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ECO SPEAKS CLE is where the eco-curious explore Northeast Ohio's unique and thriving environmental community. Each episode delivers thoughtful and informative interviews with local sustainability leaders and offers tips to help listeners connect, learn, and live with the community and planet in mind. ECO SPEAKS CLE is hosted by Diane Bickett and produced by her son-in-law, Greg Rotuno. Diane draws on experiences and relationships developed during her 31-year environmental career to showcase the impactful work shaping Cleveland's environmental future in a podcast that speaks to sustainability newcomers and masters alike.


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ECO SPEAKS CLE is where the eco-curious explore Northeast Ohio's unique and thriving environmental community. Each episode delivers thoughtful and informative interviews with local sustainability leaders and offers tips to help listeners connect, learn, and live with the community and planet in mind. ECO SPEAKS CLE is hosted by Diane Bickett and produced by her son-in-law, Greg Rotuno. Diane draws on experiences and relationships developed during her 31-year environmental career to showcase the impactful work shaping Cleveland's environmental future in a podcast that speaks to sustainability newcomers and masters alike.



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Hiking Together since 1919 - The Cleveland Hiking Club

Send us a Text Message. For this episode, I hit the trails with The Cleveland Hiking Club to discover what drives this all-volunteer-run organization with over 1,200 members. The answer? Cool people who are passionate about encouraging and promoting outdoor recreation and making it accessible to anyone who wants to join in. In my interview with the club's Community Engagement Coordinator, Kara Girvin, and David Schiraldi of the Pathfinder Committee, we speak about finding adventure and friendship on the trails and how hiking and spending time outdoors benefits us mentally and physically. Club members lead hikes year-round every day for all levels of hikers. You will find them in the Metroparks, in cities, in our national park, and even in other countries. I recently joined a club excursion to the New River Gorge National Park with 50 other hikers. There were ten hikes over a three-day weekend, and towards the end of this episode, you will hear from some of the members I met on the trail. Join us, experience a hike or two, and check out this welcoming, vibrant community. Anyone 18 and older can hike with the Cleveland Hiking Club. To qualify as a member, one must complete six hikes a year and pay a small fee. Once a member, all miles are logged, and milestones are celebrated. Some members have hiked over 50,000 miles with the club, demonstrating the enduring power of walking together in nature. Resources: About the Cleveland Hiking Club Join the Cleveland Hiking Club Hiking Schedule Follow us: Contact us:


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Seeding our Forested Future: The Holden Seed Bank

Send us a Text Message. Holden Forest & Gardens is seeding Ohio's forested future through the Holden Seed Bank at the Holden Arboretum, which will soon celebrate its first anniversary. In this episode, we speak with Seed Bank Manager Kim Lessman about how this "restoration" seed bank works, how she became its manager, and how her work forms the core of new climate-fighting reforestation efforts across the region by eliminating a bottleneck in local tree planting efforts - the need for seeds. The Holden Seed Bank collects and processes seeds from native "workhorse" tree species like hickories, oaks, and hemlocks, which local nurseries grow into seedlings to support regional restoration projects and tree planting efforts. The work of the Holden Seed Bank is helping build resilient, biodiverse forests that can face our changing climate by providing thousands and thousands of seeds of local ecotype collected in our region. A Celebration of Seeds event will be held on August 8 at the Cleveland Botanical Garden and feature panelists from Holden Seed Bank, Cleveland Metroparks, the Pollinator Project, and Wild Ones Greater Cleveland to celebrate its one-year anniversary. Join us for all the tree-loving details. Guest: Kimberly Lessman, Manager, Holden Restoration Seed Bank - Resources: About Holden Forest & Gardens About the Holden Seed Bank Celebration of Seeds - August 8 at the Cleveland Botanical Garden Visit the Cleveland Botanical Garden and the Holden Arboretum Follow us: Contact us:


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Greenspace: Supporting Health and Resilience in NEO

Send us a Text Message. In this episode, we share the recording from our recent May networking event at Great Lakes Brewing Company. This event featured a discussion about greenspace with three local leaders working on expanding greenspace in our urban core and increasing access and opportunities to experience nature through outdoor recreation, especially for our historically underserved communities. Our three speakers from Cleveland Metroparks, the local nonprofit SYATT, and the Trust for Public Land speak about improving our community and environmental health by creating more access to greenspace and the collaborations that amplify their work. At 2:18 our first speaker is Kaela Geschke, the Ohio Parks for People Program Director for the Trust for Public Land. Kell speaks about some of the projects she is working on in our region to create and protect nature-rich places and the importance of that work to the health of our community. At 14:18, our second speaker is Kelly Coffman, a principal planner with Cleveland Metroparks. Kelly speaks about the strategic planning effort to create greenways connecting our inner city areas with our lake and other parks to increase park access. Kelly also shares the latest details on the CHEERS project, which will transform Cleveland's east side Lake Erie waterfront. At 27:30, our third speaker is Erika Hood, the Co-Founder and Director of Equity and Engagement for SYATT (See You At The Top). This local organization provides opportunities for Black and Brown communities to explore nature and outdoor recreation. Erika shares stories about the ski and scuba outings, camping trips, and other outdoor experiences she organizes for people in Cleveland's black community and how these shared experiences are so impactful. Speakers: • Kelly Coffman, Principal Planner with Cleveland Metroparks. • Kaela Geschke, Ohio Parks for People Program Director for the Trust for Public Land. • Erika Hood, Co-Founder and Director of Equity and Engagement for SYATT Resources: Cuyahoga County Greenways Plan Cleveland Metroparks active Planning & Design projects Follow us: Contact us:


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Cleveland Vegan Society Presents VegFest 2024

Send us a Text Message. In this episode, Sunny Simon, President of The Cleveland Vegan Society, joins us to talk about veganism and VegFest 2024, coming to Cleveland's Huntington Convention Center on Saturday, June 22. It's the largest Vegan festival in the Midwest, and it will be delicious, fun, and informative for vegans and non-vegans alike. The Cleveland Vegan Society created VegFest over 12 years ago to celebrate veganism and to encourage more plant-based eating. This year's festival features an impressive lineup of activities, speakers, cooking demos, a cruelty-free marketplace, a kids' activity area, yoga, and more. Join us as Sunny shares about becoming a vegetarian and then a vegan thirty years ago and the environmental and humane reasons she advocates for the vegan lifestyle. She also clears up some misconceptions about vegans and offers tips for transitioning to a more plant-based diet. Everyone is welcome at VegFest, where over 13,000 people will gather to eat, have fun, and learn from speakers, including Sarina Farb, Christopher "Soul" Eubanks, Will Brooks, Dr. Keary O'Connor, and Gwenna Hunter. Cooking demos include chefs Chad Goodwin, Sonia Steele, and Anna Marie Harouvis. Whatever your dietary preferences, there will be something to satisfy everyone's tastes. Guest : Sunny Simon, President of the Cleveland Vegan Society and Cuyahoga County Council member Resources: Film - Peaceable Kingdom The Cleveland Vegan Society VegFest 2024 Top Vegan TV show Bitchy Vegan Homo (vegan recipes) Follow us: Contact us:


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Mycelia and Mycotecture with Chris Maurer - Redhouse Studio

Send us a Text Message. Can you build a house with mushrooms? You can if you are Chris Maurer, an architect, a mycologist, and a visionary. Chris is the Principal Architect at Redhouse Studio, an architecture firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. Chris and his partners are working to revolutionize how we house ourselves, not with bricks and mortar but with bio-bricks, a carbon-sequestering fusion of fungi mycelium and plant waste. This regenerative, humanitarian-focused "mycotecture" can grow buildings on and off our planet. Mycotecture refers to the use of mushrooms and other fungi for architectural purposes. In this episode, Chris introduces us to the possibilities of the fungi kingdom in creating sustainable building materials. Chris's work is far-reaching. His MycoHAB project in Namibia uses mycotecture to convert waste bush into food and housing. His Off-Planet NIAC project with NASA would convert space radiation into buildings on Mars. Back here in Cleveland, his BioCycler technology promises to recycle dilapidated buildings while remediating our lead problem and rebuilding our city. We are captivated by the power and possibilities of fungi, and you will be too. Guest: Chris Maurer, Principal Architect at Redhouse Studio Architecture Resources: Follow Redhouse Studio on Instagram and Facebook More on the MycoHAB project in Namibia More on growing buildings on Mars More on the BioCycler using fungi to remediate waste and rebuild our city. Watch the Fantastic Fungi documentary. Follow us: Contact us:


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Changing Our Perception of the Cuyahoga River with Jim Ridge

Send us a Text Message. Jim Ridge is the founder and executive director of Share the River, a non-profit that promotes Cleveland as a waterfront city and sharing everything that makes it a vibrant and engaging space for residents and visitors. In this episode, Jim talks about his upcoming Blazing Paddles Paddlefest on June 22, where hundreds of recreational paddlers and racers will paddle the commercial shipping section of the Cuyahoga River from Rivergate Park up to Cleveland-Cliffs Steelyard and back. Along the way, they will experience how the river has "risen like a phoenix" from its polluted past and is now attracting economic development, tourism, and community pride. Jim is one of our biggest river advocates, even being named Champion of the River by the Cuyahoga River Area of Concern (AOC) last year. He has much to share about how our past, present, and future are inextricably tied to our waterfront and its evolving health. Join us to hear his vision, plus some tips on sharing the river with freighters, about those YAKports, registering for Blazing Paddles, and more. You will surely find new ways to appreciate our tremendous natural resource for its recreational, commercial, and revitalizing potential. Guest: Jim Ridge, Share the River Resources: About Share the River Follow Share the River - Instagram and Facebook About the Cuyahoga River Know Before You Go safety tips Register for the Dave Vasarhelyi Memorial Recreational Paddle Map of the lower Cuyahoga River (Federal Navigation Channel) Cuyahoga River Water Trail Cuyahoga River and Share the River News Follow us: Contact us:


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Earth Month in Action with the Cleveland Heights Green Team

Send us a Text Message. In this episode, we celebrate Earth Month and the power of local environmental action with the Cleveland Heights Green Team, its co-founder Catalina Wagers, and volunteer Suzanne Zilber. The Cleveland Heights Green Team was founded in 2021 and is very active, with over 300 volunteers. They have a full calendar of events planned for Earth Month, and during the rest of the year, they are busy organizing green space clean-ups, recycling drives, plastics reduction campaigns, eco fairs, and more. Getting involved with a green team is a great way to channel your environmental concerns into fun and impactful actions. It's also a great way to meet like-minded people in your community. Join us as we hear how this green team was founded, how to get involved with other green teams in Cuyahoga County or start one of your own, and ways to celebrate Earth Month throughout the Land. Check the links below for calendars of events and other helpful information. Guests: Catalina Wagers, Co-Founder, Cleveland Heights Green Team Suzanne Zilber, Member, Cleveland Heights Green Team Resources: CH Green Team Website About the Cleveland Heights Green Team Earth Month in the Heights - Calendar Cleveland Heights Green Team Events - ways to get involved Sustainable Cleveland Earth Month Other green teams in Cuyahoga County - get involved with your local green team Laurel School Youth Climate Summit (April 14th) Follow us: Contact us:


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Cultivating Community with Re:Source Cleveland

Send us a Text Message. In this episode, we welcome returning guests Patrick Kearns with Re:Source Cleveland (formerly Refugee Response) and Michael Bartunek with Ohio City Farm to update us on the exciting developments at Ohio City Farm and with its operator, Re:Source Cleveland. Rachel Ramos, who manages CSA sales for the farm, also joins us to tell us about the diverse array of fresh produce available in the 2024 CSA program and the new tiered pricing structure. We first spoke with Patrick and Michael in episode 3 two years ago. Since then, The Refugee Response has relocated, rebranded, expanded, and begun a major new initiative at Ohio City Farm: the Roundstone Pavilion. Groundbreaking for the 4,000-square-foot building will take place this year. This next-level investment will bring food to the community year-round by housing a commercial kitchen, a wash and pack station, workers' facilities, a retail hall, and more. Last year, Refugee Response rebranded to Re:Source Cleveland, honoring the organization's past 14 years of providing resources to resettled families and supporting them in becoming engaged, self-sufficient, and contributing community members. The farm is central to that mission, growing local food, community connections, and providing meaningful employement. These developments enhance other investments in the area, like the West Side market and the new Metropark taking shape just below the farm along the Cuyahoga River at Irishtown Bend. Join us as our guests update you on what's happening on the farm, in the neighborhood, and at our community table. Guests Patrick Kearns: Executive Director, Re:Source Cleveland Michael Bartunek: Senior Farm Manager, Ohio City Farm Rachel Ramos: Farm Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Ohio City Farm Resources About Re:Source Cleveland rebranding Ohio City 2024 CSA Support Ohio City Farm Support Re:Source Cleveland About the Roundstone Pavilion Follow us: Contact us:


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Eco Meet CLE: Weaving a Sustainable and Local Textile Economy

Send us a Text Message. In this episode, we bring you the conversation from Eco Meet CLE, a Cleveland sustainability event on February 20 featuring local innovators reinventing northeast Ohio textile production. Rather than today's exploitive and resource-intensive system, we can grow a regional, circular system that fosters economic integrity, ecological stewardship, and connection to people and place. Listen and hear from those working towards this goal - Jess Boeke, the co-founder of Rust Belt Fibershed, a non-profit developing a bioregional textile community; Aidan Meany, a designer and the owner of Found Surface, a Cleveland clothing manufacturer that prioritizes sustainability and is setting a new standard for ethical fashion; Kat Novak, the Associate Director of the TechStyleLAB and the Faculty in the School of Fashion at Kent State University; and Kelly Powers, a farmer and the owner of Powers Acres, a 50-acre certified organic farm in Medina, Ohio, and the future owner and operator of a fiber mill in northeast Ohio. Together, they are creating a fashion ecosystem that rivals the farm-to-table food revolution, only this time, it's with the garments we wear. It's a blueprint for a world where designers, farmers, and consumers all play a part in crafting an industry that respects our planet and community. Guests: Jess Boeke - Co-Founder, Rust Belt Fibershed Aidan Meany - Founder, Found Surface Kat Novak- Associate Director, Kent State University School of Fashion Kelly Powers - Farmer and Shepherd, Powers Acres Follow us: Contact us:


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Stormwater Starts at Home: Watershed Stewardship Center

Send us a Text Message. Cleveland Metroparks has always been a preserver and protector of our valleys and the waters that run through them. In 2013, it opened the Watershed Stewardship Center in Parma's West Creek Reservation with a mission to enhance and protect our urban watersheds through scientific discovery, education, and sustainable actions. In this episode, we speak with the center's manager, Bethany Majeski, and the Director of Natural Resources for Cleveland Metroparks, Jennifer Grieser, about how protecting our urban watersheds is so vital for our region and ways we can all be stewards of our local watersheds starting at home where stormwater runoff begins. Guests: Jennifer Grieser: Director of Natural Resources for Cleveland Metroparks, Bethany Majeski: Watershed Stewardship Center Manager Resources: Confluence: Stewarding Cleveland's Water Central Lake Erie Basin Collaborative World Water Day - March 22 Cleveland Metroparks Seasonal Job Fair March 11 Follow us: Contact us:


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Poop Jokes and the Art of Connecting: John Gonzalez, NEORSD

Send us a Text Message. Northeast Ohio can be proud of its sewer district, not only for the skill with which it manages our wastewater and protects our water resources but also for the skill with which it connects with the public, especially its Twitter followers. How did the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District amass more than 60,000 die-hard Twitter followers here in Cleveland and across the globe? In this episode, we speak with Communications Director John Gonzalez about how he uses humor, humanity, sports memes, and more to help people care about the infrastructure beneath their feet and the employees working to protect our environment and health 24-7. Stay with us and hear why poop jokes never get old, about Project Clean Lake, career opportunities, what not to flush, and how a holiday voicemail had everybody crying. The NEORSD isn't just about the business of wastewater treatment; it's about building community through our shared experiences. Guest: John Gonzalez, Communications Director, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Resources: Hear the Holiday Message - (216) 361 6772 NEORSD Educational Resources Clean Water Works Podcast Project Clean Lake Careers at NEORSD Twitter Account @neorsd How Did a Sewer District Grow a National Twitter following? What Science Communicators Can Learn from Sewer Twitter? Follow us: Contact us:


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Life's a Venture with Victoria Avi

Send us a Text Message. Meet Victoria Avi, owner of Venture Forward Strategies. Victoria has many rich stories and insights from her 17-year sustainability career and her personal life. Victoria immigrated to Cleveland from Azerbaijan when she was just 16 and navigated language, high school, and finally college, where she found her passions for graphic design and the environment. What does it take to weave a life that interlaces a personal immigration story with a genuine commitment to sustainability? Join us for this thoughtful interview where Victoria speaks candidly about her personal and professional journey, why she does this work, what keeps her going, and how she manages "eco-anxiety." Hint: it's all about the deep connections she has made here in Cleveland, where community bonds and eco-consciousness go hand in hand. For Victoria, Life's a Venture and an Adventure. Guest: Victoria Avi, President, Venture Forward Strategies Resources: Ways to Connect Eco Meet CLE, February 20, 2024 Northeast Ohio Women in Sustainability (contact Victoria to be added) Greyt Culture events Northeastern Ohio chapter of Conscious Capitalism Where to Learn More The Ecology of Commerce, by Paul Hawkin The Business Case for Sustainability, featuring Ray Anderson The Center for Social Impact Strategy, University of Pennsylvania Follow us: Contact us:


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Our 2 Year Anniversary Special

Send us a Text Message. On December 21, 2021, Greg and I launched the first episode of Eco Speaks CLE to elevate and connect the greater Cleveland environmental community by speaking with those doing inspiring and impactful work. Forty-seven episodes later, as we celebrate two years of Eco Speaks CLE, we are grateful to each guest and each listener. You have become our friends. We hope this first episode of 2024 and its compilation of clips from the past two years will help you find new ways to stay connected, stay positive, and stay active. Featuring: Eddie Olshanski/Trash Fish Cleveland Tristan Rader/Solar United Neighbors Britta Latz/Medwish International Tim Jasinski/Lights Out Cleveland Steven Love/Cleveland Plogs Chelsea Shuran/Hunger Network Jacob VanSickel/Bike Cleveland Semia Bray/Black Environmental Leaders Jim Sheehan/Ohio City Bicycle Co-op Elissa Yoder/Ohio Sierra Club Mike Sandoval/Evergreen Recycling Ren Brumfield/Cleveland Recycling Nina Savastano/Brooklyn Recycling Program Nathan Rutz/Tilth Soil Denzil St Clair/Greater Cleveland Beekeepers Association Emily Peck/Frayed Knot Farm Patrick Kearns/Ohio City Farm Jess Boeke/Rust Belt Fibershed Dan Brown/Rust Belt Riders Nicole MgGee/Upcycle Parts Shop Jessica Davis/Rebuilders Exchange Debbie Eastburn/Humble Design Cleveland Matt Walters /Cuyahoga Recycles Kathleen Colan Jill Bartolatta/Ohio Sea Grant Erin Huber Rosen/Drink Local, Drink Tap Alex Margevicius/Cleveland Water Max Herzog/Cleveland Water Alliance Rachel Regula/Little Spark Refill Shop Pat Conway/Great Lakes Brewing Company Alec McClennan/Good Nature Organic Lawn Care Aaron Jacobson/Faanware Joe Rohan, Jing Lyon/BRITE Energy Innovators Jefferson Jones/Organic Connects Amy Roskilly/Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District Carol Thaler/Great Lakes Biomimicry Marci Lininger/Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative Deb Yandala/ Follow us: Contact us:


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Behind the Scenes at MedWish International with Britta Latz

Send us a Text Message. Medwish International in Cleveland, Ohio, has been making a world of difference since 1993 by recovering, repurposing, and redistributing surplus medical supplies around the globe. This urgently needed humanitarian aid also helps the environment by keeping life-saving resources out of landfills. In this episode, we speak with Executive Director Britta Latz about how Medwish has been bridging the gap between surplus and scarcity for 30 years with the support of an army of volunteers and the help of our northeast Ohio community. Join us as we take you behind the scenes of MedWish International to learn how teams of volunteers sort, repackage, and distribute over 600,000 lbs. of medical supplies annually to 115 countries and those in need locally. The logistics involved with receiving and fulfilling supply requests from organizations worldwide are extensive. As Medwish marks its 30th anniversary, it celebrates the people in our community who make this life-saving work possible. Hear how individuals and healthcare facilities donate their surplus supplies instead of sending them to a landfill, the army of volunteers and aid workers who sort and redistribute the supplies, and the funders that keep this remarkable organization going. Hear how you might make a difference. Guest: Britta Latz, Executive Director, Medwish International Resources: Follow Medwish on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube Give Supplies Give $$ Give Time Follow us: Contact us:


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Secondhand Savvy with Kathleen Colan

Send us a Text Message. We all love a good find at a vintage store and have done our fair share of donating or selling stuff we no longer want. These sustainable actions fuel a booming industry called the secondary market for consumer goods. But how much do we know about the consumer resale market? How can we make good decisions about where we donate, and how can we be savvy shoppers in the resale retail world? Joining us with the inside scoop is Kathleen Colan - a seasoned writer, author, and the founder of KC Media Partners. Kathleen has reported on the resale retail industry and sells vintage goods herself. In this episode, we unlock some of the best places in town to find those pre-loved treasures, share our favorite finds, and hear some tips for savvy shopping that we hope will inspire you to shop secondhand this holiday season. Guest: Kathleen Colan, Founder of KC Media Partners C' (Kathleen's vintage on Ebay) Resources: PBS feature: Buy low, sell high: commodifying commerce in the consumer goods secondary market by Kathleen Colan Consumer brand buy-back programs Unboxing Shein on Hulu Shop Vintage Cleveland and More: Great Lakes Vintage Goodwill Bins Outlet Worn Wear (Patagonia) Attenson's Antiques and Books Eclectic Eccentric Monarch Boutique Flower Child Sweet Lorain All Things for You Schoolhouse Salvage ROOK Modern Main Street Modern Beachland Ballroom Bainbridge Antique Center Habitat Re-Store Follow us: Contact us:


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Eco Meet CLE - Our Local Food System

Send us a Text Message. In this episode, we bring you the conversation from Eco Meet CLE, a sustainability event held this October at Great Lakes Brewing Company. The theme of the evening was local food. Over 100 people joined us for food, beer, and a conversation about our local food system with a panel of guests that helped us explore the meaning of the term food system, the various roles within that system, and ways we might make it more local, more accessible, and more inclusive. In this recording, we first hear Lexi St. Denis, the local and responsible food coordinator for Great Lakes Brewing Company, describe her job and the farmers she works with. After that, we hear from Dr. Darcy Friedman, a renowned researcher and the Director of the Mary Ann Swetland Center for Environmental Health at CASE. Dr. Friedman moderated our panel of 3 speakers that included Zainab Pixler, the Local Food Systems Strategy Coordinator for the City of Cleveland Department of Public Health; Annabel Khouri, the owner of Bay Branch Farm in Cleveland and a member of the USDA Farm Service agency committee; Jennifer Lumpkin, founder of My Grow Connect, an organization that works to connect the community with agriculture and member of the Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition. We've set the table for some intriguing topics - everything from food sovereignty to wealth building for BIPOC growers. And we examine solutions that Cleveland can adopt to improve its local food system, address disparities, and improve health in our communities. So pull up a chair. There's plenty to digest on this episode of Eco Speaks CLE. Thank You, Sponsors! Great Lakes Brewing Co - Brewing Good Mary Ann Swetland Center for Environmental Health - CWRU Conserva Irrigation of Northern Ohio Graziani Multimedia 1 PM One Planet Media Sustainable Ohio Public Energy Council RET3 Job Corps Lettuce Tree Farms Blue CSR Strategies Rust Belt Riders Collaborx Food Strong BRITE Energy Innovators Cleveland Neighborhood Progress Follow us: Contact us:


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The Heat Will Kill You First: A Conversation with Author Jeff Goodell

Send us a Text Message. In this episode of Eco Speaks CLE, we speak with New York Times bestselling author and climate journalist Jeff Goodell. Jeff has covered climate change for over two decades at Rolling Stone and is the author of seven books, including his latest book, The Heat Will Kill You First: Life and Death On A Scorched Planet. This is an engaging, thoughtful, and human book filled with stories that help us all understand how we can help address this moment. What would you do if your casual seven-mile hike turned into a fatal encounter with extreme heat? That is one chilling tale we discuss as we dive into the dire realities of our rapidly warming world. Join us to understand the Goldilocks Zone, how heat is the driver behind many natural disasters, how our bodies react to heat, and the health risks we face even in cooler regions like Northeast Ohio. Stay with us and hear what it will take to address the drive change, the economic costs, legal actions against oil companies, the power of young voters, and how an encounter with a polar bear reminds us that we are all in this together. Guest: Author and Climate Journalist Jeff Goodell The Heat Will Kill You First: Life and Death On A Scorched Planet Follow us: Contact us:


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Saving the Birds with Lights Out Cleveland and LENSC

Send us a Text Message. What if there was a way to save thousands of innocent birds from lethal collisions with our urban glass structures each year? In this episode of EcoSpeak CLE, we head to Lake Erie Nature and Science Center to speak with wildlife rehabilitation specialist Tim Jasinski, one of the founders of Lights Out Cleveland. Tim shares the challenges migratory birds face in navigating the dangerous cityscape of Cleveland and how we all help make our community more feather-friendly. Tim takes us behind the scenes of Lights Out Cleveland and The Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, revealing the dedication and commitment of the volunteers who roam downtown streets in the early morning hours during spring and fall migrations to rescue and rehabilitate injured birds. In our Tip Time, Tim shares what to do if you find an injured bird or animal and some of his favorite spots around town to bird watch. Lights Out Cleveland needs more volunteers. You can make a difference by becoming a Bird Collision Monitoring Crew member. Monitoring and collection volunteers are responsible for monitoring specific areas throughout Downtown Cleveland, collecting/transporting both living and dead birds, and recording data. Monitoring happens between 5:00 am – 8:30 am, March 15 – ~June 1 and August 15 – mid-November. Opportunities are available seven days per week. To become a volunteer, you will need to join the Cleveland Metroparks volunteer system. Guest: Tim Jasinski, Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist with Lake Erie Nature and Science Center and Founder of Lights Out Cleveland Resources: Lights out Cleveland Lake Erie Nature and Science Center Become a Lights Out Cleveland volunteer Feather Friendly window film Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative Make your house more bird-friendly. Follow us: Contact us:


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Organic Connects and the Power of the Outdoors

Send us a Text Message. Whitnye Long Jones is a nature enthusiast, community engagement specialist, and environmental justice advocate. She channels these passions and skills into the non-profit she founded in 2017 called Organic Connects. Whitnye runs Organic Connects with her husband, Jefferson Jones, a lifelong outdoor educator, and outdoorsman. Together, they provide environmental education, outdoor recreation, and nature-based opportunities primarily for urban youth and families with limited access to nature. In this episode, we speak with Whitnye and Jefferson in Jimmy's Treehouse, the outdoor learning classroom at the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes. We talk about the power of nature to teach, restore, transform, heal, inspire, connect, and prepare our future environmental leaders. Whether it be kayaking, camping in Allegheny National Forest, or building a campfire, the practical skills one acquires outdoors benefit each of us throughout our lives, and as Jefferson puts it, "everybody, whether they're white or black or brown, needs more of the outdoors." Join us to hear how these two black environmental leaders provide these experiences and connect people organically to the outdoors, each other, and the community. It's a reminder of how these organic connections can create ripple effects, fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of their background, can connect with nature in a meaningful way. Guests: Whitnye Long-Jones, Founder and Executive Director, Organic Connects email: Jefferson Jones, Senior Director of Operations, Organic Connects email: Resources: Environmental education and outdoor recreation programs Organic Connects Events Partners and Funders Cleveland Metroparks Youth Outdoors Conveniently Vegan restaurant Camp Journey Follow us: Contact us:


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Dreams Blossom at Frayed Knot Farm

Send us a Text Message. Emily Pek is a flower farmer and the owner of Frayed Knot Farm, a small flower farm in Newbury, Ohio, where she produces beautiful, diverse cut flowers and herbs that share stories, bring joy and support equitable and regenerative farming. In this episode, we visit Emily on her farm and discover her journey to becoming a flower farmer, the family roots and community behind her farm, the flowers behind the Saison beer at Great Lakes Brewing Company, and her grandpa's punny joke that inspired the name Frayed Knot Farm. If Emily were a flower, she says she would be Foxglove. It's delicate but tough with "tough" being the operative word behind being a farmer. Starting with just a grass field in 2018, Emily now grows over 100 varieties of annual and perennial flowers and foliage on less than an acre using hand-scale farming practices. She demonstrates how hard work and a "why not?" attitude can turn dreams into reality. Join us on this episode to discover the heart and hard work behind Frayed Knot Farm and Emily's passion for a more sustainable and healthy environment. Her journey will inspire you to pursue your dreams, no matter how big or small. Resources: Frayed Knot Farm Follow Frayed Knot Farm on Instagram Event Florals Flower Shares through Ohio City farm Wholesale - The Collab Community Partners - Rustbelt Fibershed The Flax Project The joke - a string walks into a bar.... Follow us: Contact us: