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How to Combat Fear with Love

When your thinking in Love the consequences down the road doesn't matter! Mary talks about the importance of treating people the way YOU want to be treated, regardless of the output from the other side. Sometimes we think the Golden Rule is only accepted in certain situations. That's not true! How can we make it Golden for everyone? Find out the small steps you can make today to influence your sphere of friends and family that will make a lasting impact for a lifetime!!!


Your Uniqueness is your Greatest Power!

No one is perfect. We all know that. So why do we struggle with this need to be perfect? As Mary likes to say...Perfectionism will kill you, but STRIVING for excellence will inspire you! It's the striving part that truly matters. Listen as she talks about historical examples of the failures of perfection but the benefits that are discovered on the other side of failures journey. If you feel like your alone, you not!!! How do we get passed this feeling knowing that there is no other person...


How to be Humble and Resilient through the Struggle

If you're going to learn any of the lessons that are before us you have to be teachable! Mary talks about the importance of being humble and not being afraid to show that characteristic. Humility leads to healing. She knows that a truly powerful person is someone who has the humility to recognize the power in everyone. She talks about how a few small changes in her attitude and in her life journey enabled her to become the person you listen to today! You can make a huge change in your...


The Story of a Bad Ass Woman!

Mary talks about the "why" of her podcast. She wants to be the mentor to others that she never had in her own life. She has experienced so much in her life and now it's time to give some of that YOU! Mary talks about the importance of creating experiences for others in her business. Experiences that will last well into the future. What about being resilient in the choices that you make? Learn the steps you can take today to make each day with others an experience... and create a...


Creating a company culture of trust

When you let go of fear you get the greatest rewards in your TEAM. Mary talks about how being able to show vulnerability as a team leader can help that team to grow and thrive. She talks about the steps she would take as a leader to have her team build confidence and understand that it helps to end the belief that we are separate from each other. That vulnerability can actually be the GLUE to keep it all together! Listen to how individuals in her company were able to show their weaknesses...


Crafting a meaningful TEAM!

Amazing things happen when you shift from a better "smart" company to a better "healthy" company. Mary talks about her 35 years in business and how she recognized that the culture within her company was more important than anything else. But what does that mean? Do you keep high performers in your company even when they are poisonous to your culture? And what about the team? If everyone on your team can't state the "why" of your company, what do you do? Learn the vital steps needed to...


Talking time to refuel for you!

Sometimes a change is as good as a rest. Sometimes that change can start a refueling in your life. Mary discusses the importance of taking time for YOU! It's time to go over the things in your life and begin that refueling. But it may mean some changes as well. What does peace look like for you? Are you prepared to look at yourself as part of a team as opposed to taking it all on alone? Get ready to claim all of your unique beauties and be grateful for your strengths... and weaknesses......


You can't receive gifts unless your giving gifts

Are you prepared to be vulnerable? Mary talks about the current events happening in her life that have made her ask powerful questions about interactions with others. Do you allow yourself to look at the people around you and realize...we are all the same! There is so much wisdom to gain from others if you allow it. Are you at peace no matter what season you are in? Learn how being content in the moment, with gratitude, can begin to change you in ways you never thought possible!


The Law of the Harvest and Vibrational Energy

One of the most powerful forces you have is that of intention. Your genuine intentions determine a huge part of your "Frequency". So what is frequency? Mary talks about how every culture has some form of "The Law of The Harvest". People who enjoy this way of life and success vibrate at a higher energy "frequency". She shares the 3 principles to learn so you can live at that higher energy. Get ready to abandon all the old ways that have clogged your way of thinking for too long and find the...


It's time to be grateful

What would happen if you let life flow to you rather than trying to create the world that you wanted? Mary talks about the power of being grateful. She spent time with a friend you gave her a completely new perspective on being grateful. Are you prepared to let others lead? Are you ready to be thankful for the little things? Can you be happy in a world that you may not control? Yes, you can! Learn how to take some small, simple steps today that will help craft your meaningful life for...


Learn to Love your Imperfections!

What if, no matter how hard you try, you're not going to be as good as someone else? Would you stop doing it? Does your personal best matter? Mary opens up about her family life. Her imperfections kept her back for a long time. Until she began to embrace them! They helped her to experience the greatest growth in her life. Remember, nobody gets out of here without their own unique set of trials. From experiences with "perfect neighbors" to her trip to China, find out how you can understand...


We DO Master our Own Destiny!

You've heard the phrase before, "Master Your Destiny". That's not only the good but the bad as well! Mary talks about how on her recent trip to China, she was able to experience this first hand. It brought back many memories of how she herself would chart her own destiny in a negative way. But no more. You get what you focus on, so find out how you can begin to change your future with just a few simple steps. You'll be surprised to find what the world brings you!


The Anticipation of the Road

Have you found your set of values as an entrepreneur? It can be tough, but you need to have the anticipation of the road. But how? Mary talks about finding your "sweet spot" when it comes to doing things better than anyone else. She discusses the 3 needs you have to fill in order to find your road to success. It's more about the end goal. It's about the journey! She gives you the advice you need to take that entrepreneurial spirit to a whole new level!


Losses are Stepping Stones to Wins!

There's something about Spring that reminds you of "Rebirth". So why do we treat losses in life as if it's the end? Mary talks about one of her most humiliating moments that turned out to be a stepping stone to a whole new way of living! With all the things that you are doing in life, what are you BECOMING? She talks about the spiritual side of "Crafting a Meaningful Life". What message does your soul have for you? Find out on today's episode!


The Choice of Accountability allows for Change

If you're looking for the fast lane to get out of "Victimville"...this is it! It's about accountability. Mary touched on the topic in the last episode, but now she digs into the reality of it. It's not going to be easy, but she lays out the steps to get out of feeling like a victim of life and taking control of it! You are not responsible for the actions of others but you can control how you act upon them. The choice of accountability allows for change. Get ready to change today!


Awaken to the Principle of Accountability

This is Mary's most important show to date. This whole idea of "Crafting A Meaningful Life" would not really have value without this principle. It's all about accountability! Mary talks about how this principle must flow from the top down, not the bottom up. Are you willing to do what it takes to change your situation? She gives you the 3 things that can put you on the path to accountability and how it will change your life! Get ready to awaken that awareness of choice!


The Why of a Financially Stable Life

How will be able to achieve the joys of crafting a meaningful life if the chains of financial stress are holding you back? Mary talks about how she grew up in a house that was fiscally stable. It wasn't out until she left home did things begin to change. She describes the problems that she ran into with debt, having her car repossessed, and the battles that she never dreamed of. You can't soar with this around your neck. So how did she overcome it? How did she turn it around? There IS a...


It's time to start showing life!

Do you feel like there are things in life that are sucking the energy out of you instead of building energy inside of you? Mary talks about how she was absent from so many things in her life. She missed out on times that she would never get back. So how was she able to escape the issues that kept from being present and discover all that life has to offer without compromise? Find the place where admiration, love, and community open up and welcome everyone so that you can help others as well...


How to reach the richness of a full life

This podcast is directed to the people that have hidden behind the excuses and fears of living a full life! Do you feel like you have tried everything when it comes to your health? Your weight? Mary says no more excuses! Don't wait until you get to the point where the costs of your excuses and fears are outweighing what you're getting from using them. She talks about the simple, basic steps that she was able to take that helped her to start loving her body enough so she could make real...


Crafting our physical life

Mary looks back at her childhood and the issues she had with weight. She had a genuine fear of physical activities to the point where it began to control her. At age 50, she began to look at herself in a completely different way. So how did she break that fear? Learn the 3 "whys" that made her decision to change. It helped her to look at life and begin to be a participant in life and not an observer. It's time for you craft your new physical life!