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Comic Books and Cold Ones is where two friends don their alter egos as masters of comic book obscura while drinking whatever they got rolling around the bottom of the fridge. If you ever wanted to know who really is the worst cold based villain in Marvel, DC, and all other ‘verses or what it took to house train Lockjaw from the Inhumans, then quest no further. Get out your favorite 12-point articulating action figure and listen to us ramble through comic history, what we’re reading now, the latest Hollywood takes on it all, beer reviews, and a little Quasar. Yes, even Quasar! Grab a cold one ‘cause you will need it.


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Comic Books and Cold Ones is where two friends don their alter egos as masters of comic book obscura while drinking whatever they got rolling around the bottom of the fridge. If you ever wanted to know who really is the worst cold based villain in Marvel, DC, and all other ‘verses or what it took to house train Lockjaw from the Inhumans, then quest no further. Get out your favorite 12-point articulating action figure and listen to us ramble through comic history, what we’re reading now, the latest Hollywood takes on it all, beer reviews, and a little Quasar. Yes, even Quasar! Grab a cold one ‘cause you will need it.




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Summer Beer Buster 2023: Guardians of the Galaxy

Summer is here and that means blow out spectaculars of beer and comic book movies! This year of course marks the final installment of James Gunn’s opus, Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy. KMac and Yek bring you up to speed on all the info you need to enjoy watching and rewatching all the GoG goodness. That means we cover the original GoG, the iconic team form up from Annihilation Conquest, and anything and everything in the MCU GoG. Of course, lots and lots of Taserface thoughts! The real trilogy hero. Listen in as we rate who is a BeerBuster and who is just a Buster in the GoG Universe all while enjoying some Cosmic themed craft brews. Get emotionally gifted like us! KMac: Cosmic Crown, Cigar City Brewing, Tampa, FL Style: Belgian-Style Strong Golden Ale, 9% ABV, 36 IBUs Yek: Galaxy Queen, Mully’s Brewery, Prince Frederick, MD Style: Double Dry Hopped Blond Ale, 6.5% ABV Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


Who Wore It Better? Poison Ivy vs. The Plant Man - The Springs BocK Edition.

K-Mac & Yek are bringing it Bock for with our spring green edition of Who Wore It Better: Poison Ivy or Plantman! Who creeps down the root runner way better: the Lettuce Lass or the Leaffy Lad! Listen up & drink down the bad bud puns with us. Categories: It’s a split pea tie.! KMac: Screaming Goats, J. Wakefield Brewing, Tampa, FL Style: Doppelbock, 9.3% ABV Yek: Macadocious Maibock, Denizens Brewing Co., Silver Spring, MD Style: Maibock, 7.1% ABV Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


The Big 5-0 Celebration. We've got issues with Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and Wolverine.

Who would have thought to lovers of beer and comics could possibly find a way to chat about beer comics 50 times on the internet? But, here we are amazingly. Anything for the fan! K-Mac and Yek are celebrating this golden episode level with 2 golden age classic #50s and 2 other super classic #50s. Enjoy this double beer to fisting celebration of all things #50 comics have to offer. Detective Comics #50: The Three Devils Action Comics #50: Metropolis RavensAmazing Spider-Man #50: That cover!The Big ManWolverine #50 (Vol 2): StryfeKMac: Beer 1: Luminescence, Florida Avenue Brewing Co., Tampa, FL Style: Tropical Hazy IPA, 7% ABV Beer 2: Wild Little Thing, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico, CA Style: Slightly Sour Ale, 5.5% ABV Yek: Beer 1: Ten Fidy - Barrel Aged, Oskar Blues Brewer, Longmont, CO Style: Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout, 12.5% ABV Beer 2: Golden Goat, Silver Branch Brewing Co., Silver Spring, MD Style: Blonde Bock, 6.6% ABV Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


Kang the Conqueror- This is Your Life, These Are Your Beers! (and Quantumania)

Born in the 30th century AD, tripped out to the 30 century BC, warred up in the 40th century AD, and trying to rule all the centuries BC and AD….Kang the Conqueror – This is your life! Listen as KMac and Yek draw up the murder board of Kang and his infinite-selves so you can be just as confused as us. Before you see Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania, you will be glad you swigged some brews with us to get lost in time on what that blue face, floating invisible BarcaLounger reclining Inventor of Blue Kang Kooler Kool Aid is all about. All the Kangs, So Much Time: Kang the ConquerorRama TutImmortusScarlet CenturionVictory Timely (Jr., III)Iron LadKid ImmortusBaby KangDoom the Annihilating ConquerorKangaroo the ConquerorCouncil of KangsTransdimensional Group of SelvesKang CollectiveBeers: KMac: You’re My Boy Blue, Florida Avenue Brewing Co., Tampa, FL Style: Blueberry Wheat Ale, 5.3% ABV Rating: Doom the Annihilating Conqueror. All mashed up and good. Yek: Creator / Destroyer, Oliver Brewing Company, Baltimore, MD. Style: Espresso Brown Ale, 6% ABV Rating: Victory Timely. A classic style with an out time touch. Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


Big Swig Pub Crawl: DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths!

Ever get that feeling that you have other earth-selves wanting to horn in on your gig? If so, you probably need to look around and see if there’s some a’hole in a medieval-space cosplay costume screaming “The end….!”. Because if so, you just got your @zz DC Comics Crisis-ed! This time on the Big Swig Pub Craw KMac and Yek breakdown that very first DC company crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earth. Get out your Who’s Who volumes ‘cause you are going to need them as we drink our way through this one. And what better way to sum up a multiverse colipase, then letting KMac and Yek sum up their enumerated hits and misses: 5 Hits: Villainsthe Sea DevilsSupergirl died.Pariah!!!5 Misses: look dinosaurs in MetropolisCastle Grayskull in spaceNo more Barry AllenKMac: Stay Noided, OverFlow Brewing Co., St. Petersburg, FL Style: NEIPA, 6.5% ABV Rating: Earth 3 at home, but Earth 1 at the bar. Yek: Midnight Sun, Ithaca Beer Co., Ithaca, NY Style: Black Lager, 5,8% ABV Rating: Earth Prime only one son that turns out dark. Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


New Beers Preview 2023

New year, new levels of pumptitude by KMac and Yek on all new things comics and beer. Listen in as we breakdown all the great things in the 2022 Double Deuce Caboose had and what we are fanboying on for 2023 all while KMac stumbles through his first ever growler and Yek drinks a beer made by 6 breweries. How do they even… 2023 Comics Stuff: Goblin King2023 Beer Things: Little Kings are Mutha’ F’in Back!KMac: Turbid 7, Green Bench Brewing Co., St. Petersburg, FL Style: Triple Dry-Hopped Hazy, 6.5% ABV Yek: Collaborator, 2 Silos Brewing Co., Manassas, VA Fairwinds Brewing, Lorton, VA Old Bust Head Brewing Co., Vint Hill, VA Old Ox Brewery, Ashburn, VA Three Notch’d Brewing Co., Charlottesville, VA The Virginia Beer Co., Williamsburg, VA Style: Double Bock, 8.1% ABV Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


The World Cup of Beers 2022

As the world’s elite soccer players gather for their 4 year tradition, KMac and Yek are tackling the most pressing question of the FIFA 2020 World Cup: Which country makes the best pale larger (Or actually, which one are we happy to suck down 10 of while making soccer watchable). As the boys swig our way through the challenge, listen to them breakdown the best comic book team made of characters from each the beer brewing nations! Our participants in the 2022 Beer Cup are: SapporoHeinekenModelo EspecialListen to find who was crowned the Champion Smooth Drinker and why Katana makes an awful midfielder that ruins the game for everyone else. Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


Masterpiece Comics Theatre Presents: Captain America- the Bloodstone Hunt

Welcome again to Master Piece Comics Theater, an aural interwebs show where we debate all things graphic novels and imbibe all things barley brews. Lord KMacsworth III of Inkshire and Sir Yexington, Man of Comic Sans Letter bring you this time an international tryst about a crimson covered gem, and we’re not talking that plebian DiCaprio film. Pour your snifter full as you join us on a classic inter-continental romp as the Captain of the Americas and the fair Rachel, Lady with the Back of Diamonds match wits and wills with the dastardly Baron Zemo and his retinue, Monsieur Batroc’s Brigands. Their goal? The powerful sternum stone of Ulysses Bloodstone. Uncork your fanciest of ales and saga along. Just don’t drag your linen like that old money, the Living Mummy. Comic Details: Captain America #357-#362 (May 1989-July 1989) Writer: Mark Gruenwald Artist/Co-Plotter: Kieron Dwyer Inker: Al Milgrom Colorist: Gregory Wright Letter: Jack Morelli Editor: Ralph Macchio EIC: Tom DeFalco All the Destinations: KMacworth: Grateful Red, Folklore Brewing & Meadery, Dothan, AL Style: Flanders German Red, 6% ABV, 18 IBU Rating: MF’in Hellfire Helix of red in your tummy. Yexington: Black Forest, Ale Werks Brewing Co., Williamsburg, VA Style: BBA Chocolate Stout with Cherries, 9.5% ABV Rating: A fancy savate kick to your Chamber of Conspiracy dome. Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


Boogity Books and Beer-Tober: Werewolf by Moon Knight

SPOILERS: This episode contains spoilers for the Disney Plus Special Werewolf by Night near the 01:07:00 mark Werewolves are scary! Nights are scary! Werewolves by Nights must be scarier! Especially if you spell Night with a “K”. Boogity Books and Beer-Tober continues this episode as KMac and Yek spook up on those two topical Disney+ characters: Werewolf by Night and Moon Knight. You many not know this but they’ve kinda met a few times before. But did you know it was because of fat, old rich guys? Thought not & that’s why it’s so scary. Werewolf by Night #32-#33: Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Werewolves: California’s economic engines. $10,000 sounds like good bread to take down a werewolf until you realize you’re walking around in $200,000 of silver. Just try to keep your pet werewolf in the helicopter. Moon Knight #29-#30: Man, who would have thought Satanist would be so mad up to catch a werewolf and have the tech skills to make awesome wrist guns? Luckily for all, hypnosis works on half-man, half-wolf combos. Fully body pressing old, rich dudes off NYC roofs is a good way to let out the angst. Marc Spector: Moon Knight #52-#53 (#50-#51 Interludes): Oh, mon ami, there’s Loup-Garou in Le Maison de Spector and I like his stylish leather vest. C’est bon. Time for a menage a trois fight wit’ Remy as the bouillabaisse. Better get to Central Park where all the weird stuff goes down with hell-spawnish things. Werewolf by Night Disney+ Special Presentation: Lots of Things happen! Check out our previous episode to learn all about Marvel’s Legion of Monsters. Beers: KMac: Hellcat with Iron Maiden, BrewDog, Ohio/Scotland Style: IPL, 6% ABV Rating: Ful Werewolf Body Press!!! Yek: Fear the UnGnome with Trvl Channel, Silver Branch Brewing Co., Silver Spring, MD Style: Golden Ale, 6.5% ABV Rating: Whatever knows fear, shall imbibe at the taste of this beer! Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


Boogity Books and Beer-tober: What if ... Wolverine Was Lord of the Vampires?

What….if…KMac and Yek drank themselves into an alternate reality where mutant vampires reign supreme and Frogman is put down lest he overthrow the blood-ocracy? Luckily the boys are that bad@ass and this episode break down 2 of the greatest What Ifs? ever for another entry in Boogity Books & Beer-tober, B**ches! Uncanny X-Men #159: This is the wacky rom-com comic that started it all with a lovesick Dracula just trying to marry his goddess, Storm. There are bites, Hebrews, monogramed scarfs, and Misty Knight’s beers. Uncanny X-Men Annual #6: Wait, we thought Dracula got over his Storm-y heart stake blues. The X-Men should’ve of known better. Luckily, Cyclops can just start blastin’. What If #24 (Vol. 2): Wolverine is the MF’N Lord of the Vampires & the Punisher gets to be Sorcerer Supreme. You read all that right and it is that awesome. What if? #37 (Vol. 2): Wolverine Vampire Lord, a Jaunty Mr. Sinister, the Goblin Queen, Dormammu…We need a flow chart to follow all this. Beers: KMac: Dead Guy Ale, Rogue Ales & Spirits, Newport, OR Style: Maibock, 6.8% ABV, 40 IBU Rating: Living large like the notorious DRAC in Central Park. Yek: Old Ghoulish, Abomination Brewing Co., North Haven, CT Style: American Lager, 4.7% ABV Rating: Living large like the undisputed DRAC with monogramed everything. Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


The Fall Beer- ierty Show!

Sometimes KMac and Yek just like to drink with no other reason than to drink beer. This is one of those shows and the boys each sample wide variety of suds and while rambling about a wide variety of topics: Human Target is a pretty good comic, right? Can She-Hulk crack the top ranks of comedic law tv shows? Is that Sandman star, Tom Sturridge, or just Yek stealing that role? Why cannot Nick Cage make more Ghost Rider movies? Can KMac or Yek ever remember an actor’s or actress’s name correctly? KMac samples some local releases and Yek engages in a local lager off! KMac: Super Marzen Bros, Florida Avenue Brewing Co., Tampa, FL Style: Marzen, 5.5% ABV. Hops: Ahtanum Palm Bender, Big Storm Brewing Co., Tampa Bay, FL. Style: IPA, 7.3% ABV Yek: Much Ado, Aslin Breer Co., Alexandria/Herndon, VA. Style: Helles Lager, 4.5% ABV Locust Point Lager, Diamondback Brewing Co., Baltimore, MD Style: Corn Lager, 4.5% ABV Glass Castle, Silver Branch Brewing Co., Silver Spring, MD Style: Pilsner, 5% ABV Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


Fantasy Fantasy Draft: 80s TV Show Edition - Featuring Kev & Kev

In 2022, a crack beer drinking team was confided to a podcast for a crime no one asked for. The men promptly imbibed their way out of seriousness into the 1980s TV underground. Today, still sought by nobody they survive as swiggers of fortune. If you need to form a super team, if only nostalgia can help, and if you can find any of their podcasting platforms…maybe you can listen to the Fantasy Fantasty Draft: 80s TV Shows edition! KMac and Yek are joined by Gempster and Spoon of the Kev and Kev Talkin’ Sports Podcast to draft super teams from live action 1980s TV shows. Rules: Draft each category slot with each category being a round. 1980s live-action TV shows, mini-series, and movies of the week are eligible. Character or item must have actually appeared in 1980s for shows spanning more than 1 decade. Categories: Each player has one steal that can be used at the time of another player's pick. No steal-back-sies! Each player has one veto that may be used over another player's pick but it must be sustained by the remaining two players. Listen in to find out who stole Punky Brewster to ride or die on the Stark Trek: The Next Generation Enterprise. Beers info to come! Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


Big Swig Pub Crawl: Secret Wars II - Last Call For Crossovers

We’re still drinkin’ and big time crossoverin’!!! K-Mac and Yek stumble out one last round all about the wackiness that gripped the whole Marvel Univerise in 1985/86, Secret Wars II. Twice the Beyonder, twice the random 1980s life observations. So as not to require us bringing back Members Only jackets, we are only hitting up the hits: · Captain America #308: The most valuable 1st appearance ever: STUNULATORS! · Web of Spiderman #6: Get paid with that office supply GAP, SM! · Daredevil #223: Damn, DD! That’s some baby staring. · Incredible Hulk #312: Origin story of Bruce’s dad is a dick. · Avengers #261: Mountains are meant to be punched through. · The Thing #30: Wrasslin’ for more beer and ladies, alright, alright. · Dr. Strange #74: Wait another origin story. · New Mutants #37: New Mutants can get wordy. · Rom #72: Less wishing, more Space Knighting. · Amazing Spiderman #274: Mephisto lead origin story, clever. Beers: KMAC: Gateway Gold, Fort Myers Brewing Co., Ft. Myers, FL Style: Blonde Ale, 4.1% ABV Rating: A Gold Ale that out Gaps a solid gold skyscraper. Yek: Smooth Collider, Boulevard Brewing Co., Kansas City, MO Style: Fruit Sout, 6.5% ABV, 10 IBU Rating: The nigh omnipotent Beyonder wrasslin’ all the flavors together. Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


Hot Topics: The O-Beeri-Wan Kenobi - Live Watch

If you like drinking and live riffing about everyone’s fav pajama wearing force wielder, Obi-Wan Kenobi, then this is the podcast you are looking for. KMac and Yek peep watch the Disney+ 6th and final episode of Obi Wan Kenobi weirdly just named Part VI. Wait does that mean it’s just Return of the Jedi? Enjoy the malt fueled fun as we tell you all about the rock planet Rockth, rebel space hobos, and why the 3rd sister won’t be 2nd sister at the Tatoonie Starbucks. You know they wanted Ice Cube for that part, “Straight out of Coruscant, Crazy A$$ Jedi….” Bring a case so we overcome a Kenob-eer situation. Beers: KMac: V Twin, Motorworks Brewing, Bradenton, FL Style: Vienna Lager, 4.7% ABV Rating: Episode IV: A New Hope - It wins medals like a moisture farm boy droppin’ a Death Star. Yek: Battle Priest, 3 Floyds Brewing, Munster, IN Style: Wilde Ale, 7.5% ABV Rating: Star Wars: Clone Wars – Samurai Jacking the way you view light saber fights. Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


Summer Comic-Ation, Boca Caliente, A.I.M. Island Tiki Time!

Your fav beer-funny book heads have saved up all their vacay days and we are ready to break out for some fun, sun, cocktails, and large headed organisms designed for singular purposes! The only spot we found that meets all these criteria are the tropical shores of Boca Caliente, A.I.M. Island. For this trip, we are enjoying our fav high ABV beer tiki drinks. So fill up your fav tiki mug from Geeki Tikis or Mondo Tiki with some extra boozy recreation and enjoy the fun sounds of us trying to figure out how recline in a cosmic cube beach chair. Comic-ation Itinerary: Tourism Slogan: So M.O.D.A.M Fun! Bring your big head to the Hot Mouth! How to get there: S.S. Superia Luxury Liner – Shuffle board with all its leggy, leotarded co-cruisers. Resort Staff: Alessandro Brannex Attractions: Amenities: Must do events: Tiki Beer Drinks: KMAC: Radler-Rita Beer: Porch Rocker, Samuel Adams Boston Brewery, Boston, MA Recipe: 4 oz lemonade, 4 oz of Lemon Radler, 3 oz tequila Rating: Super-Adaptoidly Alcoholy! Yek: M.O.Don Day Afternoon Beer: Radler, Brauerie Schloss Eggenberg, Vorchdorf, Austria Recipe: ½ oz lime juice, ½ oz cinnamon syrup, ½ oz grenadine, 2 oz rhum agricole, 4 ounces radler Rating: M.O.D.A.M, I’m M.O.D.R.O.N.K.! Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


Who Wore It Better? Justice League Europe vs West Coast Avengers!

KMac & Yek, everyone’s favorite hop-heads of haute couture, are swiggin’ away at suds and swingin’ at fashion again. This time it’s a team tussle on the catwalk with everybody’s favorite B-Squad super teams strutting with the West Coast Avengers vs. the Justice League Europe. Listen in to hear us breakdown who wore it better in the both teams’ initial 1980s kickoff arcs. You know there will be some sweet Daisy Duke’s action, but did you expect it to be on those stunning Wonderman ionic thighs? Categories: Leaders: The stick shooter takes it. AWC: Hawkeye JLE: Captain Atom Initial Line-Up: JLE gots too much flava! AWC: Mocking Bird, Tigra, Wonderman, Ironman (Rhodes & Stark), Wildcard: The Shroud? JLE: Elongated Man (Sue Dinby coming along), Animal Man, Power Girl, Rocket Red, Metamorpho, the Flash (WW), Wildcard: Where’s Wonder Woman? Base: Grillin’ & chillin’, West Coast 4 Life. AWC: LA Beachfront Compound JLE: Parisian Embassy that cannot keep out smelly Frenchmen. Best Married Couple: Washout AWC: Hank & Bobbi Barton, super spies! JLE: Ralph & Sue Dinby, crime solvers! Da Man: JLE’s sponsor is actually evil, not just playin’. AWC: Janet Van Dyne, acting all Waspy. JLE: Max Lord IV, bringing that big Hollywood production hate switcheroo. Ladies Man: Wonderman ain’t play, he just crush alto. AWC: Ironman / Wonderman JLE: The Flash / Metamorpho Villains: Even villains like LaLa land. AWC: Graviton! Ultron! Grim Reaper! JLE: Queen Bee & the Global Guardians (Even Captain Planet is hatin’) Costumes: More skin, more shiny for the win! AWC: Silver & Red armor! Cat thong bikini! Expedition jacket! Jorts! JLE: Metamorpho looks kinda of fun. Nuthin’ wrong with Power Girl’s costume Winner: AWC look so much finer at 5, 2, & 1 over JLE! Beers: KMAC: Nothing Lasts Forever, deBine Brewing Co., Palm Harbor, FL Style: Berliner Weisse, 4.1% ABV, 5 IBU Rating: Lemon sharp like Captain Atom, Blackberry flava like Tigra & Power Girl Yek: That New New, Solace Brewing Company, Sterling, VA Style: IPA, 6.2% ABV Rating: Sunny smooth as a Wonderman in jorts! Not Beers: KMAC: Bud Light Lemon Lime Seltzer, Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis, MO Style: Hard Seltzer 6.0% ABV, 0 IBU Yek: Strange Beast, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico, CA Style: Hard Kombucha, 7.0% ABV Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


Dr Strange Brews- Double Deuce Caboose Bicentennial Edition

I don’t know if you kids out there know that the good ol’ U.S. of A. turned 200 in 1976 and the result was that it turned people bicentennial batsh*t crazy. I mean seriously sh*t got strange…so strange KMac & Yek need to get some odd ball style beers just to cope with all the crazy that is 1976 Doctor Strange. As our inaugural Strange Brews episode, we had to choose the wackiest Sorcerer Supreme series we know of. You know the one where Ben Franklin total bangs Clea on a boat with his bifocals on! America has been hiding it’s Occult History too long. Get you something funky to drink & get ready for this ride! Comics: Doctor Strange (Vol 2)- #17This seems normal Clea & the Doc all jonesing about our nation’s 200th birthday why not visit 1776….I mean 1618??? Francis Bacon? Blackguards? Stygyro? Love him with that cucumber sauce. Wait there’s supposed to be a New Atlantis? Englehart is one out of the box cat. #18Woah that was fast trip to 1775. Cool a boat & Ben Franklin. You know he invented a new kind of stove, right? Holy Sh*t! Stgyro is a man faced sea serpent in Old Atlantis, where’s the New one? I got faith Doc can handle all that’s going on….Ahem, Ben Franklin is totally droppin his electricity line on Clea, there goes the light, there’s the spark, we have Poor Dick’s almanac... “Englehart!!!!, get into my office right now,” snarls Marv Wolfman. #19 “Hi, I’m Marv Wolfman, EOC of Marvel, please ignore all that founding father bangin’ a sorceress from a demon dimension stuff. Look here’s a new He-Man crossover villain, Xander the Great…F’ you, Englehart.” Beers: KMAC:ZFG, Hidden Springs Ale Works, Tampa, FL Style: Pale Ale, 5.5% ABV, 0 IBU Rating: This beer tases like the Zero F*cks Given by Ben Franklin & Steve Englehart! Yek: BEE, Center of the Universe Brewing Company, Ashland, VA Style: Orange Blossom Honey, 7.2% ABV, 8 IBU Rating: This beer is like finding the lost chapters of a pork product named philosopher’s anti-establishment work. Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


Masterpiece Comics Theatre Presents: Batman- Dark Knight, Dark City

Welcome again to Master Piece Comics Theater, an aural interwebs show where we debate all things graphic novels and imbibe all things barley brews. Lord KMacworth III of Inkshire and Sir Yexington, Man of Comic Sans Letter this time revel with you in the torrid, twisted little tale that is Batman – Dark Knight, Dark City. If you like The Batman movie and want to find out when the Riddler flipped the dark switch from Jim Carrey to Paul Dano, then head on into Milliken’s Tavern with us and drink a few off duty’s with Sgt. McCarthy while you listen along. Oh did I forget to mention occultist ginger-head founding father, Thomas Jefferson, makes an appearance. Hopefully, Alfred can help unravel this all. Comic Details: Batman , #452-#454 (Aug. 1990 - Sep. 1990) Writer: Peter Milligan Artist: Kieron Dwyer Cover Artist: Mike Mignola All the Riddles & Rituals: · When in the course of human events, you need to summon Barbathos, the Bat Demon, to get your Declaration writing cred up. · Bookworms and Gotham Library guard kisses · Blood bank blowout! That stain ain’t coming out unless you take a steam shower. Don’t forget to use the Bat-Bidet. · ‘Cause it’s Robot zombie Thriller Night. You lead, Bruce! · Dude, Batman totally killed a dog. · Riddler, Ping Pong Ball, Bat Baby Tracheotomy. · What more dancing? This time with a goat at the 5th abandon circus grounds in Gotham! All these and henchman galore!! Beers: KMacworth: Duchesse De Bourgogne, Brouwerij Verhaeghe, Vichte, West Flanders, Belgium Style: Flanders Red Sour Ale, 6.2% ABV Rating: Decadent as bathing in human blood from an exploding dummy baby in a blood bank. Yexington: Goodnight Nobody, Right Proper Brewing Company, Washington, DC Style: Foeder Aged Dark Farmhouse Ale, 9.7% ABV Rating: Like all those times in Milliken’s Tavern with Sgt. McCarthy slaying wild dogs with a silver dagger good. Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram:


2022 Bracket Challenge: Beer-fluencers vs. Cosplay-fluencers!

March Madness is here but we at Comic Books and Cold Ones do it a little bit different. You root for putting an orange ball threw a steel hoop whereas KMac and Yek are all ‘bout the beer and funny books. Chalk it up to all the green-tinted lagers. This year we kickoff our inaugural battle bracket of our favorite Instagram Beer-fluencers and Cosplay-fluencers who entertain us with their savory suds shots and wow-ful wardrobe scenes. 4 Beer-fluencers vs. 4 Cosplay-fluencers battling for all the attention only a 5 fan having podcast can offer!!! Listen & find out who will host the frothy beer, spadnexed chalice of victory! Bracket Rules: Scoring Categories (Beer/Cosplay) Name Punniness/Name Nerdiness Beer- fluencers Bracket: Seed / Name / (# of followers) 1 babels_cameron (52K) 4 thecraftbrewnette (3.4K) 2 the_pintsized_traveler (34.4K) 3 its_a_brewtiful_world (18.3K) Cosplay- Fluencers Bracket: Seed /Instagram Name / (# of followers) 1 cutiepiesensei (388K) 4 krissi.q (13.8K) 2 lis.wonder (233K) 3 sailorvirgo (65.5K) [formerly virgocosplay] Beers: KMAC: Guinness Draught Stout, St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin, Ireland Style: Dry Stout, 4.2% ABV, Rating: It’s Guinness, It’s March, Sláinte or something. Yek: Clink, Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company, Lexington, VA. Style: Brut IPA, 8% ABV, 26 IBU Rating: It’s Champagne, It’s Beer, It’s Beer-pagne! Hit us up at Email:, Twitter: @CBCO_Podcast, or Instagram: