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Podcast dedicated to chatting with new and aspiring authors about their exciting new books and the path they chose to publish.

Podcast dedicated to chatting with new and aspiring authors about their exciting new books and the path they chose to publish.


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Podcast dedicated to chatting with new and aspiring authors about their exciting new books and the path they chose to publish.




Episode 107B – VK Tischler – Parallel Worlds

Overview In our author segment, VK talks about using her psychology degree to understand her characters and give them more depth. And since she lives in Australia, we discuss how that affects printing and buying books. We then dig into the meat of our discussion and how authors can or should handle stories with multiple worlds. How the travel and events affect the story and what you should and shouldn't do to make sure the story is effective for the reader. YouTube...


Episode 107A – VK Tritschler – Revenge Seeker

Blurb: Overview VK liked my posters, so you have to think she's a great author! :) And to talk with her, I had to time travel to the future! Listen in and find out. Like many, she started out writing as a kid, but never thought she would become an author. Her current book is the 2nd in the Vital Impetus series. If you like magic and mischief, these are the books for you. Book...


Episode 106B – MT Bass – Community

Overview MT attributes much of his long term success to being in a good group. Community and hearing from other authors is critical to long term success. An aspect that is difficult is getting feedback or getting criticized. MT has some words of wisdom for this and we talk about how authors can use groups to improve their craft. YouTube Transcript [00:00:48] Stephen: All right. So let's roll into some author stuff because I love talking to people that have been...


Episode 106A – MT Bass – Motherless Children

Overview MT - who goes by Mudcat - has been writing for years in his current, and other, series. We live near each other in Ohio and attend the same monthly writer group (which we discuss in the 2nd half of the podcast.) His books are a combination sci-fi thriller and police procedural drama. His Book...


Episode 105C – Guy Windsor – Chapter Read: Rest is Part of Training

Overview Guy reads a chapter from his book - The Windsor Method. He talks about how resting is just as important for training as the actual practice. His Book


Episode 105B – Guy Windsor – I want to be a writer or I want to write

Overview Guy's main focus is swords - which includes translating and evaluating old texts and teaching the information in there. Yes, he's written multiple books - but does that mean he's a writer? We have a good discussion on what can make the difference to say you're a writer or that you want to write. This can be a different answer for different people for different reasons, but it's a good distinction. YouTube Transcript [00:00:47] Stephen: let's talk a...


Episode 105A – Guy Windsor – The Windsor Method

Overview You may have heard Guy on another podcast because he is pretty popular and the authority on fighing with swords. He is The Sword Guy - pun intended. He studies historical books on how people use their swords and he translates them for modern audiences. Plus he recreates and teaches their style of fighting. He discusses his newest book - The Windsor Method - and tells us about how things were done different. There's a bit of a discussion on how movies get it right and wrong. If you...


Episode 104C – Trish Campbell – Chapter Read Eight Was Enough

Overview Tricia reads a chapter from her book - Eight Was Enough. Her Book Eight Was Enough


Episode 104B – Trisha Campbell – Author Platform

Overview Tricia has done very well with her first book, and she attributes that to building her author platform. She has great advice about getting reviews and getting the book out in front of people. She has reached out to other authors and helped them with selling by building their platform. YouTube Transcript I appreciate you talking to me about all that. So let's go to some great authors stuff. And I love this because I always ask the authors, but when you're writing. Products and...


Episode 104A – Trisha Campbell – Eight Was Enough

Overview Tricia lives in Cleveland with her family, where she takes advantage of all the great hiking trails. Her book is kind of a memoir and kind of an inspirational tale that is based on her and her husband adopting kids. And yes, the title of the book is a throwback to the old tv show - for those that remember. During all the times that were good or tumultuous or just plain wild and crazy, Tricia journaled the events. This journaling has led to the book about her experiences with...


Episode 103A – Edward Wittleton – Shaper of Worlds 2

Overview Edward lives in Canada, though he did grow up in Texas. Not only does he write, but he is the editor for a sci-fi series, which we discuss on today's show. Edward has been writing full time for almost 30 years and has won several awards and has his own publishing company. His stories range from sci-fi to fantasy and non-fiction. Edward also runs a podcast and has gotten to talk with many well known authors. Many of these authors have had stories in the sci-fi anthologies that...


Episode 103B – Eward Wittleton – Podcasting

Overview Edward has been editor for a series of sci-fi novels that include short stories from popular authors. He decided it made sense to do a podcast to talk with these authors. YouTube Transcript [00:00:50] Stephen: Let's move on to some authors. And we're going to talk about podcasting, which I think is great because obviously we both do it. But before we do that, you've been [00:01:00] writing for quite a while. What can you think of that you did at one time when you started that you're...


Episode 102B – M.K. Tufft – Marketing Middle Grade

Overview MK studied the market for her kids books, because marketing MG is different than most. Her books are STEM based and enjoys using her background to write her books. We discuss all the things that go into making a successful middle grade book. It pays to study the market and imitate what works. YouTube Transcript [00:00:46] Stephen: All right. So let's talk some author stuff, cause we've got some similar interests in that. So before we delve into our marketing for middle-grade. What...


Episode 102A – M.K. Tufft – Magic eyePad

Overview MK lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her family and writes middle grade books. She enjoys keeping busy with many activities, which helped inspire her books. While vacationing at Hilton Head, she helped find a way to save baby sea turtles. Her books are STEM based because she wants to inspire girls and it fits her engineering background well. Her series, Putney and the magic iPad were written with the idea of a girl MacGyver. If kids like science and projects, these books are just the...


Episode 101B – Diana Zinna – What to do when things look bleak

Overview I talk with Diane about how to keep writing when things look bleak. Her book was written when her life was at a low point. YouTube Transcript [00:28:52] Stephen: Okay, let's move on to some author stuff. Now, before we get onto our discussion topic, a couple of questions. [00:29:00] You said that book took 12 years between initial concept to getting it published. So what were some things that you learned in that process that you're doing different? Now?...


Episode 101A – Diane Zinna – The All Night Sun

Overview When she was in her mid-twenties, debut author Diane Zinna found herself completely on her own in a new city, teaching at a small Catholic college outside of DC. She was in the middle of a long period of grief following the loss of both of her parents when she met and befriended a Swedish student at the school. Their bond deepened, and the student invited her to visit Sweden with her for the summer. This trip was a sort of thawing out for Zinna, and the start of a long-awaited...


Episode 100C – Will Pepper – Chapter Read: You Will Know Vengeance



Episode 100B – Will Pepper – Switching Genre

Overview Will is an interesting writer. When he started writing, he wrote kids choose your own adventure books. Now he is switching to writing adult thrillers. That's what he loves, and it makes the writing more fun and leads to a better story. We discuss his influences, which are a bit surprising for a thriller writer, and what's next. YouTube Transcript [00:00:50] Stephen: Yeah. All right. So let's talk some author stuff, which we do quite a bit. Yes. And the publishing the [00:01:00]...


Episode 100A – Will Pepper – You Will Know Vengeance

Overview Will knows technology and has a PhD in technology. He uses that knowledge for his latest book. He lives in Mississippi with his wife. Together they've worked on his author and publishing career, starting out with a Kids Choose Your Own Adventure book. Lately, Will has switched gears and is finishing his first adult thriller - You Will Know Vengeance. Our discussion is focused on the thriller book that will be out soon, but we talk about the CYOA book also and contrast how different...


Episode 99B – Davia Andrews – Imposter Syndrome

Overview All authors can relate to imposter syndrome. This typically happens to new authors, but everyone seems to experience it at some point. We have a good discussion on what is imposter syndrome, why you may feel that way, and why it isn't true. YouTube Transcript Let's talk a little author stuff. Since you are a published author you, this is your first book, correct? It's, you're working on your second one. You have ideas for others. So what are some things...