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The Dead Rabbits Podcast is a conversational hour that brings together artists, entrepreneurs, and diverse thinkers to express their unfiltered opinions on everything from Borges to Bureaucracy to Bama Sports. Join us, won’t you?

The Dead Rabbits Podcast is a conversational hour that brings together artists, entrepreneurs, and diverse thinkers to express their unfiltered opinions on everything from Borges to Bureaucracy to Bama Sports. Join us, won’t you?
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The Dead Rabbits Podcast is a conversational hour that brings together artists, entrepreneurs, and diverse thinkers to express their unfiltered opinions on everything from Borges to Bureaucracy to Bama Sports. Join us, won’t you?






Episode 27: Kicking the Ghost

Welcome welcome welcome—welcome I say! To the 27th episode of the Dead Rabbits Podcast brought to you by who tfe but us specters of late bunnies. Today we’ve got Moses Utomi, fellow Sarah Lawrence Fiction MFA’er—-and proud of it. Today we’re going to talk all things genre, from its place (or lack thereof) in MFA programs—save for the rise of speculative fiction—the way Moses gets his proverbial ass in the proverbial chair, and his utterly peculiar and exciting experience living in China, not...


Episode 26: Autofiction: Universal Virtue or Literary Selfie?

Welcome to the twenty-sixth installment of the Dead Rabbits podcast brought to you by who else but us of the warren deceased. Too soon? Too bad. Because today we're talking all things autofiction--that modern neologism for autobiographical fiction. Is it good for the technology, or is it the literary equivalent of a selfie? Does it come from a desire to portray the universal, or is it merely a clever sublimation of modern egocentricism bred by social media and its inherent focus on the self?...


Episode 25: Dear Ocean

Welcome back, bunny-people, for the 25th episode of the Dead Rabbits Podcast brought to you by--who else?--Dead Rabbits. Today we sit down with Kwame Opoku-Duku, a poet and prose writer whose book, Unbnd Verses, out with Glass Poetry Press, is a collection of poems that confront the comportment of black bodies in today's America. Kwame and yours truly discuss his trajectory--from his struggle to channel the dark energy of his youth into the light of his sparkling poetry, to his work with...


Episode 24: Y'all Means All

Welcome to the twenty-fourth episode of the Dead Rabbits podcast brought to you by Dead Rabbits, a literary press for books that matter. Today we've got the one and only Steve McCondichie of Southern Fried Karma Press on the podcast. Steve is a writer & entrepreneur & subversive southerner & a rebel since kindergarten from the outskirts of Hotlanta. As a publisher, Steve's mission is to tell a million stories of "Y'all Means All" and SFK Press is this sister press of our dreams. Join in to...


Episode 23: Bad Habits

Welcome to the twenty-third episode of the Dead Rabbits podcast brought to you by Dead Rabbits, a literary press for books that matter. Today we're talking all things rejection with three diligent, talented, and thoughtful writers in our community: Meher Manda, Crystal Yeung, and Sharmaine Ong. You'll remember Meher of An Angry Reading Series from our 9th episode, and she's come back to talk about her rejection journey alongside Crystal and Sharmaine. Join us as we go beyond rejections with...


Episode 22: No Rabbits Harmed

Welcome to the twenty-second episode of the Dead Rabbits podcast brought to you by Dead Rabbits, a literary press for books that matter. Today's is our third collage episode and the first one since our romp down in Little Rock. This one features a roundtable discussion with Joy Parisi and her cohort here at Paragraph: A Workspace for Writers--which is exactly what it sounds like. So settle in and listen up as we spend the next hour and change fielding questions about the press, listening...


Episode 21: I'm Trying To Tell You I'm Sorry

In this twenty-first episode of the Dead Rabbits Hour we welcome Nina Boutsikaris, a writer of prose with ambitions to start an arts residency near her home in the Hudson Valley. Nina is the author of the recently released I'm Trying to Tell You I'm Sorry from Black Lawrence Press, from whose breathtaking pages she offers an excerpt--but not before we embark on discussions surrounding what it means to write candidly about conflicts involving family and friends, her experience as an MFA...


Episode 20: What's in a name?

Welcome to the 20th episode of the Dead Rabbits podcast. We'd like to thank you for leasing twenty hours of your time over to the wisdom and fuckery of our burgeoning warren. Today we'd like to invite Elae [Lynne DeSilva-Johnson] who, as an agent of change across arts and progressivism and the founder of The Operating System, is most notably a creative practitioner, which affiliation they expound upon in the upcoming episode. We’re also happy to welcome back Caits Meissner, Director of the...


Episode 19: I love my job

On the cusp of our twentieth episode, we invite Devin Kelly, poet O.R. extraordinaire, who dragged along our good friend and peer Bud Smith, a fiction and nonfiction writer whose positive outlook and benefit-of-the-doubt disposition should be profiled and duly archived as a reliable manual to Save Us All. Anyway, today we'll talk about Bud's ability to balance long hours of heavy labor with writing, his new project, Teenager, coming out with the enviable Tyrant Books, and, of course, we'll...


Episode 18: On Shame & Writing

Welcome to the eighteenth episode of the Dead Rabbits Podcast, brought to you by persons eponymous (corporations are people too, people-bunnies), for which we've invited David Olimpio, Editor in Chief of Atticus Review and author of the stunning, memoiristic collection of linked nonfictions, THIS IS NOT A CONFESSION. Today we'll be talking about his hostile takeover of Atticus Review (kidding, he bought it fair and square -- but seriously, corporations are people too, rabbit-folk), the...


Episode 17: Minorities in Publishing

Welcome to the seventeenth episode of the Dead Rabbits Hour, brought to you by -- you guessed it -- Dead Rabbits. We welcome arts and social activist virtuoso Jenn Baker, host of the podcast Minorities in Publishing, contributing editor at Electric Literature, and many more things that you'll hear during her highly decorated introduction. Today we'll be talking about Jenn's work as a podcast host and activist for POC writers, editors, and artists, the responsibility of presses small and...


Episode 16: Cease & Desist

The Dead Rabbits Podcast is bursting with ebullience over our latest episode featuring the co-creators and -hosts of Amazon Book Club, perhaps the funniest literary podcast out there right now. Tune in to hear an impromptu sample of the ABC podcast -- i.e. us picking a ripely self-published book on Amazon and providing unparalleled insight as we read its first page -- and a discussion of the podcast's risks, which include receiving cease and desist letters from disgruntled...


Episode 15: Voices on Addiction

The Dead Rabbits podcast is turning fifteen episodes old. To celebrate, we've invited Britt Canty, co-founder of the Brooklyn-based reading series HIP Lit, board member for Epiphany Lit Mag, and a fine writer of prose. Today we talk all of these things and more, ending with a reading from 'One More Conversation,' an essay recently published in The Rumpus's Voices on Addictions column -- a stunning piece about how Britt navigated the relationship with her father and his alcoholism. The...


Episode 14: My father was right to leave

For the fourteenth episode of the Dead Rabbits Podcast we invite Dave Wiswell, comedian extraordinaire and victim of the true artist's necessarily depraved upbringing (kidding but not kidding). After giving and overview of his spectacular new YouTube show, Pop-up Interviews, Dave delves into his trajectory as a comedian, taking us on a tragicomic tour of his rise as a comedian and, hilariously, the nearly implausible litany of foibles and contretemps that came with his first few years of...


Episode 13: Please don't tell me about your dreams

Welcome to the thirteenth installment of the Dead Rabbits Podcast. We'd like to reintroduce Jared Pollen -- an Original Rabbit -- whose first collection of stories is debuting with Crowsnest, an imprint of Political Animal, a journal dedicated to high-level political discourse. In the vein of writers such as Don DeLillo and Christopher Hitchens, Jared's writing strikes an uncannily subtle brand of literary satire that at opportune moments dips almost imperceptibly into incisive...


Episode 12: 90% of the population is not lesbians

For the twelfth episode of the Dead Rabbits Podcast we invite Annie Krabbenschmidt, a writer of creative nonfiction and comedy, whether performative or simply written. Annie read her essay, "Apple Cider Donuts," at a recent reading - we were blown away, so much that we invited her on to talk about her work, which is a particle collider of human complexity. She makes it look easy, using nothing but honesty, humor, and precision to tell how difficult it was to discover her sexuality and share...


Episode 11: The Mighty Oat

For this eleventh episode of the Dead Rabbits Podcast, your fearless leader and arbitrarily-selected host, Brian Birnbaum, teams up with his producer(s), Katie Rainey, to welcome Christopher Gonzalez, a writer of fiction and nonfiction, editor at Barrelhouse Magazine, and digital production associate at Macmillan. After dedicating roughly half the episode to Chris's newly exalted status as an oat milk influencer, we move on to the writing community's love affair with Twitter, sexual...


Episode 10: Total Recall 2

In this tenth episode of the Dead Rabbits podcast we bring back the OG Dead Rabbits, Devin Kelly, George Sawaya, and Jared Marcel Pollen, to discuss technological disruption's impact on the future of writing and art. Beginning with House of Cards' origins in big data, your faithful host, Brian Birnbaum, and his gang of perishing bunnies navigate such topics as robot art, big data's potential impact on art, and the creative market's fate in the face of algorithmic advancement -- including the...


Episode 9: Dear Baby

Episode 9 of the Dead Rabbits Podcast features two of our favorite writers and reading series co-hosts: Meher Manda is a poet and journalist from Mumbai with an MFA from The College of New Rochelle; Chelsea Asher is a writer of fiction with an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, and the Editor-in-Chief of Lumina Journal. Both co-host the Angry Reading Series, which takes place at Grill on the Hill right here in NW Harlem. Together, the three of us talk writing, anger, and more, ending with a...


Episode 8: Prison Writing Part 2

In this eighth episode of the Dead Rabbits Podcast, we invite Caits Meissner, Director of PEN America's Prison Writing Program, and Sergio De La Pava, author of three novels, including his latest, Lost Empress, for the second part of our two-part Prison Writing series. Today we'll discuss everything from the state of justice in America to empathy's crucial role in American justice, as well as what we everyday folks can do to help bridge the divide that keeps so many people trapped in the...