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Episode 230: Staging Your Home for Sale

Live it - Love it - someday Sell it! Take our tips to enjoy your house now. Then have less stress when the time comes to move on & get the best price when you sell. Today's episode is all about staging your home for sale. Before we get to the tips, we want to give you something! Twenty percent off your purchase at Bespoke Decor!! Repeat customers, new customers all are welcome to use the code PODCAST20 at checkout to receive a discount of 20% off your whole order. Click HERE...


Episode 229: Summer Mantle Decor

It's summer-time and let's make sure your mantel is looking its best. There are so many great ideas we're sharing today with some easy things you can do to make your mantel Summer-ready. The beautiful painting Anita mentioned can be found HERE. If you want to hang barn doors in front of your door, you can find an affiliate link to the hardware HERE. Check out Anita's summer mantel HERE. See Yvonne's summer mantel HERE Kelly and Anita will be at Round Top Fall 2018!!! Find us...


Episode 228: Decorating With Succulents

One of the easiest and prettiest ways to add a pop of organic life to your home is with a plant. And one of the easiest plants to keep alive and thrive is a succulent. So it's only common sense you should try a bit of succulent beauty in your home! You can get both real and faux succulents and they are very inexpensive! Succulents make great party gifts or hostess gifts! Adorable! See Kelly's SUCCULENT 101 HERE. Have you seen the GORGEOUS succulent bridal bouquets! See some HERE, HERE, HERE....


Episode 227: Must Know Sofa Secrets

It is the probably one of, if not THE, biggest & most expensive piece of furniture you will purchase for your home - THE SOFA. We want you to get it right and be happy as a clam on the seashore with your choice. So we share our collective knowledge and and "sofa woes" with you. Giving you the what's what on ALL you need to know about choosing a sofa. From eight way hand tied springs to fabric choices we cover it all. You'll learn, you'll laugh, you might even commiserate ... you'll get...


Episode 226: What's Going On at Our Houses

We're always decorating, and today we're sharing what projects we have in the works. Yvonne is doing a gallery wall in her home and decorating her daughter's home. Kelly is doing no-till gardening and Anita is adding monograms like crazy and decorating her daughter's room at her new home. Looking for something beautiful for your home? Be sure to check out our new online shop. We've already outgrown our first website, and upgraded recently. Our store is called BESPOKE DECOR. CLICK HERE to...


Episode 225: How To Shop For Home Decor Without Getting Overwhelmed

Are you overwhelmed when you shop for home decor? Are there too many options? Too many places to look? Just too many moving parts to shopping for things for your home!!! We feel you and understand. And we also have a strategy for you to be able to shop and find the things you love for your home. And enjoy the process. Ready? Let’s get to it… Many times small online stores that primarily carry a style you love is a great place to start! Try shopping at Anita and Kelly’s shop....


Episode 224: Performance Fabric - What's the Deal?

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! Because nothing says 4th of July like performance fabrics... Today we are answering your questions & our own on just that very topic! Questions like, _really, what is a performance fabric? How can it work best for me? Indoor, outdoor, green not green and more... _ If you are curious as we were about the real scoop on these fabrics tune in we'd love to have you with us as always! _And no Nita Jean - it is not Kryptonite! _ (Listen in to know what I am talking about)...


Episode 223: Create a Timeless Living Room

Trends are fun, but they come and go. You don't want a trendy sofa, unless you don't mind replacing it every 3 years. We like to use a lot of classics in the living room since it means you won't need spend a lot to keep your home looking up to date. Today we are revealing our best tips for creating a timeless living room design. One tip is to add a few vintage or antique pieces to the mix. We also suggest looking to the past to see what was popular in the past that still looks good. Those...


Episode 222: Decorating with Dishes

Don't let your dishes just sit in your cupboards. Don't you know they are waiting for you to play! Anita, Kelly, and Yvonne say, GET OUT YOUR DISHES AND PLAY!!! We have lots of ways to decorate with dishes. Vintage or new, dishes are made to be seen in every room! HomeGoods is a great source for dishes and especially white dishes and dishware!!!! Vintage shops have BEAUTIFUL, inexpensive china for pennies on the dollar! Make sure you visit your local shops! Yvonne's favorite plates are those...


Episode 221: How to Celebrate the 4th of July

Lite up your sparkler & join us as we discuss all things red, white & blue. From decor and entertaining to a few recipes tossed in the mix. There is still time to do several of these ideas before the 4th so tune in, even if it just for the laughs! Lawn stencils who knew ?! Click HERE ( Can't go wrong with red, white & blue reusable melamine dishes. Click HERE ( Or gold plastic flatware - that is also re-usable -...


Episode 220: Steps to Create a Timeless Kitchen

Creating a timeless kitchen is easier than you think. If you are designing a kitchen, think about the elements that are not trendy. Think of things you can add that have been in style for a long time. I like to use white subway tile, white cabinets, with black, white or gray counter-tops. Marble, white granite, gray quartz or quartzite are all classics. If something looks very '2018' then it's won't be in style for the long haul. Be careful about choosing the counter-tops, appliances, and...


Episode 219: How To Freshen Your Home in 10 Minutes

No, it's not impossible to freshen up your home in 10 minutes. Maybe not the whole house but you will be surprised how much you can get done in just 10 little minutes! Let's get busy and freshen up our home! Set a timer and race against it!!!!! You can get a whole lot done if you work fast! A vignette is an easy and quick idea to add to a room! Or switch out things in the vignette! Get rid of all the magnets and art on your frig. Instant freshen up! Make a bulletin board of kids artwork on a...


Episode 218: Sneak Peek Trends 2019

You love talking about trends as much as we do! We know you do, so let's dive into a sneak peek at 2019! Color Palette prediction creamy white, camel and black. Want to add an of the moment black - make it mat black, like Kelly has been doing. She says rich gold touches are here to stay for 2019 too! Bedroom as a sanctuary is is no brainer in 2019. We need a place to relax & unwind from the business of life. Visit Kelly's HERE (


Episode 217: Lampshades 101

Today it's all about lampshades. What is the best lampshade for your lamp? We're talking about how to choose the right lampshade and what we recommend. Here is a diagram showing the parts of a lamp. CLICK HERE. Drum shades are our favorites. This burlap on ( is a top choice. This little lamp with a metal shade ( is pretty awesome. We are passing on the little chandy shades these days. How about you? Some of Anita's favorite lamps can be...


Episode 216: The Great Decorating Debate

The next question is... do you "chop" your pillows or not? The 1,000 everyday people asked like the NON chopped look! Some of us are choppers and some not! Staying with the pillow subject ... should the pillows on your sofa match exactly with your sofa? By 65% people did not like the matchy-matchy look? What would you say? Yvonne says, "Use your eyes to decide what things are more pleasing to you"! Where should you put a sofa? Most people prefer a sofa against the wall. But we love a sofa...


Episode 215: Do's and Don'ts of Mixing Wood Tones

Oh there is A LOT to mixing wood tones and getting it right. No surprise as there is a lot of wood in the world, in the structure of your house and in the decor you choose. We have so many tips to share - the bottom line is, YES - mix wood tones. Listen in so you get it right... For example, Anita got it so wrong once she "HAD" to move! To avoid that predicament tune in today! Choose 3 tones to mix. Add in black or other painted pieces. Kelly's favorite mat black spray paint is HERE...


Episode 214: Tips to Transform Your Junk

Oh boy if you have some junk in your home, we're talking about how to transform it today. We are playing a game of 'How would you transform this?' We all have some things in our homes that we don't know what to do with. Today we're asking each other for ideas. If you have some junk in your home, we hope this gives you some ideas on how you can transform your stuff. If you have empty frames, CLICK HERE to see how Anita uses them. One way to transform your room is to grab something from...


Episode 213: Easy Ways to Add Character To Your Home

Does your home exude character? Does it have a look all its own? Adding character to your home no matter what style will make your home one in a million! Today let's talk about what we can do to add character to our homes. One way to do add character is to replace the doorknobs and look for vintage ones like crystal. Look for little things to add to your home like a tassel hanging from a doorknob or lamp. Add shutter to the back of your home and replace a solid door with one that has...


Episode 212: Squeeze the Most Out of Your Closet Space

Let's consider your closet space and squeeze every inch out of it for all your stuff. We bet after you listen you will be able to gain lots more space in your existing closet. Here are some ideas for you to get organized, ultilize every bit of space and be able to find everything fast so you can get out of the closet & enjoy your day! Purge first and when you do HERE ( is some information on Dress for Success in case you'd like to donate there. Go up, under &...


Episode 211: Best Decor Ideas for Renters

You've been asking and now we are delivering. What are the best ways to decorate a rental? You can't move walls or rip out the kitchen, but it turns out there are a lot of things you can do. And many of these ideas will also work if you own your own home. Think re-position-able wallpaper, replacing pulls and knobs in the kitchen. Add rugs or even paint. Just keep in mind, you might have to paint it back when you move out. It's French day in the DTT shop today! We've included several...