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Creative Voices is all about makers and creatives. We'll be talking with all sorts of people from different fields about being creatives, about their process, their path to creative freedom and their plans for the future.

Creative Voices is all about makers and creatives. We'll be talking with all sorts of people from different fields about being creatives, about their process, their path to creative freedom and their plans for the future.
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Creative Voices is all about makers and creatives. We'll be talking with all sorts of people from different fields about being creatives, about their process, their path to creative freedom and their plans for the future.








Episode 022 - Lakshika Serashine

This week I'm talking with filmmaker Lakshika Serashine all about how he went from loving watching films to making films! We talked about how one movie made a difference and its a surprsing one! Find his work online at: Social and web links for us: Tree Bark: Instagram: Facebook:...


Episode 021 - Piera Cirefice

Delighted to be chatting this week with Piera Cirefice all about her work as a watercolourist and illustrator. Piera talks about her passion for the outdoors an d how nature inspires her. Find her online: Get in touch with us: Tree Bark: Instagram:...


Episode 020 - Stephen Kennedy

On this episode I'm chatting with tattoo artist Stephen Kennedy, one of the owners of Galway Bay Tattoo. With 20 years industry experience in multiple countries there's no one better to talk about the world of tattoos including advice for anyone debating their own! An absolute gent, I really enjoyed this chat with Steve. If you'd like to get in touch with GBT to chat tattoos then check out these...


Episode 019 - Fiona Murphy

This week I'm chatting with Fiona Murphy all about how she became a custom clothes maker and the joy of seeing others wear clothes that you've made. A fun chat with some good advice for anyone thinking of getting into making their own clothes! Find Fiona and her creations with us in Tree Bark Store or online at : Some of the resources Fiona...


Episode 018 - Gary O'Neill

This week I sat down with musician and songwriter Gary O'Neill and we talked all things music! Gary talks about his early foray into music, how he approaches songwriting, his plans for the future and an upcoming album! Find Gary online and listen to his music: Listen on Spotify Shoutouts...


Episode 017 - Steven Chan - Coffee Coffee Coffee

This one is all about coffee! Sitting down with our very own Steven Chan chatting all things specialty coffee, from how he first got involved in the coffee world up to working in coffee full time. We also talk about how to develop your coffee knowledge and learn what you like! Find Steve on Instagram: Calendar Coffee: Coffeewerk & Press: Revolver...


Episode 016 - Ruth Kemple

This week I'm talking with Ruth Kemple all about small business. Ruth chats about her journey from being a small business owner herself to helping other small businesses with their own online presence and getting their message out there as honestly as possible. I really enjoyed this talk as I think small business owners can often struggle with this aspect of their business. Find Ruth online and have your own conversation with her...


Episode 015 - WildWay Crossfit

This week I sit down with Holly Hodgins and Anthony Clavin from WildWay Crossfit and talk all about their journey to opening their own business, the importance of exercise in your life and the benefits it has on your social circle! Find the guys online here: Anthony: Holly: Website:...


Episode 014 - Marlene Dahl

Talking with designer/maker Marlene Dahl all about her weaving and creations. Marlene makes abstract pieces from her studio in Headford, creating beautiful pieces of art by weaving. She talks about how she discovered her love for this craft and how she approachs her work. Find her online at: You can also buy a selection of her pieces here in Tree Bark Store Social and web links: Tree Bark: Instagram:...


Episode 013 - Tus Nua Naturals

This weeks episode is a chat with Fiona from Tus Nua Naturals, a handmade skincare company based in Connemara. Fiona talks about what motivated them to make their own range of skincare products, changing your life by moving away from chemicals and the need to take care of yourself in this busy world. You can find them online and buy their products here: Connect with them online...


Episode 012 - Three Little Birds Illustrations

This week I'm alking with Deborah, she's a self-taught calligrapher and artist running Three Little Birds Illustrations with her husband Neil selling handmade Irish cards and prints. Find her online and buy her products here: Our Social and web links: Tree Bark: Instagram: Facebook:...


Episode 011 - All About Kombucha

This week I'm joined by Emmett & Keith from All About Kombucha. All About Kombucha, Galway’s newest artisan adventure is the passion project of Emmett Kerrigan and Keith Loftus. They brew fresh fermented sparkling tea from wholesome organic ingredients, the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle. The guys talk about how and why they began this journey with their product, their adventures in business and plans for the future. You can get your hands on some bottles of booch right here in...


Episode 010 - Lynsey De Burca

This weeks episode is a great talk with local designer and maker of handmade jewellery, Lynsey De Burca. In her own words: I design and create beautiful, quality pieces with a minimal aesthetic inspired by the piers and small harbours along the Wild Atlantic Way. I like to add interesting dimensions through the captivating gemstones I source and incorporate into my work. You can find Lynsey online as well as buy her pieces at these...


Episode 009 - Simon, Turf & Grain Magazine

This week I chat with Simon from Turf & Grain, Irelands largest independently printed magazine. We talk about what motivated him to start this process, the challenges of independent media and working towards a more positive mindset! Find Turf and Grain online here: Social and web links: Tree Bark: Instagram: Facebook: Website:...


Episode 008 - Dan & Zarah, Calendar Coffee

This week I chat with Dan & Zarah from Calendar Coffee. In their own words: We believe everyone should be able to enjoy quality coffee and this experience should be inclusive and accessible for all. A great chat all about coffee, the coffee industry and its development in Ireland. We talk about making the jump to doing something you believe in and the early days of running a business. You can order coffee online from the guys via their...


Episode 007 - Tory Irvine

This week I have a really insightful and educational chat with abstract artist Tory Irvine. Based locally in Galway Tory talks all about her process, her inspiration and how it is to be an artist and develop your style. Well worth a listen for anyone with even the slightest interest in art or those who are curious about how to get involved with art in your own life. Find Tory online here: Her instagram Her Facebook:...


Episode 006 - Shane O'Beirne

This week I chat with Shane, head brewer with Soulwater Beer all about the brewing process, its creative elements and the beer industry. With years of experience in the industry Shane offers great insight into the art and science of brewing! Find Soulwater online here and their social channels Facebook: Instagram: Woodberrys...


Episode 005 - Shane Regan

This week I'm chatting with Shane Regan, head chef and owner of Darcy Twelve restaurant in Clifden town. Shane talks about his passion for good food, his experience in the industry and his advice for others. You can find Shane online via his Instagram here: For restaurant Darcy Twelve you can check out their Instagram here: or see their Facebook page...


Episode 004 - Eric Hennelly Flanagan

This week I'm chatting with Eric Hennelly Flanagan about his experience working with artists and creatives and how he helps them find their audience. Eric has years of experience with "Visual" and other arts related bodies. VISUAL is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary art spaces situated in the heart of Carlow Town, with four world class gallery spaces and a 320-seat performance space. We talk about the difficulties creatives can encounter when starting out and trying to convert their...


Episode 003 - Patrick & Kelli Marjolet

On this episode I chat with Patrick & Kelli Marjolet from The Proper Chocolate Company from Dublin. They're bean to bar specialty chocolate makers who tell us how they developed a passion for proper chocolate and their experiences along the way. We chat about the emerging taste trends in Ireland and how coffee and chocolate can be compared. You can find their website here , follow them on Instagram here or like their Facebook page here to keep up to date with their wonderful...