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Decorating Mistakes, Avoid or Fix

We all make them - but do you know how to fix them? We do! Sharing loads of tips on how to avoid making decorating mistakes & how to fix the mess when it happens. We cover so much in this epsiode - from making a plan for decorating to nitty gritty details. Anita used her "employee discount" for her crush. She is totally smitten with our new toile pillows. See them HERE ( My crush today is quote that...


Perfect Porch and Patio Decor Ideas

It's spring and that means everyone is ready to go outdoors and enjoy the weather. Is your patio or porch ready? Today we are covering lots of ideas for getting your porch ready to enjoy the warmer weather. You'll be all set for entertaining, but don't wait until company is coming to go enjoy it. Grab that glass of something delicious and head out there! Thank you to Debbie B for suggesting this podcast topic. As with an indoor room, we always suggest you start by taking a before photo. Look...


Bathroom Trends to Try Now

The bathroom is second only to the kitchen in top rooms to renovate and refresh. Today we have a look at the latest bathroom trends. Then we tell it like it is on what will remain classic choices that will add value to your home for your enjoyment & re-sale. This is an important episode to listen to as the bathroom is an intregal part of your home and can be a real value add upon re-sale if done right. Check out the beautiful & inexpensive matt black hardware available at D. Lawless...


Fresh Budget Decorating Ideas

We think that 'budget' is a dirty word! Sadly it's part of most everyone's lives, so it's important to know how to work magic on a budget. Listen in to hear our favorite tips for decorating your home on a budget. If you want even more ideas check out these previous episodes on budget decorating HERE and HERE. Read HERE ( for information on the peel & stick tiles Kelly mentioned. Want to paint your fabric chairs?...


Top Pinterest Trends 2019

Pinterest is a fabulous source for all sorts of inspiration, especially of the home decor kind. It is a positive force on the internet and a giant search engine with beautiful answers. Today we are exploring the 2019 Top Trends on Pinterest based on user searches. BONUS - Before we get going with the Pinterest Trends - head's up, today is the last day to enter the D. Lawless Hardware $250 give away. Kelly has tossed in a signed copy of her book along with the generous gift certificate! Enter...


Victoriana, Painting a Fireplace & More ...

Victoria and Albert don't only have a hot TV show, but they are also impacting our modern lives in ways that you might not realize. How are they still impacting how we currently live our lives? Listen in. Victoria and Albert have changed Christmas traditions and wedding traditions. They also made many other things popular like giving gifts to significant other, and pet portraits! Listen in as we answer a frequently submitted listener question. How to paint a brick fireplace. We get into the...


Faux Flowers and Plants

We are giving faux flowers & plants a closer look ~ and guess what ... ? We like what we see. Today's faux are a vast improvement over years gone by. That being said, all fauxs are not created equal. ( Dont forget to enter the $250 D. Lawless Give Away! Enter HERE ( We found the best, have loads of tips & suggestions on how to incorporate fauxs ~ and as always share it all with you! Always love a preserved boxwood wreath - find the one Kelly has HERE...


How to be Happier In Your Home

When we see images on pinterest and instagram, it can be a wonderful inspiration for future projects, we get ideas but there's a dark side to the social media. Sometimes we begin to hate our houses because they don't measure up. Here are our tips to be content with your home and to make everyday life in your home a joy. Find Kelly's laundry room redo HERE. Here are the links to specific products mentioned in the podcast. These may contain affiliate links. pretty dishwashing gloves HERE nice...


Inspired Spring Decor Ideas

Are you feeling it? Spring is here! Today we are putting SPRING in your decor. From simple re-freshes to items to add and DIYs to create we loads of ideas and inspiration for you! If you haven't already enter to win a $250 gift certificate to our favorite home hardware shop, D. Lawless Hardware. Click HERE ( to enter. Watch Kelly's video with details/tutorials for 5 fabulous spring decor ideas. Watch HERE (


Prior Trends Making a Comeback

What are the prior trends that are making a comeback? Turns out there are quite a few. As they say, they're nothing new under the sun. Trends seem to come and go, but when they come back, they are often repackaged with a new name. Here are some of the trends that seem to be back. art deco rattan/wicker/bamboo boho living rooms vintage appliances Here are the links to specific products mentioned in the podcast. Contains affiliate links. Kelly is loving the hourglass wicker side table CLICK...


Must Know Sources For Wall Art

Finding the right wall decor is a challenge. We know you think so too as we have gotten many requests for help in this department. So today we are sharing many sources for beautiful, unique, meaningful wall decor. Let's get right to it: Marian Parsons aka Miss Mustard seed has turned her talents to painting on canvas and we are thrilled. Her work is truly beautiful and so well prices. You can purchase originals at Daily Paint Works or reprints at Society 6. Click HERE...


You've Got Style, But Which One?

Do you know your decorating style? Let's talk about several of the popular styles. We think it's important to know a bit about what your particular style is, so you will have some direction when you are shopping for new things. Here are a few of the styles we discussed are COUNTRY FRENCH, SHABBY CHIC, COASTAL, MODERN, CONTEMPORARY, TRADITIONAL, TRANSITIONAL, MINIMALIST, GUSTAVIAN, AND ECLECTIC. Sign up for the Cactus Lounge Giveaway!!! CLICK HERE Contains affiliate links. Kelly is crushing...


Hardware Update and Trends

Home hardware is the unsung hero of decor. If design is in the details ~ it is surely in the hardware you choose. The right hardware, whether knobs, pulls, handles and hinges can complete your look. Today we talk all about the best hardware to choose, the new trends in finishes and we have a fantastic $250 give away. Updating your home hardware is a terrific, inexpensive way to upgrade kitchen cabinets, doors and thrifted furniture. Sometimes all a pieces needs a new knob. D.Lawless hardware...


Decorating With Complementary Colors

We have something complementary for you today ... a lesson in COMPLEMENTARY colors and how to use them to your advantage in your decorating. Blue - Orange Yellow - Purple Green - Red Yup, those are the 'complementary' colors, but are they or are they not. Science says they are and we explain how you can use them in your home to great effect. Plus we ring in on things like the Howard Johnson's logo and what to do with your kids when you want to DIY... all in this one episode. Tune in for all...


Best Method For Decorating a Bookcase

Armed with our formula for creating a styled & meaningful bookcase you will be able to design your shelves with one eye closed & a hand tied behind your back! Fool proof tips & advice for a space that is hard to get right. We start off with a controversy of sorts ... find out which way we land on it! Not just books, but decorative items, photos, slavage pieces, tall, short, medium height there is a place for so many of your special things on your bookshelf, but not too many of them. Listen...


Game Changing DIY Updates Under $100

DIY updates for less than $100 are inexpensive ways to seriously spruce up your home. Here are a few of the ideas mentioned in the episode - Anita mentioned her #DIYfail with her new wall hanging, CLICK HERE to see the wall hanging. remove the attic stair string CLICK HERE to see how Anita did it. These notes may contain affiliate links. Refresh your stained front door with this product Anita loves CLICK HERE. Check out all of the fabulous things at our store BESPOKE DECOR STORE. Anita's...


New Kitchen Trends 2019

Hands down most used & useful room in the house ~ the kitchen. A great reason to have it organized, up to date and ... BEAUTIFUL. We dissect the 2019 kitchen trends for you. Tell you what is worth jumping on the band wagon with and what you can let pass by. Also ... ring on the still burning kitchen question ... to open or not! ( excuse the pun! ). The umbrella trend for kitchens in 2019 is seamless. We talk all about what that might look like for you. Backsplashes they are not just for...


Design Lessons That Will Make You a Better Decorator

Let's talk about lessons that will make you a better decorator. We love learning, and sharing all we have learned about making your home beautiful. Here are some of our favorite lessons. Take a picture of the room first. When you look at the photo, you'll notice things you didn't notice standing in the room. And then as you make changes you'll have a before photo. Be sure to take a photo after you make changes too! Make sure your layout works for your room. Sliders for moving furniture on...


Let's Detox Your Home

You will be SHOCKED to know the number of chemicals lurking in the average home! We are here with info, tips & suggestions to help you rid your home of as many as possible as quickly as possible. And because this topic & the action you will take after you listen, is so important to your health please share this epiosde with a friend or family member. Copy this link: & share the health! Let us know via email if you would be interested in...


Trends That Have Lost Their Tread

What Trends are Done? Let's talk about the trends that are over. Remember when buying trendy decor, it's best to not spend too much on home decor trends. If it's super hot today, then it will be out in a few years. You don't want to be ripping out your kitchen counter top every 5 years or even your sofa. We suggest going with classics for your big ticket items, then buy inexpensive items that are on trend, so it's not a large amount of money. Then when the trend is over, you won't be sad....