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Unlock your full creative potential. ⭐️ Emo Dojo offers strategies, expert insights, and community support for independent content creators — without politics, pills, or magic crystals. Join us for the ultimate creative boost. #podcast Socials and contact info available at emodojo.com


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Unlock your full creative potential. ⭐️ Emo Dojo offers strategies, expert insights, and community support for independent content creators — without politics, pills, or magic crystals. Join us for the ultimate creative boost. #podcast Socials and contact info available at emodojo.com






Reviews: East Bay Yesterday

Jive and Brother G review the East Bay Yesterday podcast, by Liam O’Donoghue. More at jivestreams.com


Reviews: I Don't Know About That (Jim Jeffries)

Jive and Brother G review the I Don't Know About That podcast, by Jim Jeffries. More at jivestreams.com


Reviews: Everything Everywhere Daily

Jive and Brother G review the Everything Everywhere Daily podcast. More at jivestreams.com


Reviews: Drum History Podcast

JIve and Brother G review The Drum History Podcast from Bart Ven Der Zee.


Reviews: The Wrestling Show (trainwreck; special edition #1)

JIve and Brother G review The Wrestling Show from The Ringer network on Spotify. This is the first attempt at a podcast review, Its a trainwreck. You get what you paid for. We have to start somewhere. People claim they want "authentic." Here you go ...


Jive Talking Wrestling With Brother G

Jive and Brother G talk about their relationship with professional wrestling past, present, and future.


Twitter Vs YouTube Update; Podcast Reviews; Pick A Bale Of Cotton

Jive talks to Brother G about focusing this show on podcast reviews, and the appropriation of the song “Pick A Bale Of Cotton” by bands like ABBA. If you like the show, please leave a review at jivestreams.com


Christmas; Deconstructed

Jive and Brother G get real about which Christmas movies are any good, and which ones they've even seen to begin with. Then, they talk Santa Claus, parental deception, and the various versions of "Christmas" ... religious baby Jesus birthday Christmas, Jewish Hannukah Christmas, Kwanza Christmas ... and everyone's favorite, Capitalist Christmas!!


TV Game Show Digression

Let’s talk TV game shows real quick …


What Am That Podcast?

Jive asks Brother G about a podcast rabbit-hole he stumbled into where it seems an entire community of improv actors(?), or stand-up comics(?), have a network of podcasts(?) that seem to exist solely to talk smack about each other. Is this all real drama, or constructed entertainment? Is this another result of The Power of Bad? Where negativity grabs the attention because humans are hardwired to notice danger? Just for clicks and dollars? Where can this possibly end? Also, introducing the...


Bootleg Bonus: 10 Favorite Songs of 2022

Jive and Brother G share each of their Top 5 songs for 2022, including music by, and commentary about ... YUNGBLUD Brant Bjork Dead Cross Lamb of God Dan Andriano & The Bygones Machine Head Charlie Crockett Soulfly Toby Keith Taipei Houston The 1975 NOTE: Bootleg Bonus episodes are often deleted without warning. Get it while its hot. More at jivestreams.com


Why I'm Considering Paying $8 For Twitter

Jive talks with Brother G. about the value and costs of social media platforms versus other online services. Try the new chapter feature and fast-forward/rewind throughout this episode. If this were an album, it would feature classic hits, like ... YouTube Already Has A Twitter Built-In? Who is complaining about $8 Twitter? The Good Things About Paid Social Media Digression: Peripheral / Amazon Studios Vegas Is Like Florida West; Let's Fix SF! The Homeless System Screenplay Learn...


New Music from Older Artists; plus Taipei Houston's debut album

Jive and Brother G talk new music from old bands; featuring commentary on new releases from Dead Cross, Stryper, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Skid Row. A huge digression about Van Halen II Vs. Women And Children First erupts, then the dudes finish up with a review of an excellent debut from Taipei Houston. Show opens with a discussion on people using movie quotes as cover for saying racist sh*t, and transitions with a quick chat about the weather. NOW FEATURING CHAPTERS! If you don't like...


“Useful Idiots:” How A Racist GOP Uses Mentally-Ill Black Men Like Kanye and Herschel

Jive talks to Brother G about Kayne and Herschel, the 2022 midterm elections, getting yourself 86'd from social media and other super-pressing issues of the day. Oh, hey — we moved back to Spreaker/iHeartMedia. New podcast recommendations: Time for Your Hobby Better Call Daddy Drunk Bitches Be Like Podcasting Sucks Good Morning Podcasters Everything, Everywhere, Daily


SLURS: Words You Must Earn

John | Podcasting about the concept of slur words, and who might use them. Do you utilize the privilege you’ve earned? Just because you can, does it mean it’s a good idea? Do you get offended when others use your privileged slur? This show covers descriptive slurs like: Fat Scrawny Retard Ginger Words with estbalished meanings, such as: Chink Tranny Faggot Baby Words that sound bad: Niggardly (Swedish — nygart) Ritard (Italian — ritardando) Dyke Words You Must...


“Podcaster Posers” plus 10 Offbeat Documentaries to Watch Right Now

John podcasting about “podcaster posers” on Twitter, then sharing his favorite offbeat documentaries including ... Pigeon Kings (2019) TFW NO GF (2020) The New Deal for Artists (1976) Planet of The Humans (2020) Jimi & Sly: The Skin I'm In (2000) Hanzi (2016) Will Work For Views: Lo-Fi Life of Weird Paul (2017) California Typewriter (2016) Harmontown (2014) Carts of Darkness (2015) Original audio available free, without ads, at JohnPodcasting.com Follow @JohnPodcasting on Twitter


This is when everything changes ...

This transitonal episode explains how John finally came up with a new name for the podcast he records at his studio, Emo Dojo. What once started as Bipolar Style in 2016, is now Signal Drops in 2022. We cover podcast intro music (with examples), the evolution of a name, how to include guests, and more.


Meet "Regular G" (formerly known as "G-Shock")

John Emotions talks to longtime, regular guest, G-Shock, who wants to stop being shocking(?!?) So, John rechristens G-Shock as "Regular G," who then goes on to explain the subtle nuances he sees with the various N-words. Follow John Emotions on Twitter @johnemotions Original audio available free without ads at EmoDojo.com And now, back to the wall.


John Emotions Interviews Listener "J" ... Bipolar + Bipolar

John Emotions talks to dedicated Emo Dojo Mofo known only as "J." J shares his bipolar journey from a young kid through a late-in-life diagnosis that changed the way he thinks about it all. This podcast episode is a good example of two functioning adults who both happen to be diagnosed with (at least) bipolar disorder having a discussion on what it's really like to live — and often thrive — with brain differences. Follow John Emotions on Twitter @johnemotions Original audio available...


Marci Delmastro (@bPolarARt) Returns Live via Twitter Spaces

John Emotions welcomes back visual artist, Marci Delmastro, in a Twitter Spaces experiment / bonus episode. We follow up on Marci's progress in the NFT marketplace, and how she's working through the many emotions of an artist in 2022. Visit Marci on Twitter @bPolarArt Visit John on Twitter @JohnEmotions