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Welcome to the Denver Media Professionals podcast where you’ll find interviews, news and resources from the movers and shakers of the Colorado media industry and beyond.

Welcome to the Denver Media Professionals podcast where you’ll find interviews, news and resources from the movers and shakers of the Colorado media industry and beyond.
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Welcome to the Denver Media Professionals podcast where you’ll find interviews, news and resources from the movers and shakers of the Colorado media industry and beyond.






16: Kate Lowell - Conceptual Artist, Profectum Media

Kate Lowell is a director and conceptual artist and is fascinated with the unifying powers of an original story. She loves the harmony between visuals and sound and the way that they work together to create an emotional impact. Her experience includes wor


15: Katie Gail Smith, Grip and Gaffer Extraordinaire

Katie Gail Smith Katie is a dedicated grip from the Denver market and has been an active member of the freelance film community for over 6 years. After transitioning from stage lighting, she’s worked on national commercials for top Fortune 500 companies


14: Kent Youngblood - Film Director, Producer, Writer, and Cinematographer

Kent Youngblood has over twenty years of production management experience with commercials, network promos, digital content, and photo shoots. He spends his career crewing, scheduling, budgeting and location managing for production companies such as Paramount, Viacom, Herzog & Company, and High Noon Entertainment. Kent helps create commercials for clients like Audi, Ford, Coors, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and Verizon. He helps create promos for networks such as Disney, HBO, and Starz. You may...


13: Alex Ferrari, Founder of Indie Film Hustle, The Bulletproof Screenplay, and Ask Alex

A true renaissance man of film, Alex Ferrari worked his way up through the ranks from the bottom to become an award-winning director and writer, as well as a producer, editor, colorist, cinematographer, podcast host, consultant, and all-around indie film guru. His commitment to making the art of indie filmmaking accessible and relatively inexpensive to the masses has garnered a massive following of dedicated fans worldwide. He can often be found on the guest list as a speaker at any number...


12: Cory Taylor Bryant - Award-winning Professional Makeup Artist

Cory Taylor Bryant is an award-winning professional production makeup, special makeup effects, and hair artist based in Denver, Colorado. Cory has been a member of IATSE since 2014 and has over 20 yrs. experience. She has trained with several of the industry’s top award-winning makeup artist including Ve Neill, Eryn Krueger Mekash, Neill Gorton, and Todd Debreceni. Cory has worked on a multitude of various productions including feature and short format films, television, music videos,...


11: Chad Chisholm - Photographer and Author

Chad Chisholm is a professional photographer and travel writer who specializes in commercial photography in the food and beverage, hospitality and luxury travel industries. His work has been featured in many publications including Cowboys and Indians, The Wall Street Journal, Modern Luxury and more. Chad’s homeschool background allowed him to experiment with entrepreneurship from a young age and earn three college degrees by the age of 20. A brief stint in Real Estate taught him some...


10: David Baud - Colorist and Finishing Editor

David Baud is the owner and founder of Kosmos Productions, based in Denver, Colorado. Hailing from France originally, David currently lives with his wife in Colorado, but continues to work extensively in Europe. David has over 20 years of experience in broadcast television, film and video, and has directed, edited, and color graded numerous national and international productions. David's passions for film was first nurtured by his childhood love for making stop motion movies with his...


9: Meryem Ersoz - Producer and Cinematographer

Meryem Ersoz is one of Colorado’s top film producers and has worked on projects ranging from the $200,000 to 3 million dollar range. Her local production company, Red Pine Studios provides local Colorado production services and supported the major motion picture Dear Eleanor, directed by Kevin Connolly. She has worked as a cinematographer and digital imaging technician for the Discovery Channel, Nova, Nat GEO, CNN, Vice and more. Her latest venture, Blackwing Air Sea Land Cinematography...


8: Blackmagic Design - A Conversation with Bob Caniglia, Director of Sales Operations, North America

About Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Design was founded in 2002 with its release of the DeckLink capture card. The company originally specialized in capture and playback cards, but today encompasses all aspects of the film, post production and television broadcast industries. The product line underwent a huge transformation in 2009 when they acquired DaVinci Systems. Bob Caniglia, who was working for DaVinci at the time, came over to Blackmagic Design with the acquisition. Bob tells us that...


5: Eileen O'Brien - Pioneer for Women in Film

Eileen O’Brien’s vast career in the film industry is a testament to luck, hard work, and the value of kindness. Eileen’s credentials span from holding cue cards for Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live to working for David Letterman, also known as the best boss she ever had, to taking on the role of production secretary for Dick Cavett. After transitioning to film festivals, including Cannes and Sundance, she settled in Denver where she continues to foster support and connections for the...


7: Adam Patch - Commercial Director

Freelance director Adam Patch graduated ten years ago from San Francisco’s Academy of Art with meaningful connections in the industry and an impressive demo reel which launched his career. Since moving to Denver in 2013 and starting a family, Adam found steady freelance gigs which allow him to work remotely, traveling only for the days of the shoot. Some of Adam's recent clients include tech giants Apple, Square, Google, and LinkedIn.


6: Diane Bell - Sundance Winner, Screenwriter and Director

Diane Bell is a screenwriter and director of several indie films. Her first feature, Obsolidia, premiered in Dramatic Competition at Sundance in 2010 and won two awards. Her second film, Bleeding Heart, is a drama starring Jessica Biel and Zosia Mamet, which premiered in 2015. She is currently working on her third feature, Of Dust and Bones, which tackles the aftermath of violence. In addition to writing and directing films, Diane is a founder of Rebel Heart Film Workshop Program, which can...


3: Anastasia M. Cummings - Script Supervisor

Anastasia M. Cummings brings an intense backstory to her filmmaking career. Her love of story began with a tumultuous childhood in Algeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she watched spaghetti westerns dubbed in Arabic. After living in 7 different countries, she found herself working in LA as a script supervisor. Quality of life led her to Colorado, and she now works as both a director and producer. With 7 short films to her name, including the Oscar-qualifier Menschen,...


4: Olivia Carmel and Demi DeHererra - The New Freedom Seed and Spark Campaign and Life Lessons

Olivia Carmel and Demi DeHererra are kindred spirits and collaborators in the Denver film scene. They are currently at work on The New Freedom, a horror film that tackles issues of racism, sexism, and current societal shifts. Both women are passionate about fostering diversity in the film industry, dynamic when it comes to creating opportunity for themselves and others, and dedicated to the quality of their work.