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The Detroit is Different podcast is about exposing artistry, business, ideas, and dynamic people, places, and things that make Detroit a mecca. Tune in weekly and subscribe to get the true stories from the people shaping the culture of an American classic city.

The Detroit is Different podcast is about exposing artistry, business, ideas, and dynamic people, places, and things that make Detroit a mecca. Tune in weekly and subscribe to get the true stories from the people shaping the culture of an American classic city.
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The Detroit is Different podcast is about exposing artistry, business, ideas, and dynamic people, places, and things that make Detroit a mecca. Tune in weekly and subscribe to get the true stories from the people shaping the culture of an American classic city.






Denmark Vessey and Pete Rock connect making Detroit different

V Stylez is one of the most known Hip-hop acts from Detroit in Europe. Germany, Japan, France, and Spain have been moving along to the rhythms and lyrics of the V Stylez sound for years. The enthusiast of combat sports, his Fenkell neighborhood, and DePorres HS grad is also a stateman in Black history. The V in V Stylez carries the tradition of the Vessey tradition (Google Denmark Vessey and discover much of the make-up of the ways our constitution was designed). The manner Rev. Daniel...


Source Booksellers 30 years of Non-Fiction

30 years of Business is an accomplishment that deserves recognition. The Source Booksellers began with interest from many readers in the books Janet Webster Jones was reading. “People were always asking me about the books I was reading, where they could buy them, and this led me to start …,” Janet Webster Jones. Today the Mother and daughter bond between Janet Webster Jones and Alyson Turner is shared in business, love, and reading. On this Detroit is Different interview we feature the...


Jevona Watson

Episode Notes Jevona Watson has brought her entrepreneurial vision of Detroit Sip to life. A Renaissance HS alumni and lifelong Westside Detroit now offers the experience she was determined to share. Watson spent years in East Lansing earning a Bachelor’s degree and Legal degree studying hours on end. The hours of studying at coffee shops in our State capital encouraged her to want to offer this experience to the community. Today Detroit Sip is one year open for business on W McNichols (6...


Lola Damone

Episode Notes The shy poet from Detroit toured the world before she was old enough to buy a glass of wine. Lola Damone shares the story of how her passion for poetry transitioned into a career as a rapper. Years of writing her thoughts, feelings, and imagination provided Lola a basis for rapping. The reality of being a young woman in the Rap industry has strengthened her in experience and more. Lola shares her story and goals for today. Detroit is Different is a podcast hosted by Khary...


Kyle Hoff & Alex O'Dell of Floyd Furniture

Episode Notes Kyle Hoff & Alex O’Dell are back on Detroit is Different with a full furniture line. What began as creating a table for the millennial moving and un committed to one location is a full line. Bed frames, coat racks, shelving, and sofas are all in the works with Floyd Furniture now. Klye and Alex are not what you would expect to see as furniture architects and designers, but my friends are. The world has embraced their products and they are still driven and in humble...


King of Detroit Comedy Coolaide

Episode Notes Coolaide is the funniest person I ever met in my life. The character, demeanor, and style of jokes about relationships, the Black community, and the Black family were courageous observations many did not have the guts to make. Last week he made his transition after a long fought battle with a rare cancer. His attitude through cancer was the same off-color and humble approach that would also make you laugh. His flirtatious nature self-titled himself ‘CancerNova.’ In this...


History of Detroit Hip-hop

Episode Notes University of Michigan Ann-Arbor has a class that covers Hip-hop. It’s 2018 and people like Dr. Stephen Ward have moved the culture forward enough where the knowledge of Hip-hop is earning accredited college degrees. This semester I (Khary Frazier), Sterling Toles (Hip-hop Producer of Boldy James & more), and Buff1 (of Athletic Mic League & The Black Opera) all held an open discussion on the History of Detroit Hip-hop. The discussion is captured here. We talked World One...


Uncle P

Episode Notes The Underground Hip-hop Awards will be held Sunday January 6, 2019 at the Charles H Wright Museum of African American History. This is the 5th year where rappers, producers, movie directors, promoters and the people part of the scene of Underground Hip-hop will be recognized. If you have yet to witness a world of passion and creativity this is a can’t miss event. DJ Uncle P (Co-Host of Detroit is Different’s F What You Heard Podcast) shares his vision of why he launched this...


The Undisputed Truth

Episode Notes Undisputed Truth has a new album produced, mixed, played, and sung with the Funk & Soul of Norman Whitfield’s original vision. Joe Pep Harris who’s always been the original lead singer gathers BJ Evans, Dazzee Luv, and Jaki G Fondren all make the experience of Undisputed Truth real. Visit to hear, buy, and get the music & message of Undisputed Truth. We discuss their musical journeys together, the vision of the group, and the making of the album....


Harvey-Quinn Anderson Family

Episode Notes Blair Anderson and Caprice Quinn are life long Black Panthers. Blair was in the home and witnessed the FBI murdering Fred Hampton in Chicago. Caprice was a key organizer of Detroit’s Black Panther Party. Together they gave life to Alia Harvey-Quinn, Blair Harvey-Quinn, and Najanava Harvey-Quinn. The strength of Caprice’s wisdom, beauty, and love carried through to three daughters who actively are bringing change to Detroit in their own ways. This interview explores the...


Tene Dismuke

Episode Notes Tene Dismuke is an entrepreneur groomed and raised in the matter of her Father as a Business Maker. Her creativity in dance has led to her owning and operating studios, classes, and choreographing projects. We discussed how dance has been her primary form of expression and through dance travels across the nation have begun. Her days living in NYC working in the music and television industry are explored as well. To her role as an entrepreneur bringing creativity to life while...


Rhonda Smith

Episode Notes Rhonda Smith has been led into entrepreneurship through the admiration, intrigue, and interest of people aware of how she manages her household. Vegan, plant based foods and herb based home products are what Rhonda gives to her family out of love. Rhonda herself, her husband, and two sons were the first benefactors of Rhonda’s foods and goods adding to quality of life. Today she meal preps, plans, and guides many on their personal journeys in reaching the highest quality of...


Monica Lewis Patrick

Episode Notes Monica Lewis Patrick’s relationship with Detroit is tied directly to Willie Horton. Horton who is a Detroit Tiger legend one of Baseball’s greatest players is also Monica’s Uncle. Horton welcomed and sent for his family from the South throughout his Detroit journey. Horton’s relationships with Judge Damon Keith, Coleman Young (RIP), and Erma Henderson (RIP) connected Monica and her whole family to a network of Black Excellence and Advocacy that developed the Mecca of the...


Hosts of the Unicorns Are Real podcast

Episode Notes This episode: The Hosts of the Unicorns Are Real podcast Asia Dobbins and Erin Palmore host the Unicorns are Real podcast. Asia & Erin are young artists in love with Detroit artistry. Unicorns Are Real is art. We are two quirky like-minded, yet very different young adult females (Asia aka “Miss Dobbins”/ Erin aka Pineapple or The Quirky Natural) exploring ALL aspects of art. A Unicorn is an artist--a one of a kind individual--with the compassion to create for oneself. We are...


The Hosts of The Cat's Meow Podcast

Episode Notes This Week: The Hosts of The Cat's Meow Podcast Sharron Fincher and Nicole Denson host the Cat’s Meow podcast. Sharron & Nicole work on behalf of and for Women’s & LGBTQ Rights. Their work and advocacy influences their show. We discuss what has inspired their work. Cat’s Meow podcast hosts open discussions about the LGBT community as well as women’s rights. Cat’s Meow celebrates Women and the LGBT community in a way that opens the doors of communication between people who may...


Khary Frazier ep 100

Episode Notes What began as a platform to share my music and introduce people to my friends, mentors, and people of Detroit I think are cool is now a strong media platform. Today through video, social media, podcasting, and graphic design Detroit is Different has impacted the world. Dr’s have used Detroit is Different interviews as material supporting research, magazines in Italy have used Detroit is Different content in publication, but the coolest thing is people like you follow Detroit...


Donnell White

Episode Notes Donnell White and I have one of the most in depth talks about the role of the NAACP today. This was a pivotal discussion about the relevance of an organization with roots in Black professionalism, Black politics, and the Black church. Today the success, relevance, and impact of all these institutions are questioned more and more. Donnell opens up about the functionality of the Detroit NAACP and seeing the organization beyond Rev. Wendell Anthony, Donnell White, or any...


Ralph Godbee and Kayla Godbee

Episode Notes Ralph Godbee and Kayla Godbee sat down and joined me for a candid discussion on family, opportunity, and decision making. The connection and bond between Father and Daughter is vivid in this interview. The vulnerability shown and respect earned from Parent to Child is humbling. Kayla shares what childhood and growing up learning from her Father. Ralph opens up about the role spirituality, faith, and planning have played in his life. Detroit is Different is a podcast hosted by...


Mayowa Reynolds & Vicki Hooks Green

Episode Notes Mayowa Reynolds and Vicki Hooks Green are Master Teachers. Vicki Hooks Green is an English teacher that’s met, touched, and engaged hundreds of Cass Tech students for years. We discuss her maturation from Beauty Pageant contestant to Beauty Pageant developer. Miss Black Star was creation of Vicki’s passion that became a family institution. Mother, brother, sisters uncle, aunts, and everyone puts hands in for the success of Miss Black Star pageant. Which led to a transition to...


Eban Morales

Episode Notes Eban Morales is a father advocating and working on behalf of other parents of Highland Park MI. Highland Park MI has been impacted in the most challenging ways in Post-Industrial America. The home of where the Model T Ford Assembly line ushered in the renaissance of Metro-Detroit & Michigan’s economic & social relevance internationally is experiencing a new day. Public systems attributed to common realities of water, fire, library, and schools have been diminished and/or...