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Podcast dedicated to chatting with new and aspiring authors about the path they chose to publish their book.

Podcast dedicated to chatting with new and aspiring authors about the path they chose to publish their book.


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Podcast dedicated to chatting with new and aspiring authors about the path they chose to publish their book.




Episode 28 – S.A. Schneider – Personal Update

The podcast has been going strong for 6 months. If you look at the list of authors interviewed and their books, they are quite a diverse group of wonderful people. If you have not, find the type of book you like to read and click that category on the podcast. I encourage you to check out the authors and read their books. I also wanted to update everyone on my own writing. I have plans for books and stories to come out throughout the next several months. It is a very exciting time and there...


Episode 27 B – Penny Appleton – Writing during tough times

Joanna's Mindfulness book - KM Weiland book and workbook J and Zach story method Some links may be affiliate links


Episode 27A – Penny Appleton- Love Second Time Around

Jacqui Penn writes under the pseudonym of Penny Appleton. She lives in England, but has worked and lived around the world. Her daughter, Joanna Penn (The Creative Penn podcast), helped her with the first books. They say write what you know and Jacqui has chosen to write sweet romance. Her latest book is a senior romance, which I loved as it's not the typical romance you think about for this genre. Penny Appleton home page...


Episode 26 – Shay Siegel – Fractured

Shay Siegel wrote her first novel, Fractured, based on trials she's dealt with during her life. As a young girl, she experienced selective mutism, which would not allow her to talk in certain circumstances. Her book is a YA that has a football player discovering that other people in the world has problems that he wasn't even aware of. She hopes to continue writing more books dealing with mental health issues in teens and young adults.


Episode 25 – Stephen Batt – 10 Things About People in Cars

Stephen lives in New Zealand, but has traveled the world when he was younger. His experience allows him a unique perspective in his art and books. His earlier experience in screenwriting - including Jules Verne Mysterious Island - allowed him to realize he wanted to write.


Episode 24 – David Kouri – Elyria

Today I talk with David Kouri from Texas. He is a thrill seeker and loves sports. In his past life he acted in theater and for TV before switched to behind the camera and writing. His first book, Elyria, is a YA fantasy. When the main character discovers he is a 99 year old vampire and he's meant to save the galaxy, his life changes....


Episode 23 – Thomas Brigger – Beyond the Higher Ground

Thomas A. Brigger is a businessman, entrepreneur, traveler and author of Beyond the Higher Ground, a novel about intrigue and suspense amid the opioid crisis in Appalachia. With a background including construction worker, small business owner, instructional writer, real estate developer, builder, consultant and corporate executive, the author draws from his experience to recognize the nuances of human behavior. Proclaimed by a former instructor to be “potentially one of the great writers of...


Episode 22 – David Konrad – Project Adventure: Heart of the Island

David is a stay at home dad living in Munich, Germany with his wife and twin boys. He has lived throughout the world and uses his experience with various cultures to write a series of adventure books for kids. He began writing while staying at home and has turned it into a career. The stories are action, adventure stories that kids (and adults) can easily love. David Konrad author website...


Episode 21 – Laurie Douglass – The Uncommon Thread

Laurie grew up in a military family and has used her love of various cultures to influence her books. She currently lives in Maryland, U.S. and because she's always loved storytelling, she wrote a YA book that contains parts of fantasy and mystery thriller. Links may be...


Episode 20 – Victoria Tait – Fowl Murder

Victoria Tait lives in England, but has lived in multiple countries because her husband is in the army. The various living locations has helped inspire her writing and she has written a unique series of Cozy mysteries based in Kenya. Victoria Tait author website Free book in Victoria's cozy mystery series...


Episode 19 – Jessica Kane – The Butterfly who was afraid to fly

9/29/2020 Today I talk with Jessica Laurel Kane about her kids books. She has written several kids books with themes that help kids understand the world around them. We had some unexpected audio problems - first there is terrible lag and then my audio disappears completely. I still thought it important to get her story out. So please, bear with us in the audio - any pauses were me talking and asking questions....


Episode 18 – Dave Tamanini – Tituba the Intentional Witch of Salem

I talk to Dave Tamanini today about his book Tituba. It is a fiction account about one of the slave caught up in the witch trials. Dave's early career was as a lawyer dealing with civil rights, which led him to this account of the Salem Witch trials from a viewpoint not typically looked at. It is an interesting choice as an older white man, but he has a passion about the story that comes through when he talks about it.


Episode 17 – Jim Irving – B2B Selling Guidebook

Jim lives in Ireland and has been in selling for most of his life. He has used that experience to write a book to help others in their selling. It's not a typical how-to book and he uses stories of his experiences to teach his points.


Episode 16 – LT Kay – Feeding the Leopard

Larry has traveled throughout the world - he was born in India and has been to England and South Africa. He grew up in Rodesia and spent his life working in industry. His first book - Feeding the Leopard - is set in Africa and is an adventure that involves a conspiracy. Despite being retired, he is interested in the technical aspects of publishing and enjoys working with computers.


Episode 15 – Wendy Spooner – Once Upon an Irish Summer

You can visit Wendy's website - Wendy is a fascinating author. In her secret identity day job, she is a Genetic Geneologist. She has some wonderful things to say about that job. She has used her day job knowledge in her writing and speaking. Her book - Once upon an Irish summer - uses some of that for a historical story....


Episode 14 – Gin Westcott – Tangle of Time

Gin is an outdoor enthusiast and loves the hiking in California. She enjoys her Schipperke dog to join her during her excursions and will dictate while hiking. Gin has written a unique historical time travel book for Young Adults called a Tangle of Time. You can find out about Gin on her website


Episode 13 – Becca Wicks – The Heathen King

Becca is a mother with 2 teenage sons and drives a truck as her day job. She's also a musician along with being a writer. She started writing in he rteens and has recently written several books including her The Heathen King in her Chronicles of Chaos series. You can find her website: You can find her books at:


Episode 12 – Riley Tune – Paragon and Warper

Riley has written several books in two different genres - fantasy and superhero. He has spent a couple years working on improving sales and determining the direction he wants his writing to go, especially now that he has a son. Check out his books:


Episode 11 – E Ozols – Hope the Little Fox

E is an active person that channels her passions into multiple activities and likes to stay active. One of those activities is writing. She has written a book called Hope the Little Fox. This is a fantasy book that shows a strong female character finding out about the world. She is still early in her author career and working on future works.


Episode 10 – Antoine Bandele – By Sea and Sky

Antoine has had a varied career in his life. He caught the wave of Star Wars by having a relevant Youtube channel. He's used those skills with his author career. He uses his life experience and his family ancestry to bring unique stories to life. He bases some of his stories on African mythology and brings it to life in his stories. Check out his website - He has a great youtube channel - His latest book is a sky pirate...