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We talk about movies like no one else talks about movies. Through a series of randomly-selected critical contexts, we tackle questions like: What is the True Meaning of Christmas in The Matrix? Is Eighth Grade secretly Die Hard? Is Kung Fu Panda Marxist? And much more

We talk about movies like no one else talks about movies. Through a series of randomly-selected critical contexts, we tackle questions like: What is the True Meaning of Christmas in The Matrix? Is Eighth Grade secretly Die Hard? Is Kung Fu Panda Marxist? And much more
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We talk about movies like no one else talks about movies. Through a series of randomly-selected critical contexts, we tackle questions like: What is the True Meaning of Christmas in The Matrix? Is Eighth Grade secretly Die Hard? Is Kung Fu Panda Marxist? And much more




42 - The Favourite

Rise above your station and race some ducks with your distant cousins from Contextual Deviants! This episode, we dive deep into 2018's Academy Award Nominated royal dark comedy The Favourite. Who will be betrayed? Who will fall ill with gout? Will the mud baths get on the microphones? Find out now! Highlights include: The Harry Potter Celebrity Name Game, My Fair Davey, Heir Bun, a word for giving yourself an HJ, hacking your way into the underground lobster racing league, Everybody...


41 - Taxi Driver

We're talking to YOU this week on Contextual Deviants as we take on 1976's Taxi Driver! Join us on a journey through psychological horror, political strife, and Peter Boyle as Wizard. It's one of the most discussed movies in the history of film, and yet we can GUARANTEE that there is at least one context in this episode that literally no one else has ever discussed before! Highlights include: Do Woke Daddy, a nihilistic butt, flipping brothers, a bumbling shooting spree, Simpsons Hit n Run:...


Best of Contextual Deviants: Episodes 21-30!

40 episodes down, 40 more to go! Until we hit 80...which is not actually significant, it's just how math works. But to celebrate our 40th episode, we'd like to take a look back at some of the funniest, weirdest, dumbest, smartest, and most grin-widening moments from episodes 21 through 30! Thank you all so much for listening, it really means the world to us to have such great support. We'll be back in a couple weeks with some brand-new action for your ears! And hey! If you get a chance,...


40 - Mary Poppins Returns

Trip a little light fantastic with Contextual Deviants' first musical episode! (Well, the movie's a musical. We don't sing.) 2018's charming magical romp Mary Poppins Returns takes center stage this week for your listening pleasure. Highlights include: The Resident The Giver The Film The Thief His Wife Her Lover Soldier Spy, a lot of hate directed at Tom Hooper, Christian's favorite Richard Kind fact, the worst and best project for fans of our show, your mother's walk, the thot that...


39 - Logan Lucky

Rev up your engines, deviants, it's time for another romp around the Context track! Our hosts take on 2017's Southern-fried heist comedy Logan Lucky, starring Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, Katie Holmes, and America's Stepdad, Roy from The Office. Highlights include: The Stealth Pledge, hierarchies, David loves crime, tantric writing, the return of The Beat Box, this movie was written by a phantom, Wacky Races, and much more!


38 - The Dark Knight

This movie deserves a better class of podcast...end of thought. BUT, in lieu of that, Contextual Deviants, along with very special guest Stuart Wiberg, present a fresh take on 2008's blockbuster The Dark Knight, exploring questions about one of the most popular films of all time that we're pretty sure no one has asked before! Highlights Include: Ranking Colins, a lot of hate directed at Eric Roberts, a problematic spoon, Blue sequels, Animal Levine, sectarian violence, dummy thicc cringey...


37 - Sorry To Bother You

Apologies for the interruption, but Contextual Deviants is just calling to let you know that this week we’re covering 2018’s subversive surrealist comedy Sorry To Bother You. Hosts Christian Hagen, David Gutsche, and Matthew Bahn explore the myriad oddities of this very strange but highly affecting debut film. Highlights Include: Sound effects, something funny about The Jungle Book, failed lessons in anatomy, the surprising legacy of this film, Cross-Stitch rhymes for bathroom door...


36 - Booksmart

STOP WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW AND SEE THIS MOVIE!!! For the first time, Contextual Deviants is covering a movie that's STILL IN THEATERS! Why? Because we all saw it and it's a masterpiece. For real, you have to see it, and this weekend might be your last chance! SPOILERS WITHIN! Highlights include: SERIOUSLY SEE THIS MOVIE IMMEDIATELY!, anti-dedications, David's the bird now, foibles, parties as rings, representation, parties as ghosts, The One Ling, a Jared in the streets and a...


35 - Kung Fu Hustle

It's time to do the Hustle with Contextual Deviants! Hosts Christian Hagen, Matt Bahn, and David Gutsche take a look back at 2004's slapstick martial arts comedy Kung Fu Hustle and have maybe the goofiest series of conversations we've ever had on this show. Highlights include: Condescending wedding vows, the Anti-Brady Bunch, the best thing David has ever said, rappity-rap-rap, Steaks and Love, we learn something about each other, The Three Masters, #RIPYTMND, Tinder for Ghosts, and...


34 - Black Panther

WAKANDA FOREVER! To celebrate Marvel's record-breaking, franchise-culminating Avengers: Endgame, we take a deep dive into the first superhero movie to ever be nominated for Best Picture: Black Panther. Highlights include: Snoipes: Change My Diaper, David Boring-Anus, a meme for all time, Squishy Quiver, Young Bilbo and Young Sheldon Go To White Castle, Martin Fumblin, Black Stanther, the Marvel second viewing rule, BIP, and MUCH more!


33 - Eighth Grade

Hey guys, it's me, Contextual Deviants! Today, I wanna talk about the 2018 Bo Burnham film Eighth Grade. Hosts Christian Hagen, Matthew Bahn, and David Gutsche have a lot of anxiety about it, but also somehow manage to have a lot of fun talking about it? IDK. Highlights Include: Three awkward dudes, Watch A Cat with Cat Stevens, Jeb Bush's favorite STD, Marks all the way down, David's criteria for a chauffeur, Christian reveals his process for his favorite impression, good opposites, A...


32 - Russian Doll

SWEET PODCAST BAY-BEEEES!!! Hosts Christian Hagen, David Gutsche, and Matthew Bahn are taking on a different kind of feature today: A miniseries! Specifically, the Netflix Original miniseries Russian Doll. Highlights Include: David is still really great at improv, Sonic the Hedgehog canon, a phantasmagoria of funerals, a brand new context(!), our favorite impression is back, racial representation, female representation, drug representation, bad dad playlists, and much more! UPDATE: There...


31 - Raiders of the Lost Ark

They're dates. YOU EAT EM! Hosts Christian Hagen, David Gutsche, and Matthew Bahn whip their way through the classic 1981 adventure blockbuster Raiders of the Lost Ark. Indiana Jones faces his toughest challenges yet, and by challenges, we mean his movie is analyzed through a series of randomly selected critical contexts. Highlights include: Snake Amiibo zodiac, hot tub Cheez-Its, screamin' skeletons, DON'T PEEK, people for whom David has very little respect, confrontation camps, Indy's...


Best of Contextual Deviants: Episodes 11-20!

Happy 30th episode, Deviants! To celebrate, we've compiled another assortment of our favorite moments from episodes 11-20. Enjoy a surprising number of Gandalf and Galadriel impressions, the first appearance of our dear Matt Bahn, some classic outtakes, a few neat contexts, and generally a lot of goofing around. Thanks for listening to the show so far! We're excited to keep bringing you that hot and fresh good contextual content. If you've got recommendations for movies or contexts we...


30 - Inside Llewyn Davis

Hold on to your cats! Christian Hagen, David Gutsche, and Matthew Bahn take a tumble through the sad-funny world of 60s folk music, Oscar Isaac, and abortion on this week's Contextual Deviants. Highlights include: Useless babies, John Goodman is the best at being the worst, bummers at the start but bangers at the end, existential dread, The Most Wrong We've Ever Been About Any Context, fist-bumping abortion, Two Truths and a Sublime, The Old Cheesecake and Spaghetti Coat Factory, and much...


29 - To All the Boys I've Loved Before

The much buzzed-about 2018 Netflix romcom To All the Boys I've Loved Before gets examined in the way everyone has been clamoring for: By three straight white cis adult men. Trust us, though, we say things about this movie that no one has ever said before. For real. Highlights include: To Prank A Predator, definitely don't just explain anything, New Game Minus, a vulnerable friend activity, The Suite Life of Dead and Josh, tight subs, To All The Boys I've Loved Before: Die Die Die, and...


28 - Annihilation

Everybody hop aboard the Shimmer Train for a trip to Annihilation Station! Hosts Christian Hagen, David Gutsche, and Matthew Bahn analyze the disturbing and surreal sci-fi thriller Annihilation through a series of randomly-generated critical contexts. Highlights Include: Branchlers, AvP (whoever wins, we lose), humans are squishy, #NotAllAliens, SvSTU, don't f**k that bear, George Clooney is Oscar Isaac, road trip breaking points, good representation, and much more!


27 - Avengers: Inifinity War

Is it possible to watch Avengers: Infinity War as if no other Marvel movies exist? Hosts Christian Hagen, Matthew Bahn, and David Gutsche try their best in this epic episode of Contextual Deviants! Highlights Include: Special Guest The VVitch, Bahn's IMDB trivia game, WOOPs, possibly the best way to watch this movie, David's gut punch, "You're a spaceship, Peter," Tony Stark's true PTSD, that toight purple butt, and much more! To listen to Christian's Best of 2018 Spotify Playlist,...


26 - A Christmas Carol

Happy Holidays, everyone! (Yes, despite the subject of the episode, we're proudly fighting the War on Christmas.) For our last episode of 2018, we've decided to warm our cold hearts with Charles Dickens' classic tale, A Christmas Carol. Specifically, we watched the 1984 edition starring Academy Award Winner George C. Scott as Ebenezer Scrooge, which is a very faithful adaptation of the original story, so even if you haven't seen this particular version, you should be able to follow along...


25 - Kung Fu Panda

Shrek left a bad taste in our mouths, so we decided to follow it up with the much more palatable Dreamworks Animated film Kung Fu Panda! You'll positively noodle yourself as hosts Christian Hagen and David Gutsche, along with special guest Joe Swanson, dig deep and try to find the secret ingredients to this kids' action classic's success. Highlights Include: Get Off My Show Russell Crowe, disappointing noodle dad, lipstick on a snake, putting the dump in dumplings, The Pull of the Noodle,...