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Richard Barrett - Ego vs Soul vs Business and Creativity

I, your Favorite French Canucker, chats with Richard Barrett who is a pioneer in his field. I am sooo thrilled that a man like him talks about the soul in the corporate world - let’s face it, the corporate world has no soul, it only seeks cash…and that is soul crushing. Smell what I’m cookin’…?


An EROTIC Murder Mystery (Shenanigans Permitted!)

Today I, your Favorite French Canucker, GO THERE. This novel is nothing like Fifty Shades, uh, uh. Sex, murder, suspense, swing houses, that’s the way we like it. Novelist A. Gavazzoni chats with us on her debut novel. Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!


I am You!

Yes, an egg sucking dog, like you. However, today Maura puts it in a more classy way for those of you who gave up under the pressures others imposed on you. Yes, there is a way to the land of milk and honey. :) Today’s special podcast [...]


Ssssmokin’! There’s a Song in the Miles of Memories

Sportsfans, this is your favorite French-Canucker (and Mother-Canucker, hehe) here. Today I am co-hosting with my fellow Canucker (not French) Frankie Picasso as we chat with lady with a wheelin’ dealin’ kind of singing talent and another lady who traveled all 50 states! Sssssmokin’! Cerise Patron is an Inspirational singer and songwriter from Phoenix, AZ. who got her love and her start in singing, by attending different churches with her family. In 2001 she fo [...]


Dondi Dahlin - Discover your Personality Type

Have you ever met someone and immediately disliked him/her? Ever wonder why your relationships are screwed up? There’s a reason. Ever felt like you were in the wrong career? There’s a reason, sportsfans. And Dondi Dahlin’s new book will answer your questions. Wanna ride Space Mountain, Baby? Listen to today’s episode. Carefully.


Heal Your Past w/Author Michael Hider

Would you like to make perfect peace with your past, regardless of what that despicable person did to you? Regardless of that really stupid, stupid thing you did? Contrary to conventional thinking, you can have enduring and lasting peace of mind—right now, regardless of what happened in your past. In Spiritual Healing: Making Peace with Your Past, Michael Sage Hider will instill in you the know-how to bravely face and triumphantly slay the Other People Dragon, the Me Dragon, and the Fate...


Blind, and Overcoming the Odds w/Robert T. Branco

Today I, your Favorite French Canucker, go to Perkins School as we chat with Robert Branco about succeeding despite being blind. For those of you with excuses, this will kick you in the butt. Smell what I’m cookin’…? Robert Branco is a life-long resident of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Legally blind since birth, Robert attended “sight-saving classes” in the public school system until his parents learned of the Perkins School for the Blind. Robert has self-published four books, including...


Make Dough with your Art w/ Founder Cory Huff

What’s more fun than making your Art? Nothing much, to be honest, except paying them gimmicks they send in the mail called bills! This is a replay of an interview I did back in February 2016 with one of the most sought-after coach and teacher in the biz! In 2009 Cory started (TAA for short) as a way teaching internet marketing to his artist friends who were asking him for help. Since then, he’s helped dozens of artists go from never sold anything to now selling...


Creating your Culture

Most of us absorb and assimilate into cultures that surround us, but did you know you have a role to play in creating culture, too? We don’t often think about the word, but it provides a powerful topic for anyone wishing to influence positive shift or desiring a more satisfying life experience. In this podcast, we’ll explore some of the definitions of culture. I’ll also share two of my personal stories about how I’ve been a recipient of positive culture and how I had to become a creator of...


SPECIAL! My SWEET Interview on FrankieSense and More!

I thought it would be interesting to be on the other side of the mic for once. For those of you who don’t know me, it will be an opportunity to hear my story, as I am joined by musician Damon “Daril” in the second part of the interview. We chat about my life in wrestling, what my life would have been if I had grown up in Gabon, Africa, a little bit of politics, and more…


MONEY Smack for Creatives and 9-5 People w/Latasha Kinnard

Latasha Kinnard is the Chief Freedom Builder at Start Young Financial Group and the #1 Amazon bestselling author of 20-Something & Rich. Tasha began her career in corporate America where she managed $100 Million Budgets and led some of the biggest brand names in the world to higher profitability. Now, Tasha uses the skills she learned in corporate America to help her clients maximize their income and effectively build for [...]


Take your Vitamins, say your Prayers…and MEDITATE!

Today I, your Favorite French Canucker, go DEEP as we talk one my favorite subject, Meditation? How does it affect your creative life? Why is meditation so important and popular today? Where does it come from? Smell what I’m cookin’…? Dean Sluyter (pronounced “slighter”) has taught natural methods of meditation since 1970. He is the author of


Stop Being Superficial, Be Real

You read the title, right? No, I am not talking about the other gender here, I am talking about YOU, toward YOURSELF. Cut the BS and stop living on the surface, it’s time to BE first, then DO…as Maura Sweeney says. (in a more gentle way)


Ancient Chinese Health System fuels Kindness Today!

Sportsfans, this is your favorite French-Canucker (and Mother-Canucker, hehe) here. Today I am co-hosting with my fellow Canucker (not French) Frankie Picasso and we have a firecracker in da house, in the name of Gabriella Van Rij, as she is taking the Ball of Kindness and takes it on the road! Lemme tell ya. our guests today are no pencil neck geeks!


Stuck? Change your Aura, Change your Life w/ Dimitri Moraitis

Dimitri Moraitis is an accomplished metaphysical teacher, healer and is co-author of Communing with the Divine, Karma and Reincarnation, The Healing Power of Your Aura andChange Your Aura, Change Your Life. Originally trained in Film/TV, Dimitri redirected his life’s work early to pursue the path of metaphysics. Having worked with Barbara Y. Martin and metaphysics for 30 years, Dimitri has been instrumental in organizing the teaching material and bringing Spiritual Arts Institute to the...


Coaches: Do You Smell What Marc Mawhinney Cooking?

Max Ivey, host of What’s Your Excuse, and I, your favorite Canuck, chat about what it takes to a great coach! We all need one, yes, even you…stubborn creatives! Marc Mawhinney is on a mission to help coaches build stronger businesses! He has a passion for entrepren [...]


Keep going NO MATTER WHAT w/ Author and Podcaster Timo!

I, Frederic Bye, your favorite French-Canucker, along with the Queen of Yellow, Vanessa Mbamarah, chat with author and podcaster Timo! Brothas and Sistas, egg sucking dogs have no power over your life! Read his story below for a fascinating c [...]


Is Your Silence Golden?

Are you choosing when to speak and when to be silent, too? In this podcast, we explore the old adage “Silence is golden” that dates back to the early Egyptians. Using a bit of observation with life scenarios common to us all, we’ll discover new ways to inject peace into our own lives and into the lives of others as well. Enjoy this inspiring self-empowerment episode that reminds you of [...]


Looking into the Soul of Autism

French-Canucker Frederic Bye and Frankie Picasso chat about autism! Andrea Libutti, M.D., is a board-certified emergency medicine physician and spent several years in private practice treating children with autism. When her son Jack was diagnosed with autism at 20 months old, Andrea immersed herself in a variety of different healing modalities including biomedical and alternative therapies. Through this immersion, she has helped a number of children achieve far higher functionality than is...


Law of Attraction, Purpose, and Business w/ Jan Moore

Frederic Bye welcomes Jan Moore who is a Spiritual Empowerment & Intuitive Success Coach/Mentor and Trainer.