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Ian and Nikki take a look at the world of comics & pop culture reviewing comic books & movies as well as interviewing big names from the comic industry every episode.

Ian and Nikki take a look at the world of comics & pop culture reviewing comic books & movies as well as interviewing big names from the comic industry every episode.


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Ian and Nikki take a look at the world of comics & pop culture reviewing comic books & movies as well as interviewing big names from the comic industry every episode.




Bobby Joseph

As we celebrate 4 years of the podcast we chat to Scotland Yardie creator Bobby Joseph. Bobbys early work includes the creation of Skank magazine which his creation Scotland Yardie originates from. Bobby chats about his history and how it got into creating comics as well as the future of Scotland Yardie. Tom reviews Bubbles Fanzine, a zine about comics and manga. Mike and Pete continue Yakapedia. There plan as custodians of the mighty tomb of the Comic Yakapedia is to review, amend and...


Joseph Glass and Mark Abnett

On episode 89 we are joined by comic writer and creator Joseph Glass. Joe is the writer and creator of numerous comic books including LGBTQ+ superhero series The Pride, Acceptable Losses and Glitter Vipers and the upcoming comic The Miracles currently on Kickstarter. Mike and Pete return with a brand new series (and funky new theme tune as well).. called Yakapedia. Mike and Pete plus guest take on what they call QI meets Museum of Curiosity. On this episode they are joined by This Land...


The Comic Genre World Cup The Final Episode with Jordan Thomas

Episode 88 features the final episode of the Genre World Cup with Mike and Pete. To close this mammoth series down they are joined by Jordan Thomas as they discuss the genres Crime vs Horror and Fantasy vs Superhero's. Tom is on to review The Misadventures of Spring Heeled Jack issue 2 by Tom Sparke. We have a show sponsor. Buy Small Press Online is the brand new comics marketplace! Looking for a place to purchase the latest in what small press has to offer? Or are you a creator looking to...


Sarah McIntyre

Illustrator and creator Sarah McIntyre is this episodes guest. Sarah has a huge back catalogue of books and comics for children from the Kevin series she creates with writer Philip Reeve to her most recent book, Don't Call Me Grumpycorn which she wrote and illustrated. Sarah discusses her career and the processes she goes through in creating her books as well as some great advice for getting started. More importantly we discuss her hats, as they are just awesome. Tom reviews Neurotic Fiction...


The 12 Days of Christmas Comic Fantasy Stocking Fillers

Its Christmas and to celebrate Mike and Pete decided to challenge the whole podcast team to give them our Comic Fantasy Stocking Fillers so we did. We all got together for a good old Skype call (none of that Zoom nonsense for us). The fantasy stocking fillers we covered were: 1. Superpower 2. Hairstyle 3. Hideout/base 4. Pet 5. Weapon 6. Sidekick 7. Catchphrase 8. Vehicle 9. Tech/Magic item/gadget 10. Costume 11. Theme tune 12. Team (to join) So please do enjoy our festive episode which was...


Only Yesterday

We return to discuss Only Yesterday, a Ghibli movie written and directed by Isao Takahata and was released in 1991. Listen to what Nikki and Ian got from the movie, which is surprisingly two very different view points. Music: Easy by Crowander


Comic Genre World Cup Semi Finals: Zombies vs Superheroes

Pete and Mike are joined by comic writer, artist and all round great guy Mark Hughes to battle it out in the first of the semi finals of their Genre World Cup. This time they discuss the genres of zombies and superheroes. Surely an obvious winner here? Listen and find out. Thank you for listening. Twitter: @comicartfestpod Facebook: Comic Art Podcast Instagram: ComicArtPodcast Also on YouTube Find all about the festival at Logo...


A Mutterdowns Chat with Gustavo Vargas

As we enter into another UK lockdown, the Comic Art Festival Podcast brings back Mike and Pete having a good old chat with Gustavo Vargas. Gustavo, who is best known for his Peruvian cyber punk comics, currently has PUNO live on kickstarter. He chats to Mike and Pete about this comic and what influences his work. Tom is back this time recording whilst walking and discussing the comic Holly by Steven Ingram. Ian and Nikki have a chat too including discussions on comics Murder Volume 1 by John...


Comic Art Festival LIVE 2020 in Review

Well 2020 has been a bit, well average to say the least, however the Lakes International Comic Art Festival managed to put smiles on every comic lovers face with a wonderful online festival of comics. In this episode Ian and Nikki are joined by contributors Mike and Pete to discuss the weekend and the events that took place. You can catch up on all the videos from the weekend at Also in this episode hear our new sound as we prepare for 2021's festival, so get...


Comic Art Festival Live Mutterdowns Preview

In an extra epsiode Mike and Pete look over the Comic Art Festival Live 2020 schedule and talk about what they're excitied for in a Mutterdowns preview. Enjoy! Thank you for listening. Twitter: @comicartfestpod Facebook: Comic Art Podcast Instagram: ComicArtPodcast Also on YouTube Find all about the festival at Logo designed by Pete Taylor at Contributions by Mike Williams (@CthulhuPunk) Pete Taylor...


Comic Art Festival Live 2020 Preview

Ian and Nikki are back after a hiatus which we discuss in this episode. The main feature however is a preview of the upcoming Comic Art Festival Live, hitting the internet on the 10th and 11th October 2020. Find out more about the free online comic event at Tom is also on the episode looking at a load of kick starters currently ongoing and reviews Murder Vol.1 by the ever amazing John Tucker. We also review on the podcast Blackwood by Hannah Eaton and Back, Sack &...


Bootleg Episode 2

It's a review juggernaut of an episode in which I brought in the rest of the TCS crew to join me. So it's just over 2 hours long. We review everything from the latest Avery Hill Publishing releases, a Tribute Press title, Russel Mark Olson Art books & more. To V for Vendetta, Buck Rogers, Firepower and our personal reads. There is also chat on That Comics Smell's recent comic anthology announcement and some of our personal projects. Hope they just keep the place tidy before we get back!...


Bootleg Episode 1

Well Ian and Nikki are sorting out ‘real life’ things so Mike and Pete have taken over the episode and continue the Comic Genre World Cup quarter finals. This time it’s Post Apocalyptic comics versus Horror comics and they have brought in a guest to help in the form of the gentleman that is Tony Esmond. Thank you for listening. Twitter: @comicartfestpod Facebook: Comic Art Podcast Instagram: ComicArtPodcast Also on YouTube Find all about the festival at...


A Right Old Comic Ramble

On this episode we talk comics followed by comics. Nikki and Ian discuss their engagement which happened recently on the top of Kendal Castle. We discuss a piece of art Ian had commissioned which is by the wonderful itsnotaboutwork. They also discuss a wide range of books including Breaks Volume 2 by Emma Vieceli and Malin Ryden, The Flood that did Come By by Patrick Wray, Victory Point by Owen D. Pomery and finally Tony Osmond is a Movie Star by Tony Esmond, Cliff Cumber and Ken Reynolds....


The Skrawllordz

After a short break we return with not just one guest to interview, but 6. Today features the Skrawllordz, a bunch of creators who got together whilst tabling at LICAF. The full story is explained within this interview as we chat too Martin Simpson, Nick Prolix , Russel Mark Olson (who's new kick starter Ditch Angels can be found here), Mark Hughes, Gustaffo Vargas, and our very own Pete Taylor. Hear about what they have been up to during lockdown, their work and the project that they are...


Extra Episode- Mutterdowns Genre World Cup

Look, an extra episode this month, episode 77 and a half with Mike and Pete continuing their comic genre World Cup with group D, part 2. This is the final stage segment and will go on to the quarter finals next episode. Thank you for listening. Twitter: @comicartfestpod Facebook: Comic Art Podcast Instagram: ComicArtPodcast Also on YouTube Find all about the festival at Logo designed by Pete Taylor at...


Warhammer Special with Dan Abnett

On this special episode we go all grim dark as we look at the Warhammer comic universe. We have Dan Abnett on to talk about the work he has done within the Games Workshop Warhammer universe (hear how the company started when we chatted to co-creator Ian Livingstone back in 2017). Dan who started out working on 2000AD creating strips including Sinister Dexter and Kingdom as well as creating the line up of Guardians of the Galaxy as we know it now for Marvel, wrote many strips for the...


Julie Tate and LICAF Live 2020

Its official, the virus has stopped this years Lakes International Comic Art Festival. We have the director of the festival Julie Tate on the show to talk about what's taken its place this year as the festival goes online. Julie also talks about how she and her team go about organising the festival year on year as well as the challenges the team face in ensuring this wonderful event happens as smoothly as possible each year. Tom reviews Midwinter (1982-1998) by Tim Bird and its Round D...


Laurence Campbell

On this weeks full episode Pete chats too 2000AD & BPRD artist Laurence Campbell. Laurence has been working on Old Haunts which is written by Ollie Masters and Rob Williams. Pete chats about this new comic, his work and processes. Tom reviews All The Sad Songs by Summer Pierre and published by Retrofit Comics. Ian and Nikki chat too Jordan Thomas about his new comic Quarantine which is currently funding on kickstarter. The comic has each page drawn by a different artist which includes out...


Rees Finlay

On this episode we chat to Reaffirmation creator Rees Finlay. Rees was diagnosed with autism in his early twenties. We chat to him about how this afffected him and how it was the create the book Reaffirmation. We also deleve into how hes dealing with the lock down via his twitter feed as well as his other work which got him into creating comics. We review Bluebeard (to be released on May 5th 2020) by Metaphrog and Dunce: Brego Early Dog Years by Jens K Styve which is soon to be on...