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Sometimes, it's good to hear about the struggles and trials of others, especially if they've come through on the other side. This is such a podcast.

Sometimes, it's good to hear about the struggles and trials of others, especially if they've come through on the other side. This is such a podcast.
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Sometimes, it's good to hear about the struggles and trials of others, especially if they've come through on the other side. This is such a podcast.








EleAMental Podcast No. 78: Hear Me Roar

In this entry, we’re talking about being so much yummier. I’ve had a fascination with Catwoman for a long time (Michelle Pfeiffer specifically), I just wasn’t paying attention to the lesson she was trying to teach me. I’ve always seen myself as A Keaton Batman type. Awkward, introverted, brooding, focused, selfless. Now, I’m starting to see that while that is definitely part of me, there’s another. To quote Bruce Wayne to Selina Kyle, “We’re the same…split right down the center.” Like Yin...


EleAMental Podcast No. 77: Frankly, Mr. Shankly

In this entry, I talk about my own little form of prostitution. I may not be selling my body, but I’m selling my soul. I feel that’s much worse. Let’s talk about work and how I pay the rent. When it’s come to my main source of income, mum has been the word. Since 2017, I had to start back at a job from my past, working as a Christian TV editor and producer. The content isn’t the kind you see where the lgbtq or liberals are being bashed, but it’s just not my idea of quality content. And it’s...


EleAMental Podcast No. 76: Maybe I’m Doing It Wrong

On this entry, we’re going back to the basics…the sexual basics. Mostly because a sad majority of our population has been miseducated about sex and reproduction, or simply no education whatsoever. We are in a sad state of affairs, rather multiple states. Not only are people not getting the fundamentals of what they can do to protect themselves before, during, and after intercourse, they’re also being punished with life altering consequences because of ignorance. I was fortunate enough to...


EleAMental Podcast No. 75: Everybody's Fool

On this entry, we talk about Body Dysmorphic Disorder, or BDD. On top of the body dysmorphia I’ve dealt with all my life because of gender, I’ve also inherited BDD from my genetic background. BDD is simply your brain either distorting your self image to be bigger than you actually are, or smaller. It’s vicious and it’s not something you just deal with, you actually need medication and counseling. I talk about my struggles here and give some insight into what happened in 2015 that caused me...


EleAMental Podcast No. 74: Where There’s A Whip There’s A Way /w The Black Cat

On this entry, we’re back with The Black Cat to talk once more about BDSM and Submissive/Dominant Relationships. However, this time we’re getting into the dirty details that many of you reached out and asked. We also talk about a few things we missed in the last conversation, hoping to shine a light (a black light?) on some important issues. It’s time for even more sex education, especially since this isn’t the kind of topics you’re going to hear in a classroom, especially in Alabama…you...


EleAMental Podcast No. 73: Walk On The Wild Side

In this entry, we're talking gender and femininity. It feels like it's been a while since we've talked about these subjects, which is normal for someone like myself, who is almost a decade past transition. It's a big thing that happens in your life, then eventually it becomes the new normal. The need to talk about it passes, because it's just your life now and the excitement has passed. But that's when you have to start really challenging yourself to grow and find new things that excite,...


EleAMental Podcast No. 72: Master And Servant /w The Black Cat

In this entry, we’re back with The Black Cat to talk about one of the most misunderstood sub-cultures, BDSM. She has over 20 years of knowledge and experience within the lifestyle, additionally she is in a 24/7 Dominant/Submissive relationship. It’s time for some more sex education! Join us as we dig into everything you wanted to know, but Google gave you a Wikipedia page instead. Let’s clear up the confusion, shall we? Oh, and leave any preconceived notions or judgments at the door. Help...


EleAMental Podcast No. 71: I Touch Myself

In this entry, it's exactly what you think it's about. Yes, we're going the distance and talking about masturbation. Why? People don't have as much of a hard time talking about sex as they do self-pleasure. It's looked on as being something shameful, whether you're religious or not. It's embarrassing for most, but I'm here to change all that and alleviate the (ahem) pressure. This is going to be a very close look at my own sexual background and where my personal tastes and desires formed....


EleAMental Podcast No. 70: Scary Monsters

In this entry, I’m finally speaking out about an aspect of my past that I’ve kept guarded. It involves my personal experiences of a man my mother was in a multi-year relationship. At first, things were positive, but quickly turned horribly negative. It's not so simple though, he was complicated and so was our relationship. I’ve chosen now to finally address him because of recent conversations I’ve had with a member of his family and my own. I always felt it was someone else’s story to share,...


EleAMental Podcast No. 69: Dream Police

In this entry, I talk about why it's important to protect your dreams from others. Whenever we tend to want to do big things in this world, we face critics who tear us down and make us doubt ourselves. While we pursue these things, we need to also protect them in their infancy. I also get into what made me eventually feel comfortable in calling myself and artist, and dare I say...A MODEL?! It's a mental deep dive, so grab your snorkel, through on your not-so-modest 2 piece and lets...


EleAMental Podcast No. 68: Tête-à-Tête avec La Chat Noir

This week, we sit down with the fascinating, the infamous, the magical @_the_black_cat_apothecary (IG). She is my best fiend and we’ve been apart of each others lives going on 8 years. We discuss the problems with social media influence, our hatred of current internet culture, and how to deal with toxic people. If you’re dealing with people who want to use and loose you, this is a must listen. Plus, we also talk about The Black Cat’s history as a practicing fourth generation witch. Help...


EleAMental Podcast No. 67: They Live

In spite of the many reports of my early demise, I am in fact still alive and well...ish. It's almost been 4 years since No.66. Where the hell have I been? Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @elenichols info@elenichols.com Blog: http://HouseOfEle.com Store: http://Eluded.ltd