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Ep. 30 - Randi Singer

Welcome to EPISODE 30 of CreateCast! Incredible to have made it this far... thank you for listening! Today's episode features Randi Singer, a screenwriter and producer best known for her work on films like The Tooth Fairy and Mrs. Doubtfire For some more of Randi's credits, you can check out her IMDB page at this link...


Ep. 28 - Lisa Popeil

Welcome to CreateCast! This week's episode features the incredible Lisa Popeil, vocal coach extraordinaire. She's worked with everyone from Frank Zappa to Weird al Yankovic, and has some incredible stories to tell. To find out more about Lisa and her work, head here! Make Good!


Ep. 27 - Southern Craft Creamery

Welcome back to CreateCast! this week features the good folks from Southern Craft Creamery, a family run dairy and award-winning ice cream company from down in Florida. They have a really unique take on their product, and the interview was an absolute blast. To find out more, check out their website... MAKE GOOD!


Ep. 26 - Scott Menville

Welcome to episode 26 of CreateCast! This episode features the fantastic Scott Menville, a friend and incredible voice actor. Many may recognize Scott as the voice of Robin from Teen Titans, as well as a ton of other shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender or Uncle Grandpa, and video games like Final Fantasy and Call of Duty. In this interview, we talk about Scott's early acting career, how he got into voice acting, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Huge thanks to Scott for coming on the...


Ep. 25 - Nyesha Arrington

Welcome to episode 25 of CreateCast! This week's episode features the awesome Chef Nyesha Arrington, now of LEONA in Venice (link below). We talk about everything from Chef Nyesha's unique upbringing, her time on Top Chef, prejudice in the restaurant kitchen, and what in food is exciting her now. Make Good!


Ep. 24 - Andy Nicholson

Welcome to episode 24 of CreateCast! This week’s guest is award-winning poet Andy Nicholson. Professor-in-residence and Schaeffer Fellow in Poetry at UNLV, Andy’s work has appeared in the Colorado Review, Witness, and many other journals. Additionally, andy worked as artist-in-residence at the Palazzo Rinaldi in Noepoli, Italy. In this interview, Andy and I talk about his new book of poetry, A Lamp Brighter Than Foxfire, his creative process, and poetry as an expressive medium. For more...


Ep. 23 - Cheap Talk

Welcome to episode 23 of CreateCast! This week's guest is "Cheap Talk," a musical project helmed by L.A.-Based artists Joy and Nate. Having discovered their song "Push Play" through the hit game Firewatch, I knew that I had to get them on the show. Their eponymous album manages to capture the sound and feeling of the 1980s in a really magical way. To hear their album and find out more about the group, follow this link...


Ep. 22 - Joanna Demers

This week’s guest on CreateCast is Joanna Demers, author, associate professor and chair of musicology at the University of Southern California. In this interview, Chase and Joanna talk about her early intellectual influences, her work as a teacher, and her latest book Drone and Apocalypse. For more info on the book, follow this link… As always, make sure to hit us up on iTunes - leave a review, a rating, and share the show with someone you...


Ep. 21 - Michael Kroesche

This week's episode of CreateCast features my brother, Michael! He's an incredible writer, teacher, poet, and all around good guy. We talk about some of his early influences, his process, and how he starts and finishes his pieces. Make sure to stick around until the end of the interview to hear him read a couple of his pieces. As always, please make sure to rate/review on iTunes, or drop us a line right here on the CreateCast website, MAKE GOOD!


Ep. 2.7 - Fiona Halloran

Welcome back to CreateCast! Today's guest is Dr. Fiona Halloran, historian, author, and total badass. In this interview, we discuss what it means to be a historian as well as her new book, Thomas Nast: The Father of American Political Cartoons. You can find the book here... - or (of course) on Amazon! MAKE GOOD!


Ep. 2.6 - Shab Ferdowsi

Welcome to 2016 - now with more CreateCast! Our first guest of the new year is Shab Ferdowsi, a good friend and head of Beating Lights, an media company that's bringing together cool artists and people of all stripes. Find out more about Shab and her work here... As always, MAKE GOOD.


Ep. 2.5 - Kevin Estrada

After a brief holiday hiatus, CreateCast is back! This week's episode is with rock-photographer Kevin Estrada. Kevin has worked with everyone from Van Halen, to Taylor Swift, to Green Day... and many more! He's a great guy and a really good friend, so a huge thanks to him for taking the time to sit down with us. To see some of Kevin's incredible shots, check out his website here... As always, make sure to hit us up on iTunes and leave a review, or visit us at...


Ep. 2.4 - Crook Stewart

Hey! Welcome to Season 2, Episode 4 of CreateCast! This week's guest is Crook Stewart, and awesome musician and a really great friend. Crook has been on the road with acts like Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and the Rolling Stones... I KNOW - TOTALLY AWESOME! As always, make sure to drop us a line, leave us a review, and subscribe to the show in the iTunes store - it's fun AND free!


Ep. 2.3 - David Babich

Today's episode is with the incredible David Babich! David is a voiceover artist, actor, musician, and teacher based in Los Angeles, and he's done a huge variety of commercials, TV, video games, and other work. He's a great guy, and this is a really fun interview! As always, make sure to leave us a review in iTunes, it's the NUMBER ONE WAY that you can support the show! For more info about David, check out these links!


Ep. 2.2 - David St. John

Welcome back to season 2 of CreateCast! This episode features award-winning poet David St. John. David has had a storied career, and now serves as chair of the English department at thUSC. In this interview, we talk about David's creative upbringing in LA's famous Laurel Canyon, his writing process, music, and much more! For more info on David, head here... As always, drop us a line via email, check us out on iTunes...


Ep. 2.1 - Scott Witherow

Welcome to the season 2 premiere of CreateCast! If you're new to the show, please take a second to check out season one either here on iTunes or on This episode features Scott Witherow, the Southern Willy Wonka behind Olive & Sinclair , an award-winning, Nashville-based chocolate company. We talk about bean to bar chocolate, how he got involved in the food industry, what's next for O&S, and much more! For info on O&S, follow this link... besides, you can order some of...


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GET HYPED. - Season 2 Teaser!

CreateCast is coming back for a new season! GET EXCITED. GET HYPED. MAKE GOOD.


Ep. 13 - Chef Carlos Salgado

Welcome to the season finale of CreateCast! This episode features chef Carlos Salgado, who was recently named one of Food & Wine magazine's 10 Best New Chefs of 2015. You can find chef Salgado at his award winning restaurant Taco Maria (link below). If you're new to the show - WELCOME! CreateCast was just featured on the front page of iTunes, and the response and support has been absolutely incredible! Our giveaway for this season is still on, so make sure to...


Ep. 12 - Dean Dichoso

Our guest this week is Dean Dichoso, an incredible musician, producer, and songwriter who I have had the pleasure of working with on many occasions. For more info on Dean, head to his website... If you're new to the show - WELCOME! CreateCast was just featured on the front page of iTunes, and the response and support has been absolutely incredible! Our giveaway for this season is still on, so make sure to RATE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE to us in the iTunes store...


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