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The Next Chapter In Life Is Yours

What will your next chapter in life look like? Whether it's retirement or just the next day, Mary talks about how the next chapter is YOURS! In her new chapter of life, she discusses the importance of having focus. Do you let your emotional reaction to situations in life create your response? How can you temper your emotions with your life experiences to create a new, amazing path? What is it in your life that you were meant to do? Get ready to hear Mary's steps for a successful life on...


Courage is an act of Love

Courage happens when we look inside for the reason for our problems, not outside. Mary talks about the tough task of looking at yourself instead of others for your problems. People are more likely to get what they expect rather than what they deserve. It's about the courage to expect the best because of how you treat others. How do you find that courage to expect the best in life? The answer will surprise you. Get ready to find your courage on today's episode of Crafting A Meaningful Life!


The Celebration of a Brand New Life

Mary celebrates her 65th Birthday this week! As she celebrated, she looked back on her life and remembered both the good and the bad. But she also talks about the flawed thinking in her past as well. Are you living in a place of scarcity when you could be living in a place of abundance? Sometimes we put ourselves in that position unnecessarily. How can you realize when that's happening? Second chances are chances that YOU take! This life is your gift to make the most of. Get ready to...


Is there a Leadership Gene?

A good leader isn't looking for perfection. They are only looking for their personal best. Is there a Leadership Gene? Mary talks about the "V" of business and understanding the importance of the whole. Power, achievement, and relationships ALL have a critical place. When you change your perspective on whats important it can change your business life! So how can you reach the goals you set for yourself and realize your personal leadership style? Find out on this episode of Crafting A...


Life's Ripple Effect with Shelaine Maxfield

"Start where you are and do what you can". These are powerful words that so many of us need to hear. But what does that mean for YOU? Mary speaks with Shelaine Maxfield from The Younique Foundation. They talk about the influence you can have today, right where you are, in the lives of others. Especially in the lives of abused children. Shelaine shares an incredible story of faith and purpose that will make you rethink what you are doing and find that purpose and truth on this amazing...


Find your voice! with Susan Madsen

There are many people who have so much wisdom to share, and yet they just can't find their "voice". Do you struggle with your confidence? On today's podcast, Mary speaks with Susan Madsen. She is the Orin R. Woodbury Professor of Leadership and Ethics in the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University. Together they discuss the hard work needed to succeed in today's world and the true rewards on the other side. All you need to do is find that confident voice. Are you ready to find...


The Tools Needed For Great Leadership

Do you have "Spandex Resilience"? Mary talks about how great leaders can stretch and pull but at the end of the day, they stay resilient. She talks about the steps you can take now to get to that place. What about a Role Model? Do you have one and are you emulating the things that they do well? She describes the role models in her life and how there is one important thing they ALL have in common. What is it? Get ready to be move mountains on today's episode!


Never Out Of Reach

Each day we have mountains in front of us. They are a witness to our fears. When we climb those mountains they become our strength. Mary talks about her hike up Mt. Timpanogos and how it was an incredible metaphor for life itself. Learn the 10 things you will discover about yourself on your life's trail. You will soon discover that nothing is out of reach no matter what the world might say. Get ready for a truly inspirational episode!


The Imposter Phenomenon

When you get dressed in the morning or arrive late to an event is it because of the fears that are inside of you? Fear disguises itself as many things. Mary talks about how sometimes fear of failure disguises itself for a drive to be successful. But how can you tell if that's the case? She talks about how important it is to tell the difference between doing something for the appearance to others and doing it for yourself! Because that truly IS who you are. Do you have an "Imposter...


Being Strong in the Broken Places

Sometimes we turn inward and blame ourselves for things that happen in life. Mary's had her share of moments like that. It's the things that we can't explain. We are the masters of our own destiny, but does that mean we will be problem free? Discover the things you can do right now to liberate yourself and realize that resilience is the capacity to respond to adversity with a determination!! How resilient are you? Find out on today's episode.


Your Attitude Is A Choice!

There is no doubt that life can throw you all kinds of curveballs. How you decide to step to the plate is YOUR choice! Mary talks about how your attitude in life is a choice. So why not have the best attitude you can no matter what life brings your way? She talks about the decisions you can make right now that can get you to that place. When you replace fear and anguish with love and peace it can send you soaring on your way to crafting a meaningful life!


Accepting your Love Based Messages!

What happens when you feel like your life just needs some...affirmation? Mary talks about a week that started with doubt but turned into a series of affirmations that she never expected! Situations that would prove, once and for all, that she is making a difference in the lives of so many. Are you getting love based messages in your life, but see them as something completely different? Find out what these messages may be to you and how accepting them the right way can lead to YOUR meaningful...


How to Combat Fear with Love

When your thinking in Love the consequences down the road doesn't matter! Mary talks about the importance of treating people the way YOU want to be treated, regardless of the output from the other side. Sometimes we think the Golden Rule is only accepted in certain situations. That's not true! How can we make it Golden for everyone? Find out the small steps you can make today to influence your sphere of friends and family that will make a lasting impact for a lifetime!!!


Your Uniqueness is your Greatest Power!

No one is perfect. We all know that. So why do we struggle with this need to be perfect? As Mary likes to say...Perfectionism will kill you, but STRIVING for excellence will inspire you! It's the striving part that truly matters. Listen as she talks about historical examples of the failures of perfection but the benefits that are discovered on the other side of failures journey. If you feel like your alone, you not!!! How do we get passed this feeling knowing that there is no other person on...


How to be Humble and Resilient through the Struggle

If you're going to learn any of the lessons that are before us you have to be teachable! Mary talks about the importance of being humble and not being afraid to show that characteristic. Humility leads to healing. She knows that a truly powerful person is someone who has the humility to recognize the power in everyone. She talks about how a few small changes in her attitude and in her life journey enabled her to become the person you listen to today! You can make a huge change in your...


The Story of a Bad Ass Woman!

Mary talks about the "why" of her podcast. She wants to be the mentor to others that she never had in her own life. She has experienced so much in her life and now it's time to give some of that YOU! Mary talks about the importance of creating experiences for others in her business. Experiences that will last well into the future. What about being resilient in the choices that you make? Learn the steps you can take today to make each day with others an experience... and create a...


Creating a company culture of trust

When you let go of fear you get the greatest rewards in your TEAM. Mary talks about how being able to show vulnerability as a team leader can help that team to grow and thrive. She talks about the steps she would take as a leader to have her team build confidence and understand that it helps to end the belief that we are separate from each other. That vulnerability can actually be the GLUE to keep it all together! Listen to how individuals in her company were able to show their weaknesses to...


Crafting a meaningful TEAM!

Amazing things happen when you shift from a better "smart" company to a better "healthy" company. Mary talks about her 35 years in business and how she recognized that the culture within her company was more important than anything else. But what does that mean? Do you keep high performers in your company even when they are poisonous to your culture? And what about the team? If everyone on your team can't state the "why" of your company, what do you do? Learn the vital steps needed to craft...


Talking time to refuel for you!

Sometimes a change is as good as a rest. Sometimes that change can start a refueling in your life. Mary discusses the importance of taking time for YOU! It's time to go over the things in your life and begin that refueling. But it may mean some changes as well. What does peace look like for you? Are you prepared to look at yourself as part of a team as opposed to taking it all on alone? Get ready to claim all of your unique beauties and be grateful for your strengths... and weaknesses... and...


You can't receive gifts unless your giving gifts

Are you prepared to be vulnerable? Mary talks about the current events happening in her life that have made her ask powerful questions about interactions with others. Do you allow yourself to look at the people around you and realize...we are all the same! There is so much wisdom to gain from others if you allow it. Are you at peace no matter what season you are in? Learn how being content in the moment, with gratitude, can begin to change you in ways you never thought possible!