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Fashion Month Discussions, and a Farewell to Karl Lagerfeld

Happy Monday! I'm off to Paris tomorrow for Fashion Week, but before I jet off, I'm joined in the studio today by the lovely Grace Gordon - Fashion Director at Savoir Flair to discuss all things fashion, and the happy haps around Fashion Month. We're chit-chatting about everyone from Maryam Nassir Zadeh to Khaite, J.W. Anderson, Christopher Kane, and the always emotional/ awe inspiring Marc Jacobs. Is Daniel Lee bringing back Old Celine via his new role at Bottega Veneta? What will Chanel...


The Not So Beautiful Side Of Social Media - Part 2

We're picking up our conversation from last week about debilitating and unattainable beauty standards in the age of social media, and how that's impacting mental health. Joining me again are Noor Tehini - Head of Content at Savoir Flair/ co-founder of Dubai based wellness platform - Goodness, and Amina Mohamad who heads up Communications and PR at Farfetch Middle East. In this week's episode we're discussing everything from injectables, to the aging process, as well as holding the...


The Not So Beautiful Side Of Social Media

For a long time now we've been bombarded with and forced to consume images that advocate and glorify unattainable and at times noxious beauty standards, which in turn has had an undeniable impact on the mental health of those consuming this content. While there have been countless discussions over the interweb about social media's part to play in all this, with the accompaniment of celebrated personalities that have amassed gigantic followings, the issues remain, and the seismic impact is...


Fashion Trust Arabia

I'm here in Beirut for the very first time, and thrilled to be sitting down with Fashion Trust Arabia's founder Tania Fares, one of its Executive Committee members Nez Gebreel on the importance of harnessing and cultivating regional homegrown design talent. The Fashion Trust is a non-profit initiative that offers business support through financial grants and mentoring to designers in the UK (as part of its partnership with the British Fashion Council), and more recently in the Middle East...


Time: Friend or Foe?

In this episode I'm thinking out loud about the concept of time, and whether or not it's on our side. I'm an individual who experiences debilitating levels of anxiety, self-doubt, and tends to not welcome change. Add to that the long and committed relationship I've had with nostalgia - reminiscing over my childhood and adolescence (though at times painful), but wondering how it all went by so fast.. And so, I decided to synthesize my thoughts on here (though not as articulately as I would...


This Is What I Sound Like?

Yay!!! It's finally here!!! Welcome to the pilot of DM FM - a podcast by Desert Mannequin hosted by me, Anum Bashir. For the very first episode, I was deeply averse to the idea of being on my own. Even for an extrovert like myself, the thought of putting my voice and opinions out there for thousands to consume felt daunting. So I rallied my husband into joining me to help get this much anticipated podcast off the ground, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. Together, Waqas and I are...