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Best of: Design Lessons That Will Make You a Better Decorator

Today we talk about lessons that will make you a better decorator. We love learning, and sharing all we have learned about making your home beautiful. Here are some of our favorite lessons. Take a picture of the room first. When you look at the photo, you'll notice things you didn't notice standing in the room. And then as you make changes you'll have a before photo. Be sure to take a photo after you make changes too! Make sure your layout works for your room. Sliders for moving furniture on...


Be Happier, The Psychology of Decor

We all want to be happier, and did you know that your home can go a long way to helping you feel happier? We want you to walk into a room with fresh eyes, and to see, really see what is in the room and how it is making your feel. Do you avoid being home? Do you dread walking in the door? You experience a room with your senses. We've got a very special deal at BESPOKE DECOR today. It's a 45 min consult with Kelly and Anita for a very special price - $75 for just a short time! Use the...


Demystifying Neutral Colors

Something always lies right beneath the surface ... In the case of neutrals what lies beneath is the undertone. Listen in & learn about undertones & you'll crack the code of neutrals in your decor. Neutrals we love: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray Ben Moore Revere Pewter Ben Moore Gray Ben Moore Huntington White Sherwin Williams Natural Choice Farrow & Ball Blue Leaning Gray Ben Moore Barrista Two grays Kelly swears by and not about ( no undertones here! ). Read about these paints HERE...


Accent Chairs to Love Now

Accent chairs add so much character to a room and can help make it feel cozy. Picture a comfy chair sitting by a fire or a window. Inviting isn't it? Add a small table, a book or magazine and you have the perfect destination. To help you find your perfect accent chair we are sharing our favorites. Anita's favorite chairs are below. Nightingale settee HERE Heritage young armchair HERE Swedish rococo chair HERE kubu chair HERE Louisa bergere chair HERE Shephard armchair HERE Lyster armchair...


How to Photograph Your Home

You asked for this episode ... so here it is! "How to Photograph you Home" Whether it is for your Instagram, to share with family & friends, to promote your home on Air BnB or VRBO or to sell by owner. Learning how to take beautiful photographs is useful, creative & can be a hobby that lasts a lifetime. Listen in for all the tips & advice. Click below for the specific items and things we reference. Get a tripod HERE ( How about a tripod for your phone HERE...


Decorator Lingo To Know

Do you know what a demilune is? How about chinoiserie? What is the difference between welting and piping? I love to learn, so this is a fun episode for me. It's always good to know decorating terms, so when you hear them, you'll know exactly what is being said. Caution, you'll be graded on this test! Just kidding. Anita is crushing on the Overdrive app that is great for borrowing audiobooks for free from your local library. The files download directly to your phone! OVERDRIVE APP Kelly is...


Decorating For Entertaining

Fantastic tips & advice for entertaining on any scale from an impromptu get together to a full fledged affaire! This episode is inspired by our long time listener turned friend Darcy H. Thank you Darcy!! We are celebrating a milestone too - we recently surpassed 200 hours of podcast episodes. That's a lot of talking! Welcome to all the new subscribers who have come over from Kelly's YouTube channel. Join her there by clicking HERE ( Listen in for all...


Gettin' Real, Treasure Hunting Truths

Let's talk how to know when you've got the real McCoy! Is it real? Is it fake? Is it worth anything? We're talking about some of our favorite antique pieces and what we look for when we're shopping. How do you know when the silverware is French? Can you tell if a dish is ironstone? Listen in. affiliate links If you want to study American silver hallmarks, try Kovel’s American silvermarks CLICK HERE. If you want to study English silver hallmarks, try Jackson’s Guide to Hallmarks CLICK HERE....


Summer Decorating Tips

Summertime and the decorating is easy... Easy when you listen to DTT ! Summer decorating might just be more about what you take away than what you add. Remove and store away any items that say winter. That is includes the beloved furry monogolain pillows! Maybe you take down drapes & let the room bask in even more sunlight. If you are adding for summer, how about: A straw hat casually hung on a hook or from a chair back; HERE...


Wallpaper, We've Got You Covered

We are loving wallpaper. It's such a great way to add pattern to a room, and there are so many gorgeous papers available. There are also exciting things happening in the industry, with new products to make our lives easier. There are wallpapers that can be used on uneven walls. There's also wallpapers that are easily removable. sources for removable wallpaper hygge & west chasing paper walls need love west elm wall candy arts wallternatives ebay is a great place to find wallpaper...


Your Ceilings, Taking It Up a Notch

Your ceiling - the "5th wall" presents an opportunity to add great style to your decor. Sure ... ceiling white is fine - but why be fine when you can be FABULOUS! This episode is brought to you by Diane James Home. Click the box below for a chance to win a $150 gift certifictae to Diane James. In addition to the chance to win, everyone entered will get a discount for 15% your purcahse at Duane James Home. Soooo many opportunities for ceiling enhancement: Paint Metallic paint Repositional...


How Not To Blow Your Decor Budget

We all have a budget, and it's so hard to stick to it. Today we're talking about how to not blow your budget, and we've got some of our favorite tips to share. Staying on budget means that you need to think about the long haul, and not about instant gratification. Sometimes you have to wait for that special thing. Don't fall into the trap of buying filler pieces that you don't don't really like. It's okay to have empty spaces in your home. Be sure you know what items cost, then you'll know...


Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, Style It

It is said that design is in the details. Well, we think it is everywhere big & small, ... but the details definitely separate a nice room from a fabulous room. Details give personality, charm & style to your decor. Today we give you several simple ideas for adding details that will easily make your rooms fabulous! Use Kelly's idea for hanging mirrors or art. Hardware can be a wonderful detail that enhances your decor. Listen ot the hardware episode HERE...


Create Your Signature Color Palette

We've talked about creating your own signature style (CLICK HERE) but you know what's just as important? We think it's developing your own signature color palette. It's important to decide what colors you want to use. Limiting these colors to your signature ones, will help your home to feel cohesive. It helps when you want to move things from one room to another, and it makes it easier when you are shopping for decor. Try to stick to 3-5 colors for your palette. We mentioned the episode...


Decorating With House Plants

House plants literally & figuratively breathe life into your decor. They clean the air, fill akward spaces and give height. Do you have any in your home? Well, you should! Don't tell us you have a brown thumb. We don't believe in those or green thumbs for that matter. Choose the right plant for the right spot and follow some common sense advice and you'll be growing like a pro! Add spanish moss to a potted plant for a finished look and to help retain the moisture. Get a bag or two HERE...


Finding Your Flair

We want you to create or hone your own signature style! Do you already have a signature style! Let's talk about refining it. Don't have one yet? Let's talk about getting started. It's all about creativity, expressing your personality and having fun. Check out Anita's signature style in her Instagram feed HERE. Check out Kelly's signature style in her Instagram feed HERE. Did you hear that we were the #2 design podcast in Finland? We love you Finland!!! Don't miss the giveaway going on at...


Terrific Tips for a Bedroom Refresh

Wake up your bedroom with our terrific tips! Easy, inexpensive & moreover, effective. After listening to this episode you will be well on your way to the bedroom sanctuary of your dreams! For ideas for art over your bed listen to our recent wall art episode. Click HERE ( See Kelly's bedroom & furry bench HERE ( Watch Kelly's bedroom sanctuary VIDEO HERE...


Two Decor Pieces to Love Again

There are two pieces that you CAN love again! Today we are talking about refreshing china cabinets and light fixtures. We have so many terrific ideas to update these decor pieces to give them new life. This episode was inspired by Donna M. Thanks Donna - great episode idea! Connie F was thinking along the same lines & sent us gorgeous photos of the china cabinet she transformed. Way to go Girl!!! One thing you can do is change out the lampshade on your lamp for a fresh look, or you can spray...


Decorating Mistakes, Avoid or Fix

We all make them - but do you know how to fix them? We do! Sharing loads of tips on how to avoid making decorating mistakes & how to fix the mess when it happens. We cover so much in this epsiode - from making a plan for decorating to nitty gritty details. Anita used her "employee discount" for her crush. She is totally smitten with our new toile pillows. See them HERE ( My crush today is quote that...


Perfect Porch and Patio Decor Ideas

It's spring and that means everyone is ready to go outdoors and enjoy the weather. Is your patio or porch ready? Today we are covering lots of ideas for getting your porch ready to enjoy the warmer weather. You'll be all set for entertaining, but don't wait until company is coming to go enjoy it. Grab that glass of something delicious and head out there! Thank you to Debbie B for suggesting this podcast topic. As with an indoor room, we always suggest you start by taking a before photo. Look...