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Hey Everyone! I’m Alex! On this Podcast, I’ll be talking about all the things that are near and dear to my heart, mind, body and soul. Hope you Enjoy!


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Hey Everyone! I’m Alex! On this Podcast, I’ll be talking about all the things that are near and dear to my heart, mind, body and soul. Hope you Enjoy!




#9. Dream Home Tour

Been awhile guys and gals! Coming back after a long break of life to chat about a HUGE step in the right direction, YOUR DREAM HOME! Here I talk about the details. Kitchen, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Home Gym in the Basement, etc. I hope you dream the same way and open your mind to the possibilities of this occurring for you as well. More content on the way! Talk to you all soon!


#8. Andrew Harsch

Hello Everybody! Today we go into the 1st Episode on the Interview Series with none other than my best friend, Drew. He’s one of the biggest influences in my life from when I was born to my adulthood and moving forward. Hearing his journey on his upbringing, the struggles he went through & his current aspirations, he delivers quite a blow. Enjoy guys!


#7: Anxiety

Today’s episode is the first of the series, the Real Talk Series. We dive into the definition, examples and realities of anxiety. There’s moments in our lives where it spikes and when it remains under the carpet. We’ve all dealt with it in one form or another. Here I hope to help find when it strikes and how to deal with it. I hope this encourages you whether you have anxiety or not.


#6: Personal Interests

Listen how I grew up absorbing content from all wave lengths of nerd content. Remember. Being normal is overrated. Being weird is where it’s at. Nerdy. Geeky. Whatever you wanna define it as. Enjoy!


#5. Sports

From just barely watching Michael Jordan in his final years as a Bull to Kobe dominating the league to current whereabouts I talk about a brief intro about my love for the game of basketball as well as other sports I’ve watched and grew an interest for over the years. Hope you enjoy this weeks episode!


#4. Health & Fitness

On this episode, I rant and rave about the journey I’ve been on with the gym, trying to stay healthy in a Latin home, challenges I’ve dealt with and overcome and what is in my sights as we speak. Enjoy!


#3. My Spiritual Journey

From going to a church as a kid with my family to being a rebellious kid not caring enough about my faith to just “doing me” to where I am now and what the future potentially holds for me. Hope you guys enjoy.


#2. Goals & Dreams

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has goals. Some choose to fight for those goals and dreams and some don’t. Here I talk about how I started dreaming bigger than I thought I could. And it doesn’t stop here... Here’s a reminder to fight for what you want and what you believe in with all your heart.


#1. Introductions Are In Order

Know what it’s like to have an idea and doubt yourself into thinking it’s not good enough? Well I’ve played that card one too many times. Here’s to letting you in my life, who I am and what I’m about.