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Trusted Information, Insights, Tips, Recommendations, Reviews, & Advice on Travel to Egypt

Trusted Information, Insights, Tips, Recommendations, Reviews, & Advice on Travel to Egypt


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Trusted Information, Insights, Tips, Recommendations, Reviews, & Advice on Travel to Egypt




Interview with Ahmed Wahba of Visit Egypt

John sits down with Egyptian photographer Ahmed Wahba to talk about some of his favorite unspoiled and emerging places to visit in Egypt, including the North Coast, Marsa Alam, Soma Bay, and the White Desert. Ahmed’s amazing photography showcasing the best of Egypt and its people can be found on his Instagram account @ProjectWahba. He […]


The New Grand Egyptian Museum

In this long-awaited episode all about the Grand Egyptian Museum, which includes a few surprises, John covers the history of this monumental project and then carefully and thoroughly dissects the latest information about the new museum’s expected opening date. He also offers listeners seven important things to consider when planning trips to Egypt in the […]


Egypt Travel Updates

A brief new episode to update listeners on a few important topics related to travel to Egypt and our ongoing efforts to support special projects in Egypt.


Supporting a School for Blind Girls in Egypt

This is a very special episode of the Egypt Travel Podcast in which we’re launching a fundraising campaign to help support a remarkable program for blind girls and young women in Egypt. Go to to learn more and make a donation.


MAJOR Cairo Hotel Scene Updates

It has been over 2 years since we’ve done a review of the hotel scene in Egypt, and a LOT has changed. New hotels have opened, nice hotels have gone downhill, and the Egypt Travel Podcast has inaugurated a new annual review and ranking of the Best Hotels and Resorts of Egypt. This is an […]


The Real Tea on Trip Advisor for Egypt

Many people rely on Trip Advisor for doing their due diligence before a big international trip. While it may be fantastic for many other destinations, Trip Advisor is notoriously horrendous for planning travel to and around Egypt. In this episode, you’ll hear all about precisely why relying on Trip Advisor would be a huge mistake […]


Critical Advice on AirBnB in Egypt

Travelers beware! AirBnB and similar platforms have been wonderful additions to the accommodations scene in many places, but not in Egypt – at least not yet. This episode reveals the results of our undercover evaluation of the AirBnB scene in Cairo. And spoiler alert – we strongly recommend AGAINST using AirBnB and similar platforms in […]


Frequently Asked Questions

This 12th episode is dedicated to sharing and answering some of the Egypt Travel Podcast listeners’ most frequently asked questions about travel to and visiting Egypt.


The Red Sea

In the 11th episode of the Egypt Travel Blog Podcast, John delivers another info-packed download all about Egypt’s Red Sea coast, including where to go, how to get there, what’s great, what sucks, and what to look out for. He also talks in depth about the coastal cities of Marsa Alam, Hurghada, El Gouna, Sharm […]

Aswan and Abu Simbel

In this tenth episode of the Egypt Travel Blog Podcast, John takes listeners through a visit to Aswan and Abu Simbel in the far south of Egypt and makes a big announcement relevant to anyone interested in traveling to Egypt in 2018 or 2019.

Luxor, Part 2

Second episode in a 2-parter on Luxor, Egypt’s ancient tomb- and temple-filled capital in the south. This episode continues on to the eastern bank of the Nile River and explores Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple, then surveys the hotel and resort scene in Luxor. We wrap up the episode with important tips on Luxor-specific scams […]

Luxor, Part 1

John delivers another meaty brain dump about traveling to Luxor and traipsing around all of the amazing tombs and temples to visit here. Included are expert recommendations on must-see sites and some additional sites to see if you have extra time, which specific tombs are best to spend your time on in the Valley of […]

Visiting the Egyptian Museum, Part 2

Part two on the Egyptian Museum goes into detail about the top exhibits inside the museum, such King Tut’s famous treasures and the mummy room where you can see the actual bodies of ancient Egypt’s greatest Pharaohs. We also cover what else to look for that you might otherwise miss, scam alerts to watch out […]

Visiting the Egyptian Museum, Part 1

This episode is all about visiting the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, including background on the museum, logistics and tips for your visit, and where to find the major exhibits and collections inside.

All About The Pyramids, Part 2

In the second part of this two-parter, John walks through the logistics and practicalities of a trip out to the Pyramids complex and dispenses advice, cautions, and insider tips to which any visitor to the Pyramids, whether accompanied or not, should pay very close attention. Updated travel news about Egypt is also included toward the end of the episode.

All About The Pyramids, Part 1

In this episode we dive into talking all about the world’s greatest ancient monuments – the Pyramids. John details the fundamentals of Egypt’s most famous pyramid complexes and then thoroughly covers their origins, history, and evolution. The Sphinx also makes a cameo appearance in the first of this two-parter.

Hotels in Egypt

In the third episode of the Egypt Travel Blog Podcast we dive deep into talking all about hotels in Egypt, from Cairo and Alexandria to Luxor and Aswan to the Sinai and the Red Sea coast and more. We go into the pros and cons of all the major properties and give you advanced insight […]

Getting to Egypt and Your First Few Hours There

In this second episode of the Egypt Travel Blog Podcast, John talks about the best ways to get to Egypt and walks listeners through their first few hours on the ground once there, from getting your arrival visa to going through immigration and customs to battling the taxi and salesman gauntlet in the arrivals hall […]

Introduction and Planning Travel to Egypt

In this premier episode of the Egypt Travel Blog Podcast, we talk about what draws us all to Egypt, what Egypt is really like, and what you need to know and consider when planning a trip there.