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Crafty Ass Female is a podcast dedicated to helping women embrace and use their power and creativity. We believe you are a capable BADASS, who already has all the tools you need to make beautiful things and make beautiful things happen. We’re just here to remind you.

Crafty Ass Female is a podcast dedicated to helping women embrace and use their power and creativity. We believe you are a capable BADASS, who already has all the tools you need to make beautiful things and make beautiful things happen. We’re just here to remind you.
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Crafty Ass Female is a podcast dedicated to helping women embrace and use their power and creativity. We believe you are a capable BADASS, who already has all the tools you need to make beautiful things and make beautiful things happen. We’re just here to remind you.




Episode 50: The Thanksgiving Episode

We couldn't agree more that ‘tis the season for thankfulness & gratitude. 100% !!! …but there is also a lot that we crafty ass females need to be resourceful about around the holidays. Along with the turkey, the mash potatoes, and the stuffing comes…well…‘STUFF’ that also gets passed around, not all of it tasty + welcomed. On this Monday before Thanksgiving, A + K decided to release an episode that talks about ‘navigating’ the holidays: a time of the year when anxieties might rise, family...


Episode 49: Intentional Memory Keeping with Nicole Reaves

Nicole Reaves talks to A + K about how she got into scrapbooking 13 years ago, why she started blogging + how it’s evolved. She also discusses her 20 Questions ‘birthday tradition’ books, the backstory behind them, & how they’ve become what they are now! The ladies then chat about Nicole’s choice to leave Instagram, and how her mental health and the passing of her mother contributed to her decision to finally do it. She talks about the value of her newsletter as a creative outlet and...


Episode 48: Scrapbooking Across the Pond with Jess Roebuck

Today on the podcast we have our first overseas guest: Jess Roebuck. Jess is a single working mum to three-year-old Ben, living in England & working as a teaching assistant. She started scrapbooking using Project Life® in 2015 - when her son was born - despite believing herself to be purely academic + not at all creative. Jess is on the Wild Hare Kit design team & mostly scrapbooks in a travelers notebook. She absolutely identifies as a ‘creative’ now, who loves taking photos, starting new...


Episode 47: The Election Episode

On this Monday before Halloween, we decided to release this episode on the spookiest topic we could imagine: POLITICS…and voting…and the election. EEK! Welcome to episode 47: The Election Episode, one which A + K think is super important in this day and age, as electing representatives to address our needs, issues, and values is yet another thing we women have to be resourceful about, and let’s be honest: is downright confusing! This episode reveals how the relationship + conversation...


Episode 46: 'Tis the Season of Ali Edwards

We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring back our very first guest interviewee, Ali Edwards, to the show today with this very special episode centered around the projects she hosts this time of year: December Daily® and One Little Word®. // Listen to Ali’s 1st interview with us here (


Episode 45: Creative Master Class w/ Jennie McGarvey

Today we have Jennie McGarvey on the show. Jennie is a SAH turned work-from-home mom of 3 school-aged boys, who has been scrapbooking since 2001 and involved online since 2011. Jennie added a paper planner to my line-up in 2014 and has never looked back! She’s been published in print magazines & a member of many design teams since getting involved. Currently, Jennie is am a member of The Happy Planner® Squad, Doodlebug Designs Design Team and Citrus Twist Kit Club design team. In addition,...


Episode 44: The Magic Behind Graphic Design w/ Cecily Moore

Cecily Moore starts with her background as a Girl Scout, scrapbooking since she was 9, her crafty mom’s influence, having a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design, switching to become a graphic designer, and then starting The Paper Curator. The girls also talk about losing your ‘craft mojo’ and getting it back, digital scrapbooking vs. manual, and realizing your niche. Cecily reveals her 5-year plan for The Paper Curator, and the process of making a collection!


Episode 43: Crafting A Life You Love w/ Amy Tangerine

Amy Tangerine walks us through the creation of her book Craft a Life You Love, doing life ‘out of order’, and having a positive outlook. Amy & the girls also play an impromptu game of ‘my therapist said’ sharing some key takeaways from therapy including letting go of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.


Episode 42: Less / More

In this episode, A + K go back & forth sharing items on their LESS/MORE lists. KRISTIN’S LESS/MORE LIST: LESS excess. LESS unrewarding work. LESS pain. MORE space. MORE time. MORE connection. AMANDA’S LESS/MORE LIST: LESS of more, MORE of less. LESS agonizing, MORE organizing. LESS trying to be good or have other people think I’m good, and MORE having fun just playing. LESS trying to get to where I want to go, MORE just being where I am. LESS focus on happiness, MORE focus on wellness.


Episode 41: Season 2 Finale Live Show @ Awesome Ladies Live

The second annual Awesome Ladies Live Feminist Scrapbooking Retreat hosted by our very own Kristin 'rukristin' Tweedale took place in her home town of East Lansing, Michigan the weekend from August 17-19. It was AWESOME! There were LADIES! ...and we crafted together LIVE! What was also LIVE during the retreat was the recording of today's episode: the finale of what's been a HELL of a Season 2! A + K discussed the theme of this year's retreat which was Self-Care Through Storytelling.


Episode 40: Cheeky Icons, Street Art & Stationery w/ Pinky Weber

So is Pinky her real name? (The girls get to that right away.) Also in this episode, Pinky talks about going to Parsons School of Art & Design, how Brooklyn and living in New York influences her work, and being a woman in the street art community. Pinky also discusses her cheeky, cheerful style and her desire to make the world more fun. The girls discuss understanding the inspiration behind everyday inanimate objects + giving them personality. Other gems in this episode: Pinky's approach to...


Episode 39: Get Your Craft On w/ 30 Days of Lists w/ Kam Altar

In this episode, the girls talk to Kam about the origin story of her 30 Days of Lists challenge, how it's evolved, and gotten to the point where she now hosts it every March, September, + December of the year! Kam + the girls also discuss all the different ways you can prep for the challenge and create your lists, whether it's in a notebook, in a pocket page album, on a post-it, as a blog post, or even as embroidery!!!


Episode 38: Philosophies on Small Business w/ Joanna Alberti

Today we have Joanna Alberti on the podcast. Joanna is an illustrator, product designer, and small shop owner located in Rochester, NY. She is the creator of philoSophies™ (pronounced fill-ahs-SO-fees) which is a greeting card + product line featuring the main character Sophie, her philosophies on different occasions, and inspirations on friendship, love, and confidence.


Episode 37: Becoming the Artist She Is w/ Katie Smith

Today we have Katie Smith on the podcast. Katie is an artist + crafter located in Washington, USA. She loves anything + everything crafty – from sketching and painting to scrapbooking and art journaling, and even crochet and quilting. If it’s creative, she loves it! Her artwork focuses mainly on women, galaxies, and nature. Katie shares all of her creative pursuits as well as creative tips and tutorials on her blog, Katie is a published artist in multiple magazines and...


Episode 36: Paper-crafting #realtalk w/ France Wisniewski

In this episode, France GETS REAL! She talks about how she got started in graphic design, and how she's been a part of the memory keeping community since the late 90s, but did not put her creativity out there right away. The girls then fast forward to present day and talk about Traveler's Notebooks & designing for the industry in 2018. France also brings up how modern day society is a 'quick dismissal' society, and doesn't give artists enough credit or time or money to evolve their art. She...


Episode 35: Creating True Success w/ Jaclyn Carter

Crafty Ass Female's 'Summer of Special Guests' is underway : our second series of amazing, inspiring interviews with a badass bunch of creative & resourceful women that Amanda + Kristin are thrilled to be able to share with you! Today we're talking to Jaclyn Carter, an entrepreneur, teacher, and mom to two little ones, who runs a company & lifestyle blog called Love Jac that helps you create, share, and connect through art. Jaclyn has expanded Love Jac in recent years to go beyond selling...


Episode 34: Optimizing Your Craftiness w/ Danielle Spurge

In this episode, Danielle Spurge shares how she 'just started' craft business, said 'YES' to everything, and leveraged Etsy to open herself to opportunities. She also talks about how that lead to her branching off into the craft business consultant she is today, teaching other makers how to make a profit off of their crafty tendencies. Danielle also explains the idea behind 'leveraging' and 'optimizing' your visibility + presence, figuring out what the unique opportunities are on each...


Episode 33: Extravagant Hope & Grace w/ Brandi Kincaid

Welcome to Crafty Ass Female's 'Summer of Special Guests' : our second series of amazing, inspiring interviews with a badass bunch of creative & resourceful women that Amanda + Kristin can't wait to share with you! Today we're talking to Brandi Kincaid, one of Kristin's artistic inspirations. Brandi is an illustrator and paper crafter who makes and records memories with her husband Andrew, and puppy Augie Roo, in Bellingham, Washington. She spends all her free moments listening closely,...


Episode 32: Let's Get Feminist

What was June on this podcast? Haa haa! If you just started listening to us this month, then know the show is not always filled with such heavy topics, as the last few were...Haa haa! ...but in truth, being a 'crafty ass female' means navigating issues such as how social media affects everything we do and how to maintain good mental health and how to be resourceful in a society that still upholds certain sexist social constructs.


Episode 31: Mental Health Revisited

Two months ago, Amanda + Kristin came out with EP. 22 of this podcast about MENTAL HEALTH - sharing their mental health history, what they've learned along the way, & different things that have helped - doing their part to destigmatize mental illness & bring awareness to how the struggle w/ it is 100% REAL and common. In light of the recent tragic suicide deaths of both KATE SPADE and ANTHONY BOURDAIN, they felt the need to revisit this topic, dive deeper, and offer again - a candid & open...