-million dollar endorsement deal. Michael shares his story of how he went from an assistant to one of the hottest agents not only in Los Angeles but internationally, and why he loves working with VIP Ignite and our models, actors, and...


VIP Ignite Coffee In the Green Room: How the Mafia and the Entertainment Industry Are Connected

Let’s be honest, in the entertainment industry, it’s not who you know, but who knows you. Just like in the mafia. In this episode of Coffee In The Green Room, Deneen White interviews award-winning writer, filmmaker and producer Richard Stratton. Richard explains the writing process and what it is takes to be a successful writer, produce and filmmaker. The secrets he shares may surprise you. If it’s still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk.– Paulo Coelho If you find yourself...


VIP Ignite Coffee In the Green Room: Trump Models Former VP Tells All

Would you listen to an agent’s advice to up and coming models and actors? And not just any agent--but one of the top agents from New York City who books talent whose faces you know? “What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know. It's what we know for sure that just ain't so.” Mark Twain If you find yourself saying “If only I were taller” or “If only I were younger”, you have to listen to this episode to move from the land of "if only" into the land of possibility. CHECK OUT VIP...


VIP Ignite Coffee In the Green Room: How to Get Cast in NYC's Hottest Shows

Do you want to know the secret to getting a role as an actor in one of NYC’s hottest television shows? On this episode of Coffee in the Green Room, Deneen White interviews Allison Hall who is one of the busiest casting directors in NYC. She shares why she loves working with VIP Ignite and what sets VIP Ignite’s actors and models apart from other talent she works with. CHECK OUT VIP IGNITE’S FREE MODEL AND ACTOR BOOTCAMP CHECK OUT OUR FREE WEB CLASS...


VIP Ignite Coffee In the Green Room: Why A Successful Model Became an Even More Successful Manager

Do you believe that there is one path to success? Do you want to know the secret to becoming an actor, model, or musician? One of VIP Ignite’s mentors and coaches, Antoinette Stratton talks about how she went from being a model to one of the most sought after talent managers in the entertainment industry, working with people such as Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, and Sylvester Stallone. CHECK OUT VIP IGNITE’S FREE MODEL AND ACTOR BOOTCAMP CHECK OUT OUR FREE WEB...


VIP Ignite Coffee in the Green Room: How This Writer for Disney Because Fearless

When it comes to finding success in show business, Mark Schoenfeld has proven again and again that it’s not just about knocking on doors—it’s about knocking those doors down. His career took off when he knocked on the door of the home of the then-president of Epic Records, Ron Alexenburg. He did so one random morning, unannounced, and uninvited. After Alexenburg screamed at him to get off his property, Mark yelled back, “But believe me, you’re gonna want to know me!” He meant it. Alexenburg...