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Double Primer 27 Jessica Patterson talks The Kingkiller Chronicle

Jessy is back talking about a fun book series called, "The Kingkiller Chronicle" by Patrick Rothfuss. We discuss what makes the story appealing and what makes it stand out from all the other fantasy series out there. We also touch on the upcoming plans for a live action show in what is the latest big budget adaptation of a sword and sorcery novel.


Double Primer 27 Jessica Patterson talks Art Station Big Shanty and Art in Kennesaw

Jessy is the Facility Coordinator for The Art Station Big Shanty. Big Shanty is a public art complex in Kennesaw that is home to a number of great programs. Jessy talks about the growing local art scene and the special niche the Art Station fits for that community.


Double Primer 26 The Baleada Queen talks Mental Health and Bipolar Disorder

Digital Performance artist The Baleada Queen opens up about her life with bipolar disorder, from diagnosis to treatment. She also explains the nature of a manic episode and the stigma of drug use in America.


Double Primer 25 The Baleada Queen talks Performance Art and Social Media

Performance artist The Baleada Queen tells all: from her infamous past life as a former Telenovela actress, to living a life in kind of forced captivity, to the crests and troughs of using modern social media as an art form.


Double Primer 24 Sounds Speeches from the Cut the Bullying Event

This episode is a buffet of interviews from food, to local police officers, to religious organizations, and many other local businesses. These snippets are taken from the actual day of the event that Dexter promoted on the previous episode.


Double Primer 23 Ryan Bosley and Dexter Elam share their Anti-bullying Event

Ryan Bosley is the Founder and Director of a nonprofit that is hosting its first annual, "Cut the Bullying Event." Alongside newly local barber Dexter Elam, an incredible amount of community members are participating. These men share all the resources and events that will be going down as well as explain why a festival focused on Anti-bullying is so important.


Double Primer 22 Tony Jordan talks Pianos for Peace

Tony Jordan is back to share his experience with Atlanta's Pianos for Peace Festival. Pianos for Peace is both a nonprofit philanthropic organization and a month long event that celebrates art, music, and community. Artists have painted 50 pianos that will be all over the greater Atlanta area in the month of September available for people to play and see.


Double Primer 21Tony Jordan talks about the nonprofit All Walks of Life

Tony Jordan is the site manager of an art community center in Atlanta by day and the founder of a nonprofit All Walks of Life, by night. He formed this program in Savannah, Georgia and is now bringing it to Atlanta where he, his wife, and his long time artist collaborator, Ren are hoping to take AWOL it to a whole other level. Jordan talks about being featured on Lucas' Edutopia, successfully acquiing and managaing many tens of thousands of dollars in grants, fostering career educations, and...


Double Primer 20 Roxanne Thompson and Ashley Miller Talk Favorite Television Shows

Roxanne and Ashley are back. Earlier we discussed celebrating fandoms in convention, today we talk about being fans. We hit on current faves, Meteor Garden and West World as well as curating favorite shows. We also hit on the current trends in prestige programming and why some people call this time a Golden Age of Television.


Double Primer 19 Roxanne Thompson and Ashley Miller Talk Minicon and Planning a Convention

Roxanne Thompson, the Art Specialist, and Ashley Miller, The Library Assistant Senior share their experience programming a comic themed convention. This event was a huge success for the public as well as many vendors, musicans, gamers, makers, and cosplaying fans. We discuss the evolution of conventions and the unique situation of programming for a public community center, The Sewell MIll Library and Cultural Art...


Double Primer 18 Cara Marie Young talks Public Art and the Artist Lifestyle

Cara is back to talk about more of everything in the life of an artist. We touch on public art and murals in Atlanta, growing up with culture versus adopting it, and why she doesn't miss being a student.


Double Primer 17 Cara Marie Young talks Painting

Cara Marie Young is a mixed media artist that paints expressive portraits on multiple types of materials usually at the same time. She also teaches, something that runs in her family. Cara talks about her work which is a reflection of her unique experiences and perspective and explains why sometimes it can get dark.


Double Primer 16 Tanju Bayramoglu talks Christophe Nieman and Abstract the Art of Design

Tanju Bayramoglu is back to talk about one of his many souces of inspiration, documentaries. Specifically, we discuss the Netflix Doc: Abstract, the Art of Design. In it's inaugural episode Chritophe Nieman shares a little ofhis process of drawing what will be his 20-something cover for THE NEW YORKER. We talk about the artist's work, the documentary film maker's take, and our own reactions.


Double Primer 15 Tanju Bayramoglu talks The Maker Station and Maker Spaces

Tanju Bayramoglu works for GE during the day and is a co-founder of The Maker Station by night. Maker Spaces are places where you can use studio tools and human resources to make just about anything that doesn't require a permit. In the episode Bayramoglu talks about the growing and evolving maker movement and explains how Marietta's own version is different.


Double Primer 14 Alysha Conner talks Youth Mentorship

Alysha Conner continues talking with us about being an entrepreneur and writer and how she has brought her experiences to mentor kids. She relates how her plan to return to Los Angeles got altered when Atlanta provided new opportunities. She also bravely shares the tragedies and trials she has had to overcome to get to her current position.


Double Primer 13 Alysha Conner talks Writing and Entrepreneurship

Alysha Conner is a Los Angeles raised writer and entrepreneur who is putting down roots in the Atlanta community. She explains how she wants to be apart of the new Atlanta Renaissance. She talks about her writing personal writing project and the trials she has already undergone to get here.


Double Primer 12 Lei Snelling talks Highschool Art Education

Lei Snelling is back to talk specifically about teaching art and coaching cross country in a high school setting.


Double Primer 11 Lei Snelling talks Painting

Lei Snelling is an artist, a teacher, a graphic designer, a coach, and a person willing to experiment with art. She talks about her role in the recent group show at FUTURE GALLLERY in Atlanta and why she decided to get back to the gallery scene after starting a career in teaching.


Double Primer 10 Jared Oldham talks the Comic Book Industry

Jared Oldham is back. He talks about how comic books and comic book collecting have evolved and digs in to the recent DC event involving the marriage of Batman and Catwoman.


Double Primer 09 Jared Oldham talks Professional Streaming for Esports

Jared Oldham works behind the camera as a professional streamer for games like SMITE and PALADINS. He shares his career path working in the gaming industry and gives his unique insider perspective on the seasonal grind.