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Welcome to Creating Happy with Gabriella Rosie, a podcast about creating the life and art you were born to do and feeling really fucking good about it.

Welcome to Creating Happy with Gabriella Rosie, a podcast about creating the life and art you were born to do and feeling really fucking good about it.
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Welcome to Creating Happy with Gabriella Rosie, a podcast about creating the life and art you were born to do and feeling really fucking good about it.




How Jealousy Can Improve Your Life & Art

Jealousy has a bit of a bad rep but I reckon if we reframe the green-headed monster into an insightful way to access our desires then we actually get a lot of positive gain from this emotion. Hit me up on Instagram - @gabriellarosie


10 Books To Spark Your Creativity

You have the ability to shift your mindset to help you create the life you want - books are an amazing way to uncover possible realities and quantum leap your self-education. This episode I'm sharing 10 of my favourite reads on all things creativity and artistic inspiration that will have you fizzling with juicy energy to create anything and everything you desire. Books mentioned: The Artist's Way - Julia Cameron Choose Yourself - James Altucher Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert The War of...


9. Discovering Your Life Purpose

Sweet baby angels! In this episode we're chatting LIFE PURPOSE - how to discover yours and what it can mean and where it comes from. If you're feeling a little lost and stuck when it comes to figuring out what you want to do with your life then this episode is for you. Lacey Philips Expanded podcast Join me for Cosmic Brilliance, the 6 week course, you have just a few days to join before it closes completely. Head over to for all the details and to sign...


8. WORK Isn't A Bad Word

In the episode of Creating Happy I discuss how work isn't such a bag thing and find what exists beyond the 9-to-5, beyond the hustle and grind and beyond the 4-hour work week - what does work look like for creatives driven to put their art out into the world. I'll tell you how I find the motivation to work, how I balanced working on my own projects while working full time, how to find your style and develop your skills, and why you should be making money from your work (if you want...


7. The Magic of Dreaming Big

Today's episode of Creating Happy is all about THE MAGIC OF DREAMING BIG - how we can use practices and goal-setting as a way to expand our dreams and visions and have us creating and setting goals bigger than we ever thought possible! Mentioned: The Perfectionist Project Instagram/gabriellarosie


6. Q&A - Picking Your Projects, Going Full-Time, Morning Routine etc

Hiya honey bees! In this episode I'm answering your question on how I shifted from employment to making my art my job, chatted skin routine, spiritual enlightenment and realisations that lead me to get two nose piercings, my morning routine that allows for freedom of creativity and productivity that feels good, and how to choose which projects to focus on when you have a billion ideas! Be sure to follow me on Instagram so you can submit questions for future Q&A eps via my...


5. Shifting Your Beliefs About Creativity

In this episode of Creating Happy I discuss what it means to create like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Sort of. We have the power to unstuck ourselves and to let go of the "blocks" we might be holding about creativity and our own abilities in order to actually create the stuff we dream about and bring our highest visions to reality. I'll tell you my simple trick to shift into acting on goals and creating work and also chat about why now is the best time to be a creative babe. If you want to...


1. Start Where You Are

Hello sweet baby angels! This is episode 1 of Creating Happy with Gabriella Rosie, my new podcast where we'll chat art, creativity, and psychology. This first episode is all about STARTING that thing you wanna start. That's why I'm pushing myself to create and share this and allowing myself to grow and learn as I go. You should do the same! Start that thing you wanna start!!


2. Why You Need To Create EVERY DAY

Chatting about my own creativity and what it means in my life, and why we all need a daily creative practice. Creating Happy with Gabriella Rosie - why you need to create every day.


3. Art & Money $$$

Chatting about art and money. What they mean together. Why you deserve to make money from what you create (well, if you want to make money from your art). Also had a bit of a chat about AI eventually taking over, obvs.


4. Aligning With Your Cosmic Brilliance

This week I'm unravelling what it actually means to align with your cosmic brilliance and contemplating whether we have a life purpose and what that can look like.


Welcome to Creating Happy!

Hiya! Its episode 1 and Creating Happy is happening, it's not just an idea or a few scribbled notes, it's a thing you can listen to! And that's kinda what this is about. Creating your work and not allowing it to just be an idea. This episode is very much a ramble but I'm so psyched it exists now. Whatever you're thinking about creating, do it, babe, and start now.