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This show is a series of interviews with creative placemakers, people who are making a difference in their communities through the arts, cultural programming and creative processes.

This show is a series of interviews with creative placemakers, people who are making a difference in their communities through the arts, cultural programming and creative processes.


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This show is a series of interviews with creative placemakers, people who are making a difference in their communities through the arts, cultural programming and creative processes.






Crowdfunding Creative Local Responses During the Pandemic

Want to learn the secrets of crowdfunding? Join The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking as we chat with the innovators at, who specialize in providing technical assistance, support, and a legal financial structure for community volunteers who crowdsource funding under a variety of circumstances. At the onset of quarantine, the non-profit organization stepped up with additional support for projects that specifically responded to the pandemic, and that included creative...


Design Thinking for Community Identity

Listen in on this chat with Kent Kerr and RJ Thompson of Plus Public based in Bellevue, PA, just north of Pittsburgh. This live, interactive, open-to-the-public call was recorded on June 11, 2020. Guest hosted by Meghan Rutigliano, Burning Man Cultural Ambassador and Founder of Globally Curated. At the time of recording, Kent was a Master of Fine Arts candidate at Radford University, and his thesis was a research project on using design thinking techniques to uncover how a community thinks...


Wellness and the Art of Caring for Community

The featured recording is from The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking's Community Coffee Talk series. Guests are the innovators from in Upstate New York, who have been organizing festivals that bring underinsured artists together with medical providers. Recorded on May 28, 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. With Meghan Rutigliano , Founder of Globally Curated & Burning Man Cultural Ambassador, Tamara Gatchell, Principal at Cadence Creative,...


Crossing Political and Social Distance in Coronavirus Times

Washington D.C.-based social innovator Philippa Hughes was close to refining best practices for bringing together liberals and conservatives together over food and art to engage in meaningful discussion on politics and policy. Then the pandemic happened, and one key element of the formula was rendered impossible--at least for a while--the ability to gather face-to-face. The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking hosted a live, interactive video conference on May 14, 2020 with co-host...


Aligning Evaluation and Planning in Creative Placemaking

Listen into this audio recording of a webinar with David B. Pankratz recorded live on Tuesday, April 21, 2020. Learn how to use evaluation to grow your creative placemaking projects. David serves on the steering committee for the Culture Research Network and was formerly Research & Policy Director for the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council where he conducted research for diverse audiences on the impacts of the arts & culture, racial equity and arts funding, the health of the arts and culture...


Creative Placemaking in Coronavirus Times

The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking's Founder, Leonardo Vazquez, AICP/PP offers some words of encouragement for creative placemakers as they move from shock to acceptance and action during the pandemic. This reading was recorded on April 4, 2020 less than a month after millions of Americans were ordered to stay home to help flatten the curve of the Coronavirus outbreak. Like our podcasts? Join us for live, interactive, pay-what-you-wish webinars. Register now! Subscribe to our...


Chicago Teens Design

In this episode of CreativePlace you'll join the teens from Territory Design Studio in Chicago. We caught up with them after they presented a session at the 2019 Midwest Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit in Cincinnati in October. Hear what Jaime Flores, Victoria Norrington, Tamia Johnson, and Martin Herrera had to say about their experience. The podcast is produced by The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking. Like our podcasts? You'll love our webinars. Subscribe to our...


Theater Takes on Social Justice in NYC

Hear what Executive Director Meggan Gomez has to say about her work at Theatre of the Oppressed NYC in this November, 2019 interview. Gomez talks about how the organization's unique theatrical process helps communities become more just, and how her journey began when she quit acting school to follow her calling. The road took her from Allentown, PA, to Bogotá, Colombia, Albuquerque, NM, Italy and back to the East Coast. Like our podcasts? You'll love our webinars. Register now! Subscribe to...


Community Theater Imagines the Future in a Changing Neighborhood

Sit on the porch with The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking and three guests from Indianapolis, collaborators who are engaging community theater, neighbors, and small business owners to imagine a better future. The guests are Moriah Miller of the Harrison Center, Keesha Dixon of Asante Children's Theatre, and Shirley Webster, a longtime resident and community organizer. The three were instructors at the 2019 Midwest Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit in Cincinnati in October....


Albuquerque and the Role of the City in Creative Placemaking

Albuquerque native Carlos Contreras has made a name for himself as a slam poet who now organizes community engaged art events through Immastar Productions. We caught up with him during his tenure at the City of Albuquerque as the municipality's Director of Marketing and Innovation. Find out what happened when The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking asked him to share his insights through teaching a session entitled, "Introduction to Creative Placemaking" at the 2019 Midwest Creative...


Storytelling, Peace, and Creative Placemaking

Listen in on this chat with Kiran Singh Sirah, Executive Director of the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, TN. He stopped in to record with us while visiting New York City for the United Nations International Day of Peace in September, 2019. He also joined the climate strike, Fridays for the Future, and was beginning a collaboration with the organizers on a storytelling game app. He also became involved in designing the nation's first storytelling hospital. Find out why he...


Mindfulness and "Heartfulness" in Creative Placemaking

Listen in on this conversation with Cornell Carelock, a hip-hop teaching artist and founder of True HeART Academy in Westchester County, NY. Carelock is a Certificate in Creative Placemaking graduate from the class of 2019 and developed a series of workshops that integrate arts modalities into mindfulness practice. In this conversation he talks about a concept he calls 'heartfulness' and why it's such a useful tool for practitioners in the field. This interview was recorded in August of...


Creative Placemaking in Alaska

Hear how the Anchorage Museum in Alaska has partnered with the Northern Norway Art Museum to address some of the challenges that are unique to Northern places. The museum is exploring equitable community solutions through its new Solutions for Energy and Equitable Design Lab (SEED Lab). This episode is a conversation with Julie Decker, Director and CEO of the museum and Bodil Kjelstrup, who is serving as curator of the SEED Lab. Kjelstrup is from the Northern Norway Art Museum, and the two...


Mapping the Treasures of Little Tokyo, LA

Dancing in a big circle? Show and tell? Drinking cocktails made from the fruit of an old tree? Flower arranging? These may not be the activities that one associates with anti-displacement community organizing, but they play a central role in fight to preserve Little Tokyo, LA, one of three remaining historic Japantowns in the nation. This episode is a conversation with Scott Oshima of the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center. The JACCC is involved in the campaign to preserve the...


Concerts and Creative Placemaking

Hear how free concerts transformed two communities in Texas and Nevada. We had a conversation with Sharon Yazowski, Executive Director of the Mortimer and Mimi Levitt Foundation; Patti Diou of the Levitt Pavilion in Arlington, TX, and Gina Lopez-Hill of the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City, NV. This episode touches on the power of getting the community together over free, outdoor concerts. Our guests give their programs credit for introducing couples who later got married, helping local...


Cultural Tourism in Lakota Country

Listen to this interview with a father-daughter team who are taking cultural tourism to the next level in South Dakota. Their company, Tatanka Rez Tourz, offers custom tours of the Pine Ridge Reservation that can feature music and dance performances, a discussion of tribal governance, a history lesson at Wounded Knee, genealogy, or a prayer ceremony. Warren "Guss" Yellow Hair and Tianna Yellow Hair do it all in the spirit of serving their community and telling their story to those who come...


Creative Placemaking in Rural Places

With the early 2019 release of "Rural Prosperity Through the Arts & Creative Sector" and the 2019 Rural Generation Summit, the creative placemaking world is turning its attention to arts and culture-driven economic and community development in less-populated areas. Bob Reeder, Program Director of Rural LISC, explains why it's important for people in the field to learn the 'languages' spoken in other sectors, and how that knowledge can result in more productive creative placemaking. We...


Using Ancient Traditions in Diabetes Fight

This episode is an interview with Queen Muhammad Ali who is using film to document the ancient food and pharmacopeia traditions in American Samoa. Her collaborators on the project are filmmaker Hakeem Khaaliq and media archivist David Neary, who completed work at MoMA in New York City. The name of the project is Manuia Samoa, and she will (did) present at the 2019 Pacific Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit in Los Angeles. The project began as a labor of love after her maternal...


Creative Placemaking at the Richland Library

Several lucky attendees at the 2019 Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit for the South and Appalachia were treated to a field workshop at the main branch of the Richland Library in Columbia, SC. We interviewed the workshop leader, Chief Program and Innovation Officer, Tony Tallent, to ask about the changing role of the public library and why creative placemaking can help the institution meet the needs of the community. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates. Like our podcasts? You'll...


Art Making and Conversation

We incorporated art making into one of our Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits to help summit attendees decompress and have conversations about community and home. We interviewed SaBrina Jeffcoat, the artist who made it happen at the 2019 Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit | South + Appalachia. Have a listen. And to learn more about our Summits across the country, please visit Like our podcasts? You'll love our webinars. Register now! Subscribe to our...