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San Antonio is a tech-savvy city on the rise with a rich history.

San Antonio is a tech-savvy city on the rise with a rich history.
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San Antonio is a tech-savvy city on the rise with a rich history.






COMMERCE STREET: SA becomes magnet for startups

A recent survey showed San Antonio was in the top ten of the most afforable cities for startup companies, according to the website In this episode of Commerce Street, a podcast from KENS 5, Eyewitness News reporter Erica Zucco and producer Kristin Dean talked to two startup company leaders about their experiences in the Alamo City. Read more:


COMMERCE STREET: Why SA businesses planted roots downtown

Building a thriving business in the heart of downtown is not for the faint of heart. On this episode of Commerce Street, a podcast by KENS 5, we are taking a look at two success stories. One of them is the story of brothers who got to know San Antonio and built the bakery empire of La Panaderia. The other is the story of Rosella, a cozy coffee shop that found a niche in a trendy area and grew into a household San Antonio brand name. Read more:...


COMMERCE STREET: Tech Leaders of Tomorrow

The rising tech industry in San Antonio demands training programs that are breeding the best tech leaders of tomorrow. In the latest episode of Commerce Street by KENS 5, we explore two programs, each with a different demographic, but both with the same mission of supplying local industries with top talent.


COMMERCE STREET: BiblioTech narrows the gap

Bexar County designed BiblioTech to narrow gaps in access to information, education and entertainment, making resources accessible to people who weren't close to branch libraries. But to do that, the county also needed to address the digital divide and increase digital literacy. KENS 5 Eyewitness News talks with Director Laura Cole about the library's journey so far, and what's to come.


COMMERCE STREET: Turning the Alamo City into a ‘Smart City’

The City of San Antonio’s Chief Innovation Officer, Brian Dillard, sits down with KENS 5 Eyewitness News to explain what a “Smart City” is, what “Smart SA” means, and what projects are ahead- including testing autonomous vehicles, piloting “smart streetlights” and closing the digital divide.


COMMERCE STREET: Striking gold at Gold Coffee

In some ways, technology helps communities connect; in others, it can do the opposite. A recent report by the Pew Research Center raised concerns about social isolation as a lot of people spend more time online. Brick and mortar businesses could play a role in stemming that tide. KENS 5 Eyewitness News sat down with Gold Coffee Company owner Jason Tantaros to discuss his ethos for starting a shop- with fostering community in mind.