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CREATORS WHO MEAN BUSINESS! We road trip inside the "Mobile Incubator" with artists, performers, designers, writers and makers going full hustle!

CREATORS WHO MEAN BUSINESS! We road trip inside the "Mobile Incubator" with artists, performers, designers, writers and makers going full hustle!


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CREATORS WHO MEAN BUSINESS! We road trip inside the "Mobile Incubator" with artists, performers, designers, writers and makers going full hustle!




COMPETITION w/ Allyn Ginns Ayer

Lucas spends time with Miami-based lawyer/dancer Allyn Ginns Ayer to talk about COMPETITION how to be mindful when it comes to protecting creations of the human intellect.


VISION w/ Grimdrops

Lucas and artist Mike Grimaldi aka Grimdrop, have a sit down to talk about VISION. Talking about what's truly important about keeping your focus on your dream to make art and make a living.


IDENTITY w/ Monica Miller

Lucas has a chat with facilitating situations Director Monica Miller to talk about IDENTITY and how artists can identify themselves when creating biographies which can, in return, make them stand out to their audience, helping them make a living while doing what they love.


ASK w/ Diego Orlandini

Welcome to the season 3 opening of the Culture Hustlers podcast. Culture Hustlers Founder Lucas Spivey sits down with Diego Orlandini, Founder and Creative Director of AimfulMedia to talk about the topic of ASK about building trust when creating a sales funnel so sit back relax and learn how you can make art while making a living.



HOW DO PERFORMERS PANDEMIC PROOF THEIR CREATIVITY? In early 2020 COVID-19 cancelled all live events worldwide, but how do performers earn a living without a live audience? Across the globe, comedians, poets, dancers, teachers and musicians had to pivot to livestream to stay alive. Some things worked and some things didn’t, but we’ll never go back to the way things were. Here’s what we’ve learned about pandemic-proof creativity.


DON'T HATE, COLLABORATE | Artists Working Together For Tulsa

As creators we must do something never done before. But are we doing this alone? Or are we in it together? We brought the Mobile Incubator to Tulsa, OK to ask 100+ artists one question: How does collaboration expand your creativity? Sponsored by AHHA Tulsa Holly Becker, Assistant Producer Amber Litwack, Location Scout Lauren Teague Collins, Casting Caitlin Turner, Team Mascot Created by Culture Hustlers Edwin Ruiz, Director / Editor Lucas Spivey, Executive Producer / Host Angel...


WHAT MAKES AN ARTIST? | Creators Share Their Identities in KC

We asked 60 artists what made you creative? What was the moment you knew? What experience changed you? Hosted by Lucas Spivey, edited by Tun Myaing, music by Otis McDonald, Dan Leibowitz, Tours, Poddington Bear, and Sajada Domino


$9 JAR OF PICKLES | Would You Pay Twice The Price?

What makes local food better? More delicious? More nutritious? Or is it the story? We barnstormed Fermentation Fest in Reedsburg Wisconsin and asked 100+ people, "What local food would you be willing to pay double for?... And why?"


TAXPAYER TIME MACHINE | Seattle's Viaduct is History

The demolition of a two mile bridge invokes the collective ghosts of Seattle past and present. With $3.3 billion on the line, we jump into a time machine and find that rational decisions about money are emotional after all. Producer/Host: Lucas Spivey Sound Designer/Editor: Lucas Spivey Associate Producer: Julianna Ross, Space 101.1fm Audio: Poddington Bear, Otis McDonald Field Reporters: Amoshaun Toft Kristine Kim Neroli Price Trevor Pogue Kendra Hanna Ben Campion Karina...


THE MISEDUCATION OF CREATORS | How Good Grades Can F*ck Up Your Life

Why are most creators in worse shape after school? Grades can punish true creativity, and teach us to do what's already been done. Through his personal story, BFA/MBA Lucas Spivey lays out scandals in higher ed, arguing that it's time for creators to banish grades, and create a new kind of education, one that rewards true creativity.



Printmaker & public art provocateur Bryce McCloud created a new currency called Bryce Bux to stimulate the kindness economy of Nashville, Tennessee. What's the return on good deeds? Can you get rich quick on kindness? What's the value of art & relationships? #itsfreerealestate


SEX, POETRY & DETROIT | Rosemarie Wilson

U want naughty or nice? Rosemarie Wilson has a wall of awards for slammin both. Either as One Single Rose™ or Ms. Detroit™, she's a full hustle poet, playwright, singer, actress & author. She tells us her story of Detroit grind, intellectual property, performing erotic poetry internationally and in the bedroom! This ep is NSFW. 😛


$5K TO $200K: Le'Andra LeSeur

ArtPrize 10 winner Le'Andra Leseur turned a $5k grant into a $200k installation. Originally from the Bronx, Atlanta and currently in Jersey, Le'Andra got her bachelors in business on a basketball scholarship, but returned to get her BFA in photography. Her work embodies the pain, the power and the beauty of #blacklivesmatter.


ATHLETE 2 ARTIST: Blake McFarland

Retired Blue Jays pitcher Blake McFarland always wanted to make the major leagues. After a career ending injury, now he's taken that same discipline into his visual art. His upcycled tire art has been commissioned by Goodyear, Lululemon and sports arenas across the US. Producer, editor, sound designer: Jes Thayer Producer, editor: Lucas Spivey Theme: Otis McDonald Music: The Grand Affair


HIT ESC ON 9-5: Ellen Rutt

Ellen is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose work can be found on everything from album covers to eyeglass packaging to basketball courts, and whose murals bring life to cities around the world. I wanted to ask her about the role of social media and self-promotion in an artist’s life. But what really made me excited about this episode was Ellen’s path to becoming a full-time artist, which included freelance design, a full-time job, and was not complete without a total breakdown. But the...


F*CK FEAR: Sister Louisa

Grant Henry (AKA Sister Louisa) dropped out of seminary and pursued his "search for truth" into antiques, a gallery, two bars, a retail shop, and now a done up kids camp. In this episode you hear how his long winded business names have been both a blessing and curse, and how to deal with priests & nuns praying that you close your doors.


DON'T TRY, BE: Diego Orlandini

Wynwood Walls is the mecca for muralists. What's the value of being an authentic artist? How do we collaborate as creators? Diego Orlandini dreamed up the Wynwood Coloring Book and the Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book series, bringing together artists from the block all the way to Banksy.


STITCH IN TIME: Miss Monogram & The White Stitch

A mom & pop embroidery shop! Samantha Shepherd and Dustin White grew up in two different worlds that have threaded themselves together. Samantha is "Miss Monogram", she’s the creative eye, the one who comes up with ideas and quotes the custom work. Samantha grew up in a dry cleaning business, and one day her dad brought home an embroidery machine. As a young mother she patched together enough of her embroidery work to start her own creative business. Dustin is the back end of their 2nd store...


BOSS OF SAUCE - Nick Sambrato

Founder and boss of Mama's Sauce, Nick has to maintain century-old printing presses, and manage everything from alligators to hurricanes, to egos to expectations - not to mention whatever curveball the state of Florida throws his way next! Always the enigma, Nick is one part Action Jack and another part Willy Wonka with an unrelenting energy and passion for his unique pursuit.


99% PERSPIRATION: Lolo Reskin

Too talented to be just "the girl at the record store", Lolo applied an opportunistic mindset and professional demeanor to became an unconventional champion for the Miami music scene. Not only does she manage her own record store with her best friend, she is also a successful DJ, promoter, event planner, music programmer, television host, and more! In a city known for glitz and glamour, Lolo's success comes from practicality and straight forwardness.