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Episode 10 – Denver Nuggets Pride Edition with Matt Andres

Hot boys talking hot fashion! Not really but this week they get into the relationship between design and, for lack of a better term, streetwear with amazing artist Matt Andres. Before that they get into old-school sport jersey design, being exceptionally burnt out, Matt attempts to sell himself to the highest bidder and Marcus is looking forward to the end of a project. Then they dig into what makes “streetwear” cool, who’s buying it, who’s stealing from who, why these things are...


Episode 08 – Your Gut & Your Butt with Matt & Marcus

Some intense man-on-man action this week! Matt & Marcus discuss the accidentally horrible timing of the last episode, how in a sea of mediocre design sometimes standing out doesn’t really matter, how authenticity can count for a lot, a little about car design, some general complaining and various other topics. Then the guys delve into the seemingly untamable concept of design meetings. They get into meeting etiquette, reading the room, speaking for others, punctuality, dealing with...


Episode 07 - Happy Birthday Wank Chops with Matt, Joey & Sean

Guests, guests and more guests! This week the guys talk with artists Matt Andres and Sean Brookes as well as champion of all creatives Joey MacDonald. They get into everything ranging from life as an artist, how art translates into design (and vise versa), creating and organizing huge events which highlight and celebrate creativity and the struggles in making all of it happen. Top that off with some insane designer tweets and one man’s task of redesigning one of the most controversial...


Episode 06 - You are Inrelevant with Ryann & Jenn

This could have gone so much worse! This week the guys invite their significant others into the studio and try figure out what it’s like living with an opinionated workaholic who often spends more time tweaking logos than being an active part of their relationships! They get into some amusing designer tweets, the latest Converse brand redesign, the upsides and downsides of being with a designer and whether or not our family members actually know what we do for a living. (They don’t) So...


Episode 05 – I Will Not Say “Good Morning Vietnam” with Matt & Marcus

We think we’re alone now. Because we are. This week Matt & Marcus get into all kinds of stuff including brewery names, copyrights, having to pee during a show and the differences between working in a smaller boutique shop and a larger studio. They discuss how projects are handed-out within their companies, how to work with other people, how studio communication is handled and how simple negotiating techniques can get you far more money than you think you deserve whether you want the job or...


Episode 04 – Because It’s a Love with Chris & Stu Dobell

Giggle party supreme! This week the dummies get a chance to talk with the insanely talented traditional signpainters Chris & Stu Dobell about the differences between the old-school and the new-wave of hand-painted design. They get into the history of training and how there’s currently a massive hole in the education department when it comes learning how to properly paint a sign for paying customers. They had a lot of laughs and A LOT OF BEER but they also learned quite a bit about what it...


Episode 03 – Drinkin’ the Kool-Aid with Emrys Damon Miller

This week the guys sit down with professional design organization advocate and all-around do-gooder Emrys Damon Miller to discuss the merits of being part of the global design community and how your client roster can positively affect the planet. They get into the pros and cons of paid association membership and what it’s like to run a chapter of the Graphic Designers of Canada for 3 years. They for sure DID NOT talk about why Emrys was so tired this week. See Emrys, they did not bring it...


Episode 02 – Brewkkake with Shawn O’Keefe

This week the fellas sit down with super-prolific artist & designer Shawn O’Keefe to discuss the relationship between graphic design and beer. Both enticing ventures which can lead you down a very dark path! We talk Shawn’s history in beer, his thoughts on the very crowded brewing industry and a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s a good one. Listen why don’t you? This episode was accidentally brought to you by Phillips Brewing’s Bottle Rocket ISA, Squarespace and other things. Check out this...