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Conversations with academics, authors, artists and people who challenge our thinking and help us grow in empathy and compassion. Reach out @DelgadoPodcast on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Conversations with academics, authors, artists and people who challenge our thinking and help us grow in empathy and compassion. Reach out @DelgadoPodcast on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


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Conversations with academics, authors, artists and people who challenge our thinking and help us grow in empathy and compassion. Reach out @DelgadoPodcast on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.






Ways to Grow in Hope, Compassion & Mindfulness Amid Seasons of Grief – Valerie Brown

We’re honored to learn from Valerie Brown about ways to cultivate hope, compassion, and mindfulness amid seasons of grief and loss. It’s the topic of her book “Hope Leans Forward: Braving Your Way Toward Simplicity, Awakening & Peace (” In this episode, she shares: • On writing "Hope Leans Forward" during a time of grief and loss • Tending your grief • Why we don't want to think about our pain • Finding hope after dealing with trauma and pain • There's...


Making Meaning from Our Suffering – Dr. Ken Duckworth (NAMI)

In this week’s podcast, we’re honored to learn from Dr. Ken Duckworth about his fantastic book entitled “You Are Not Alone: The NAMI Guide to Navigating Mental Health (” His book is a comprehensive guide on how to compassionately support friends, family, and loved ones in their mental health journeys. His book combines evidence-based research on what treatments work for different mental health issues, insights...


Embracing Curiosity in the Journey of Faith w/ Lore Ferguson Wilbert

In this week’s podcast, we’re honored to learn from Lore Ferguson Wilbert about her new book entitled, “A Curious Faith: The Questions God Asks, We Ask, And We Wish Someone Would Ask Us (“ Her book explores the powerful ways our faith and doubt can impact our understanding of God. Lore invites us all to embrace curiosity in our faith journey, and to get comfortable with not always finding all the answers. Most importantly, she encourages readers to find...


How to Talk About Racial Inequality, Combat Racism & Become Anti-Racist

In this week’s podcast, we’re honored to learn from Dr. Ali Michael and Dr. Eleonora Bartoli about their helpful new book entitled “Our Problem, Our Path: Collective AntiRacism for White People (” It’s a powerful resource to help us learn ways to talk about racism and build skills to be actively anti-racist. Dr. Michael and Dr. Bartoli argue that inner and outer antiracist work are deeply interconnected. Their book provides...


Finding Hope in the Rituals of Grief - Amanda Held Opelt

In this week’s podcast, we're honored to learn from Amanda Held Opelt about her latest book: "A Hole in the World: Finding Hope in Rituals of Grief and Healing." It’s a beautifully written book that explores ways to find faith and hope amid seasons of grief and suffering. In this episode, Amanda talks with us about • Becoming a social worker and serving as a chaplain • Helping others overcome grief, trauma and loss • How to support a grieving friend (and what not to say) • What the Bible...


A Christian Transgender Journey - Austen Hartke

In this week’s podcast, we're honored to learn from Austen Hartke about his journey of coming out as transgender in seminary, the work he is doing right now to help transgender and gender-expansive Christians, and some encouraging words for Christians parents of transgender youth. Austen Hartke is a graduate of Luther Seminary’s Master of Arts program in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Studies, and is the winner of the 2014 John Milton Prize in Old Testament Writing. He is the author of a book...


Exploring the Epistle to the Philippians w/ Dr. Jeannine Brown

Dr. Jeannine Brown talks with us about writing her latest commentary on the "Epistle to the Philippians." Dr. Brown has taught at Bethel Seminary for over 20 years. She teaches in the areas of New Testament, Greek, hermeneutics, and integration. YouTube link:


Creation Rediscovered: Finding New Meaning in an Ancient Story w/ Dr. Jeffery M. Leonard

In this week’s podcast, we learn from Dr. Jeffery M. Leonard about his book “Creation Rediscovered: Finding New Meaning in an Ancient Story,” which was written to help Christians understand the creation stories in our Hebrew Bible, while also appreciating what science tells us about our world. His book is available at Hendrickson Publishers: Jeffery M. Leonard is Associate Professor of Religion at Samford University in...


Disability Justice, Church Accessibility & Our Disabled God - Dr. Amy Kenny

Much of the church has forgotten that we worship a disabled God whose wounds survived resurrection, says Amy Kenny. It is time for the church to start treating disabled people as full members of the body of Christ who have much more to offer than a miraculous cure narrative and to learn from their embodied experiences. In this interview, Dr. Amy Kenny discusses her research and new book "My Body is Not a Prayer Request: Disability Justice in the Church," published by Brazos Press & Baker...


Exploring Early Christian Narratives of Heaven & Hell w/ Dr. Bart Ehrman

We're grateful to learn from Dr. Bart Ehrman ( about his helpful new book entitled "Journeys to Heaven and Hell: Tours of the Afterlife in the Early Christian Tradition (," which is published by Yale University Press. It’s a fascinating look into the ancient literature that describes descents into hell and ascents into heaven. In this episdoe, Dr. Ehrman discusses: Guided tours of heaven...


Exploring Gender & Islam: A Muslim Transgender Journey w/ Leyla Jagiella

In this episode, we're honored to learn from Leyla Jagiella about her transgender journey as a Muslim woman – and finding belonging among the third-gender communities in South East Asia. It’s the topic of her brave and insightful new book entitled “Among the Eunuchs: A Muslim Transgender Journey” which helps us understand some of the unique struggles faced by Muslim transgender woman – but also how she found affirmation and support in Islam. You can get her new book here:...


Ways to Help Transgender Teens Explore Their Gender & Faith - Andrew Triska, MSW & LCSW

Many parents struggle to understand ways to support their their transgender teenager, especially if they think that it's just a phase of gender exploration, or a mild form of gender dysphoria that will eventually resolve. A parent may further struggle on how to care for their trans youth if they belong to a non-affirming religious community, which may exclude their teen from participating in spiritual ceremonies (e.g. communion, confirmation, mitzvahs) and gender-based ministries. Sadly,...


Loving Scripture, Theology & Our LGBTQ Community - Bridget Eileen Rivera

In this conversation, we’re honored to learn from Bridget Eileen Rivera about her journey growing up in a Reformed Baptist church, coming out, and ways the church can better love and care for LGBTQ+ Christians. This is the topic of her latest book entitled: “Heavy Burdens: Seven Ways LGBTQ. Christians Experience Harm in the Church,” where she addresses the pain, trauma and discrimination that many LGBTQ people have experienced in churches, and steps that all of us need to take to create safe...


Early Christian History: Councils & Creeds Shaping Christian Thought - Dr. Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Today, we're honored to learn from Dr. Jennifer Wodruff Tait about her book "Christian History: In Seven Sentences," which is published by InterVarsity Press. In this conversation, Dr. Tait shares insights on some of the key historic moments and creeds that shaped Christian thinking. She also talks about some of the key points that led to the spread of Christianity in different parts of the world. Dr. Jennifer Woodruff Tait (PhD, Duke University) serves as a priest in the Episcopal church...


Studying the Old Testament & Dealing with Difficult Scriptures - Dr. John Goldingay

In today’s episode, Dr. John Goldingay shares his approach to studying the Old Testament -- and ways he prepares to write Biblical commentaries. He encourages us to study our Bible with both an analytical and spiritual mind – and to come to the Bible humbly with our questions. He also shares tremendous wisdom on how to deal with passages in the Old Testament that perhaps don’t make sense to us, and how to better explore and question those difficult texts. He shares his insights on the Book...


Creation Stories: How Ancient Cultures Explained Humanity's Origin Story - Dr. Anthony Aveni

Today, we’re honored to learn from Dr. Anthony Aveni about the development of creation myths – and how various cultures around the world have attempted to explain our origins. He also talks about his awesome new book entitled: Creation Stories: Landscapes and the Human Imagination” which is published by Yale University Press. In this episode, Dr. Aveni shares ways ancient cultures used natural landscapes in myth formation – and how natural surroundings and animal life impacted origin...


Rediscovering Jonah: Academic & Theological Approaches to Understanding the Defiant Prophet - Dr. Amy Erickson

In this season, we’ve been looking at the way our cultural viewpoints, church traditions, and personal experiences impact our view of the Bible. Today, we’re honored to learn from Dr. Amy Erickson about her insightful and detailed commentary on the book of Jonah. -- and ways to better appreciate this story through academic and various theological lenses. In today’s podcast, Dr. Amy Erickson talks about Christian and Jewish understandings of Jonah, why Jonah has been viewed as both the...


Ancient Hebrew Literature & Judean Conceptions of God – Dr. Dalit Rom-Shiloni

Are you curious about the development of ancient Hebrew literature and how some of these texts became sacred? And are you curious about how ancient Judeans thought about their God? In this podcast, we learn from Dr. Dalit Rom-Shiloni about ancient Judean literature and how some of these texts became sacred. She discusses ancient scribal traditions, polytheism and monotheism in ancient Israelite communities, ways the Judean God compared to other ancient near east gods, how Isrealites used...


Pursuing Reconciliation on Social Media & Handling Online Conflict in Redemptive Ways – Dr. Douglas S. Bursch

Dr. Douglas S. Bursch discusses the different ways that social media impacts us, how we should respond to criticism and trolling behaviors, ways to develop more empathy for those who disagree with us, why it’s important to think about our motivations when posting content on social media, ways to create more loving and helpful content, and why need to be aware of the echo chambers that we might be drawn to. Douglas S. Bursch is co-pastor of Evergreen Foursquare Church in Auburn, Washington....


Autism, Disability & The Church: A Vision for Diversity & Inclusion - Dr. Lamar Hardwick

What can we do to make our churches more inclusive for our disabled and neurodiverse communities? In this podcast, we learn from Dr. Lamar Hardwick about what it feels like to grow up with undiagnosed autism and what led him to pursue autism testing in his mid-thirties. He talks about what it meant to receive the autism diagnosis and ways he processed the information. He also discusses the autism grief cycle, how to love and care for people with autism, and how to combat the stigma of autism...