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#ELOsoFumarTakes delivers abbreviated interviews, thoughts, and insights with cigar industry personnel and fans. Host Bear Duplisea's vision is to give the audience a peak into industry culture as well as show the human side of its inner members.

#ELOsoFumarTakes delivers abbreviated interviews, thoughts, and insights with cigar industry personnel and fans. Host Bear Duplisea's vision is to give the audience a peak into industry culture as well as show the human side of its inner members.
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#ELOsoFumarTakes delivers abbreviated interviews, thoughts, and insights with cigar industry personnel and fans. Host Bear Duplisea's vision is to give the audience a peak into industry culture as well as show the human side of its inner members.






#ELOSOFUMARTAKES / PRIME TIME SPECIAL EDITION with Pedro Gomez live at the Drew Estate Barn Smoker

This week, we sat down with Pedro Gomez of Drew Estate Cigars at the beautiful Florida Sun Grown Tobacco Farm in Clermont, Florida for one inspiring take. Little introduction is needed, Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 76th Take with Guest, Bill Ives of Curbariqueño Cigar Company

This week, Bill Ives of Cubariqueño Cigar Company returns to #ELOsoFumarTakes for our #76thTake. Community is a big part of Bill's life and career. We'll talk about how community, teamwork and partnership drive the ship of The Protocol Guys' and keep their cigars, philosophy, and antics are the talk of the collective cigar media. Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 75th Take with Guest, Scott Kolesaire of AVO Cigars

This week we sit down with the man to know at Davidoff of Geneva. As the Director of Marketing, Scott Kolesaire has his hands and heart in everything from Davidoff to Camacho to tonight's subject AVO. AVO's story begins with a man and continues with a legacy of excellence. We talk with Scott about the ups, the downs and just how important carrying AVO's legacy truly is. Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 74th Take with Guest, Carson Serino of Serino Cigar Company

This week, #ELOsoFumarTakes welcomes Carson Serino of Serino Cigar Company for our #74thTake. An unconventional second-generation member of the premium cigar industry, Serino looks to make a splash as he enters his third decade in life, bringing with him 90+ rated cigars and partnering with two cigar industry legends all while honoring the past and traditions of this great industry. Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 73rd Take with Guest, 'Dirty' Fabien Ziegler of Drew Estate Cigars

This week, #ELOsoFumarTakes welcomes 'Dirty' Fabien Ziegler of Drew Estate Cigars in for #Take73. This year Ziegler celebrates his 19th year with Drew Estate. Any guesses to what's been around longer and celebrating its milestone 20th year? Check out the take and find out! Plus, we explore just how much the premium cigar industry owes to this man because in many ways he's shaped the industry and the cigar shop culture as we know it today. Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 72nd Take with Guest, K.C. Johnson of L'Atelier Imports & Tatuaje Cigars

This week, #ELOsoFumarTakes welcomes in K.C. Johnson of L'Atelier Imports and Tatuaje Cigars. Our #72ndTake features the genesis of the Potluck Series, but also a return to the beginnings of L'Atelier and how K.C. went from Coaching to ADIDAS to owning running sales at arguably one of the most popular cigar brands on the market. Plus, we ask K.C. to do a little more time travel with our Curveball question. Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 71st Take with Guest, Matt Tye of How 'Bout That Cigar

This week, #ELOsoFumarTakes welcomes in Matt Tye of How 'Bout That Cigar. #Take71 explores Matt's journey into Premium Cigar Media. While not new to Cigar Media himself, HBTC is new and you can check them out at: https://howboutthatcigar.com/ - before that check out the story behind the Matt- who has a fresh #take on cigar industry coverage. Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 70th Take with Guest, Robert Caldwell of Caldwell Cigar Co.

This week, #ELOsoFumarTakes welcomes in the zany and unpredictable Robert Caldwell from Caldwell Cigar Company for #Take70. Robert has teamed up with some of the hottest names in the industry (or is it vice versa?) to bring forth fun collaborations, but it's clear he has a vision for what Caldwell Cigars is going to be this time around. Who knows where this is going? Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 69th Take with Guests, Tripp Waldrop & Denis Tsvang of Cigar Federation

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! This week we celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland the best way we can - Drinking & Smoking Cigars! Of course, #ELOSOFUMARTAKES had to do it in a unique style by offering a return invite to the boys of CigFed, Tripp & Denis. Let's face it, pairing great cigars with some booze? You know who you need to call. We chat St. Paddy's Day, our pairings and one last take of #Take69, the cigars are all blind! Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 68th Take with Guest, Casey Haugen of Crux Cigars

This week, Casey Haugen returns to #ELOsoFumarTakes for our #68thTake. Crux Cigars wrapped a big 2018, but are gearing up for a huge 2019. Several releases will mark the company's 5th Anniversary. We talk how the first five years have set the tone for what Crux Cigars is tracking t be a very successful first decade in the business. And in true show fashion, we close with a "curveball." Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 67th Take with Guest, Jose Blanco of E.P. Carrillo Cigars

This week, E.P. Carrillo's own Jose Blanco - "the Mad Professor" -joins us to talk blending, working alongside a legend, and being at the center of it all when your company is given the highly coveted #1 Cigar of the Year from Cigar Aficionado and, of course, the added cherry on top of #1 Cigar of the Year for #ELOsoFumarTakes. Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 66th Take with Guest, Omar de Frias of Fratello Cigars

This week on #ELOsoFumarTakes, we welcome in Omar de Frias of Fratello Cigars. Choosing to end a very successful career at NASA and having that decision and story featured in a publication like the Washington Post all sounds like something straight out of Hollywood. Maybe one day. For now, de Frias is what's he always been, just Omar. But there are a lot more layers to this parfait. I wanted to go a little deeper with Omar and explore truly the beginning. The link to the Thomas heath's...


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 65th Take with guest, Steven Bailey of Cornelius & Anthony Cigars

This week, #ELOsoFumarTakes welcomes Steven Bailey of Cornelius & Anthony Cigars. Five generations ago, the Bailey family began farming tobacco in the state of Virginia. Today. Steven has taken the family's legacy into the world of premium cigars. Cornelius and Anthony's cigars are manufactured in two of the industry's finest boutique factories and made with tobacco from all over, including the good ol' USA. We ask Steven about the when, the why, and the how the 5th Generation decided to...


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 64th Take with guest, Enrique Seijas of Matilde Cigars

This week, we welcome back Matilde Cigars' own Enrique Seijas. Along with his father (Hall of Famer, Jose Seijas), Matilde Cigars has become a powerful mainstay in the world of boutique premium cigars. Tonight, we take a look at Seibel Distribution and have a little fun with future generations. Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 63rd Take with guest, Antonio Gomez of La Flor Dominicana

This week on #ELOsoFumarTakes we welcome in Antonio Gomez, the heir-apparent to one of the top brands in the last 20 years of the premium cigar industry. La Flor Dominicana has a lot of notches under its belt. From the ligero leaf revolution to capturing a herald #1 Cigar of the Year from Cigar Aficionado, our guest is working to usher LFD into a new, even more, successful era. Let's not forget, "Tony" has his own story. And we unfold some of it on this #Take. Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 62nd Take with guest, Mike Rosales of RoMa Craft Tobac

This week, we resume normally scheduled programming. And we have an amazing take lined up for our first interview of 2019. Mike Rosales may be apart of one of the most successful partnerships in the premium cigar business. It hasn't been easy, but Rosales's demeanor has always been the yang to (Partner) Skip Martin's ying. Together they've built success in RoMa. But tonight, we get Mike's take on all that and more. SURPRISE: RoMa Craft's Danny Vazquez stops by as well and chats about some of...


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 61st Take - #ELOsoFumarTakes Top 10 Cigars of 2018!

This week, the highly anticipated #ELOsoFumarTakes Top 10 Cigars of 2018 will be unveiled! The past 12 months have been amazing and a special thank you goes out to Espinosa Cigars on being last year's winner, with the Espinosa Habano No. 4. Will they repeat? The updated criteria is below: 1) It's vitola based. 2) I had to have smoked the cigar for the first time in the last year and a half.* 3) It must not suck. 4)No limited edition cigars (i.e. TAA, shop exclusive) are eligible. 5) A...


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 60th Take with guest Seth Geise of Developing Palates

This week on #ELOsoFumarTakes we welcome Seth Geise formerly of the Seth's Humidor, currently of Developing Palates fame. Seth has some pretty strong opinions, just in general. But, when Cuban cigars come up, he's all-in and it's no holds barred. He's also considered by many respected individuals in the industry for his Cuban acumen. So, we explore. Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 59th Take with guests Tripp Waldrop & John McTavish

This week on #ELOsoFumarTakes we welcome back Tripp Waldrop of Cigar Federation and John McTavish of Developing Palates for our #59thTake. There's a lot of conversation generated around the polarization of Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 Cigars of the Year list...so here's one more. The three of us re-rank, re-organize and re-analyze some of this year's recently released list. Enjoy!


#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 58th Take with guest, Robert Holt of Southern Draw Cigars

This week, #ELOsoFumarTakes is pleased to welcome Robert Holt of Southern Draw Cigars for our #58thTake. Mission. Philosophy. Principal. Mission. It's pretty clear that Holt and the Southern Draw family hold their ideals pretty close to their business practice. Robert shares his take on how they motives have taken his company to the critical acclaim that it's risen to. Enjoy!