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Episode 113 - The Update

Hey Rebels! So if you listened to Episode 105, you hear us talk about our harrowing end to 2018. Many of you have been asking for an update about Kelly and here it is! Introducing the Creative Rebel Base: THE place for Creative Rebels to collaborate, learn, and support each other! THE place to go online if you want to connect with, learn from, and support other product-based business owners, artists, and makers. We created this community to help you along your journey, but also to give...


Throwback - Episode 23 - Paige Poppe - Getting Involved in the Local Scene

Craft show season is upon us, so we wanted to throw it back to Episode 23 with Paige Poppe. Paige Poppe came on the show and talked all about getting involved in your local scene! Paige is an amazing artist from Arizona who has a recognized online brand, but also has this whole local craft/art show thing down to a science! We hope you enjoy this throwback episode! Here is a little more about Paige: Paige Poppe is an Arizona native, currently living + working as a full-time artist in...


Throwback Episode - Episode 73 - Marketing with Email

Today we’re throwing it back to Episode 73 where we talk all about email marketing, how to get it done, and what to email about. This conversation really helped us make a plan and we hope it helps you too! Links: Mailchimp Kelly’s Mailchimp Course: Creative Mailchimp Templates Introducing the Creative Rebel Base: THE place for Creative Rebels to collaborate, learn, and support each other! THE place to go online if you want to connect with, learn from, and support other product-based...


Episode 112 - Product Marketing with Email Automations with Katie Salmon

Email marketing. You know you should do it but just are not sure what emails are best to send to customers. Today on the show we have Katie Salmon to talk about email marketing but more specifically, doing it on autopilot. You are going to want paper and pen because Katie walks us through exactly which emails you need to be sending and how! Links: Kelly’s Mailchimp Course: Creative Mailchimp Templates Shop Pop 7 Email Design Tips About Katie: Katie Salmon (SAL-min, FYI) is a...


Episode 111 - Cultivating a Teaching Mindset with Rebecca Tracey

Have you thought about teaching but just don't know if you should do it? Today we are tackling the teaching mindset and how to start believing in your abilities to teach. To help us out with this, we have Rebeca Tracy from The Uncaged Life. If you have ever thought about teaching, this is such a great episode to give you the boost you need. Links: Episode 108 - Out of the Box Revenue Streams About Rebecca: Rebecca Tracey is the head/only honcho at The Uncaged Life where she works...


Episode 110 - Finding a Balance Between Working ON and Working IN Your Business

Rebels, we know the feeling. You are working day in and day out but feel like you are not getting anywhere and that's because you are spending too much time working in your business and not working on it. Today, we are talking about some of our frustrations and how we make time to work on our business and propel it forward. Links: Making Time for What Matters Introducing the Creative Rebel Base: THE place for Creative Rebels to collaborate, learn, and support each other! THE place to...


Episode 109 - Customer Service with Catherine of Kitty Meow Boutique

Customer service is SO important, but often overlooked. Today on the podcast, we are chatting with Catherine of Kitty Meow Boutique all about customer service: why it's important and how you can provide amazing customer service without breaking the bank. Be sure to download Catherine's Customer Service 101 Hacksheet here! About Catherine: Catherine Hildner is the creator, designer and heart and soul behind Kitty Meow Boutique. At Kitty Meow you can shop beautifully designed paper &...


Episode 108 - Out of the Box Revenue Streams

It’s important to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket! Today, we are going to be chatting all about diversifying revenue streams without spreading yourself too thin. We’re going to talk about why it’s important and how to do it without making your life too crazy! Links: NY Now Faire Stockabl Teachable Skillshare Lynda Creativelive Creative Market WANT TO CONNECT WITH CREATIVE BIZ REBELLION? SUPPORT the podcast. Become a Patron today! JOIN our Facebook Group! FOLLOW...


Episode 107 - Staying Focused when Hustling with Sarah Roberson Cummings

The hustle is real when you are starting a creative business and it’s especially true when your business is a side hustle! On today's episode, we are chatting with Sarah Roberson Cummings of The Redheaded Camel about her journey through the hustle. Sarah tells us about starting her business in college and what life looks like now that her side hustle is a full-time gig. About Sarah: Sarah Roberson Cummings is a sprinkle-loving, joy-filled believer that our words can change the world. She...


Episode 106 - Fair Trade and Your Business with Molly Stillman

Do you know what "fair trade" is? Molly Stillman is on the show today to help us understand fair trade and it's importance. We also chat with Molly about how you can start making a difference, no matter how big or small, with your business. Links: Business with Purpose Podcast EP 104: Kelly Parker Smith, Hello World Paper Episode 99 - Shop Talk with Meg Sutton of Belle & Union Ethical Brand Directory Business with Purpose Podcast EP 110: How to Know if a Brand is Ethical About...


Episode 105 - When the Year Didn't Go the Way You Wanted

Happy New Year rebels! 2019 is here and before we move forward, we want to reflect on last year, particularly last December and the craziness that stopped us in our tracks. Our year did not go the way we wanted so on this episode, we let you in on our lives and how we are moving forward, setting intentions, and easing into 2019. WANT TO CONNECT WITH CREATIVE BIZ REBELLION? JOIN our Facebook Group! FOLLOW us on Instagram and use #creativebizrebellion. Tag us in a photo of you...


Episode 104 - Year in Review and Setting Goals + Taking a Break

We are getting ready to take a break for the holidays, but first, listen in on our reflections of 2018 and what we are looking forward to in 2019! Kelly even shares some baking tips. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and we will be back in mid-January of 2019! Links: Rock Your Plan Webinar + Workbook Rebel Sessions Facebook Group If you have a second please jump over to iTunes and leave us a review! Click on the link and then click on “view in iTunes” to leave us a...


Episode 103 - Creating a Brand that Lasts

Branding. I know what you are thinking . . . logos. But, branding is so much more than a logo! In today's episode, we share our thoughts on creating a brand that lasts and how you can start to work on this without getting overwhelmed! Come join us in our Facebook group to continue the conversation! Want to dive deeper? Head to for workshops and much more! If you have a second please jump over to iTunes and leave us a review! Click on the link and then click on...


Episode 102 - Choose Wonder Over Worry with Amber Rae

After we read Amber Rae's book “Choose Wonder Over Worry”, we had to have her on the podcast! On today's episode, we chat with Amber about worry and how that relates to our creative lives. If you have ever had a doubt or fear to work through, this episode is for you! About Amber: Called “A Millennial Motivator" by Fortune and "The Brené Brown of Wonder” by Mind Body Green, Amber Rae is an author and artist that advocates for creativity, personal growth, and emotional wellness. Her...


Throwback - Episode 12 - Discounts, Black Friday, & Cyber Monday Oh My!

In this episode, Caroline and Kelly talk all about discounts-Should you or should you not give them and if so, what types of discounts should you offer? Caroline and Kelly share their ways of how they use discounts, what types of discount codes they use and who they offer them to! Percentage discounts Caroline and Kelly talk about the different types of percentage discounts they give to their customers! Etsy shop owners, this can be set up automatically for your customers! Caroline and...


Episode 101 - SHOP TALK with Janssen Bradshaw of London Littles

On today's shop talk, we are chatting with Janssen Bradshaw of London Littles. Janssen shares how she and her husband started their line of children's rain boots and dove into the manufacturing process. She also shares how she's curated her beautiful Instagram feed and cultivated her following. About Janssen: Janssen is the creator of London Littles, a line of children's rain boots designed to inspire adventure and exploration. Inspired by their time living in London, and the curiosity...


Bonus Episode - Boss Project Summit with Abigail and Emylee of the Think Creative Collective

Bonus Episode - Boss Project Summit with Abigail and Emylee of the Think Creative Collective On today's special bonus episode, we have Abigail and Emylee of the Think Creative Collective to talk all about their new project the Boss Project Summit. We are so excited to be breakout speakers for this Free online summit. Head to to grab your ticket. Connect with Abigail and Emylee: Website | Boss Project Summit | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest |...


Episode 100 - What We've Learned + Shoutout to Our Listeners

Happy 100 episodes! We can not believe we are here at 100 episodes and over 2 years dedicated to this podcast. This has truly been a labor of love and we wouldn't be here without you, our listeners. We are so honored to be a part of your biz journey and can not wait for 100 more! Special Thanks To: Kristina Hoover, Kristina Hoover Fine Art Lauren Ibach, Lauren Ibach Anna, Designs by Patterson Dorothy Collier, Dorothy Art & Positively Creative Jennifer Hadley-White, Dry Wit...


Episode 99 - SHOP TALK with Meg Sutton of Belle & Union

Meg Sutton of Belle & Union is chatting with us today about how she started her business and created her own supply chains to have her products made in the USA. We also chat about how Meg started in wholesale and what made her decide to open a Brick and Mortar shop. This episode is full of wisdom about knowing your products value, knowing your numbers and staying true to your brand. About Meg: Meg Sutton is the boss lady and doodler behind Belle & Union, a company that sells letterpress...


Episode 98 - Educating Your Audience About Value

Does your audience know the value of your product? Well they should and it's up to you to share it! Today on the show, we are talking about why educating your audience about value is important and how to do it. Links: Episode 95 - Five Ways to Maximize Every Holiday Sale Have you joined our Facebook group yet? We've worked hard to create an awesome space for Product Based Biz Owners who are ready to rock! We don't bite so come join us! Want to dive deeper? Head to...