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Damilare (@NYTypical) and Tyler Edwards (@Lax_Era) Talk about creativity, life and learning and what that means to culture and themselves

Damilare (@NYTypical) and Tyler Edwards (@Lax_Era) Talk about creativity, life and learning and what that means to culture and themselves
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Damilare (@NYTypical) and Tyler Edwards (@Lax_Era) Talk about creativity, life and learning and what that means to culture and themselves






Culture And Camaraderie Podcast Episode 16: Outliers

Hello Comrades, This is the coming of the 16 episode of the Culture and Camaraderie podcast with Tyler @Lax_Era and myself @NYTypical. On this weeks most thought provoking introspective industrious creative discussion: This week the guys talk about their thoughts and feelings on Outliers Extremist on both ends of the spectrum and that grey area in-between. We have a real go at understanding them when it comes to online relationships how that correlates in the real world and what we consider...


The Context of Characters and Kings

Hello Comrades this week on the culture and camaraderie podcast the guys talk about their favourite themes in motion picture storytelling, the King Archetype. During the podcast they intro some new topics such as tech business innovation, monopolies and the deal with the WEED business. At the tail end of the conversation bought them to a deep conversation about UK music tv and film. Where we have some great shows like TopBoy, Peaky Blinders & Viking all dealing with the king archetype and...


Moving By The Beat of Your Own Drum

Hello Comrades, this is the coming of the 14 episode of the Culture and Camaraderie podcast with Tyler (@Lax_Era) and Damilare (@nytypical). We take off on a twitter tangent talking about the position social media plays in our culture and how detrimental or positive that may be to someone's career how that can be used against you and mostly the negative opinions it perpetuates currently. Which bought about the question of the Podcast 'how do you let other people's opinions effect your work?'...


Creating on your own terms

Hello comrades, This weeks episode of the podcast was one of reflection and accountability Tyler and Damilare Discuss their Future as the Decade ends while reflecting on the past works they've done and what they've achieved and fall short in. Kicking it off. Damilare had his Book Launch on Sunday. Where they celebrated the coming of his company and the pre sale of the book ... After that Damilare wanted to drive the point of posterity and dealing with documentation a...


FiIl The Cup

Hello comrades, This week on the Culture and Camaraderie Podcast Tyler and Damilare get into a long music conversation that covers all aspects of the Creating Process, we talk song writing and writing music notes melodies and finding keys and learning CHORDS.


It's All About Story

Hello Comrades this week on the Culture and Camaraderie Podcast we talk about the passage Damilare has been on from the start of the year up until now, from writing the transcript, to formatting and editing, finding a location and sorting out the venue for the space along with starting His publishing company and publishing through it. Tyler spoke about the influences he's using throughout his story and how he's coming up the creating his story for his art piece, establishing his world. Then...


I am THAT Guy

Hello Comrades, this week on the culture and camaraderie podcast; Damedici kicks it off with a conundrum he is unsure of people who don't know how to interact with humans that are unlike them or have quirks that they are not in favour to, as those people will determine that person is not worthy of being around due to that quirk or personality trait. Damedici wants people to all get along and that isn't prone to happen so he make the case of his thesis of man, being a human is more than...


Progress or Pacify

Hello Comrades,In this episode Tyler and Damilare, go in depth on Damilare Ideas on menswear, particularly the ideologies behind the industrial aesthetic he believes is going to become more prevalent in the future. They also touch on masculinity, building relationships in the workplace and the mindset behind building a creative career. Follow us all socials @NYTypical (Damilare) & @Lax_era (Tyler) Leave a review and comment on our @CamaraderiePod


Dance Around Discipline

In Episode 8, @Lax_Era and @NYTypical talk about responsibility and discipline in work and life and what that means to us. Starting off LAX talks about Ryan Leslie and what he's learned from his interview and NYTpical really break into the discussion revealing that I'm almost done with second guessing himself want everyone to know it's okay to believe in yourself and your first idea might be the best idea. LAX Talks to NYT about his transition to fashion and NYT details the journey from the...


Negotiating with Time

BELOVED! Hello Comrades, We're back for episode 7 and this week, we go deep on time and how we negotiate the most important things in our life. @Lax_Era reflects on the 30 day beat challenge, the obstacles that arose and his change in focus due to recent events. @NYTypical also reflects on challenges he's had in the past with his craft and how his approach to negotiating time across his work, family and friends has allowed him to reach the place he's at now. (Apologies for the dips in the...


Anime, Talent and Building Relationships

Hello comrades! We're back with @NYTypical and @Lax_Era for episode six and another wide ranging discussion where we touch on the journey and influences that have built our skill sets and our perception on how talent is fostered. We discuss some of the anime and manga we used to watch and how its shaped us creatively and we even talk about building and navigating relationship within within our online communities.


How To be Your Best Self

.Hello Comrades Here we are on the fifth episode of the Culture and camaraderie podcast With @NYTypical & @Lax_Era We have really been enjoying the process of creating with Tyvarious these passed conversations have been very powerful, here on the fifth episode we have some light hearted tales with some well rounded perspectives on creating. During the podcast we talk about genius a little bit, with context being Kanye and Pharrell dealing with the frequency of genius one being seemingly...


Know Yourself Share Yourself & They Will Come

Here we are on the fourth episode of the Culture and camaraderie podcast With @NYTypical & @Lax_Era We talk about production accountability the creative process and great work to scale as well as Managing projects, understanding scope then running through the variable system analysis for yourself. Being an Elite level producer High performer and Creative Force, we share thoughts on "brand authenticity". Delve Deeper into the Luxury of life nd we get into it about being yourself and...


No Competition for the Learned

In this weeks podcast, we join Damilare @nytypical & Tyler Edwards @Lax_Era in another exploration of creativity, speaking about finances what is a creative vs an artist. Who do the best jobs really go to and what we have to learn for us to get from where we were to where we are now.


The Art Of Making A Classic

In this episode, we talk about the importance of production value, the essence of creativity and the process of making great art. This week we spent time unpacking many reasons we do what we do. All starting off with album Talk, Some JayZ J. Cole Kanye and Dreamville stuff. 0:00 To Talk on self discovery (28:35) Who are you speaking to (43:13) Who is in your bubble (1:13:25) True meaning of Culture and camaraderie (1:16:00) Artistry & structure (1:26:00) What Does it take (1:30:00)


Too Deep For a First Episode

Culture & Camaraderie - Episode 1 - Tyler and Dami introduce the podcast and what they hope to talk about over the coming episodes. The touch on Music, what it means to be a good person and Tyler Pery's inspiring BET Speech