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#15 Our Return From a Long Break, Once Again Talking Careers and Idealism

After an extended break (due to the craziest work schedule ever), we are back! Since we last left off, some changes have happened for both Danny and Nick. The podcast is likely going to happen less often due to a shift in priorities. We will still keep this going as often as we are able, but we will probably find it difficult to keep it consistent. That being said, we will still make an effort to bring on guests who will contribute to the ideas contained in our theme. This episode is...


#14 Talking Job Dissatisfaction, and Balancing Ideals with Reality

On this episode, Luke joins us again. We talk about various topics that are relevant to young guys who are just starting to make their mark on the world, such as: - Are we unsatisfied with our job, and what kind of career do we want to have ideally? - What kinds of things should you be doing while you're in your 20s? - What kinds of obstacles do we face in our creativity, and also our lives as a whole? And more! There's no guest interview this time, just a real conversation about balancing...


#12 Steven Burkholder (The War on Peace) Returns to Discuss New EP, and the Ideas that Inspired It

We are excited to welcome back Steven Burkholder from the War on Peace! Steven is our first repeat guest, and he did not disappoint. We were also able to track Steven as he played 3 songs from the War on Peace catalog, including 2 of them from their new EP "Automated People." They are sprinkled in during different parts of conversation, so be sure to listen for them. The conversation itself is wide ranging, starting from Steven's music beginnings, all the way into the present. We also...


#8 Steven Burkholder - Songwriter, Lead Singer from The War on Peace

We are excited to re-release this interview we did with Steven Burkholder from the War on Peace! We first conducted this interview with him in early 2016, when this podcast was in its first form and not yet reinvented. We thought the content of this episode was so good that it was still worth keeping, as well as still being relevant. We sat down with Steven to discuss how his band the War on Peace works, and go behind the scenes of some of their signature songs. One of them is going to be...


#6 Recap of the Los Angeles Whip Convention + Poetry!

We are excited to welcome Luke back (even if only for this episode)! This episode was the first time we sat down to record in this new year, 2017. Nick and Luke started off the new year by traveling to California for the Los Angeles Whip Convention, hosted by world famous whip cracker Adam Winrich. Nick and Luke were in LA from January 13-16. We kick things off by discussing the concept of New Year's Resolutions, and if we have any ourselves. We then delve into the specifics of the...


# 4 Jeremy Schering - Producer From The War on Peace

This week we are pleased to welcome our good friend Jeremy Schering! He is the producer and chief mixing engineer for his band, The War on Peace. Do yourself a favor and go look up their music right away. They don't even charge you money to hear it, so there's no excuse. And lastly, Danny and Nick go through their picks. Nick once again picks something niche and weird, Danny goes all spiritual. Cheers! www.thewaronpeace.com www.everylastdroppodcast.com/picks


#3 Andrew Jones - Writer, Podcaster, English Teacher

For this episode, we are pleased to welcome Andrew Jones! Andrew is a friend of ours who wears multiple hats in the creative realm. He is a writer, an avid reader, an english teacher, a photographer, storyteller, and thinker. There's probably more he does as well. Go check out some of the work he does! NWI Byline Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/nwi-byline-podcast/id1137830024?mt=2 On Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nwibyline Andrew's Instagram:...


#2 Stealing Like an Artist: Breaking Down Some of Austin Kleon's Ideas

In this episode, Danny and Nick sit down to discuss some of the ideas expressed by Austin Kleon in his book "Steal Like an Artist". We highly recommend Kleon's book as it has some rely interesting, practical, and simple ideas to apply towards your creative work. If you like the show, please leave us nice review on Itunes. Thanks for your support!


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