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A podcast featuring musical conversations about an album or song which has changed and enhanced someone’s life.

A podcast featuring musical conversations about an album or song which has changed and enhanced someone’s life.


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A podcast featuring musical conversations about an album or song which has changed and enhanced someone’s life.




Episode 65: Angela Sclafani (Performer/Songwriter/Theatre-maker)

New York City-based performer, songwriter, and theater-maker Angela Sclafani stopped by the program in late 2020 to discuss Fiona Apple and her fourth studio record The Idler Wheel. Idler Wheel was recorded in Los Feliz, CA and released back on June 19, 2012 on Epic/Clean Slate Records, and was produced by Fiona Apple and Charley Drayton. Enjoy! About the Artist Angela has independently recorded and released three solo EP’s: History, Your Ghost, and Blossom. Last year her original song...


Episode 21: Chris Rattie - Musician/Songwriter

In this episode, Matt sits down with Chris Rattie of Chris Rattie and The New Rebels to dig deep into the emotion and quality of Bruce Springsteen's 1978 album Darkness on the Edge of Town. In addition, Chris announced to our listeners he has finished a musical score for a documentary titled " "Land and Water: An Ecological Study of the Teotihuacan Valley of Mexico," which provides an invaluable snapshot of agricultural and land-use practices in the Basin just prior to the urban explosion...


Episode 64: Scott Kurt (Country Recording Artist)

Country recording artist Scott Kurt (of Scott Kurt and Memphis 59) stopped by the show to talk about Tom Petty's first solo record from 1989 titled Full Moon Fever! This was a pivotal source of inspiration for Scott as he began to embark on his musical journey during his formative years. Check out SK and Memphis 59's rendition of TP & The Heartbreakers “Christmas All Over Again” at the top of the show and get the latest on what the band is up to online, including their rendition of another...


Episode 63: Eric Taft (The Great Heights Band, Record Producer)

Eric Taft is a producer, engineer and songwriter from Baltimore, MD. He works closely with both local and regional artists, helping them develop their sound and writing style. He has also worked with national artists such as Underoath, The Amity Affliction, Plain White T’s and Less Than Jake. Eric currently operates the Buzzlounge Recording Studio in Baltimore. In addition to studio work, Eric has also spent time as an educator, teaching classes and concepts in recording technology, both...


Episode 62: Sam Snow (of Ill Uma Naughty, Motion Quotient)

DJ/Writer/Editor/Drum Monkey Sam Snow (of Ill Uma Naughty, Motion Quotient) is our guest on today's podcast. We sat down one morning to discuss in length Frederick, MD's Clutch and their eponymous 2nd album, Clutch. Clutch was recorded at Uncle Punchy Studios, Silver Spring, MD in Dec, 1994 – Jan. 1995. Sam & I dug deep into the lyrics and their allusions to conspiracy theories (JFK, Alien technology, etc.). If you know Clutch, welcome in. If you haven't met them, welcome in, dear...


Episode 61: Jim Logrando (Manager of Punchline, Co-Founder of Craft Services)

We dialed up Jim Logrando (Co-Founder of Craft Services and Manager of Punchline) to discuss the debut record from English glam rock band Spacehog - and their landmark released by Sire Records and Elektra. That of course dear listeners is Resident Alien. The album was certified gold on 29 July 1996 and included the hit single "In the Meantime." Jim takes us back to the origins of his love for this widely overlooked band from the 1990's, the night he was finally able to catch them live and...


Episode 60: Kasvot Växt (Scandinavian Prog Rock)

We recently made contact with Jules Haugen, Cleif Jarvinen, Horst Guomundurson, and Georg Guomundurson, who are members of an obscure and influential prog rock quartet from Scandinavia known as Kasvot Växt. Some say they do not exist, but does this audio recording suggest otherwise, my phriends? Kasvot Växt released one full-length record back in 1981 titled “í rokk” and recently re-surfaced into the public consciousness when a Burlington, VT band known as Phish performed “í rokk” in its...


Episode 59: Chris Tondevold (Ambition Radio Podcast)

Our guest today is Chris Tondevold from the Ambition Radio podcast! We discussed The Doors compilation The Future Starts Here, which runs the gamut of the very best from Jim, Ray, John and Robby, plus a few surprise selections. What do The Doors represent to Chris? How did he get turned onto the band? Have a listen and enjoy!


Episode 58: EP Jackson (Musician/Producer)

Our guest today is Fredericksburg, VA’s EP Jackson from the band EP Jackson and The Last Well and Fill Your Boots Studio, also in Fredericksburg. We spent one morning this past July digging into The White Stripes and their 4th album Elephant. Elephant was released on April 1, 2003 and produced by Jack White through XL V2 and Third Man Records. Enjoy the conversation!


Episode 57 - Kerriann Curtis (Japanese edition)

Today we have a guest who paid us a visit back in Episode 17. She is one Kerriann Curtis. Kerriann has created an Instagram series of paintings showcasing her own work titled Art for the Afterlife, which you should most certainly check out @kerricurtisart . We discussed a piece of music by Mrs. Green Apple, a rock quintet from Tokyo. For our conversation, Kerriann has transcribed lyrics from Japanese to English of a song titled “Who Are You?” which will serve as a bit of a guidepost to our...


Episode 56: So Sure (Noise Rock)

Matt dials up members of a new band known as So Sure, which includes Brendan Kelly and Sean Kelly of A Fragile Tomorrow as well as drummer Kyle Polk. So Sure can be described as dream pop, shoegaze, post punk, and influenced by alternative music of the 80s and 90s. Their debut, 5-song EP Caffeine Drip is available via NoiseTrade and is also being streamed on Paste Magazine. So Sure has chosen 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU to aid in its urgent advocacy efforts to demand...


Episode 55: Cathy DiToro (Musician)

We telephoned DC-area artist Cathy DiToro (of Party Like It's..., Project Hera) to discuss Alanis Morrisette's landmark album, Jagged Little Pill, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! Cathy and I spoke extensively about each track on this record and it will be obvious to you, dear listener, the impact Jagged Little Pill had on Cathy's career in music. Enjoy!


Episode 54: Jonathan Tea (Musician/Voice Over Artist)

In this episode, we spoke with musician/voice over artist Jonathan Tea about an album that reinvigorated his life when he needed it most: the Foo Fighters sixth studio offering Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, which was released on RCA Records back in 2007. Enjoy!


Episode 53: Ann Brandstadter (Musician)

Today's episode features DC area musician Ann Brandstadter. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, she moved to the D.C. area in the 90s. A communications professional by day, Ann moonlights as a local rock star in bands such as Grandma's Mini, Mimi Loco, and most recently AJ and the Kids and a new pandemic duo, Smart Patrol. AJ and the Kids is a D.C. area rock band that plays original music and covers and will record an EP this fall. They have been active since 2018. You can follow them on...


Episode 52: Babyllon (Musician/Guitarist)

Our guest in Episode 52 is New York, NY’s soul/rock & roll outfit known as Babyllon. Guitar World magazine has referred to Babyllon as "A happy talent trifecta!" with a loud live sound that sounds like Amy Winehouse and Led Zeppelin put together. We spoke by phone and focused on the classic Led Zeppelin song "Ramble On" from Led Zeppelin II and how it altered the course of her craft. Enjoy!


Episode 51: Christie Gee (Podcaster/Artist)

In this episode, we meet podcaster Christie Gee of The Christie Gee Podcast. Christie stopped by the show to discuss MxPx's 1996 album 'Life in General. Christie reminisces about growing up in a small Texas town, a batch of VHS tapes of artists on Tooth and Nail Records which would inevitably change her life, and later becoming good friends with the group. Enjoy the conversation! '


Episode 50: Neal Karkhanis (The Great Heights Band) - Musician/Songwriter

In this episode, we chat with songwriter/guitarist Neal Karkhanis of Baltimore, MD's The Great Heights Band about Ben Folds Five and their influential 1997 album Whatever and Ever Amen. We take the plunge into the depths of Ben Folds' lyrics as well as discuss the staggering musicianship of the group. Keep your favorite black t-shirt, friends. Enjoy!


Episode 49: Marc Plotkin - Professor/Producer/Musician

In this episode, we sit down with Marc Plotkin: an American Songwriting Award-Winning Artist, a Grammy shortlisted Producer, a Bloomberg BusinessWeek Top 25 Entrepreneur, and a Professor at New York University's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. For our conversation today, we’ll be discussing Evolve, which is the 12th studio album by singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco, released in 2003. We spoke to one another on a beautiful Spring afternoon, as evidenced by the sounds of happily...


Episode 48: Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach (Composer/Sound Supervisor)

In this episode, we spoke with Berkeley, CA composer/sound supervisor Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach (IMRSV Sound) on Oxford, UK's Radiohead and their 1997 groundbreaking album OK Computer. We talked with Jacob about the songs from OK Computer that changed his life in music, both personally and professionally. Enjoy this thoughtful perspective on an important album which altered the course of pop music forever!


Episode 47: Brian Franke (Singer/Songwriter)

In this episode, we spoke with Charlottesville, VA based singer/songwriter Brian Franke who also comprises one-half of the duo FarAway. We talked about an important rock band known as King's X, and their 1994 album Dogman, King's X is a musician's band - a group whom many believe did not receive the critical acclaim that they rightfully deserve from rock critics - even after playing a spell-binding set at Woodstock in 1994! If you want to listen to a hard-rocking, power trio go to work, they...