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Episode 281: How To Use The Color Rule

Often we say "Rule - Schmule" ~ well, something like that. We generally like to pave our own decorating road and encourage you to do the same. That being said, there are some tried & true rules which when followed make decorating easier and the look better. Today we go over one of these rules, so you know it, understand how to apply it and you know when to hold 'em & when to fold 'em with respect to it. Listen in for the rule, a terrific listener question and a coming together to help...


Episode 280: Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage

What is the difference between collectibles, vintage and antiques? Today we're talking about what constitutes an antique or a vintage item, and how you can learn about how old the item is and if it is priced too high or too low. We love enjoying vintage and antique things in our homes, and we enjoy keeping these things in good condition so they are safe for the next generation. These items are a piece of the past and the workmanship is often unparalleled. Check out the vintage items in our...


Episode 279: How The French Live Without Decorating

Oh the French ~ they make it all look so divinely effortless. But seemingly effortless style & decor is not only in the realm of the French. Anyone can achieve this look ~ it is more of an approach than a style. But that approach packs a lot of style. Listen in ... The French apprpoach to decor: ~ embraces imperfection ~ shuns the matchy matchy ~ seeks items with character ~ prizes functionality ~ let's life happen Listen in to hear how all that comes together in the nonchalant, yet oh so...


Episode 278: House Rental, Is it For You?

Have you thought of renting out your home for a vacation rental? Let's chat about why you might want to, and some things to consider. There are several things things you'll need to do to get your home ready for rental. CLICK HERE to see Anita's vacation rental home. CLICK HERE and HERE to see some tips for prepping your home as a vacation rental. Looking for something beautiful for your home? Be sure to check out our online shop. CLICK HERE to see our current sales. Have you heard that Anita...


Episode 277: Brown Furniture, Bummed or Blessed?

You've got some. We know you do. The question is how do you feel about it ? Today we dive deep into a discussion of "brown furniture". Prompted by a request this episode is sure to shed some light on how brown furniture is view today and what to do with yours. Listen in ~ Brown Furniture Bummed or Blessed! So Kelly was asked to ring in on this topic. That request prompted lots of thought. Not soul searching exactly, more like stain searching ... Listen in to see how we feel about our brown...


Episode 276: Transitioning Fall To Thanksgiving

If you've decorated for fall, it's time to start thinking about how you'll transition your fall décor into Thanksgiving décor. No cross-holidation for us! See how Yvonne does the transition HERE. Designthusiasm can be found HERE. Speaking of transitions, today is a day of transitions for us. We're so sad that today is Yvonne's last day to host Decorating Tips and Tricks. But we completely understand that she needs to spend more time with her young grandchildren. Looking for something...


Episode 275: Coziest Recipes For Fall

Fall is a great time for cozy recipes. We love to cook and bakes, especially in the fall. Today we'ere sharing our very favorite fall recipes. So get ready for some mouth-watering recipes. This is the recipe Anita uses for pumpkin pancakes, CLICK HERE. Yvonne's baked oatmeal is HERE. Anita loves making the Lancaster Hotel's red pepper bisque, CLICK HERE. Kelly's pumpkin seed recipe is HERE. Kelly love Ina Garten's Spicy turkey meatballs and spaghetti recipe, CLICK HERE. Yvonne's raw apple...


Episode 274: Accesories That Will Make Your Room Amazing

Accessories make a room. They are what give your spaces personality. Accessories can tell a story an evoke a vibe. You want yours to be telling the right tale. So listen in for ideas & inspiration on the real fun part of decorating ~ accessories! Accessories can be VERY budget friendly! Plants & flowers add an engery to a room that no decor items can ~ add some! Texture IS an accessory! Check out the Styled & Set tour Kelly mentioned HERE...


Episode 273: Do This Now For The Holidays

The Holiday's will be here before you know it! Are you thinking about them yet? If you start to get organized NOW you will have a more merry and less harried Holiday! So let's start making a list and check them twice! Whether you do a little decorating or a lot you should enjoy it! Our best advice is... If decorating and planning and shopping and baking get too much and not fun... just STOP! Pare back and enjoy! See Yvonne's GIFT WRAP STATION HERE. Looking for something beautiful for your...


Episode 272: Not Just Passing Thru - Hallway Decor Tips

We love to decorate the entire house, so we don't want you to leave out your hallway. It should look just as amazing as the rest of your home! Today we're sharing some of our favorite ideas for upping your hallway game. Try using a rug to add some textiles and texture to the hallway. Look for some great molding too. Be sure artwork is sized properly for your hallway. You can visit our friend Rachel at the Frugal Farmhouse, CLICK HERE, and on IG HERE. Looking for something beautiful for your...


Episode 271: Liven it Up - Living Room Decor Tips

Living large in the living room ! This has nothing to do with size, but how you outfit this room for function, comfort & style. See yours with new eyes today. That new perspective, coupled with our help may just make this your favorite room in your house. This is the perfect time of the year to re-examine, re-think and maybe even re-arrange your living room. After all many people only enter the living room for holidays & with company. ( funny that it is called the living room - maybe more...


Episode 270: Secrets To An Organized Master Bedroom Closet

Organized closet - organized LIFE ! Most often you'll start your day there, so start it right. Today we have secrets & tips to help you get it together in your closet. Listen in and then head to your closet ! Learn about "DISCARDIA" and how to celebrate it with us!! Get those fuzzy velvety hangers so your stuff doesn't slide off. Click HERE ( How about a limited # of slots for shoes. See a nice rack HERE ( Step stool to reach the upper...


Episode 269: Tips, Fast and Furious

We're the tip girls and today we're offering tips, tips, tips fast and furiously! We've got ideas from for your entire house and even your front porch. Check them out. One of our first tips is to add something off-beat to every room. This gives your room personality Looking for a terrific source for frugal finds, thrifted treasures and wonderful home tours? Then visit our friend Rachel at the Frugal Farmhouse, CLICK HERE. Subscribe to Rachel's YouTube channel and enjoy weekly videos filled...


Episode 268: Elevate Your Happiness Every Day

Today's tips are all about slipping beautiful, things, moments & opportunities in your everyday. If you do you will most definitely elevate your everyday and end up feeling happier. We go through your day from morning to night and every moment in between with ideas ... and yes, lots of laughs! Laughing along with us most definitely will make you & us happier! The bottom line is that it is your mind set... so open your minds to elevating your everyday. Let's dive in... Anita has wonderful...


Episode 267: Creating Autumn's Glow

One of our favorite things about Fall is being able to put on some candlelight or other soft lighting when the evenings get shorter. You would be surprised by how many ways we can light up Autumn's nights! See Yvonne's favorite battery operated candles with remote HERE. They are on sale now! We also love fairy lights! You can see them HERE. Log slices are great to put candles on. You can see one HERE One of the most asked about accessories in Yvonne's home are the white punched ceramic...


Episode 266: Decorating Blunders - How to Fix Them

We have all made decorating blunders; some of us have made a lot of them. Because The three of us have made so many blunders, we're well versed in how to fix them. The great news is that most of them can be fixed. First, be sure you know your decorating style. If you don't, then you are probably going to buy things that don't work with your style. It may not have a cohesive look. Check out our tIps for figuring out what you decorating style is, CLICK HERE. Some of the most common blunders...


Episode 265: Decorating With No Entry

Welcome ~ Come RIGHT in! And we mean "right in", as in there is no entry space. No entry - No problem! Listen in to our tips & how to create the feel of an entry where there is seemingly no square footage for one. We also talk all about what you can furnish your non-entry entry with to make it not only feel like an entry, but function as one. Take a video tour of Kelly's entry and get some great visuals on creating the perfect entry. Click HERE (


Episode 264: Easy Fall Centerpiece Ideas

A big festive fall centerpiece will add a huge punch of the season to your dining or breakfast room. Think bigger is better and less is more. We have lots of pretty fall idea for you today! See Kelly's beautiful book My Soulful Home A Year In Flowers HERE. Find pinecones HERE. See great tips for caring for mums indoors HERE. See preserved moss HERE. See Spanish moss HERE. See Battery Operated Candles HERE See Wheat Sheaves HERE See is Yvonne's post on How To Keep Pumpkins Fresh Longer HERE I...


Episode 263: Decorating For Wellness

We think it's so important to have a home that nurtures you. Decorating for wellness is so important because it is where you live, where you relax, and where you spend time with your family. It should support your health that be a detriment to it. Here are some ways to make it a healthy place for your family. Get rid of clutter "memory" clutter and "hopes for the future" clutter Get rid of temporary furniture Get rid of fluorescent bulbs Get rid of things you don't use Use a water filter...


Episode 262: Get Out of Your Decorating Rut

It happens to all of us at one point or another ~ the same old same old. We are stuck in a decorating rut. Wanting a new fresh look, but not knowing exactly how to change things up for the better. As always, we have practical actionable advice for you so by this afternoon you will have climbed right out of that decorating rut. Let's get climbing... Listen in for our sources for decorating inspiration. They are many & varied. Bottom line, as with all of life, mind & eyes wide open gets the...